Nick the house help – episode 12

Nick the house help 

Episode 12

(We all sited looking at her,to know what she have to say.

Yvonne : Nick,I know you have a lot in mind, This is natasha and that is Rebecca. They are my spy.. Nick i can’t just watch you go throu-gh a lot in sara’s house without achieving anything,especially you not seeing your family…

*i was just looking at her and the two girls*

She continues.. I have loved you ever since i saw how ha-rd working you her, I nee-ded someone i could ever trust,the money i told you it lost was all my plan to make sure you make a step in life,that’s why i pushed you so ha-rd for you to leave the house,I thank God it worked out. I have a phone tracker which signify where you are,so i called natasha,since she knows iyana – ipaja so well.. I put up a test to know if i could ever trust a guy like you.. Natasha is the mad woman chasing you in dream right?.

*they all laugh,while i still don’t know what to say*
You lied by telling me that but i un-derstand why tho, I knew tunde is with you also but you nee-ded him then,Rebecca was the one that called you before coming here,I pu-ll-ed up the plan to know if you will ever turned down being with me. Am sorry for all that,you pas-sed it all and now I’ll have to say.
Welcome to Sky limit h0tel & suit,this is my late dad h0tel.. And you’ve always wondered how i know the road to Lagos so well and how i can ever dash you an iphone 6,it all comes from here.

*to the two girls* you may leave,I’ll see you girls later,they stood up,natasha said to me,Nick sorry for the threat before she left. It was only me and yvonne alone in the room*

Yvonne : Am sorry Nick

Me : (Smile) So you put me throu-gh all this yvonne,why if i failed you?

Yvonne : Thank God you didn’t,Nick i wish to help you succeed,sara mum is back and i felt is time for me to move on with life. And i was never related to her. She knew me throu-gh a friend in abuja. During my dad burial my uncles wants me to hand over my dad properties to them,my dad lawyer die a week later after my dad burial,not knowing he has handed over everything to me. But i nee-d someone to trust because i don’t want to be fooled around. My dad friend told my she will s£nd my to one of her friend in lagos,which lead me to sara’s home. plea-se nick help me to fight this enemies.

(I kept mute for one minute,finally)

Me : Am sorry for all that,I un-derstand you. But how can i fight your uncles?

Yvonne : By staying with me dear.

Me : Hmmm.. Ok,you won,but i stay with tunde and we…

Yvonne : (cut me off) you have a transport business going on.. Trust me nick, you don’t have to stress yourself. You can be the C.E.O of this great h0tel and one of the best h0tel in lagos

Me : (Tears of joy) Why me yvonne?

Yvonne : You deserve it honey, just say yes and to me and it’s all yours.

Me (laugh) Yes yvonne.. Yessss!!

*Yvonne told one of the hvge guards to inform all the h0tel workers to gather at the big Hall,everyone c@m£ into the hall, they were almost 500 workers in the hall,am sure they are have not finish yet.
Yvonne climbe-d up to the big stage to address the workers,as they cl@p there hands, she starts.

Yvonne : (facing the workers) Hello my great workers,thanks for the wonderful performance you’ve put throu-gh out the lost of my late dad,, thanks to you all, as you all know we nee-d someone to take up the challenges in this great h0tel, today i have good news to you all.

*All worker was just looking at each other,saying who is our new boss? But they are yet to know.

Welcome on board the new C.E.O of Sky limit h0tel and suit,plea-se welcome mr Nicholas..
Everyone was cl@pping as i was climbing the stage.. Natasha was just laughing all throu-gh. I have to address the cloud this time.

Me : (cleared throat) Thanks to you all for giving me this great opportunity to lead this great h0tel, my name is Nicholas Nzekwe from Anambr@ and i would loved to push this h0tel to another level,if you all can help me do so,
*they all cl@pped again,I continue*
And again,I promise to increase the salaries of the ha-rd woking staffs among us,so do your best and leave the rest to God, thank you all.

*I stepped down as all c@m£ to shake my hand and hvgged me,natasha and rebecca c@m£ to me and hvgged me,while yvonne k!$$£d me and hvgged me saying thank you nick.. I asked her what next,she told me she would hand over her dad properties to me with immediate effect, I was happy,she also told me her dad have a knew house at victoria island,that she would like to take over everything there. It was a great day for me. I never know this would come so soon. Tunde must know about this.

What next???

To be continued…

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