My mind as a teenager – episode 39

My mind as a teenager
episode 39
I got home,took my bath and switched off
my phone. I went throu-gh my stuffs to
ensure that I had packed everything I nee-ded.
I sle-pt off.
The next morning,I woke up around 9am.
Dad has left for work while mum was
preparing the meal I’ll leave to school with. I
did the morning chores that was left and
around 11:30am,mum drove me to school.
Not much words were said before she left.
My friends that were back helped me to carry
my things to the ss3 hostel. I
unpacked,cleaned my corner and went to
Chidimma’s corner. Did I say she had
become my best friend? Upon seeing me,she
jumped on me and her next question left
guilts all over me;
Chidimma: Ehe. Welcome o. So why didn’t
you tell me that you and Raymond are
I kept quiet and stared at her.
Chidimma: Ehe. Guilty conscience. You told
me everything but you didn’t add that one.
Me: Its not it o. Didn’t feel it was necessary
to mention it. But who told you?
She laughed and cl@pped her hands
Chidimma: I don’t know if you will remember
Ogoo. She’s tall and fine(those were her
exact words).
I started thinking. The only girls I ever talked
to in that clas-s was Vivian and Lois. In
fact,almost all their girls were tall and
Chidimma: She was the one that told me
about you and Raymond.
Me: You no get handwork o. So you went to
investigate me this holiday eh?
Chidimma: I get handwork joor. She c@m£ to
see me and when I mentioned you,ah,she
opened your chapter o. How boys were
running after you and how you didn’t even
give the girls face.
I started laughing.
Me: Abeg, how was your holiday?
Chidimma: Don’t even try it o. You want to
change the t©pic abi? Tell me biko,how is
Raymond? Did you see him this holiday? Is
he still fair and fine?
Now,where was I going to start from?
Me: Actually, Raymond travelled to his villa
for christmas. We didn’t get to spend much
time together. He hasn’t even returned sef.
Chidimma; Ha! Raymond no try o. He should
learn to be ro-mantic. He should. . . . . . . . . .
Me: Did you bring the mp3 we agreed that
you’ll bring?
Chidimma: Yes nah. Why won’t I bring it?
The term is going to be long and I don’t nee-d
a dull moment in it.
Me; Better o. Keep mine safely. Will collect it
later. Let me go and see Victoria.
Chidimma: Wait for me so we can go
Two weeks into the term,our maths teacher
s£nt for me during afternoon prep. I went to
the staff room and he was alone;
Teacher: Bolt the door.
I did but I stood there.
Me: Good afternoon sir.
Teacher: Come here and sit down. We can’t
communicate while you’re at Jerusalem.
I smiled and went to his table. I sat down
opposite him. Maths master was a cute
man,he was tall,chocolate in colour,he had an
accent that sounded like he grew up abroad.
He also had a pointed nose. Gosh! I love
guys with pointed nose. Hisl-ips were small
and was fit for his oval face.
Me: Thank you sir.
Teacher; You’re welcome sweetheart
“What? sweetheart? My br@in quic-kly
interpreted the message and my heart started
beating very fast.
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