My ro-mantic maid Episode 29 & 30

Episode 29
😍My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋[She’s S-xy] 😊
A day later
💎Marcus’s POV💎
I’ve been trying to get across to Nora since she left.
I’ve called and called but its always switched off.
“What the hell is happening?” I mean she said that she’ll always come by.
“Or did something happen to her?” No no nothing happened.
If anything had happened it could have been on net.
My mind wasn’t at rest at the office all day.
I kept thinking about her.
“Oh geez! Am going crazy thinking about what must have possibly gone wrong.”
My phone started ringing and I picked it up without looking at the caller.
Hoping it was Nora on the line.
“Mar! I heard Mason’s voice and gro-an ed.”
“Hey man! Haven’t you been able to get across to her?” His voice boomed throu-gh the speaker.
No mason and am really worried.
“Maybe I’ll go check at the mansion?” I suggested.
“Really? You’ll go there?” He asked and I signed.
“Of course mason. Its been a day turning to two, I replied.”
“Okay then, notify me if you find her, he cooed and hanged up.”
I picked up my car keys and left the office.
I nee-d to go there right away.
I got to the parking lot and drove off to the mansion.
I got to the mansion and the securities discovered I was the one and opened the gate interrogation.
I drove in and wow.
This mansion is one in a million.
Woos! I Parked at a corner and got down.
I headed for the door and before I could knock the door opened.
Mabel her younger sis opened the door.
Her eyes wi-de-ned when she saw me.
“Hi Marcus! She beamed.”
“Hey! Can I talk to Sylvia?” I asked.
“Oh! she didn’t tell you?” Dad s£nt her to Manila for a business meeting which will hold for..maybe a week or two. I don’t really no tho, she said.
I exhaled and closed my eyes.
Thank goodness she’s safe at least.
“But wait, she travelled without letting me no and am here dying to no what’s up. ”
Oh OK! I replied and made to leave but she st©pped me.
“Come on in Marcus, don’t be like that.” Who knows you might be my in law soon, she chuckled but I was in no situation for any of that.
“No, am sorry but I can’t cause I have somewhere important to be, I replied and left without hearing her reply.”
Why didn’t Nora tell me she was going on a trip for her dad? And why isn’t she picking up her calls? Why?”
I drove tirelessly throu-gh the road back to the office.
I picked few things and went back to the car.
I nee-ded to go home to relax a bit – at least.
My phone rang immediately I got into the car.
“Mason I went and she travelled to manila, I said immediately I had picked the call.”
“Manila? For what?”
“Business meeting, I replied.”
“But why didn’t she tell you? Why isn’t she picking up your calls?” He asked.
“I don’t no. Have you tried Calling her?” I asked him.
“No lemme try, hold on.”
He cut the call and I waited for him to call back.
Few minutes later he called back.
“Nothing man. Switched off, he said.”
I placed my head on the car sit and closed my eyes.
I’ve missed her like hell.
“Why is she doing this to me?”
Not a phone call. Not even one.
“She travelled without my knowledge. What’s going on honesty?”
Marcus!! I heard and opened my eyes to stare at the phone I was holding.
“Oh! Mason was still on the line.”
“Hey man later, I simply said and cut the call then toss the phone away”
💋Nora’s POV💋
I arrived at the mansion a day before yesterday and dad had told me to summit my phones to him – all of em.
He said he had also booked a flight for me to Manila.
I was to go and as-sociate with some of his business p@rtners without Rachel’s knowledge.
I wonder why he doesn’t want Rachel to know tho so I obliged and summited every phone I had.
He had told me not to worry that he was gonna call and inform Marcus of my sudden trip.
I was not even allowed to use a phone as he made such a guard followed me about.
“I no Marcus will be really worried. I wish I can still tell him by myself.”
“I miss him a lot and can’t wait to see him again.”
💎Marcus’s POV💎
“I got home and parked the car, then got out.”
I walked tiredly and sluggishly into my house.
There was no Nora to prepare meal for me.
I made to go to my room but Lena st©pped me.
“Sir, your food is re-ady.”
“Food? Prepared by Nora?” I asked.
No sir but..
“I don’t want it, I said and went up to my room.”
I opened the door and a nice scent caught my nostril.
I looked round the room and it was damn beautiful.
“What the hell?”
I closed the door as I walked in.
There was red light on ma-king the room a bit dim.
The be-dsheets were changed to another.
Flowers on the floor.
“What’s all this?”I wondered.
Even a slow ro-mantic music was pla-ying. It wasn’t really loud tho.
I heard foot steps and turned towards my bathroom side to see
She was wearing a red p@n-t, br@ and S-xy linger.
I stood frozen as I stared at her.
“When did she get in to do all this?”
She walked s£dûçt!velytowards me.
“How did you get in here?” I asked.
“And what the hell is all this?” I asked.
Come on babe.
“You’re my fiancé remember?” She cooed and behind me.
“You’ll be mine once again my love, I heard her say.”
Episode 30
💎Marcus’s POV💎
“Wait, hold on Rachel, I turned back to face her.”
“Didn’t I tell you that it’s over, huh!” I don’t love you anymore and you’ll have to accept that in which ever way you can, I said huskily.
She pretended not to hear a thing as she went for my shi-t bu-ttons to unbuckle it.
“Come on Rachel, you are not a kid are you?” I said getting pissed as I f0rç£fully re-moved her hands from my shi-t.
She smiled a bit and bite her lowerl-ips ma-king me confused.
“Have she suddenly gone deaf?” I wondered.
She left my front and went behind again tracing my b©dy with her f!ngers.
“fuc-k! It won’t work Rachel, just give up alre-ady, I half yelled and turn to face her again.”
She did as if she still didn’t get me and surprisedly pu-ll-ed me to her self.
Bet she used all her energy.
I in turn f0rç£fully pu-ll-ed myself away from her.
“Are you crazy ? Don’t you un-derstand English anymore?” I asked getting angry.
“plea-se Rachel leave. I don’t want to hurt you, just leave.”
“You can stark yourself n-ked there’s no way am cheating on Sylvia, I husked and she laughed.”
Sylvia. Sylvia.
“Do you think she loves you?” She c@m£ here to s£dûç£you on the order of her father which equally ordered her to s£dûç£the son of a wealthier man in Manila and that’s what she’s currently doing honey, she cooed.
“What? I found myself asking.”
I couldn’t believe a thing.
“You heard me honey. The plans changed.”
She was to s£dûç£you and also pretend to be in love with you and maybe end up with you at last but now Mr Ramon saw a bigger and more better person to join hands with. Do you think he’ll let go of a trillion dollar deal?
His a business man honey and doesn’t care. Sylvia on her own doesn’t give a $h!t about you but only carried her father’s orders. I, I repeat I am the only one who truly loves you Marcus. Open your closed eyes and see reality before it’s too late babe, she cooed into my ears and later bit it a bite.
“Hey hold on! I don’t believe you okay?” Sylvia loves me and I know it, I said calmly.
I nee-ded to know the real truth.
“Oh really? And did she tell you before travelling to manila?”
“You’re obsessed over her b©dy dear. You don’t love her, she said.”
“Yes I love her! I yelled.”
“Okay, but she doesn’t feel the same way you do babe.”
“She feels the same way Rachel okay?” Sylvia loves me and you’re at the losing end here.
“No, she doesn’t. She wouldn’t have lied if she truly loves you.”
That’s because she doesn’t have a choice Rachel.
She does. She did but she chose to follow her dad’s order and that’s the same person who has ordered her to go s£dûç£another person.
You don’t even no what they are doing. You don’t no if he’s scre-wing her and you’re here defending her! For God’s sake Marcus open your eyes, she said her voice louder than usual.
“No, it’s not possible and even If its true that doesn’t change the fact that I love her and not you.”
“plea-se leave Rachel, I said in a cracked voice.”
I was beginning to get confused.
Something was telling me that all she said is true but am fighting it off.
I won’t believe it until Nora tells me that herself.
If you’re waiting for Nora to come and tell you that before you believe then you’ll wait endlessly my love, she cooed.
Oh babe…
“I said leave!! I yelled really angry.”
“She stood her ground starring at me.”
She knows I won’t l@ymy hands on her cause I even can’t.
She starred at me for a while and smiled then she moved towards me and planted herl-ips on mine.
She wra-pped her hands on my n£¢k to enable her get me.
She f0rç£fully k!$$£d me but I pushed her off me. It happened in a flash.
Are you…
I started feeling dizzy
My eyes bec@m£ heavy and everything seems to be turning round in circles.
I looked at her and she was smiling evilly.
W..What did you…
I couldn’t complete my s£ntence before she pushed me to the be-d and I landed r0ûghly on it – my strength was leaving me.
She took some liquid and drank it all.
Today will be the most memorable day of our life, she cooed and c@m£ to lie on me.