My rich wife episode 5

Episode 5
Kauna was more friendly and more attrac-tive than Jocelyn. While her sister is away only the two of us were left in the house. The promise to get me a job was forgotten. I spent most of my time at home. The two weeks vacation brou-ght me closer to Kauna than my wife. We gist, watch movies together and we eat together whenever her sister is not around. Kauna began to have feelings for me. As beautiful as kauna is, she does not have a b©yfri£ndyet she was in 300 level in the university. This seemed to be a trend in their house because of their status in the society.
If I had met Kauna earlier than Jocelyn and I was given an option, I would have chos£n Kauna. The unthinkable started happening when she began doing some irresistible and provocative dressing in the house. I thought I was a disciplined Christian until I began to lvst and fall for Kauna. All her b©dy languages and s£dûçt!vemoves were well un-derstood by me.
Two days to the end of her vacation, she went to take her bath in the general bathroom instead of using the bathroom in Jocelyn’s room. The general bathroom is such that you have to pas-s throu-gh the sitting room to get in and out. She targeted me before acting her drama when I was de-eply buried in Chelsea Vs ManU match. On her way back from the bathroom she pretended to have sli-pped from the tiled floor, she fell down and was screaming. I rushed to as-sist her but her towel was almost off her b©dy, any attempt to lift her up will make the towel fall off her b©dy. I knew the whole drama was to get at me so I pla-yed in. I lifted her and the towel fell, I pretended as if I was shy and wanted her to tie up her towel but she was bold. Why are you hiding your face, don’t you like what you are seeing? She asked me in a ro-mantic voice. Her screams for pain was all p@rt of the script. Carry me up, she requested. I crossed my right hand around her w@!st and lifted her with my left hand and that was it. I committed adûlt€ry, not just with any woman but my own sister-in-law. I did my first honeymoon at the l@p of my sister-in-law instead of my wife after seven weeks of marriage.
That experience was like a mustard seed planted on my mind. I nee-ded more of such experience. My wife was not available but her sister was available and re-ady so I pitched my tent in her arms. Kauna extended her vacation with one week, all in an attempt to get enough of me. Our S-xual romp bec@m£ a daily affair right un-der her sister’s roof for one week two days. My plan to make my wife a woman was since forgotten. Her sister had stolen my heart and gave me what she couldn’t give me for more than a month.
After Kauna reluctantly left, I missed her so much because my loneliness resumed and all my experience with her was cut short. My fear of God was thrown to the waste bin. Am I the cause or Jocelyn? I knew this was going to affect my relationsh!pwith God but I couldn’t resist Kauna. Jocelyn was not available, Kauna was available. We kept communicating with Kauna after she left. Kauna gave me emotional appetizer but not available to give me the real meal. I resumed my plan to get at my wife. This time I must do ot or else I will walk out of the marriage and build my tent with Kauna.
Before you condemn me help me advice women who normally deny their husbands S-x to desist from it..