My mind as a teenager – episode 38

My mind as a TEENAGER
episode 38
I got home and kept on thinking about what
Frank said. Am I just infatuated with this
guy? Is he not old enough to be in a
relationsh!p? Did he really hate me? These
were the thoughts running in my head about
Raymond. Since he had not called,I decided
that he meant it. I will move on with Frank.
The way he listened to me,the way he aired
his mind,I knew he was a strange fellow; a
sadist this minute and a happy man the next.
If he could talk to me like that today,that
means I could change him to be a better
Two weeks into the break,Frank and I
bec@m£ an item. I would go on my evening
stroll with him,we would steal k!sses when
we felt people were not watching. We went to
local bars every Sunday evenings and danced
our hearts out. Yes! Frank was a beautiful
dancer. I’m yet to meet a guy who dances
like him.
One day,I was on my way back from the
market when a Lady walked up to me. She
was on a baggy short and ti-ght black t©p.
Her hair cut was fabulous because she had a
golden spray on t©p of the Mohawk. She was
beautiful but had a very rugged look.
Me: Can I help you?
She had earlier walked up to me and blocked
my path.
School fees: See English o. I no nee-d your
help abeg.
Me: Then why block my path?
School fees: Abeg,make we do small
intro.I’m school fees,you na Rose abi?
My heart sank into my stomach. Chai! I
looked around. Not so many people took that
path(I love short cuts and it has always
landed me in trouble).
I’m not a strong girl o,but I sure know how to
bail myself with my mouth.
Me: Yes,I’m Rose. You asked for an
introduction yet you introduced myself to me.
School fees: Make you know say I don dey
do investigation about you.
Me: Why?
She landed a heavy sl@p on my left cheek
and drew me close to her by the collar.
“Jesu!” My end don reach.
School fees: Frank no tell you say im get
babe or the name school fees no dey ring
bell for your ear?
This is not a case where I can bail myself
with my ton-gue so I kept quiet.
She pushed me off and I clutched my bag
School fees; You ma no dey talk abi? Listen
make I warn you. Frank na my bobo. I no dey
like to share my things with people talk less
of my bobo. You hear me?
Me: I’ve heard you. But, why blame me?(God
knows I can’t st©p talking) You should blame
Frank because he never mentioned you to
me. Come to think of it,if he had told me,why
will I go ahead to d@t£ him? You just sl@pped
me for nothing and its not fair.
School fees: Abi you wan claim you sabi
s-en-se shey? This girl,you na small girl for my
side o. I don tell you. Make I no smell you
anywhere around Frank for your entire life.
Me: I’ve also heard you but plea-se eh,talk to
Frank. Your anger should be directed towards
him and not me. I beg to be excused plea-se.
I walked out but she kept shouting on t©p of
her voice. I dare not look back. I just kept in
walking till I reached the gate to my house.
It was open so I just walked in and bolted it.
I dropped the things I bought in the kitchen
and went to my room. I dialled Frank’s
number immediately and he picked it;
Frank: Baby,how are you?
Me: How can I be fine when I just received a
h0t sl@p from your girlfriend?
Frank; What joke is that? Who sl@pped you?
Me: School fees of course. plea-se go and tell
her that it was you who c@m£ to me and not
the other way round. If this is how she is
going to keep on sl@pping me,then tell me
now o so I can walk out before the wound
gets de-ep.
Frank: Baby calm down. I’ll talk to her.
Me: plea-se do before I end up being a
punching bag to her o.
Frank; There will be no nee-d for that. Just
know that its you I love and whatever she
does means nothing to me
Me: It does o. It means a lot to me because
its my cheek that suffers the sl@ps.
Frank; I’ve heard you. Nob©dy will hit you
again okay?
Me: Thank you. Let me go and make dinner.
Will talk to you later.
Frank: Take care babe. I love you.
I hung up immediately. I didn’t love him and I
won’t pretend to love him. My love was with
someone that hates me. I plan to kill it soon
and that is the reason why Frank is in the
The rest of the holiday wasn’t eventful.
A day before I was to leave for second
term,Frank demanded to see me. We were to
write mock examination that term after which
the waec would commerce so I wouldn’t be
home till the term is over. We had our normal
evening stroll and on our way back,we
st©pped in front of a building. It had shops in
front of it so we went in front of one of the
shops. We sat down on a table there and
started talking;
Frank: So you’ll be leaving tomorrow?
Me: Yes dear.
Frank; I’ll miss you
Me: I’ll miss you too(and I meant it cause he
made my holiday fun)
He drew me closer to him and started
ni-bbling my n£¢k. He went for myl-ips and we
started k!ssing. It was not the first time we
have k!$$£d in the course of our relationsh!p
but we had never gone past k!ssing. We were
k!ss!ngwhen he folded his palms on my left
I m0aned slightly and he left me and broke
off the k!ss. He jumped down from the table
and I looked at him. It was dark so I couldn’t
see the expression on his face. I was putting
on a black short go-wn with green flower
embroidery on it. He p@rted my legs and his
right hand disappeared in them. He shifted
my p__sy while I threw my head
back,waiting to get lost in the world of
I felt a f!nger inside me and I m0aned
He didn’t move his f!nger. He brou-ght his
other hand to my b0s0m and started
squee-zing them. I think he remembered
where his other hand was because he left my
b0s0m and started moving his f!nger inside
my pu-ssy.
I was m0an!ng and loving the feeling but it
was cut short because I suddenly felt pain.
He was trying to put in a second f!nger.
Me: Frank you’re hurting me.
He didn’t st©p instead he st©pped trying to
in-sert a second f!nger and started pumping
Hus single f!nger inside me. Once again,I
disappeared into the world of plea-sure and
started giving out sweet sounds. He curved
his f!nger upwards in a “come here” gesture
and started ru-bbing my p_sy walls.
I was loving the s-en-sat!on and I begged him
not to st©p. He pu-ll-ed out his f!nger and
raised me up from the table. He re-moved my
p@n-t and put it inside his pocket before
sitting my bu-tt0ckz back to the table. He
opened my legs wi-de and spat into my pu-ssy.
At that moment,I didn’t care what was dirty
or not. He quic-kly buried his face into my
pu-ssy and in seconds,his ton-gue was
Bleeping me. He would st©p after some
stro-kes and fli-ck his ton-gue in my cl!t. I
would wince in the shock of that. He ton-gue
Forked me for a while before he st©pped and
replaced it with his f!nger. He was working it
so fast that I felt myself going over the edge.
My toes curled and I screamed into the air
before I exploded in his hands.
I straightened out on the table with my eyes
closed. After about one minute,he held my
hand and directed it to his p—k which I
didn’t even know when he brou-ght it out from
his trou-ser. I stro-ked his J0yst!ck which was
thick and not too long. He guarded me off
the table and made me kneel in front of him.
Frank: sU-Ck me baby. I’m so close.
I looked at him and stood up immediately. I
had seen girls do that in Adult movie but I
wasn’t going to do that to him. He was not
the love  of my life and I wasn’t going to put
my mouth on that thing when it was not
washed. He was there stro-king his J0yst!ck
with his eyes closed when I hissed and hit
the road……………my direction,HOME.
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