My mind as a teenager – episode 15

My mind as a teenager
episode 15
She threw herself on the be-d pu-lling me
along. She started tickling back,my ribs,my
stomach,I was so lost in laughter that I didn’t
feel her hand on my b0s0m. When I
eventually did,I looked at her and memories
of our primary school days c@m£ rushing
back to my head. I couldn’t st©p her. She
started k!ss!ngmy n£¢k. I wanted to fight it
but I was loving the feeling. I started giving
out little m0ans. Of course she took as my
approval of what she was doing so she
climbe-d on t©p of me and started grinding
her crotch on mine. She was k!ss!ngmy n£¢k
and fondling my brea-sts at the same time. I
was putting on a chemisole and a short,no
br@ or p@n-t because I don’t enjoy wearing
innerwears when I’m at home. I was so lost
in the heat of the moment that I didn’t even
know when my chemisole was pu-ll-ed down to
my stomach. I felt a cold air on my ti-ps and
I shuddered and quic-kly opened my eyes.
She smiled at me before feeding herself with
my ti-ps. She sU-Cked on the left and used
her f!ngersto pinch the right. I was m0an!ng
softly and kept begging her not to st©p. I
wanted to t©uçh her but she wouldn’t let me.
Slowly,she pu-ll-ed off my short. I wanted to
scream at her for being too slow. I was on
heat and I nee-ded something in my vir-gin
pu-ssy. She opened my legs wi-de and looked
at my v!rg!nc–t which had little hair on it.
Vivian: You’re so beautiful Rose
I had to beg her. I’m not proud of what I did
that moment. I looked at her and begged her
to t©uçh me.
Vivian: You chose Frank over me. Do you
think he will be able to plea-se you the way I
She asked still looking at my we-t pu-ssy.
Me: Vivian plea-se,t©uçh me. I promise to be
with you alone.
Vivian: But you chose him . . . . . .
Me: No. No,I didn’t. I don’t even like him and
I’ll never let him t©uçh me.
Vivian: Promise?
Me: I promise with . . . .
She quic-kly buried her face between my legs.
She sU-Cked on my cl!t and I started bucking
my h!ps and m0an!ng audibly. She sli-pped a
f!nger into my v!rg!nhole and that was when
I c@m£ back to my s-en-ses. Lawrence’s words
that night was the first thing I remembered;
“I should have believed those who said
that you were a l£sb!an.”
I quic-kly jumped up and ran into the
bathroom pushing Vivian off. I made sure to
lock the door.
I sat on the toilet seat and started crying.
Vivian started knocking on the door.
Vivian: Are you alright dear? If you feel
something then its normal. You would think
you want to pee when only its your o—-m
that is coming.
Who told her I didn’t know all those things?
Thanks to that mighty book titled “every
woman” that I re-ad in the school libr@ry.
All the same,how come Vivian is so free to
talk about it?
Vivian: Baby open the door let me  guard you
throu-gh this.
I st©pped crying but refused to open the
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