My nanny Episode 9 & 10

🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Episode 09🍓
Ella’s Pov:
I t©uçhed my Nanny’s hands and they were so h0t.
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
“What did Betty do this to her?” I wailed.
She managed to open her eyes and f0rç£d a smile.
“Your cu-p cake is re-ady baby” She said weakly
“What happened to you aunt?” I asked anxiously
“It’s nothing baby! I’ll be fine!” She lied
I bec@m£ very angry with Betty the more as I saw the marks on Aunt Julia’s b©dy.
Aunt Julia couldn’t even get up from the be-d.
She kept shivering on the be-d.
I walked out of the room furiously and went to meet the witch Betty.
I wonder why my dad even likes that lady.
She’s the most cruel person I’ve ever seen.
She’s not just spoilt, she’s also arrogant and lazy.
I didn’t even knock on the God damn door.
I barged in angrily.
She was busy taking her beauty sleep while my nanny was dying of fever.
She opened her eyes when she heard the door ban-g.
She stared at me with total hatred.
Of course I know she doesn’t like me at all but who cares?
She has to if she must be with my father.
I folded my arms starring at her with a disdainful eye.
“What are you doing here little witch?” She asked as she got up from the be-d.
I snorted and rolled my eyes as I walked closer to her.
“You are so wicked Betty!” I said angrily.
She looked at me from head to toe and spat out.
“Do you have respect at all? Don’t you know your elders when you see them?” She gro-an ed angrily.
“Elders? Really? Of course I know my elders when I see them but right now I don’t see any elder” I said sighing.
She bec@m£ very angry as she raised her hand to sl@p me but I bur-st into laughter.
“Try that and you will be thrown out this night” I mocked as she brou-ght down her hand.
“Get out of my room” She said annoyed
“Get out of my house Betty! You cruel lady…. You beat up my nanny for God knows why and now she’s very sick” I said
She laughed hysterically as she cl@pped her hands in a gossip manner.
“She will not only fall sick, she will also die very soon… Even if she shiver from today till tomorrow I will never let her take food or medicine” Betty laughed excitedly.
“I hate you so much Betty!” I yelled at her
“Hate is an un-derstatement of how I feel about you Ella… Will you get out of my room right now?” She barked at me.
“You are just a dog Betty… So keep barking!” I said as I rushed out of the room.
I walked into aunt Julia’s room and bur-st into tears.
Poor me! 😢😢
What can I do?
I only sat close to her still on my uniform and crying.
She didn’t even open her eyes.
Her temperature was so high.
I couldn’t help but cry…
She even ordered the maids to stay away from aunt Julia.
I was left with no option than to shed tears.
As I watched aunt Julia shiver and burn up.
Ryan’s Pov:
I drove into the mansion and parked at the garage.
I got down from the car and headed straight to the house.
It was so quiet and calm.
💭 Does this mean my little baby girl is asleep this early? 💭 I thought.
I shook my head as I headed upstairs.
“Good evening Sir!” The maids chorused.
“Thank you!” I said as I walked upstairs
I walked into Ella’s room…
That’s always the first place I go in whenever I come back from work.
I turned on the light but to my greatest surprise, she wasn’t there.
The be-d looked unt©uçhed.
Everything was still so in place.
“Where’s Ella?” I asked no-one in p@rticular as I rushed to Julia’s room.
I opened the door f0rç£fully…
I saw my baby sitting beside Julia who was lying down.
Ella was still in her school uniform.
I was so astonished and gobsma-cked.
“Baby!” I called as she turned around
She walked up to me with her face bowed.
“What is it baby?” I asked worriedly
She quic-kly faced up and to my utmost surprise, her face was swollen and so-re.
Tears welled down her face.
My mouth wi-de-ned in shock.
“Baby! What is it?” I asked anxiously
She opened her mouth to speak but tears rushed down her face again….
🍓Episode 10🍓
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
I looked at my little princess puzzled.
“Talk to me baby! What happened?” I asked anxiously.
I was alre-ady burning up in annoyance….
If my princess is actually crying because of someone.
I swear am going to make life hell for the so called person.
“Daddy! It’s aunt Betty, she beat up my nanny” Ella cried bitterly.
I scoffed in disbelief.
“What? So you are shedding tears because of Betty?” I asked furiously.
She nodded her head in agreement still crying.
I flared up angrily.
How dare Betty make my daughter feel sad?
I gro-an ed in anger.
“Betty! Betty!!” I roared in annoyance.
“Sweetheart! What is it?” Betty asked from the room as she walked into the room.
She was putting on a skimpy nightie.
She walked closer to me and tried to k!ssme.
But I quic-kly pushed her r0ûghly and landed a dirty sl@p on her cheek.
She g@sped in shock with her hand on her cheek.
She looked extremely shocked but who cares?🙄
“How dare you make my daughter cry?” I screamed angrily.
Ella clinged to me ti-ghtly…..
She hid her face in my clothes still sulking.
I didn’t start taking care of my daughter so that she will get hurt by people or so that she can start shedding her precious tears.
“You sl@pped me because of her?” Betty asked pointing at Ella.
“And I will do that again if you dare talk or treat my daughter like a slave in her own house” I said
“Daddy she even hurt my nanny…. Nanny is very sick alre-ady” Ella wailed bitterly.
“Hold on Ryan! Just because of your daughter, you raised your hand on me? I can’t believe this!” She screamed
“I don’t expect you to believe it…. In the first place why did you beat Julia up? What was her crime?” I asked
“Really? You think I don’t know that you are flir-ting with her right? You k!$$£d her last night… I heard you say it!” She snorted
I breathed heavily as I scratched my head in anger.
“Oh shut up! Were you there? How did you even know it happened? You know you are gonna hurt my daughter” I said
“Hurt your daughter? What do you take me for Ryan?” She cried
“I don’t care what you are Betty! You can get your fu-cking as-s out of my house if you will hurt my daughter… I never begged you to come over” I said without remorse.
Tears rushed down her face.
“So I mean nothing to you?” She wept.
“Whatever you think you mean Betty I don’t give a damn… All I want you to know and all I want to sound as a warning to you is to stay clear from my princess” I said with a finality tone.
“Your princess? What am I then?” She asked.
I shook my head not knowing what next to say but Ella cut in.
“You are an unwanted mistress… If you must know who you are” Ella said as I g@sped.
Betty broke into tears as she rushed out of the room.
I looked at Ella who was rolling her eyes at me.
“Why did you say that to your aunt Betty?” I said with a calm voice.
“She’s not my aunt…. She’s only your mistress! And that doesn’t give her the right to hurt my aunt Julia” Ella said as she walked to the be-d.
“Baby! Aunt Betty is really nice” I said
“Tch! It’s left for me to conclude… Daddy just help my nanny plea-se! She’s dying” Ella said as I walked closer to the be-d.
I walked to Julia.
She was shivering on the be-d and her b©dy was so h0t.
“Damn! What the…” I yelled.
I quic-kly carried Julia by my arms..
Julia’s Pov:
I gently opened my weak eyes..
I was feeling very tired and pale.
“Nanny… Are you OK?” Ella’s tiny voice asked
I f0rç£d a smile at her.
“Where am I baby?” I asked anxiously
“In the hospital… Daddy brou-ght you here” She said
I g@sped…
“Your daddy brou-ght…?” I asked but I quic-kly shut my mouth as I saw Mr Ryan.
He stared at me with no single remorse.
I gulped nervously.
“The doctor said you are just stressed out and he said you nee-d rest” He said busy with his phone.
“OK Sir…” I said
“Nanny plea-se get well soon! So you can make vanilla ice cream for me” Ella said as I patted her hair.
She’s such an angel.
Mr Ryan only sighed aloud and walked out of the ward.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
Betty’s Pov:
I stared at myself in the mirror as smokes gushed out of my mouth.
I held my tobacco and one can see anger written all over my face.
My face reddened in so much annoyance.
“He sl@pped me because of that little thing? He la-id a f!nger on me because of Julia?” I said
I bur-st into laughter… laughing hysterically.
Am going to get rid of that crazy little girl and her stupid nanny.
I have to make sure they leave the way so that Ryan and I will be together.
I can’t let them ruin in my happiness.
That n@ûghty little girl should just die alre-ady and go meet her mother.
I quic-kly brou-ght out my pistol and laughed again…..
Who else hates Betty? 😕😕
What is the witch planning?