Nick the house help – episode 22

Nick the house help
Episode 22
(Yvonne was crying,she expect me to do something,but i never want to help,but the look in her face tells it all.
Yvonne : (crying) Nick plea-se don’t stand there,help her.
(I help to carry her,she was not injured but fainted due to the shock,we carried her into her room,I don’t care even if she is dead,rebecca and natasha went to get boiled h0t water to clean her b©dy,I left them to do the female things,immediately i left her room,a call c@m£ in,it’s kingsley..
Me : Hello kingsley
Kingsley : Yeah,we have something for you,but it’s late. First thing tomorrow,I’ll get it.
Me : Ok,how is jimoh..?
Kingsley : He is fine,the bullet affect only his left hand,but didn’t go de-ep,he will recover
Me : Thank God.. plea-se i nee-d prove,because my fiancee won’t believe me if i tell her the truth. And tunde is still with the enemies
Kingsley : we have enough prove.
Me : Ok.. Take care of jimoh,hope south is cool?
Kingsley : Yeah
Me : Stay cool,bye *i hanged up*
(The ladies was busy in mrs amanda’s room,I can’t think of any other thing,I don’t know what will happen next,the enemies will want to do something bad to tunde,since they I’ll find out i s£nt gangs against them,the worst is that I’ve not heard from him to know if he is ok.
My phone rings again.. This time,Its my enemy.
Me : What do you want this time ?
Caller : You s£nt gangs against me right.
Me : What do you mean?
Caller : Congratulations to them for killing one of my men. This time am re-ady to kill your friend in cold blood.
Me : Wait!!! , what do you want?
Caller : (laughed) You turned my enemy since the day you stepped foot in that home and I’ll watch you regret it. *he ends the call*
(To my self’ Hmmm, since the day i stepped foot in this house,What did he mean by that, Who is he?**)
(What is all this,I asked my self.. When will all this st©p,I hate it all.
Yvonne and the girls later c@m£ out from mrs amanda’s room,yvonne c@m£ to sit by my side while natasha and rebecca went to their room,I asked yvonne how mrs amanda is doing.
Yvonne : She is slee-ping,but Nick you never wanted to help mrs amanda,I saw it in your face.
Me : (surprised) Why won’t i want to help her?
Yvonne : What is happening,,do you have any issues with her
Me : No.. I was just confused that moment.
Yvonne : Hmmm,Alright.. Why would someone want to kill her.
Me : I don’t know… But nothing is hidden un-der the sun.
Yvonne what do you mean by that?
Me : I mean,one day we will catch the person.
Yvonne : I just hope so.
(She lean on my shoulder,until she starts feeling dizzy,we both move to our room to sleep,the next day very early kingsley c@m£,he called me to tell me that he is at the visitors quarters,I looked at yvonne face,she was still slee-ping.
I get down from the be-d and walked straight to the visitors quarters,I meet kingsley with olamide and dan, I shake them and kingsley handed over a tape to me and a picture of mrs amanda with a guy. Who is this guy?? He told me he believed the guy is the one holding tunde as an hostage.. And he is the boss of the as-sas-sins.
I thanked him and rushed straight to the main building,yvonne was still slee-ping but i waked her up immediately,
(handed over the picture to her)
Yvonne : what is this?
Me : do you know the people in the picture..
Yvonne : (She looks closer to the picture)Mrs amanda and ….. It’s this not Anderson,what is mrs amanda doing with my ex,who gave you this?
Me : (surprised) Anderson? Your Ex??
Yvonne : Answer me first,who gave you this?
Me : Its the boys i set as spy,and that’s where mrs amanda got that blood stains from
Yvonne : (shocked) What!!!!???
(I showed her the tape,she told me to pl@yit..
After pla-ying the tape “Yvonne fainted”
“Hope you wanna know what we heard on the tape??””
To be continued….
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