Episode 31
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😋[She’s sexy] 😊
By Blessing D writes


💎Marcus’s POV💎

She started unbuckling my shirt. When she was done she pulled it off my body and went for my trouser.

I was really weak even to stop.

“S..stop, I muttered dryly but she continued.”

I turned and saw a glass of water placed on the table beside the bed.

I was feeling really dizzy but I’ve gat to do this.

I can’t let this happen between us. No!

I lazily stretched my hand to get the water unknown to her.

I get hold of it and used all the energy I could gather and pushed her away from me and gulped down the water hoping it could help my situation.

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She starred at me in surprise and I immediately got up getting a little energy.

I staggered to the bathroom and locked it and fell flat on the bathroom floor.

I wasn’t myself at all. She continued hitting the door in hope it’ll open but it didn’t.

I slowly closed my eyes and slept off.

Next day.

I opened my eyes and noticed I was lying on a cold floor.

“Geez! What the f**k?”

My body was as cold as a freezer.

I rolled up and noticed I was lying down in the bathroom.

“What in heavens name am I doing here?” I wondered and got up.

Then I remembered it all.

“Yesterday. Rachel?”

“That bit*h! I opened the door and got out immediately.”

The room was still that way but I couldn’t find Rachel there.

I went out of the room immediately in hope to see her.

She have got to be seriously kidding me.

“What did she slip into my mouth?”

I walked down but couldn’t find anyone.

“F**k! Where the hell is everyone?”

“Come out!! I yelled angrily.”

“How could they have let that bit*h to do all that?”

All the workers came running to me.
Even the guards.

“Who the hell let that bit*h in?” I yelled and they all stood faxed looking at me.

“Who?? I yelled when no one was talking.”

“S..sir we don’t understand you, one of the guards replied.”

“You don’t understand me?” Maybe you’ll understand the word “you’re fired” huh! I asked almost screaming.

Can’t remember when last I got this angry at them.

“No sir, he replied and bowed his head.”

“I’m so sorry but we didn’t allow a stranger in, he replied.”

“Oh! I said realizing that Rachel wasn’t a stranger.”

‘My anger was melting down. They weren’t actually at fault.”

“Listen up then. Y’all.”

“Don’t ever allow Rachel into this house and the very day you do, consider yourself out, I hushed and left.”

💙Rachel’s POV💙
F**k! F**k Marcus!
F**k everything!

“How could he have been able to resist me? Me? Rachel?”


I was really mad at what he did yesterday.

I didn’t even notice when the grab hold of the water and drank it.

And as a result of it I couldn’t get to him.

“But I still have more time, don’t I ?”

I’ll surely get you in whatsoever way.

“Now you’ve truly proved how stubborn you can be. So next time I’ll up my games.”


Episode 32

Two days later

💎Marcus’s POV💎
I didn’t hear or see Rachel for two days and I was actually relieved.

I prepared for work early and left.

I got to the office and my secretary wasn’t on desk.

“Where the hell is he? Hasn’t he arrived yet?” I wondered and went into my office.

I saw a cup of coffee already waiting for me at my table.

Oh! He has.

I sat down and took the cup of coffee sipping it gently while looking over the schedules for the day.

There will be a board meeting which I’ll be handling by 1:00 pm today.

Hmm a meeting with Mr Pedro around 10:00 Am.

I looked at my wrist watch and it was some minutes part nine.

The door opened and my secretary came in holding a cup of coffee.

He paused when he saw me.

“Morning sir, I had no idea you already arrived, he said and looked at the coffee in my hand.”

“I guess I’ll get going then, if you need anything sir call me, he added and left.”

“Wait, why is he with another coffee?”

“Well, who knows?”

I continued sipping my coffee while looking over some deals we made with some companies.


In no time I had sipped all the coffee and kept the cup aside and concentrated fully on my work.

My phone started ringing and I stopped what I was doing and picked it up.

“Hey dad, morning.”

“Are you at the office?” Remember the meeting with Mr Pedro. Don’t miss it for anything and also the meeting with the board members, he said.

“I know dad, its almost time I’ll leave soon, I replied and he cut the call.”

He didn’t even reply my greetings or ask how I was doing.

Stingy man.

My phone started ringing again after I’d dropped it and I picked it up immediately.

It was mason on the line this time.

“Hey man, I cooed.”

“Hey buddy morning, he greeted.”

“Guess what?” He said.

“What?” I asked.

“I said you should guess, he replied.”

“Hmm mason you’re sounding happy seems something good happened, I said.”

“Just for God’s sake guess Marcus, he said maybe Pissed.”

“Is it about Sara?” I asked and I didn’t hear him say anything.

“Oh how did you no, he groaned.”

“Well, I just guessed man. So what about her?” I asked.

“We’re getting married man, he half yelled into the phone and I was forced to remove the phone from my ear for a moment.”


“Wait, what?” I asked when I’d finally placed it back to my ear.

“You heard that man, we’re getting married, he said with so much happiness.”

“Wow! You asked her to marry you?” I asked.

“Yes , I did.”

“Congrats man, am really happy for you, I said happily.”

“You should be, he said.”

“Anyways have you heard any news about Sylvia?”

“No,nothing Mason.”


“Yea gotta go, I said and hanged up.”

“Wow! his finally gonna settle down, that womanizer.”

I can’t believe it.

Have never thought he’ll ever do that.

Well he loves Sara a lot.

Oh Sylvia come back to me.

I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since four days now.

💖💖 Nora’s POV💖💖

I stayed at the penthouse provided by my dad.

I was waiting for the supposed business partner of his.

Wonder why he sent me instead of Rachel.

“Oh! maybe cause I’ll be the one managing the company in his place In later days.”

I signed tiredly as I sipped from the glass of champagne in front of me.

I miss Marcus a lot.

A whole lot.

Imagines of him filled my mind.

I hate it that I can’t even speak to him.

I wish dad hadn’t taken my phone away from me.

I sipped from my glass of champagne again and my stomach started rumbling.

I held my stomach and felt a great urge to puke.

“Shit! Why is my body misbehaving?”

I stood up when the urge became three much and ran to the washroom.

I emptied my bowel in the toilet and felt a little better.

I washed my face and hands before going to drink water.

I took a glass of warm water and drank it.

Immediately I swallowed it, my stomach started rumbling again.

“Geez! What the heck!?”

I ran to the washroom and vomited into it.

I was getting tired and weak.

“Don’t tell me I’ve fallen ill.”

Please not now.

I held my head and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

I’m looking a bit pale.

“Maybe because I’m lonely and I miss Marcus a lot.”

“I washed my mouth, face and hands before leaving the washroom.”

I placed a call to the guard that followed.

His also like a manager.

“Please cancel any meetings I have with anyone, I instructed and went to lie down.”

“Maybe if I have enough sleep all this will stop.”

💎Marcus’s POV💎

I looked at the time and it was almost 10:00am.

I need to be on my way.

I stood up and felt a sharp pain in my head.

“What the f**k!? ”

I sat down back with force.

My legs couldn’t even carry me anymore.

It was like am not myself cause I could hardly feel my body.

I shook my head repeatedly and looked at the time.

I really need to get going.

I stood up and fell back on my sit.

I couldn’t see clearly again.

My head was spinning with pains making me recall what Rachel did the other day.


“What is happening to me?”

“Please not now. Not today.”

I pulled myself today and tried standing up but couldn’t.

Conniption gripped me immediately.

I tried reaching for my phone on the desk but my hand was shaking seriously.

I went for the office telephone and wanted to dial it before the door opened.

I couldn’t see clearly so I didn’t no who it was.

My eye lid became heavy. I was sweating profusely – due to fear.

The person walked up to me and took the phone away from me.

“Nice try, but you’re stuck with me, I heard and recognized the voice at once.”





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