My rich wife episode 8

Episode Eight
When Jocelyn c@m£ back from work that day she began to rant, throwing words at me.
“Where did you sleep last night? Where did you go without a word? You left without preparing anything for dinner knowing I will be tired when I come back. You can’t provide yet you can’t keep the house. I can’t go to work from morning till evening everyday and you will expect me to come back and still enter the kitchen. I have been taking care of you since our university days but you never appreciate for one day”. These and more were her words.
I allowed her finish and asked her, “are you the wife or I am? Who is to cook, you or me? When we were in the university I was your errand boy, now I am your husband. It’s true I have not been able to provide but that doesn’t make you the husband or the head. I am ma-king things right soon and everyone will know where he or she belongs. I have gotten a job and I will be resuming tomorrow. I am also moving out of this house soon, I have began to look for a smaller ap@rtment I can afford. When I get it, you will either move with me or stay here and be married to yourself. For the period I will carry out all these plans, I won’t t©uçh any house chore, cook or do anything in this house again. As for having S-x with you, I won’t come near you again to avoid police m©l£st@t!onbut be sure you can’t st©p me from doing it elsewhere with another woman”.
Jocelyn was shocked too to hear me speak in such a manner as I have never talked to her this way before.
Without saying a word she walked into her room. For three days we didn’t talk to each other. I resumed with Alheri School as a nursery teacher the following day. Our relationsh!ptook a new turn as I kept to my promises. I didn’t eat her food nor t©uçh anything that belonged to her for three days. She must have thought I won’t be able to keep my promises but I did and one week gone I was still standing. She bec@m£ restless and de-sired to know my source of survival but I ignored her. She got tired and managed to say hi whenever she c@m£ back from work. One week bec@m£ one month and nothing change. It was better for me because I enjoyed a relative freedom for this one month, at least I felt like a man again.
Kauna kept s£nding me money and ma-king sure I lacked nothing. When it bec@m£ obvious to Jocelyn that I won’t stoop low to return back to my slavery lifestyle again, she began looking for ways to get me back.
For the first time Jocelyn swallowed her pride and acted like a woman. I was in my room that night when I heard a beep on my phone, it was Jocelyn s£nding me a text message from her room, “Patrick can I see you in my room?”. I waited for about thirty minutes before I replied, “I am busy now, I will join you when I am less busy”, I replied. I felt good momentarily keeping her on hold, something that has never happened in our relationsh!p before. After an hour I joined her. “You said you want to see me, here I am”. “Sit down and let’s talk”, she pointed at the be-d. I reluctantly sat by the edge of the be-d.
“How long do you think you can do without me? You left home without a word, didn’t cook or do anything in the house yet you failed to explain where you sle-pt. You owe me an explanation and an apology. I have something to tell you but you must apologize to me first”.
“Jocelyn, I don’t owe you any apology, you owe me instead. I maybe poor but I’ve not lost my s-en-ses. You arrested me for ma-king love to you after one month of our marriage and made me suffer in the hands of the police and you want me to apologize to you. It is you who owe me an apology and not the other way
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