My rich wife episode 9

In all the years I have known Jocelyn, I have never seen her apologize to anyone, not even when she is obviously wrong. Hence I wasn’t expecting any apology from her but I have chos£n never to apologize to her too. Let her experience the same wound and pain she has caused many people. Instead of her to apologize, she picked her phone and made a mobile transfer of N100,000 instantly into my account. “Check your phone”, she told me. I checked my phone and it was a beep of the alert for the transaction. “What is the money for?” I asked. “Its for you”, she replied. Thanks, I said.
“So where did you get a job?” Jocelyn asked me. “Same school that offered me a job before”, I told her. “But I thought we agreed that daddy will get you a more dignifying job and not this child’s pl@yyou call a job. How much will they pay you in a month? A job that has no iota of security and dignity. Why are you impatient? plea-se daddy must not hear this, he will definitely st©p his bid to get you a better job. plea-se go and resign the job and I will pay you any amount they offered”. She pestered my life until I had to resign my appointment. We began to do like husband and wife but we could go a whole week without having S-xual intimacy. It only happened when she deemed it fit and what I feel matter less but what she feels.
On the 4th of April I got a text from Kauna, “Patrick I am pregnant”. I called her immediately I saw the text but she didn’t pick her call. I tried again but she ignored my call. I kept trying and later her phone was switched off. I was worried and afraid of what will happen next. Jocelyn’s father will kill me if he hears about this. I began to think of what to do next. “Should I run away? Should we go for ab-ortion? What if something goes wrong during the ab-ortion?” This is really a cross road for me. I just impregnated my sister-in-law, the daughter of a former Deputy Governor.
Throu-ghout that day Kauna did not switch on her phone. That made me more worried and restless. This is a burden I cannot discuss with anyone, not even my closest friend, Evans. I was moody and sick. Jocelyn noticed my mood but I couldn’t tell her what my problem was. All throu-gh the night I kept trying Kauna’s number but to no avail. At this time I knew I nee-ded God to help me, but I have been far away from him. I abandoned him to give my flesh what it de-sired. I knelt down by my be-dside to pray to God, “father I am a prodigal son and I have realized my foolishness, plea-se take me back like the father of the prodigal son took him back.” My prayers carried no weight because my words were weak like a convicted criminal before a Judge.
By 8am the following morning, Kauna called to brief me about the pregnancy. “What do we do now?” I asked her in confusion. “I don’t know too and that’s why I am calling you. The pregnancy is alre-ady seven weeks and we nee-d to do something very fast.” “Have you told anyb©dy about it?” I asked. “No except my school friend, she was the first to discover I was pregnant. She took me to her doctor and I was confirmed to be seven weeks pregnant.” We were on phone for almost three minutes and non of us could say a word or hang up the phone.
Kauna’s pregnancy opened a new path of trial for me…..
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