My mind as a teenager – episode 13

My mind as a teenager

episode 13

It bec@m£ clear to me that I was in soup. In

my quest for revenge,I had walked into my

own tra-p. I began to un-derstand that he was

a very aggressive and possessive person.

What have I gotten myself into?

Me: wha . . .what are you trying to say now?

He looked at me and smiled.

Frank: Good. You’re a good girl. I talk and

you listen. If you don’t un-derstand,you tell me

and I’ll explain to you my love. Don’t raise

your voice on me or try battling words with

me and you won’t regret being my girl. All

I’m saying is that we are now together and

you’ll never lack.

He dropped the cigarette and t©uçhed my


Frank; You are beautiful and I love you very


Tears ran down my face. What am I going to

do? Did he say lack? Did I ever mention to

him that I lacked anything? What will he give

me that I don’t have? Is this how he treated

Vivian and she still loved him to fight over


Oh Jesus! Tell me what to do.

Frank: Don’t cry. plea-se don’t cry. I know you

love me as well but………

Me: I’m no longer interested. You’re someone

I don’t know. Your character . . . . . .

Frank: shut up!

I jumped up in fright. Pas-sersby looked at us.

I bent my head and let the tears flow. There

was an awkward silence between us. I raised

my eyes to see his back turned to me,then

my instinct asked me to run. Yes! He won’t

have the guts to run after me when there

were people all over the street. He was talking

but I didn’t pay attention. I counted to five

and that was it; I ran……I ran for my dear life.

I didn’t look back. All I did was run. I ran like

someone was after me and truly,there was

something after me. I got to my gate and

started ban-ging on the gate. God be

praised,the gate was answered immediately

and I ran in. I didn’t even know who opened

the gate but I heard myself asking the person

to lock up immediately.

I got inside my room and broke down

instantly. Why would Ebuka leave me to

suffer in the hands of this monster? I cried

myself to sleep and when I woke up and

checked the time,it was 12;09am. A ban-ging

on my head reminded me of the previous

day. I went to mum’s room and knocked but

there was no response.

I walked into the room and woke her up,told

her how I was feeling and she gave me

novalgen and asked me to get food in the

kitchen since I missed dinner. I almost ran to

the kitchen because I was very hungry…

I didn’t even bother to look in the pot

because I knew the soups would be in the

freezer so I just made cornflakes with milk in

large quantity and gulped it down

immediately. I later went back to be-d

promising myself that Frank will never see

me again until I want to make him do that

which is very far from now.

From that day,I started staying indoors.

I didn’t even try following mum to the shop.

I also started avoiding Vivian. Warned my

siblings to always tell her that I wasn’t

around… Thank God,aunt Justina moved out

of the house that week because she got a job

at Lagos,ma-king me the official chef of the


For the fact that I didn’t want to run into

Frank,I made sure I left the house with mum

any day I wanted to buy foodstuffs,then after

buying them,I would board a bike that will

st©p me right in front of my house. Things

were going the way I liked and thank God,the

vacation was gradually coming to an end.

I made a list of everything I will be nee-ding

for ss2 and gave it to mum. We fixed a d@t£

for the shopping and it was on a

Saturday,exactly one week before I went back

to school. Mum and I got to the market very

early that morning. We went to her favourite

book seller and gave her the list. She brou-ght

out all the books and we asked her to tape

them while we go to the provision shop. It

was at the provision shop that we met Vivian

and she  promised to visit. I was

uncomfortable with that but because of

mum’s pres£nce,I couldn’t object.


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