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My mind as a teenager episode 50

My mind as a teenager
episode 50
Raymond: Its me Raymond
Aha! Shakara mode activated.
Me: Raymond from where?
Raymond: From lesson school.
Me: Hmmm. Okay.
Raymond: How’re you?
Me: I’m fine.
Raymond: Where are you at the moment?
Me: I’m at home. Any problem?
Raymond: No. Not at all. Just that I’ll love to
see you.
Me: See me? What for?
Raymond; Please,just give me audience. I
need to talk to you.
I just had to quit acting. His voice was calm
enough to soothe my anger.
Me: Where?
Raymond: I’ll call you later in the day please.
Me : No problem.
Raymond; Thank you. Take care of yourself.
I hung up. So he didn’t mean it that he hates
me? But,why would I be so positive? What if
he just wants us to be friends and not go
back to being together? I lost interest in the
movie so I retired to my room.
That evening. He called to say that he was in
front of my house. I walked out to meet him.
I couldn’t read the expression on his face so
I just greeted him;
Me: Good evening.
Raymond: Same to you. How are you?
Me: I’m fine.
Raymond: Are you free for a walk?
Me: Yea. Where do we walk to?
Raymond: My place.
I wanted to give him a knock on the l!ps but
being someone who loves to explore,I
followed him. We walked side by side in
I focused on the road and memories of me
running down that road that faithful night
filled my head. We got to his house,the
mother’s shop was filled with customers,
some watching football, others drinking. We
stole into the house and he led me to a guest
room. He asked me to sit and I sat on the
bed since the room had no chair;
Raymond: Make yourself comfortable please.
Me: Thank you.
There was about five minutes silence in the
room before he sat down beside me.
Raymond; How was school?
Me: Fine. Thank you.
Raymond: And the waec?
Me: It was good too.
He paused for a while and continued;
Raymond; I know you’ll be asking why we’re
here. I won’t waste your time. I want to
apologise for my wrong choice of words. I
regret ever saying those things to you when
only you wanted to ask about me. I’m
sorry,please forgive me.
I kept quiet,not knowing what to say. I saw
him looking at me so I turned to him as well;
Me: You were angry so I don’t blame you for
your words. I’m also sorry for putting you
into trouble.
He smiled
Raymond: Its okay. So am I forgiven?
I nodded.
We spent the rest of the time talking about
my new school and about Chidimma. When I
was ready to leave,he walked me back to the
junction near my house. We hugged and he
re@ssured me that we were back together.
I smiled all the way home. I had the love of
my life back and I would do anything to keep
him to myself alone.
After dinner,Raymond and I talked on phone.
We spoke for a very long time,giving each
other hopeful hopes about our new
relationship (mtn welcome back).
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