My rich wife episode 6

Episode Six
That day I was bold. “I will walk straight to her room and demand for my marital right” I told myself. If she denies me then that will be my basis for walking out of the marriage. How is she able to cope without intim-acy with her husband for close to two months? Maybe she’s seeing someone else? I began to imagine what type of woman Jocelyn was. I didn’t bother to prepare any special meal this time, why must I lure my own wife into ma-king love with her? I will take what belongs to me today. I as-sured myself.
She was a bit early today, she c@m£ back some few minutes pas-s five. As she was entering her room I followed her behind. Welcome Jocelyn, how was work today? I greeted. Fine, what can I do for you, she asked and giving a sign that connotes hurry up and ask for what you want and leave. This time it isn’t money or any material things, I want you, I want to make love to my wife. This is two months we’ve been married and I have never seen your p@n-t, today I want us to do what husband and wife normally do. She looked at me with disdain, you want to do what husband and wife use to do but you have never done what men used to do. How much did you spend in our wedding? Since I knew you what have you ever bought for me? Not even a br@ or earrings. Now you want to do what husband and wife normally do, come and do it now let me see you. Selfish man, I will go to work from morning till evening almost every day just to put food on the table for you and now you are asking me for S-x without ever considering my feelings and how tedious my job is. Come and do it let me see you. She talked like the marriage wasn’t her idea.
I moved closed to her trying to t©uçh her but she gave me a push that landed me on the flood. I bec@m£ very angry, how can a woman m©l£stme this way? This is the time to show her that I maybe poor but I am still a man. I stood up in anger and gr@bb£d her like I was going to fight her. We struggled together for minutes and I overpowered her and tried to get into her f0rç£fully. “Are you trying to r@p£ me?” She asked helplessly. I didn’t mind her anyway. I took it by f0rç£. “The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by f0r磔 I quoted the Bible.
I left her there and went back to my room. I heard her ma-king some calls minutes later. Jocelyn had called her father telling him how I abused and R@p£d her. One hour later I heard a knock at the door, but before i could get there, Jocelyn did. To my surprise two police officers were behind the door.
“Hello, are you Patrick Has-san?” One the police officers asked me.
“Yes I am, how may I help you?” I replied.
“You are un-der arrest for r@p£, physical abuse and attem-pted murder” he said.
quic-kly I asked the police officers, can a husband r@p£ his wife? They didn’t answer my question as they ordered me to move. I was handcuffed like a criminal and taken away for ma-king love to my wife after two months of denial.
What should I have done? Continue to look at my wife like mirror? I was tortured for three days without anyb©dy coming to take my bail. This is purely oppression of the poor by the rich. Jocelyn just used the hand of wealth to sl@p me. I was kept with ha-rd ened criminals while in cell. When I was finally asked to write a statement, I was f0rç£d to write what they dictated to me. Anytime I tried to raise an objection the police officer will hit me with his baton. I was made to write a statement to rope me into what was not the true picture of what happened.
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