Nick the house help – episode 13

Nick the house help

Episode 13

(The day was going down with everyb©dy happy,I heard some asking them self’s-

*Is he gonna increase our salaries as promised?
*Is he the right guy for us?
*may he is just giving us a mare promises?
*let’s just hope he carried us along?

When the celebr@tion was going on yvonne and i walked round the h0tel,she showed me everything and also told me every thing i nee-d to know. And she also told me some secrets and people i nee-d to avoid,she said she I’ll soon show me some of her wicked uncles that i must avoid.
It’s 10pm alre-ady when yvonne and i left the h0tel,she said we’re going to the house her dad bought for her and that’s where we are gonna spend the night.
We got to her house,it’s a cool mansion,I thought sara’s house is big,but it is no where compared to yvonne house,the lights every where,security looks so ti-ght. We got in where one woman c@m£ down to hvg yvonne.

Yvonne : honey meet amanda,she’s my dad house help,she have been with us for over 15years,mrs Amanda,this is my new fiance and the C.E.O of my late daddy h0tel and business as a whole.

Mrs Amanda : Welcome son

Me : Thank you mum,it’s good meeting you.

Mrs Amanda : (smiled) And you too my son

We all walked inside the building,yvonne dad was indeed a rich man with cool wealth,we got to yvonne’s room,I saw a picture of yvonne dad and mum.

Me : What about your mum?

Yvonne : My mum,she got missing while i was studying abroad,last 2 years. I don’t know where to find her.

Me : Missing for the last 2 what??

Yvonne : Yeah,Baby have been throu-gh a lot,I just hope I can trust you.

*I move closer to her and hvgged her*

Me : Yes,let’s trust each other.

I k!$$£d her on her forehead,she looked into my eyes and said,make love to me honey.

*i mean,who will reject ma-king love to this God s£nt*


I k!$$£d her on herl-ips,she also do the same, we k!$$£d each other pas-sionately,we fell on t©p the be-d where i freed her br@ hook, I s*cked her b00bs,she was m0@n ing so ha-rd ,she locates my di-ck and was ru-bbing it gently,, Ouch!! Baby,she screamed,I located hey honeyp*t,she was alre-ady we-t..
I fing*r fv¢ked her while she morn so ha-rd the tempo of her voice was driving me crazy.. I climbe-d on her,raised her legs up.. And she said put it in baby,have missed this.. I struck my ha-rd di-ck inside her we-t pu-ssy,I gro-an , f–k me baby.. I was fv¢king her so ha-rd .. Yeah baby.. Ouch!!! She was morning so high,we did different styles. Until i finally c-m.. I fell back on the be-d, and she said “Thank you baby”

We both took our bath and drink hollandia yogurt. We letter sle-pt off. Till the next day when i woke up,she was alre-ady awake,she greeted me and served me coffee and asked me what was my plan.. I told her i nee-d to see tunde,that he would think am missing. She accepted and told me to be careful of the type of friends i keep. Hmmm. I took my bath dressed up that morning. She gave me a car key and appointed one of the guard to be my driver.
She esc-rted me down stairs,I saw Mrs Amanda..

Me & Yvonne : (chorused) Good morning mum

Mrs Amanda : Good morning my children,how was your night?

Me : We’re fine mummy,Am rushing to somewhere but will be back soon,kindly take care of my fiance

Mrs Amanda : I will son.,take care of your self.

I walked outside,the car was re-ady for me to move. The guard yvonne appoints to me as driver opened the back sit for me,as i entered,he closed the car and entered in the drivers sit..before he moved i asked him.

Me : what’s your name?

Guard : Kingsley sir

Me : what tribe?

Kingsley : Igbo.

Me : Take me to iyana-ipaja

Kingsley – Ok sir

As we drove outside the gate.. We saw a black car packed at the corner of the road,with two guys sitting on the bonnet. it looks suspicious.

Me : Kingsley do you know who packed that car over there?

Kingsley : No,It’s my first time seeing it here sir.

Me : Am suspecting those guys

Kingsley : let me find out why they are here.?

Me : Ok do.

He drove to the point were the car was packed and wined down.. The guys where on black smoking.

Kingsley : Hey guys,it’s there any problem?

Then the next thing i heard was a gun sh0t,I screamed “Jesus christ” kingsley accelerate immediately.. They sh0t at our car but kingsley was good at driving,, driving and asking me.
“Are you ok sir* I did not say anything,he drove the car very far till he make sure we are safe,he packed the car,I have been hit by bullet.

I was the target.

Why me??

To be continued…

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