My prince charming Episode 15 to 18

💖 My prince charming 💖
👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💖Episode 15💖
I felt so happy when he c@m£ to me for comfort
It shows my plan is finally working
Tiana is no match for me
I warned her but she didn’t listen so I have taken what’s rightfully mine😏
Throu-gh out the day Harry head was on my l@ps with my hands giving him the comfort
All I have to do is get him drun!kand have him
Cos I Know he’d not want to do it in this state of mind
It’s a pity she thinks she is Winning
The way she was smiling confirmed my suspicions
The btch knew what happened to my tia
“How about we go home I nee-d to go cool off” I said smiling at her
I called home and asked everyone leave am going to deal with her my own style
I told the cops to stay around
“Okay babe” she replied cheerfully standing up
I entered my car so did she
Oh this gonna be interesting ☺️
We were alre-ady at home
I asked the maid to prepare food for her
I nee-d her to be full before receiving her punishment
I went up to my room to freshen up
Then I proceeded to my to.rture room
Oh yeah you heard me right to.rture room
I used to use it for people who disrespect me
And I have not used it since my third year in highschool
And now Maddie is gonna open it back
I went back to the sitting room
I met Maddie sitting like she own the house
I pity this girl
“Maddie” I called softly
“would you mind coming up with me I’ve got something to show you” I said and I saw her blus-h
“Btch” of only you know
“Of course I am coming” she said and I went back up
👿 Maddie 👿
I just happily after he had gone up seems like I don’t nee-d to him after all
My plans are actually working
I drag my go-wn slightly up revea-ling my l@ps
Oh m gee
I’d give hmm the best sx
I glared at the maid looking at me as if I have poop on my face
I smiled seeing that young master got bad plans for this btch
I have never liked her
I just hope miss Tiana is found quic-kly
I have missed her company
I have been w as a maid in this mansion since Harry was ten
And I’ve got to know him since
It’s obvious he was suspicious of the lady
And the way she looked at me
If only she knew she was going to the t0rture room
Wondering how I knew
Well Harry alre-ady told me
I am kinda like his big sister we’ve been pretty close
I really pity Maddie she is a dead meat
I smiled as I watch her walk in se.ductively
Smiling happily
Its a pity she’s going to be sorry
“Come here babe” I said huskily while she walked in sma-cking herl-ips
I trailed my hands round her ugly b©dy
“You know I never liked Tiana”
“Really ☺️”
“Yup she f0rç£d herself on my
Didn’t you see the day you walked in”
“I knew it I know my Harry won’t let me down like that”
“She was working with my mom that’s why I had to cut all ties with you”
“but now I made it easy she’s out of our way for good”
“Made it easy?” I asked pretending to be confused
“Yeah I kinapped her and make sure she’d be r@ped” she said chuckling like it’s nothing
The word r@pe got my blood boiling
💖Episode 16💖
🏵️ Harry 🏵️
My blood was boiling but I managed to keep it cool
Plus all our conversation was being recorded
She’s definitely gonna rot in jail
But not after I deal with her first
“Has she been r@ped?”
“Nope! Haven’t given them order to” she replied grinning
“How many boys did you get involved with this”
“Actually I blackmailed my brother in it so he brou-ght his goons”
“Could you tell me what your brother did that you have in ur custody”
“He killed his girlfriend two years ago and I caught him so I recorded it on video
I knew I could use it to my advantage
And I guess I was totally right”
This girl is a dev!l
“Let’s have fun” I said huskily
“Always re-ady babe”
“We won’t be doing it here”
“Where then”
” At a room specially made for you” with that I carried her in a bridal style and head towards the t0rture room
After this day she won’t dare come near my Tiana again
👿 Maddie 👿
I couldn’t help but blus-h at the wonderful compliment Harry gave me
So he loves me so much ☺️
I will make sure I ru-b it on Tiana face
He carried me towards a stylish looking room
No doubt this room was going to be beautiful
Judging from the exterior
He opened the door and we entered
The room was dark and I couldn’t see what was inside
He turned on the light and my jaw dropped in shock
He tricked me
☺️ Clara ☺️
I can’t imagine the shock on her face when she discover What Harry ha-rd in stock for her
I alre-ady alerted the cops to be around the house
Am only waiting for Harry’s order before letting them in
💮 Harry 💮
I sm-irk seeing how shocked she is
I dragged her inside properly and pushed her r0ûghly causing her to hit her foot to my gnome
“Did you think I’d ever love you?” I rasped angrily
“But you said you did” mumbled
“Then you are a fool 😬 to believe that” I yelled angrily
“But I Love you”
“You don’t you btch you are obsessed”
Enough of the talking
I dragged her r0ûghly landing two sl@ps on her ugly face
I pu-ll-ed her by her hair and she winced
I sure the pains my tia must have gone throu-gh is more than this
“Did you feed her since you k1dnapped her?”
“No! ” She stuttered
“No?” You mean for past two days she’s on empty stomach” I yelled
I angrily wh!pped her with my belt while she fell on the ground
I threw some pu.nches to her face
Destroying her alre-ady ugly face
She couldn’t help but whimper
I pu-ll-ed her up by her hair dragging her with me as I made my downstairs
The cops were alre-ady there
All thanks to Clara
“Now you will take us to where you held her captive got that?” I said but she could only nod
I signal to the cops and we moved out
😐 Jeremy 😐
I couldn’t believe it was the same Tiana from three years ago is the one my sis asked me to k1dnap
Tiana was my clas-s mate in Sixth grade
Someone I called a best friend
We we’re so close
Though her mom and sister didn’t support our friendsh!p
They always thought I had bad intentions
And they weren’t far from the truth
Because as the time goes on when we were at our first year in high school
I started to crush on her
Wanted her to be mine at all cost
Well not that I loved her but I lu$t after her elegant b0dy
I asked out but she turned me down
My friends advised me to just fk and go
But she wouldn’t even gimme a chance
It affected our friendsh!p
I decided that I must get a ta$te of her either willingly or f0rç£fully
I attem-pted to r@pe her but couldn’t succeed
Twas a week later I found out she as moved
As fate would have it she’s at my Mercy again
And I won’t miss this opportunity
I walked in to the place we kept her smiling un-der my mask
I moved closer to her bending to get level and raise her chin with my hands to meet my gaze
Then I re-moved my mask
I could tell that she was shocked
Well well well look who we have here
“Je….re… Jeremy?” She stuttered with a glint of surprise
“You want to get out of here right?”
I asked and she nodded
“You’d have to do one thing”
“” she said weakly
“I have sx with you like I’ve always wanted 😏”
“No way”
I didn’t wait for her response as I began to undress myself
Now it was remaining my bo-xers
Then suddenly, the door sprayed open
Next thing I felt Was a bullet piercing my hands and I dropped
I was shocked to see Jeremy
I had lost hope thinking he’d finally take my dignity like he’s always wanted
My eyes were slowly closing I was getting weaker
I had been starved since I’ve been brou-ght here
Beaten seriously and punished
Just as he was about to ra-p
The door open and people barged in
Though I couldn’t see clearly cos my eyes were alre-ady blurry
But then I felt his colonge
“Harry” I called in a whisper before drifting in to darkness
💖 Episode 17💖
My eyes sparled open and found myself in an unfamiliar environment
The celling we’re white and everywhere smelt of drugs
I tried standing up but I felt a pang of pain and ban-ging headache
“You should rest you’re just getting better” the only voice the makes my heart flatter says
“Harry” I called more in a whisper
“Shush!🤫 You’d be alright” he said stro-king my hair
And I looked at our interwined hands
How I missed him
A baby tear slid outta my eyes remembering what I went throu-gh in the hands of those who held me captive
Then I remembered Jeremy
Oh my did he toch me
As if re-ading my thoughts Harry answered
“Don’t worry he didn’t try anything” he said sweetly staring at myl-ips
“You those are yours and I know how much you missed it” I said and before I could finish
His l1ps were on mine alre-ady devoring it like his life depended on it
“Never knew you’d make out in the hospital” Kelly’s voice c@m£ throu-gh
We had to break the kss
What a kill joy 🙄
I saw everyone coming in
My mom Harry’s mom Adrian and someone I presumed to be Harry’s uncle
Cos he looked quite older than his dad
And beside our dear father’s are on business trip so they are kinda oblivious to whatever is happening
“My baby is now fine” mom rasp as she hvgged me
“I…. can’t….breathe” I stuttered losing breathe
“Did you wanna kill my daughter in law” Jenny Harry’s mom Said while I chuckled
Come on he hasn’t proposed yet and we’re still in our final year
Kelly sat on my be-d bouncing happily while Harry and Adrian were doing their bruh stuff
Harry’s uncle walked over to me to greet me and asked about my health
The aura around him isn’t plea-sant
I have a feeling he’s up to something
But I had to let it go
I smiled in satisfaction seeing how happy my family is and it made me realize how lucky I am
👿 Maddie 👿
I cried bitterly as I was s£ntence to ten years imprisonment
I will come back for then it’s a promise
I will make sure Harry pays for my troubles
And as for Tiana I will make sure she wish for death
I will never give up,☹️☹️
👹 Jeremy 👹
I fumed angrily
I can’t believe Maddie cause this
I was s£ntenced to de@th by firing squad
I was charged for murder r@p£ and possession of illegal dr.ugs
And illegal weapons
Argggggh” I yelled as I was sh0t and breathe my last
I will forever hate you Maddie
The wind blew my hair and I got down from the airplane
I am back in New York
💖 Episode 18💖
😋Tiana 😋
I woke up feeling refreshed
I was discharged last week
Though I was okay after two days but my over caring b©yfri£ndwon’t accept saying I nee-d to be very okay
This past week has been the best
Most times it’s breakfast in be-d
All cudd-leall the way
Harry has been overly protective and possessive
He even double the guard at home and employed me a b©dyguard even after my disapproval
To t©p it our both parents are in support of his decisions
I was jo-lted outta my thoughts by the stuttering sound of the door
And the handsome face of Harry popped up
“Good morning beautiful” he said as he approached me
“Morning my love” I said sweetly while smiling sheeplessly ☺️
In a swift moment I was alre-ady swapped off the be-d as we approach the bathroom
Another of his new routine
Carrying me to the bathroom
I smiled sweetly as I wear my clothes thinking about how beautiful my life has been in the past few months
I was glad Maddie is now behind bars
Though it hurt a little to know how Jeremy died twas more of bad influence
I moved down stairs to have breakfast
I am hungry
“Hi Clara” I said cheerfully
“Hi Tiana” she replied smiling wi-dely
“It’s nice having you back at n the house sincerely have missed talking troubles “she added
Turns out Clara is one of the people who un-derstands me and I have grown found of her
I couldn’t help but smile as I watch tia and Clara chat happily
It is the first time they’d see since she’s been discharged
My phone was buzzing with messages from one and only Kelly
She’s always a pain in my beautiful a$$😉
Only God knows what she wants this time cos ain’t gonna reply her
I packed my gigs as tia approach I don’t want to meet my Lovely game pads in the waste bin tommorow
😐 Uncle Joe 😐
I comfortably settled down in my office
I’ve got a lot on my desk
But that doesn’t mean I won’t get to stew some hole
My secretary seems h0t am pretty sure the hole un-derneath her is as well 😋
Pardon my manners haven’t really introduced my self
My name is Joseph D. Gold, Joe for short
James gold younger brother
I just open on of my br@nch here and I have come to monitor it
Plus I’ve got other plans and project to work on
“Being it in” i said via intercom to my secretary Lena copps
I hope I enjoy my stay here in NYC
I yelled happily dancing when Harry said we were going shopping
Don’t blame me it’s been long I went out
I dressed hurridely
We arrived at the mall
I was stunned by the expensively built building in front of me
“C’mon let’s go” Harry said dragging me
I started rushing things while Harry was pushing the crate
I left him to pick few things while I went to the undies dep@rtment
I settled down in my ap@rtment
As I unpack
Sorry I didn’t Introduced myself
I am Chloe slivers
I moved to NYC because of my family
They are just so annoying
Well I’d be 18 in few months so I guess I am enough to cater for myself
I picked my shopping bag as I head to the mall
I nee-d to get something
I packed my car
As I strode outta my car stylishly looking like real h0t chick
Oh yeah am pretty h0t in my own way and guys fight to have a taste of me
Though back at Texas where I c@m£ from I used to work in a pub
To add to my daily income
Enough about me
I walked in and began to check out the goods
I had picked enough things I had on my list and head to the counter
When my eyes caught a h0t looking guy
Oh my gee he is h0t 😋
I fell in lu$t with him immediately
Yeah in lu$t and not in love
I lu$t after his b©dy besides he looked rich
I made to move towards him when a lady bu-mped in to me
I was beyond happy when we got home and twirled like a fairly princess
Harry caught me then a h0t make out session began
As he crashed his l1ps with mine hungrily
He devored it expertly ma-king me want more of him
It was getting tensed when someone spoke up
“Get a room you two” she said and my face flu-shed in embarras-sment
Who else than my annoying sister
😎 Harry 😎
“You’d say you did not see my numerous texts” Kelly said angrily ignoring her sister
“C’mon I didn’t see them” I lied instead she dragged me and started hurring out
She st©pped Midway and faced Tia “we’d be back soon wanna discuss
I just wanna borrow ya bf” she said
“Oh okay ” tia said calmly
“What is it” I asked immediately we entered the room”
“We it’s your girlfriend’s birthday in two weeks and you aren’t doing anything yet” she said folding her arms
” Oh $h!t I have no idea”
“What a great lover” she said in sacarsm
“You’d have to help me” I said
“Don’t worry lover boy have got you covered you,I and Adrian will be planning a surprise p@rty for her”
I made to open the door but tia c@m£ falling down
Oh my she’s evesdropping