My mind as a teenager episode 51

My mind as a teenager
episode 51
I t bec@m£ official that Vivian was truly
Everyone spoke about it. My younger brother
c@m£ home one day and told me he saw
Vivian and she told him that she wanted to
see me.
I was surprised. Why would she want to see
That evening,I went to their pay call shop and
she was sitting there with Ebuka. I greeted
them and she asked me to sit down.
Vivian; Nne,sit down plea-se.
I was surprised but I sat down. Ebuka
wouldn’t take his eyes off me.
Vivian: Ebuka,can you excuse us?
It bec@m£ obvious to me that they were not
in talking terms but who cares?
Ebuka stood up and left without saying a
Vivian; Nne,how was school? And waec?
Me: Fine. We wrote well.
Vivian: Same here.
Me: Thañk God.
Someone c@m£ to the shop so she had to
leave to pick something. I sat down there and
kept asking myself why she was being polite
after refusing to talk to me for months. She
c@m£ back some minutes later,settled the guy
and she sat back down opposite me.
Me: Junior said you wanted to see me.
Vivian: Yes.
Me: Why?
She began to sob. I hate it when people cry
for no reason. I looked at her and couldn’t
st©p myself from talking.
Me; What’s that one kwanu? You called me
here so I can watch you shed crocodile tears
Vivian; Nne,no. plea-se,forgive me. I have
wrong you and feel awful about it.
plea-se,gbagharam(forgive me).
Me: I still ask myself why you st©pped talking
to me. I know I did nothing wrong but even if
I did,what st©pped you from calling my
attention to it? I was very disappointed.
Vivian: I was jealous. You ba-rely stay here
yet whenever you come around,you seem to
be getting all the attention.
I laughed inwardly but appeared calm
Me: It’s wrong to be jealous of someone you
call a friend. But it’s okay. I’ve forgiven you.
She stood up and hvgged me.
Vivian: Thank you so much. You’re more
than a friend.
Me: Its okay. sit down.
She sat down and I felt it was time to get the
information I nee-ded.
Me: So tell me,is it true?
Vivian: What?
Me: The pregnancy rumour?
I felt tears well up in her eyes. She struggled
to keep them from falling. I looked away.
Vivian: Will it st©p us from being friends?
Me: Ah! Can that ever be possible? You’re
like my sister and the best I can do is to
stand by you during your tough times.
But,what are your parents doing about it?
Vivian: My dad,you know he now has stro-ke.
He’s the one who discouraged my mum from
s£nding me out of the house. Now,everyone
has come to terms with the fact that I’m
Me: And the father of your baby,what is he
saying about it?
She started crying again.
Vivian: He says he is not re-ady.
My blood started boiling immediately.
Me; Is he mad? He is not re-ady to father a
child but he is re-ady to l@yyou? Who is this
crazy fellow? He nee-ds GI be taught a lesson.
No gentleman will get a lady pregnant and
refuse to accept it. Who is he?
Vivian: Nne plea-se,let’s not go to that. I’ve
accepted my fate.
At this point,Vivian had every reason to cry. I
watched her cry and I felt bad. I can’t just let
her cry like that so I stood up and went to
her. I hvgged her and consoled her the best
way I could.
Me: But tell me,who is he?
She looked at me and started crying again.
Me: I won’t mock you or even approach him.
Since you’ve accepted it, who am I to fight
him? I just nee-d to know who he is.
Vivian: Nne,I’m sorry.
Me: For what again? Just tell me his name.
Vivian: It’s Ebuka
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