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Nick the house help – episode 23

Nick the house help
Episode 23
(Yvonne lie on my arm after pouring little water on her forehead,she
woke up but she was now weak,I was judging my self,I should have wait
before showing her,thought i did the right thing.
I flashed back to what we heard from the tape a while ago from
anderson and mrs amanda,I played it again.
Tape playing…
Anderson : they don’t want to release my men,or do they have any plans yet.
Mrs Amanda : No Dear,Am still watching closely,but don’t kill the guy
(tunde),I hope you’ve not killed yvonne’s mother
Anderson : No,she is still locked, So what’s next??
Mrs Amanda : We have to Dig deep,I need to find every documents that
belongs to the family,before killing yvonne slowly.. I want to see her
suffer. But yvonne’s mother also need to help us get the documents
from her own daughter if she really want’s to leave.
Anderson : (laugh) you have to be fast,because i can’t wait to lay my
hands on billions. Yvonne think she’s wise.. She never wants to share
her father wealth with me,we’ve been engaged,although i never loved
her,I only want her farther’s wealth,now she went to get that fool to
enjoy the wealth with her.. It’s impossible,The idiot will die like
yvonne’s father,I thought after we killed him i will recover dose
documents back,instead she chooses to bring in a guy in my home.
Mrs Amanda : when all this is over my daughter can now join you to
explore the wealth.. I think i have to poison yvonne present fiancee
Anderson : just do so when you get home.. He needs to be dead.
Mrs Amanda : I’ll give you updates when i get home,I have to go
Anderson : Wait, we are not alone here.
***Gun shots*** Tape offed***
I played it over and over again.. Mrs amanda is such a witch,am sure
she never knew i am the guy that played a fast one on her,if not she
won’t step her foot in this house.
Her mission ends here,she failed it all.. Only God knows what will
happen if finally yvonne finds her strength back,I was there with
yvonne through out the morning,mrs amanda on her own was still
recovering from the sound of the guns shot..
*she no get mind sef* finally yvonne get herself but she can’t help it
but cry,i consoled her,she told me that she wants to see that mrs
amanda ruined her whole life in prison,but i told her not until tunde
and the mother is out from there.
Yvonne stood from my arm with great force,I don’t know where she got
the strength from,she walked straight to the bed cupboard,to my
greatest surprise she brings out a gun.
Me (shocked) What are you trying to do?
Yvonne : (very angry) Please Nick stay out of my way.
**I tried to stop her but she threaten to shot me if i try to stop her.**
Me : What has gotten over you yvonne?
**she never replied me as she walked her way out of the room,I
followed her shouting at her to let me know what she wants to do with
the gun. Natasha and rebecca seems they heard my voice,they rushed out
of their rooms.. But when they see her coming down the staircase,they
got shocked,rebecca runs back to her room,thinking yvonne is coming
for her.
But instead she heads to mrs amanda’s room she pushed mrs amanda’s
room with force,mrs amanda wake up on hearing the sound of her door
forcefully opened.
I can’t say anything then,with natasha moping from by back.
Yvonne points the gun at mrs amanda.
Mrs Amanda (with shock) Wha… Wha.. **she lost her tune* *finally**
What are you doing? Why pointing gun at me yvonne?
**yvonne eyes is so red,I can’t even look at her or stop her**
Yvonne : (with anger) I have one question and a direct answer from you
or I’ll forget a bullet in your forehead..
**Mrs amanda looked at her with shock and surprise**
Where is my mother??? She asked.
Yvonne has tuned a beast overnight.
To be continued……..
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