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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My nanny Episode 11 to 14

15 min read
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💋 My

🍨She’s my best friend🍨

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍓Episode 11🍓



Julia’s Pov:

I sat on the hospital bed with a drip injected to my wrist.

Like the doctor said I needed some rest.

Am actually getting rest here.

The door throw open and my little Ella rushed in with a shrieking scream.

“Aunt Julia! I brought you some ice cream… Daddy bought it for me” She said childishly as she handed the bag and hugged me.

“Really? Thank you so much baby” I said as she giggled.

“Aunt Julia! When are you coming home?” Ella asked.

I sharply glanced at Mr Ryan who was backing me.

“When the doctor decides” I managed to say.

Mr Ryan quickly turned around and kept a nylon on the drawer beside me.

“That’s your food” He said with a brutal face.

I was almost frightened to death as I saw his horrible face.

“Thank you Sir!” I said sharply

“There is no need for your stupid thanking, am just doing this because of my daughter” He said meanly

I wonder why this man hates me so much.

I only gulped and bow my head.

He sighed loudly as he walked out of the ward.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

“That reminds me nanny! I made you some fried potatoes” She said and I smiled.

“You’re such a sweetheart baby” I said as I ate happily.

Betty’s Pov:


kept shaking my legs and burning up in annoyance.

“I have to put an end to this nonsense… I can’t share my fiance’s love with that little girl Ella…until I get rid of her I won’t have peace” I said angrily.

“So what are you planning to do now girl?” Mona asked anxiously

“Listen girl! There are many possible ways to get rid of such stubborn flies… I can’t wait to crush them” I groaned angrily

“You have to be very careful Betty! You never can tell where this will land you” Mona said as she sipped her wine.

“Trust me girl! I will keep that little girl’s mouth shut for good… So that in her next life she will learn to watch her stupid mouth” I said

“Just take it easy girl! So that you won’t end up in jail” Mona said as I scoffed.

“I can’t go to jail without killing both Ella and her good for nothing nanny” I said

“It’s up to you then” Mona said

Ella’s Pov:

I laid on my soft bed tiredly as I turned off the lights.

It was night already and the light was switched off.

I was about sleeping off when suddenly, someone entered my room.

I quickly opened my eyes and turned on the table lamp.

I couldn’t see the face very well but the person has a gun.

The person laughed mischievously.

The gun was corked.

I started crying and pleading but the person was determined.

He shot the gun….


🍓Episode 12🍓


Ella’s Pov:

I kept struggling on the bed until I screamed and jumped up.

I was sweating profusely….


kept panting as I got up from the bed.

It was a dream….

I looked around the room in fear as I turned on the light.

“What kind of a dream is this? Why would Betty want to kill me? She almost shot me…” I became visibly scared.

Just then, everywhere became dark…

There was a blackout.

I looked around in fear.

And my nanny is at the hospital….

I would have slept there with her but daddy refused.

Tears welled down my face.

I was visibly shaking and trembling in so much fear.

“Daddy! Daddy!!” I shouted as my voice echoed in the whole building.

I heard my door sound… It was thrown open.

I kept screaming in fear…

Who knows?

It might be that wicked aunt Betty, she might want to kill me in the dark.

Sweat kept gushing out of my body.

“Baby! What is it? Calm down baby!” That was daddy’s voice.

I breathed heavily in relief.

I felt a little bit safe.

“Daddy!” I cried as I hugged him tightly.

Immediately, the light came back.

And gradually, the fear disappeared.

Mr Ryan’s Pov:

I held my little princess so tight.

I bet she’s missing her nanny….

You all see me as a grumpy man but believe me, I know Ella likes Miss Robert.

And I know she’s her best friend.

“Come on baby! Go back to bed… It’s very late already” I said but she flinched.

“No daddy! I don’t wanna sleep here anymore… Please take me to your room” She cried.


“Oh no baby! You can’t sleep in my room… Aunt Betty won’t have a space” I said convincingly.

“What? Aunt Betty? Daddy if am going to sleep close to you then aunt Betty has to leave the room” She said as I gasped.

“Why?” I asked

“Because I don’t trust her… I had a terrible dream about her” She said.

I scratched my head in confusion.

I know my Ella very well, she will definitely not agree to sleep in her room.

I just wish Julia was here…

She could have slept with her in the room.

Ella clinged to me like a snail clings to its shell.

I really have no choice guys….

My hands are tied in this situation.

Actually I promised my late wife that I’ll take good care of our daughter no matter what.

I have to keep to that promise.

I carried Ella as I walked out of the room.

I entered my room with Ella on my body.

She’s just all over me all the time.

Especially now that her nanny is absent and has not been discharged.

Don’t say am heartless for leaving the nanny all alone in the hospital.

She’s there with Veronica one of the maids and her best friend.

“Excuse me Ryan what’s she doing here?” Betty whom I thought was fast asleep asked as she jerked up from the bed.

I gulped nervously….

Ella quickly got down from my body and gave her a long sigh.

“Isn’t it obvious Miss Betty? I want to sleep in my daddy’s room tonight? Anything wrong with it?” Ella asked giving her a mischievous smile.

Betty gnash her teeth in annoyance but she didn’t reply Ella.

She only turned to me.

“Ryan what is she doing here in our room?” Betty asked furiously.

I breathed heavily before answering.

“I know this is awkward but she just can’t sleep in her room tonight… She said she wants to sleep here with me” I said

Betty furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head in disappointment.

“What? We are going to sleep with Ella in our room just because she said she wants to?” Betty asked angrily.

“Did you just say “We”? Did I hear you say we are going to sleep with Ella? I guess you’re mistaken.. Cos I can’t share a room with you and the simple fact is that I can’t stay a minute with you therefore, you and I are never gonna sleep in the same room so you are just gonna pack up your pillow and go to guest room” Ella said rolling her eyes and I quickly covered her mouth with my palms.

“Shhh… Baby! She’s your aun…” I said but Ella cut me off.

“She’s your girlfriend and not my aunt! The only aunt I know of is my aunt Julia…. Miss Betty kindly use the door” Ella said to the amazement of everyone as she jumped on top of the bed happily.

Tears rushed down Betty’s eyes, she quickly picked up her pillow and blanket and stormed out of the room.

I tried to stop her but she shunned me.

“Betty please don’t…” I said

“Don’t you dare… I mean don’t you dare touch or go anywhere close to me” She screamed aloud and ran out of the room.

I tried to run after her but Ella gave out a loud scream.

“Daddy! Please don’t go… The monsters are coming to get me!” She cried with her face buried in the pillow.

I slowly walked back to her.


I walked out of the kitchen with a packet of oatmeal and a tin of milk.

Ella sat on the dinning looking really sad.

It’s unbelievable right? 😁

Me of all people going into the kitchen to get oatmeal for Ella.

She has refused to eat everything the cook served.

She’s really stressing me out.

I brought out a plate and poured the oat meal into it.

I added the milk into the oatmeal and stared it.

“Yummy! I know you’re gonna love this” I smiled at her but she shook her head.

I quickly carried a spoon of the milky oatmeal to feed her but she shook her head in disagreement.

“I don’t want to eat that!” She said as tears rolled down her face.

I breathed heavily in depression.

“What the hell is wrong with you Ella? I’ve prepared almost everything but you’ve refused to eat, do you want to be late for school?” I asked anxiously

“I don’t want to school daddy” She cried

“And why not?” I asked almost shouting.

“I want to see my aunt Julia at the hospital” She cried

“What? You can’t do that this early morning… you have to go to school” I said

“I don’t want to” She wailed

“You can’t go to school on an empty stomach… I’ve prepared tea, cornflakes even oatmeal but you’ve refused to eat any of these” I said

“Am not hungry! I want aunt Julia’s special cupcakes” She cried.

I quickly ordered the cook to dish some chicken sauce and rice into her lunch box.

We walked out of the mansion and straight to the car.

We got to the school and she unwillingly followed the teacher into the class still crying.

She’s really too close to that nanny of hers.

5:00PM 🕒

I drove into the school compound that evening to pick Ella up.

Her teacher rushed to me with her eyes all swollen.

“Sir please have you seen Ella?” She asked

I became confused and scoffed.

“What are you saying Miss Cruz? I left her here in the morning” I said

“Sir actually… Uhm…” She stammered

“What? What are you saying?” I asked shaking her vigorously.

She was in tears…

“Actually Sir Ella is missing…” She said as the car keys fell from my hand and my jaw dropped in shock…..



🍓Episode 13🍓



Mr Ryan’s Pov:

I arched my eyebrows in confusion.

What is this teacher talking about?

“Am very sorry sir! But she’s missing… For the past two hours we have been looking for her” The teacher cried.

I stared at her in total silence.

What the hell is she talking about?

My daughter that I left under their custody…


“Is this some sort of prank or something?” I asked still confused

“No sir! This is serious!” She said

“What is serious? The fact that the little girl I left in your custody is missing?” I asked screaming at her.

She flinched in fear…

She was already shivering…

“Mr Ryan! Please understand with us.. Please Sir we have informed the police and they are searching for your daughter” The principal said walking in.

“Oh you shut up! Shut the fvck up right now… Before I lose it! What nonsense are you talking about? That the little girl I left with you guys is suddenly missing” I yelled angrily

“Sorry sir! But please be patient!” The scared principal pleaded.

“Damn! Be patient? Really? I should be patient when my only child is nowhere to be found?” I asked angrily.

“Honestly Sir! We are as confused as you are… We can’t tell how she left the school premises” The teacher said

“Shut up! You are confused how a child slipped out of your hands… Let me tell you, if anything happens to my daughter, I will sue you both and I will make sure this stupid school is closed down” I said as I stormed out.

“Sir please you have to understand that…” They tried pleading but I paid a deaf ear to them.

I hoped into my car angrily.

I drove off…

Though I had no destination, I was very confused.

Where could my little girl be?

Where could she have gone to?

Oh God! I hope nothing bad happened to my precious daughter.

I don’t know what I would do if something happens to her.

I kept on driving not even knowing my destination.

Just then, my cell phone rang aloud.

It was Betty.

I picked it up.

📲Hello…. I said worriedly

📲Where are you Ryan? Why are you taking so much time?… Betty’s tiny voice said

📲Why are you asking me that?… I asked anxiously

📲Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten so soon?… She asked

📲Forgotten what?… I asked

📲Have you forgotten you promised to take me to the cinema… We are going out on a date like you promised me… Betty asked

“Oh! Shit” I yelled as I scratched my head.

📲Ryan? Are you there?… She asked

📲Yeah… I managed to say

📲Come home quick Ryan I don’t want us to be late to the cinema… I don’t wanna miss any scene.. She said in excitement.

“Tch!” I clicked my tongue as I scratched my head in disappointment.

📲Am sorry Betty but I can’t make it… I said

📲What? What are you talking about Ryan?… She asked confused

📲I really can’t make it! You can go alone and I will send you my credit card so that you can have fun OK… I said.

📲Damn! What the hell are you talking about Ryan? You promised me remember?… She asked almost wailing in disappointment.

📲Am really sorry Betty! But Ella is missing so…i said

📲So because Ella is missing you cancelled the date we’ve been planning for like two weeks ago… She cried

📲Am sorry Betty but I won’t be comfortable knowing fully well that my only daughter is nowhere to be found… I said

📲What the… You know what? Am highly disappointed…. You animal!.. She yelled

📲Am very sorry OK but… I said but she hung up on me.

Mmhhh.. I breathed heavily as I continued driving.

Betty’s Pov:

I quickly hung up and threw the phone away angrily.

“What the hell is this?” I cried as I stared at myself in front of the dressing mirror.

I had already applied makeups and wore my very expensive attire.

I was so disappointed and humiliated.

How could he do such a thing to me just because of that stupid daughter of his?

Fvck! That’s why I despise that girl with passion.

I’ve had it up to here…

I can’t take this anymore.

It’s high time I help her to meet her mom.

She has to take her rest right beside her stupid mother.

She keeps making Ryan choose her over me.

I gnashed my teeth in annoyance as I smoked the stick of cigarette.

The smoke rushed out of my mouth and I smiled mischievously.

Mr Ryan’s Pov:

I drove straight to the hospital.

I needed to talk to the doctor.

I walked into the hospital and headed straight to the Nanny’s ward.

I quickly opened the door.

My jaw dropped in shock.

I saw Ella lying right beside her nanny fast asleep….



🍓Episode 14🍓



Mr Ryan’s Pov:

My jaw dropped in shock.

What? 😲
Someone I’ve been looking for….

I stared at her in shock.

She was peaceful lying beside her nanny and sleeping.

Why does my little daughter love that lady so much?

What does she like about her?

I kept looking at them keenly.

Immediately, the door throw open and Veronica walked in.

“Julia I bought some ice cream for your little girl” She said as she stormed into the room.

She quickly shut her mouth as she saw me.

Fear gripped her….

“Oh Sir…” She said in shock.

Julia slowly opened her eyes.

She gasped in anxiety.

“Good day Sir!” She greeted

“Ella! Baby… Wake up! Your daddy is here” Julia whispered to my little Ella.

Ella quickly opened her eyes and winked at me smiling excitedly.

I stared at her puzzled.

“Hi daddy…” She smiled happily.

“What are you doing here Ella?” I asked trying hard to get angry.

“Just chilling with my nanny” She said.

What the….

She’s not even feeling sorry for disobeying me and making us nervous.

“You stubborn little…” I tried to scold her.

Julia quickly went on her knees with her two hands together.

“Sir please don’t shout at her… Please don’t hurt her! This is all my fault” She pleaded

“All your fault? How is it your fault that Ella sneaked out of school to the hospital?” I asked sternly.

“She only wanted to see me Sir! Please don’t shout at her… Shout at me instead!” She pleaded on Ella’s behalf.

I can’t believe this….

She’s ready to take the blame and consequences for Ella.

Is that the height of the love they have for each other?

I stared at her in shock.

Ella quickly stood up and burst into laughter

I felt so annoyed.

This little girl of mine is so annoying…

“Nanny why are you pleading on my behalf? Come on aunt Julia just get up… I don’t feel sorry for what I did” Ella said still smiling.

I just love my baby so much else I would have unleashed my anger on her.

“Shut up! So you don’t feel sorry for what you did?” I frowned at her.

“Why should I? What should I be sorry about? I told you daddy that I never wanted to go to school without seeing my aunt Julia but you bluntly refused” She said

“Shhh… Baby hush!” Julia tried to shut her up but she ignored her.

I looked at her..

I was short of words.

Ella’s Pov:

Dad was still shocked!

Who cares?

I kept laughing….

I quickly snatched the ice cream from Miss Veronica and licked it happily.

Aunt Julia kept nudging me but I ignored her.

It’s not my fault that refused to realise that I really wanted to see my nanny.

I bet he was so scared when he thought I was missing.

That’s crazy right? 😆

Actually I sneaked out of the school compound.

I had to trick the security guard…

And ran off…

I had some coins in my pocket so I flagged down a cab and hopped in.

And thank goodness I had the hospital address written in a piece of paper.

So I handed it to the driver.

That was how I sneaked out….

isn’t that clever? 😅😅

“Do you want some ice cream daddy?” I smiled at him but eyed me.

Don’t worry guys… I know he will not be too mad at me.

Mr Ryan’s Pov:

I drove into the mansion and parked my car at the garage.

They hopped down from the car.

Actually Julia had to sit in front of the car with me and Ella.

Are you surprised? 😏

Well because Ella refused to let her go.

She kept clinging to her like a snail and it’s shell.

Veronica alone sat at the back.

They all came down and we walked into the house.

“Am so glad you are home now aunt Julia…. Finally that doctor have released you so that you can make some delicious pancakes” My talkative Ella said.

They laughed heartily.

I wanted to laugh too but I didn’t want to show the nanny and maid that am happy.

So I kept frowning.

We walked into the sitting room.

It was dark.

“Daddy!! Who turned the light off? Is there a blackout… Am so scared!” Ella cried(Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma)

“It’s OK baby! I’ll turn the lights on” I said as I walked closer to the switch.

Just then, someone turned on the light.

Betty’s Pov:

I turned on the light.

I stood in front of them with my hands folded.

Tears was dropping down my face.

Hot tears 🔥 😭

Ryan bowed his head in guilty.

“How dare you Ryan?” I screamed as I raised my hand to slap him but he held me firm.

“That’s enough Betty! You don’t want me to disrespect you in the presence of the maids!” He whispered to me.

Ella rolled her eyes and gave out a loud sigh.

“You made me look like an idiot… You disappointed me just because of this thing” I screamed

Julia widened her eyes in shock as I pointed at Ella as the “Thing”.

Before Ryan could talk, Julia already flared up.

“With all due respect Miss Betty, don’t refer to my Ella as a thing” She said.

“What? Are you talking to me? You good for nothing pig!” I cursed her.

“Betty you won’t want me to lose my patience mind you!” Ryan said

“Hey! Betty you are talking to me Dear nanny not your slave” Ella’s tiny voice said.

I feel like strangling that tiny thing.

“And you Julia? Who gave you the audacity to talk to me like that?” I yelled at her.

“Am sorry for the way I spoke to you but I don’t like the way you referred my daughter as a “Thing” Julia said

“Shut up!” I ordered as I raised my hand to slap her but Ryan stopped me.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” He said with a hoarse voice.

As I flinched in shock….



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