Nick the house help – episode 17

Nick the house help

Episode 17

(We got home,i c@m£ down from the car,we all rushed inside,Mrs Amanda c@m£ out and was surprise why i was putting on another cloth,she rushed,and was asking me if everything was fine,, I did not reply,I only asked her where is yvonne,all that was important to me was to make sure yvonne was ok.

Me : Where is yvonne?

Mrs Amanda : She is in her room,what is the wrong?

*instead of replying her question,I rushed upstairs to know if she is ok, I pushed the door,she was slee-ping but i wanted to make sure she’s really slee-ping.

Me : (walked to the be-d and taped her) Baby,Baby

(She shake her b©dy and finally opened her eyes.
Oh, thank God.

Yvonne : (yawn) Baby,You are back

(heart was beating so fast,she noticed)

What is wrong,what happened?

Me : I was attacked.

Yvonne : Again?.. Hope nothing happened to you?

Me : Not at all,the police caught them,exactly the people who sh0t me,am sure they will confess who s£nt them soon.

Yvonne : Wow,Seriously,it’s good news,you should be happy baby

Me : Happy?? They might been caught,but the enemy is still gonna put up another plan,let’s hope they confess.,how did they even know i was going out?

Yvonne : Am just confused o
*she looked at the cloth i was putting on*

What happened to your own clothes and who owns this one you are putting on.

Me : It’s p@rt of how i survived today.

Yvonne : Did you still meet the people you said you want to meet?

Me : Yeah,they will be here tomorrow.

Yvonne : Alright…

(Kingsley s£nt me a text that he wants to go and return the cab,which i accept,I thanked him for everything he’s done.. In the evening i also meet tunde at the visitors room,he also told me he would also like to go to his house in iyana-ipaja so that he can start his normal job.

Me : Tunde plea-se you have to quit and return that bus to the owner,I nee-d you here ok?

Tunde : Hmmm,make all the rent and property waste like that abi?

Me : You can still sell it out,but you have to stay here plea-se.

Tunde : Ok,I don hear you sha.. I go return am tomorrow sha.

(We both laugh that day,yvonne c@m£ to looking for me in the sitting room,she saw me laughing with tunde,she smiled and asked us what’s ma-king us happy..

Me : Nothing o,we remembered our past, when tunde was the gate man.

Yvonne : (laughed) O.m.g baby you are not ok.

Tunde : You no well,, na me you dey take pl@yabi? You no tell yvonne say na me for d@t£ am abi?

Yvonne : Like seriously?? How

Me : Don’t mind him,in sara’s house back then,he told me he was giving you eye,but you never noticed him.

Yvonne : (laughing) both of you are funny.

(We all laughed again and again.. Till we got tired,we c@m£ sitting at the parlor,tunde was pouring out jokes,while we all laugh,we waited for so long,no reports from the police,yvonne called the D.P.O,but they told us the as-sas-sins refused to confess,but they promise to interrogate them and bring us good reports..
Mrs Amanda served food that night,me and yvonne ate together,took our bath before going to be-d.,the next day tunde left so early,because he was trying to beat holdup.. I gave him some cash,he promised to be back,I also gave him money to get a cool phone, he left while i and yvonne stayed at our room,, because of the look of things we were suspended to go out of the compound by the police. I was only expecting the guys that promised to visit us,, that morning kingsley also called me and asked how if i nee-d help,but i told him I’ll let him know if i nee-d one,immediately dropping kingsley call,a strange number called me again, I showed yvonne,she said i should pick.

Me : Hello

*it was the same strange voice*

Caller : Hello, Mr Nicholas, you think you’re wise by handing my men over to the police,but listen to this voice.

*he handed it over to someone at the other end* the person only said,Nick plea-se help me. The voice sounds like tunde voice.

Caller : Tell the police to re-lease my two men or you lose your friend.

Me : Son of a bit-ch.. What do you want from me.

Caller : bye mr Nick *he hanged up*

Yvonne : Who was that?

Me : They have tunde.

Yvonne : What!!!??

To be continued…….

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