Nick the house help – episode 18

Nick the house help

Episode 18

(I wondered who is behind all this,I am confused.. Not quit long,the report c@m£ to me that the boys are here,I tried to make the plans secretly so that the main people in the building won’t know what is going on,now the person behind all this is with tunde,only God knows what the fools will be doing to him over there,I don’t even think if it is yvonne’s uncle. Anyway,time will tell..I c@m£ down from the be-d to go and meet the visitors,yvonne followed me, we got down stairs,at the parlor,when they saw me they started hailing me.*Tuale,baba*Oh’boy.. Oga nick you no tell us say you don b!ow like this o*No wonder you leave us for area*Omo see haus*finally,Baba na your wife be this?(I just smiled at them,I answered the ones i was able to answer.

And leave the rest.Mrs Amanda served them beers as they drink and enjoyed their self,when they were throu-gh,we all walked to the garden to talk about the issues on ground.The name of the guys are –*Olamide *Dan *South and *jimohSouth was there boss,as we got the garden,we make sure nob©dy was there before i start telling them how i want them to put eye on everyone in the building,I know yvonne was is not cool with my plans,but she accepted,she had no options,I told them to follow up everyone gently and know what they are up to.South : Oga Nick,if you want make we dey do all this one wey you talk ehh,we no go fit stay for this house o.Me : Why?South : Because the peson wey say na hin dey do this one so eh,go quic-k know we-tin we plan,but if we dey outside we go fit dey communicate well.Yvonne : Baby,he is right.. But the problem is were they can stay.Olamide : we fit rent house for outside nau.Me : Ok,we should rent a room ap@rtment for the main time.South : or make we do am like this,two people go dey for this compound,while me and one peson go dey outside dey watch any bad movement.Me : Yeah,Cool mr south,its better that way.Jimoh : Oga nick where tunde nau,we never see am since oDan : Na true oMe : (de-ep breathe) The peson behind all this captured him on his way back this morning,they demand there men should be re-leased before anything.All : *Shocked*South : Oga nick na hin you dey here dey waste time since.Me : South,Am confused right now,I don’t know what to do.South : No worry,we go stay ti-ght shaYvonne : Why don’t you call kingsley to help us with the house.Me : You are right(I called kingsley immediately,I told him of the house,he told me he will accommod@t£ them,that he he’s got one empty room in his late brother’s house. I thanked him and told the guys that there is an empty room for them alre-ady,they were happy.South said,It’s only him and jimoh that will stay outside the building,so that they can spy against who is going out,while Dan and Olamide will be inside the building,to watch over spy against the insiders,Yvonne gave them 50,000n for there feedings and promise to give them more in one week time,they greeted her,we did this secretly without anyb©dy knowing what we’ve plan so far. Yvonne phone rings interrupts our discussion that moment.It’s from the police D.P.OYvonne : Hello Mr D.P.OD.P.O : Mrs Yvonne,It’s about the as-sas-sins.Yvonne : What happened to them.D.P.O : They tried to escape,and we sh0t one to death and the other one was sh0t in the shoulder. Am sorry he might not make it,they also killed two of my men.Yvonne :

What??? (Hanged the call)Me : What is it yvonne??Yvonne : The police killed the as-sas-sins alre-ady.Me : What? Why would they do such?South : Chai, Olopa ti baje paata paata o (police have spoil finish o)Me : We are in big trouble since tunde is still with them,they will kill him if they find out there men are dead. Yvonne plea-se call the police,tell them not to expo-se it. Tell them the as-sas-sins have my friend and if they eventually know,then he is dead.Yvonne called the D.P.O immediately and told him everything i said,The D.P.O reply was that one of the as-sas-sin confessed before he died,(She put it on loud speaker)Yvonne : So who is behind all this?D.P.O : One Mrs Rebecca*Every b©dy shocked* Whattt?? Yvonne screamed.South and the three ask was busy asking.“Who be Rebecca” but i kept mute. Have not even seen rebecca since the morning i met mrs amanda talking with her



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