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My Mind As A Teenager – episode 12

My mind As A Teenager

episode 12

After what happened between Vivian andI,why should I trust her? Why should I tell hereverything?Me: never mindVivian: hmmm. You know I won’t persist.Me: please let’s go home.I stood up immediately and she followed.Wewalked out of the school and into the street.We were already getting to that junctionwhen we met Frank and Ugoo.Ugoo: Hey. The exact people we were justtalking about.I remembered the letter I had written toFrank,how I said I was deeply in love withhim. What would I do now?Vivian: Ugoo,how far?Ugoo: I bam. Where are you two comingfrom?Vivian:

We are just strolling.Ugoo: That’s nice. Vivian,abeg excuseme,come,let me tell you something.I knew it was a plot to leave Frank and Itogether. I ran out of ideas at that moment.Nothing came to my head so I just decidedto flow with him.Frank:

How are you?Me: I’m fineFrank: How was school?Me: Not bad. How was your waec and necoexams?Frank: we wrote well.He shifted me to a corner.Frank: I can see you’ve reconciled withVivian.Perfect! That was it. He has given me what tohold onto to get him out of my life for good.Me: Yes. But why will you beat her? it’swrong to beat a woman.He looked at me an shook his head.Frank: She beat you first remember? I can’tjust let her get away with it,not after you toldme how you feel about me. I don’t forgivepeople who mess with my beloved ones.Me: She was fighting for you. Every girl in hershoe would do the same. You just gave me abad impression about yourself and believe itor not,I can’t date someone who beatswomen.He gave me a sharp look immediately. Whatwas that i saw? Anger? Pain? Not mybusiness anyways.Me: I beg to take my leave now.I made to walk out but he pulled me backand led me to the front of a closed shop.I wriggled in pain.Me: You’re hurting my arm. Leave me alone.He twisted his l!ps to a side. Then he pulledout a cigarette from his back pocket andlighted one.Me: You even smoke? Please,I can’t date you.You have too many flaws.He quickly left my arm and stared squarely atmeFrank: I thought you said you were in lovewith me? how come I don’t feel it? how canyou point out my flaws to my face? Dont youhave respect at all?Me: A man who doesn’t respect women can’tbe respected. Franklin,I want to go homeFrank: Try walking out on me and you won’tlike what I’ll do to you. I’m already committedto you after I read that letter. You can’t justchange your mind when it concerns Frank.Ask Vivian,I’m a no nons£nse man.We’re now together and you have nothing tosay that will change that face.



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