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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My sweetheart Episode 33 & 34

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My Sweet Heart

#Episode 33




… Iyke’s POV ..

I woke up too early..

Damn…I know. I could’t sleep cos I was thinking about Valerie and drinking..


I tossed and turned on my bed.

The wall clock ticked Six o’clock.

The AC was on but I still felt sweaty.

I feel like im gonna get fucking sick.

I got down from the bed.

I walked into the bathroom and over to the sink.

I splashed water on my face as I stared at myself on the mirror.

I breathed.

I know I’ve been a fool.

A total idiot!

I messed up but how can I just let go?

How can I loose Valerie?

She was the best!

She has everything! She loved me! so deeply.

Fuck! But can’t just let go.


I need Valerie in my damn life!

I need her! So im not quiting! Im gonna do everything within me to get her back.

And…and she said there’s a better person in her heart now.

Who can that be?

I don’t mind ending his life! I don’t mind doing everything just to get Valerie back!

It’s never too late.

Im gonna get you back Valerie.


I walked out and went over to the beside table.

I picked up something.

It was the engagement ring.

The fake proposal.


I found it that night at the door.

A teae fell off my eye and I wiped it off quickly and dropped back the ring.

“Who’s that person in

Vale’s life that wanna take her away from me? How do I just find the damn person?” I fell back on my bed as thoughts filled up my mind.

“And.. that ‘Joy’, does he have anything to do with this?”

Oh Valerie can’t be so stupid to fall for an Insane bastard.

I just hope I find the stupid guy in her life and just deal with him.

I will end his life! In whatever way I can.

I need Valerie back to me.

I miss her. And I’ve realize my mistakes.

Damn me!



… Valerie’s POV ..

I was already dressed for work.

I kissed Joy who sat on my bed, staring at me.

“Hey, be safe Have enough sleep and eat. I’ll be back on time ok?” I smiled and touched his cheek and he blushed.

Aunty Valerie. When. You. Are. back. I will. Tell. you. something.” He said.

“Can’t you tell it to me now?”

He shook his head.

“Fine. When im back then.” I said.



As I drove out to work, a smile displayed on my lips as I remembered how this morning with Joy had been.

I woke up to find my head resting on his chest… and also half of my body on his.

Our legs crossed each other and he had his arm on my back.



I smiled and tried to get off him but he held me tight.

Isn’t he sleeping? and why don’t he wanna let me get off him?

How did we even end up sleeping this way?

He snuggled me more close and sighed in his sleep.

I tried getting off him

again and this time, he let go.

I smiled and kissed his cheek before heading to the bathroom.

When I got back he wasn’t in again… but as I walked out to the kitchen, he was there, mopping.


He saw me and turned over.. then raised the mopping stick.

“It. Looks. Like. Me. Right?” He grinned, referring to the mopping stick.

“How?”I asked, confused.

He touched his hair and the mopping stick head and grinned again.

I laughed.

Oh my!

“No.. it doesn’t in anway look like my cute Joy.” I said and walked over to him.

He blushed.

“Thanks.” He mumbled.

But minutes after minutes, I found myself laughing over that cos in some kinda way , He kinda look like the mopping stick.

With such long dada.

But I love him and nothing else matters.



I got to work and few minutes later in my office, A knock came in.

“Come in.” I said.

The door opened and it was Maureen.

“Goodmorning Dr. Valerie.” She smiled.

“Goodmorning Maureen. How are you doing?” I smiled back.

“Sorry for not coming to..greet you yesterday.” She said.

“Oh that.. You have better reasons why you are here. Focus more on them.” I said.

“Thanks alot Doctor. You need me to do anything for you?” She asked.

“Well, I guess you should help call me a nurse. I need some files to be taken to Dr. Femi’s desk.” I said.

“Let me take them to him.” She offered.

“Oh.. I’do prefer a nurse to do that.” I said.

“Alright Doctor.” She said, turned and walked out.



Work was over and as I prepared to leave, I called on Maureen to help take away some trash papers.

She came and did just that.

“Bye Dr.” She said.

“Bye Maureen.”



I got home and did as usual. Joy opened the gate minutes later.

He wore a grey polo and black short which looked perfect on him.

Wow… He’s really built.


Didn’t I notice this all this while?

The polo was kinda tight on him.

Wow, he’s so cute… maybe more cute today.

Like everyday.

Oh.. get down from the car Valerie!

I got down from the car.

“J .O. Y” I called him.

He smiled shly, making me get excited to see his dimples.

I kissed him and he blushed.

“Okay. Let’s go in.” I said and took his hand as we walked in.



Getting in, “Wow!” I was marvelled.

The sitting-room was different and sparkling.

“Joy did you do this?” I asked.

“I.cleaned.” He smiled.

“Wow. You are just too lovely. Come here.” I smiled and pulled him into a warm hug, then kissed him.

“Come. Let. me. Show. you.” He said and pulled me as we headed into my bedroom.

Oh my!

He tidied up everything. Even though my room is never untidy but it was different. Much more lovely.

How did he even do it?

I turned to him.


“Joy, Wow. Im amazed you can really tidy up a house so well.” I said.

“Come.” He said and pulled me again and we went to the kitchen.

Wow.. same here.

Wow. I’ve been saying ‘wow’ alot since I came in.

“Aunty Valerie sit.” He said and went over to the fridge.

I watched him as I sat on the breakfast bar.

He took out a juice from the fridge and a glass cup, closed back the fridge, walked over and placed it in front of me.

He opened the juice and poured into the glass almost to the full.

“Joy. What’s it? Where’s your cup?” I asked with a weird look.

He sat down.

“Aunty Valerie. Drink.” He said.


I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Are you sure I should?” I said as I studied his face and the drink.

He nodded.

“It’s sweet.” He said.

“I know.” I said.

“Drink. Small. So I. can.Tell you what. I said.. I. will .tell you.” He said.

I shrugged and took a sip.

“Will. You. take small. Again?” He said.

“Okay.” I said and died. I finished almost all of it.

“Aunty Valerie.” He called coolly.

“Yes?” I answered.

“Do you. Really. Love. Me?” He asked.

“Yes Joy. I love you.” I said.

“Then please. Let. Me. see Sabi and. My. other. Friends. Tomorrow.” He said.

Oh oh oh!

“Is that what you wanted to tell me?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Fine. I will let you see them okay?” He grinned.

“Thank you!” He said he rushed to the fridge, took a cup, came back… Poured the whole of the juice into the cup and gulped all of it..

He grinned.


Then took the empty juice pack and shook it to check if there’s still left inside.

Nothing.. Nothing at all.

He calmed down and then looked at me.

“Im.sorry” He mumbled.

I raised my eyevbows..“Sorry for what?”

“For. Finishing. Up. The juice.” He said.

“It’s fine.” I said and stood up to go wash my the cups but he grabbed them before me and winked.

Did he just winked at me?

Oh my!

He’s just happy, I guess.

He turned and walked over to the sink.

I watched him with a smile..



#Episode 34



… Valerie’s POV (Continues ..

I had showered and pulled into a nightie.

Joy was staring at himself on the standing mirror beside the dressing table.

He was in his Pajamas.

“Joy come over.” I said.

He nodded and came over.

We layed down and just then, my phone beeped.

A message.

I opened it to see it was a message from the number that texted me two days ago.


I wanted to delete it but then decided to read it.

I opened the message.

**Honey, Valerie. I really need us to make things right between us.

Let’s forget about the past and move. Let’s open a new chapter of me and you so deeply inlove with each other. Give me another chance baby and I promise you with a swear that nothing will ever make you regret it again. I really love you so much Vale Please forgive me. I miss staring at those stars in your eyes and that amazing smile that you got. You are my world. I’ve been in pains since you left me. I’ve been incomplete without you. Please don’t let anyone replace me in your heart. Come back to me. I beg you.**

“Aunty Valerie. See. Tears. In your eyes.You. Are. crying.” Joy said coldly.

Huh? Have he been looking at me?

I deleted the message and shut my eyes.

Then I felt Joy’s thumb wipe my tears and then he snuggled me close to him and starts patting me slowly on the back.


I woke up the next day, totally better.

Joy wasn’t with them.


Has he woken up already?

I was about sitting up when the door opened and Joy came in with a saucer and a cup. Which I guess would be coffee.

I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.

“Aunty Valerie.” He said coolly and walked over to me.

“Tea.” He said.

I smiled, “Oh.. thanks.” I said and took the saucer.

I drank a bit

It was sweet, smooth and warm.

He watched as I finished it up.

“Thanks Joy.” I smiled.


He took the saucer and cup.

“Aunty Valerie.” He called calmly.


“Are we. Seeing. My friends. This morning?”

“No Joy, I’ll be back early so we can okay?”

He nodded.

“Aunty Valerie.”


“What is it again Joy?” I asked

“I. had. A. Dream.” He said coldly.


Bad. Dream” He nodded.

“Bad dream?” I raised my brow.

He nodded.

“What happened in the dream?” I asked.

“I have. Forgotten.” He said.

I arched my brow, “But you said it was a bad dream.”

He nodded.


“You don’t remember anything?” He shook his head.

“It’s okay. Nothing’s gonna happen ok?” I said.

He nodded.

I stood up.

“I’ll go take my bathe.” I said and walked into the bathroom.

As I took my bathe…my mind flashed back to Iyke.

His message.

I feel he’s truely sorry. I feel he has now realized his mistakw but it’s too late for that.

Im already inlove with Joy.

I can’t let Iyke come into my life again.

I feel sorry for him now, knowinf he’s truely sorry and in regret.


Maybe I could give him back the car and maybe forget about selling the house anymore.

But nothing’s gonna make us be together again.

He’s out of my life and now that deepest side of my heart where I placed him had been taken by someone else.


I have Joy now and soon, he’ll be mentally okay?

I’ve sent his mental and health check outs and conditions to Dr. Andrew Morgan and he had promised that he’s gonna try his possible best to treat Joy’s health.

I can’t just wait…



… Joy’s POV ..

Im washing the dishes as I try so hard to remember the bad dream.

But I can’t!

I know I had a bad dream.. and then I woke up and it was morning!

Why can’t I remember the bad dream!

Ahh! It must have been Aunty Valerie’s head on my chest that made me forget it.

Because I was too happy..

Ahhg! I knocked my head angrily.

Why can’t it function well?

But I really need to remember the dream..

Ohh! Bad dream! bad dream.. Why did you disappear from this my head??

I want to remember you so I can tell Aunty Valerie.


Arggh! I knocked my head angrily again but ended up splashing soap water into my eyes

And there’s papper in!

“Ahheeeo!” I cried.

“Joy? What’s that?” Aunty Valerie is here.

Thank God.

“My eyes. My eyes. Pepper.” I cried.

“Oh my!” She said and seconds later, she bent my head towards where??

I can’t see coa my eyes are closed and peppery.

She began to wash my eyes with water.

“No.. Give. Me. Salt. Salt.” I cried.

I felt something pour into my palm and I poured it inside my mouth.


Ahh! It released seconds later and I opened my eyes abit to see Aunty Valerie looking at me.


“Are you okay?” She asked, looking worried.

I nodded.

I love the way she is to me… So caring to me.

“Didn’t even thought of salt at all.” She chuckled, wiping the wetness on my face.

I was fine now.

My eyes are fully open.


… Valerie’s POV ..

“What happened?” I asked.

Gosh! I got so scared.

He scratched his head.

“I was. trying. To remember. The dream.” I said.


“You were trying to remember the dream and then pepper got into your eyes?”

He nodded.

I sighed.

“Come on, come help me at the gate.” I said and he nodded.




I closed woke early cos of taking Joy to go see his friends.

“You’re leaving so early today Vale.” Eva said.

“Yeah.. Something urgent. Take care of the rest.” I said and walked out.


Getting home, Joy opened the gate and I drove in.

He was looking really handsome

He hugged me immediately.

“Im. Happy. Im. going. to see. my. Friends todayyyy.” He said.

“You mean those ones I saw with you at the uncompleted building?” I asked.

“Yes!” He grinned.

I smiled.




He was dressed in a fine yellow shirt and black trouser.

I can say he look really good.

“I tell. them. So. many things.” He said.

“Oh what?” I asked.

“Shhh.” He placed a finger on my lips and laughed.

I chuckled.

He’s adorable.

“Aunty Valerie?” He called.


“Can. I give. my. friends. yoghurt?” He asked.

“Oh.. alright.” I said.

He grinned “Thanks!” He said and hugged me tight.

I inhaled.

He pulled back and dashed to the kitchen..

I shook my head with a smile.

Everything about him is so childish but at the same time, amazing.

He came back minutes latee with a small basket filled in yoghurt drinks.

I smiled.

He’s so caring and knows his frienda would want something like this.

“Let’s. Go. before it. Gets dark.” He said happily and took my hand.

I smiled more.


… Iyke’s POV …

The taxi at Auren’s Street.

I handed him his money and reached for the door.

“Oga, your change.” He said.

Oh I totally forgot!

Why won’t I? When all i’ve been thinking through out the drive to here have been ‘Valerie’.

“Thanks man..” I took the three hundred naira from him and came down, shutting the door and he drove off.

I came to speak to Valerie..

I need to!

I need to let her understand that im deeply sorry.

I went to the hospital but found out she had gone. So I had to come down to her house.

I really need Vale in my life.

I really do.

I had walked a little bit when I saw her car packed beside.


“What’s Vale’s car doing here? Did it break down?”

I went over but then I sighted her.

She was in an uncompleted building with stood inside.

Not just her alone but with the insane guy. with some kids.

What in the world are they doing in such a place?

I watched them…




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