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My grumpy crush Episode 8 to 10

🍅My Grumpy Crush 🍅
😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie? 😏
🌷Pinky Preshy Chioma🌷
<Maja’s Pov>
I will get the door! I said as i walked towards the closed door and opened it.
Marco! A young man in his early thirties [email protected]£ in with a young woman who he was holding so ti-ght.
Who are they? I asked myself but they were alre-ady exchanging plea-santries with my grumpy husband Marco.
Oh Leo! What’s up dude? Marco said as they hvgged and shook each others hands.
Marco was even smiling, that is the first time of me seeing him smile since we got here in Hong Kong.
Am good! Actually my wife and I [email protected]£ over to this island for honeymoon… The guy said
So this place was actually an island? How should I know when am just locked up in here… I said to myself
Wow! That’s good… Marco said as our eye caught with each others and we looked away
Meet my new wife Mrs Lucy Casper… Leo said as his wife smiled broadly
Lucy! Honey this is my friend Marco Avelino… Leo said
Hi Marco! My husband has told me a lot about you… She said as Marco hvgged her slightly smiling so happily.
Nice meeting you dear Lucy! Marco said
Just look at how cheerful he looks! But in real life he’s a devil in disguise.. I thought
So dude! Why are you here in Hong Kong? I thought you travelled back to the Phili-ppines? Leo asked
Uhmm… Yea! Am actually here with my wife.. He said pointing at me as i faked a smile
How dare him refer to me as his wife when am about ending this whole mess! I thought
Really man? So finally Marco Avelino is gonna settle down… Leo said
Sure! Baby this is my friend Leo Casper… Marco said to me holding my [email protected]!st ro-mantically
I felt like giving him a dirty [email protected] and spitting on his face… User!
And Leo and Lucy I mean Mr L and Mrs L Casper, this is my cherished sweetheart, my wife Maja Locsin… Marco said sweetly
He’s such a sweet talker! A pretender…
Wow! That’s so sweet! And you guys are also Mr M and Mrs M Avelino… Leo joked as we laughed
Nice meeting you Maja! You look absolutely gorgeous… Lucy said
Same here Lucy! I said as we hvgged each other
<Marco’s Pov>
I watched Maja gisting and smiling with Lucy…
My gosh! She’s so stunning, gorgeous I must confess…
Whenever she smiles, her immaculate white set of teeth shows off ma-king her very beautiful.
I can’t let her st©p the contract marriage! I thought
Uhmm… Leo why don’t we invite Marco and Maja to the beach [email protected] tomorrow night? Lucy asked
Ooh that’s true! Marco there’s a beach [email protected] tomorrow night, would you come over with your wife? It’s really gonna make your honeymoon more memorable… Leo said
Uhm.. I don’t think we will be able to make it, you see we… Maja said but I cut in quic-kly
Of course! We will be there, right baby? I asked Maja eyeing her
Sure! She managed to say
Alright then guys! We will see you tomorrow night at the beach [email protected]! We have to go now… Leo said as he held Lucy’s hand and they left as I went to see them off.
<Maja’s Pov>
I was burning up with anger as Marco left with his friend Leo and his wife Lucy.
What the hell is wrong with that meanie? I just told him that am done with this stupid marriage and I have alre-ady started packing my things didn’t i?
Why then did he have to introduce me to his friend as his wife, he didn’t even st©p there…
I told him I will be travelling back to the Phili-ppines tomorrow and he promised his friend that we will come to the [email protected] tomorrow night.
I just hate this arrogant guy! Like he’s no longer my crush… Not anymore!
Just then, he entered the house and headed upstairs…
Sir Marco! What is the meaning of what you just said in the pres£nce of your friends? I asked with a mixture of tears in my voice
It’s Marco not Sir Marco! Do you want other people to find out that this is not true? He said
Fine! Just answer my question… I yelled angrily
Cut that off Maja! If you want to go back to the Phili-ppines, then you will have to buy the tickets by yourself all I know is that our contract is yet to be over so until then you are going nowhere, you are agreed to this so you will stick to it… He said
Life with you is hell! I don’t want this anymore Marco plea-se let me go… I cried bitterly
Am not in the mood Maja! He said and walked upstairs as i fell on my knees weeping
I don’t want this anymore! I want to end this mess! I hate this… It su-cks… I wailed uncontrollably
<Marco’s Pov>
I couldn’t bear to hear her cry… why is she affecting me like this?
No one has ever done that to me!
I just can’t let you go Maja… but why can’t I? I asked myself
I don’t take $h!t from any damn person but how come Maja’s tears is getting to me
What are you doing to me Maja? What have you done to me? I asked myself again
Like am going nuts because of her, I just felt like going downstairs and l!çk!ng off her tears, looking straight in her eyes and telling her “Maja Locsin am crazily in love you”.
But no way! I can’t do that, this is just a contract and nothing more no strings attached…
😜Is like the meanie is finally falling in love with our cute Maja, who else notices that? 😜
That fateful night, I entered the be-droom with a box of expensive dress and shoes.
Maja was actually applying cream in her fresh sp©tless b©dy.
Am going crazy over you Maja! I thought
Wear the dress! I said trying to pretend to be mean like I used to
Am downstairs! Don’t keep me waiting… I said meanly as i left the room.
<Maja’s Pov>
I hate your guts Marco! I said to myself as i opened the box and brou-ght out the dress.
It’s really beautiful…
I put it on and looked at myself in the dressing mirror.
Gorgeous! I smiled but frowned immediately
I couldn’t Zi-p the dress! Who’s gonna help me do that?
Should I call Mr Grumpy for help? No way! he’s just gonna ignore me or use his hurtful swear words on me…
Maja am waiting! I heard his voice from downstairs
Sir Marco! plea-se come… I said screaming
Oh my goodness! Why did I say that? Oh am finished, am dead! What gave me the courage to say that… I wailed as the door handle shifted and the door was thrown open
Yes! What is it? He asked giving me a ro-mantic stare as i [email protected]…..
<Marco’s Pov>
Uhmm… Am sorry sir Marco it’s nothing I…. Maja stammered with fear boldly written all over her face.
You mean the Zi-pper? I asked smiling as I figured out what she wanted to ask me for.
Yes… I mean no…. Maja said as she turned her face away
Let me help you… I said as i walked to her and Zi-pped the go-wn slowly.
She’s really so charming! Her skin was glowing, I almost k!$$£d her n£¢k but I held myself back.
I bend over to her ear and k!$$£d her ear-lobes and I could feel goosebu-mps all over her.
“Hurry up so we won’t be late”… I whispered to her ears and walked out of the room leaving her in a shocked state.
I sat on the cushion in the sitting room, thoughts of Maja filled my mind.
Am I really in love with her? Is this just lvst or love?
It’s actually killing me but I can’t go to her and admit that… Hell no! I can’t stoop so low.. I thought as my thoughts were interrupted by Maja’s tiny cute voice.
Am re-ady! Maja said from the stairs as i turned around….
Geez! She’s extremely gorgeous….. She got me drooling… I stared at her in agape as she walked downstairs.
Sir Marco! Shall we? Maja asked me as i quic-kly adjusted and hide my feelings.
<Maja’s Pov>
We got into the car and speeded off….
Minutes later, we got to the beach and walked to the [email protected]
Hi baby! Sweet you baby!! Some group of guys said waving to me as i waved back smiling but Marco quic-kly dragged me by my arm and held my [email protected]!st with his hand.
What are you doing? I asked anxiously as he frowns
What do you think you are doing Maja huh? Must you flir-t? He asked angrily
flir-t? What do you mean by that? I asked in anger
You are my wife for crying out loud Maja! You should know that you are a married woman… He said as i laughed
Which marriage? This contract? Is that your definition of marriage? No way! Am not married… I said as he sm-irked trying to hold his burning anger when our argument was cut short by Lucy’s shouts.
Marco! Maja!! You guys are here alre-ady… Lucy said happily walking to us with her husband Leo.
Ooh! What’s up guys? Marco said faking a smile ma-king him look really nice
Well it’s only Leo and Lucy he can decieve with that fake smile not me… I thought as we exchanged plea-santries and Lucy left as she went to say hello to a friend.
Marco was discussing with some friends while I sat quietly feeling really lonely.
I just really want to end this stupid contract, like am so sick and tired of this whole mess… We are only nothing but business [email protected] and not married couple… I feel miserable right now! And Mia? I really miss my baby sister…. I wish she is here with me and i just hope we end this drama as fast as possible so that I can go back to being my old real self together with Jenna and Mia.
Just then, Claire’s words to me flu-shed back into my memory… She’s very right am just being fake, with no single honest… I said as tears rolled down my cheeks and I quic-kly wiped it off.
I can’t be crying in public…
Immediately, I saw a waitress approaching me with a tray of alcoholic liquor.
I need to forget some of my problems! I just wanna feel like my old self… I said to myself audibly
Uhmm… Waitress! I called her and she turned around
Yes ma’am! She answered
Can I have a [email protected] of liquor plea-se? I asked and she nodded in agreement and handed it to me.
I quic-kly pour the content of the [email protected] in my mouth not minding the bitterness.
More plea-se… I said as she gave me and i kept drinking.
Thank you! I told her as she smiled and walked away by then I’ve alre-ady taken like six [email protected] of the liquor
I was feeling so dizzy and nauseous…
I quic-kly [email protected]£d a bottle of whiskey on the table and opened it.
I drank half of it not minding it was not really sweet but that is the last thing I care about.
I tried opening my weak eyes but I felt my [email protected] ringing I belched loudly.
I was alre-ady dead drun!k… 😪😪
Hello beautiful! I heard a voice from behind and turned around it was a young handsome guy though he isn’t as handsome as Mr Grumpy… Am sure you know who am talking about.
Hi… I said in a drun!ken voice
You are so gorgeous miss! He said giving me a dangerous h0t ro-mantic stare and eyed me then li-cked hisl-ips
I wonder why he did that but I wasn’t in my right state of mind.
I don’t think that’s true… I said laughing crazily
Why is that? why don’t you believe that you are beautiful? He asked [email protected]£ss!ngmy n£¢k… I was almost turned on by his S-xy manly t©uçh.
If am really beautiful then why can’t Mr Grumpy fall in love with me? You are lying to me OK… I smiled
Who’s Mr Grumpy? He asked
Just forget it! I yawned tiredly
Of course not baby! Am not lying about you being beautiful maybe the so called Mr Grumpy is not man enough to see how naturally endowed you are… He said as he pe-cked my pink cheeks and I blu-shed
Can I have a dance with you? He asked as i refused dragging my hand from his grip
Oh no! I don’t know how to dance… I said laughing
plea-se! He begged me as i stood up and we headed to the stage where others were dancing
He held me by my [email protected]!st and we started dancing as he kept looking at my eyes with lvst written boldly all over him but I was just too drun!k.
I want to forget all my problems! I just want to feel like I have no qualms… I kept muttering as i danced with him drun!k.
Just then, he bent his head and looked at my redl-ips with so much plea-sure and I was alre-ady w€t down there by his t©uçh.
He hungrily gummed hisl-ips to me in a h0t k!ss.
<Marco’s Pov>
I sipped my wine as i quic-kly turned around and to my greatest surprise, Maja was no longer sitting on the chair where I left her.
Excuse me guys! I said as i left them and went in search of Maja… My Maja of course
I found a bottle of whiskey on the table where she sat.
Whiskey? Maja doesn’t take that! Then who did? I asked myself as i quic-kly turned around and Lo and behold stood my stunning Maja snogging (k!ssing) a total stranger.
Anger burnt throu-gh my veins…
I haven’t done that with my wife… I have not even pe-cked herl-ips
I rushed to the stage and quic-kly pushed the guy aside and gave him a dirty [email protected] 👋👋and a punch 👊 and blood gushed out of his nostrils
Marco! my Maja who was smelling of alcohol yelled as everyone’s attention was drawn to us…..
<Marco’s Pov>
I was so annoyed as I held Maja close to me but she snatched her hand from my grip.
“What’s wrong with you Marco? Why did you hurt him?” Maja asked drun!k
“What’s up mehn? What wrong with you?” The guy said about to reciprocate the [email protected]
I swear to God if he does that am really gonna have him killed.
“You shut up! How dare you silly? You taking advantage of her because she’s drun!kright?” I said fuming with anger
“Come on!! That’s none of your business…. He said using his hand to wipe the blood rushing out of his nostrils.
“You must be stupid”… I yelled at him landing another heavy punch on his cheek, I was so re-ady for a battle as my friends and the audience started separating us.
“She’s my wife, Can’t you see the ring on her f!nger? Are you that gullible?” I shouted at him
“Is that why you are hurting him? What do you care Marco? What’s your business in this?” Maja cried
Maja you are drun!k… I whispered to her but she frowned
“Marco that is none of your business”…. Maja said staggering
“Dude just let him be!” My friends said as i quic-kly carried Maja and headed straight to the car.
“Put me down! Carry me down Marco”… Maja screamed as i opened the car door and placed her inside the car.
“I don’t wanna go home Marco plea-se”… She yelled as i angrily jammed the car door
“No Maja! We are going home and nothing can be done about it “…. I said as i entered the car and started the engines and speeded off.
Minutes later, we were alre-ady at the mansion…
I dragged her out of the car as we entered the mansion.
“What is the meaning of what you did today at the [email protected]? ” I asked angrily
“What do you care Marco? I mean am not really your wife, this is nothing but a contract so why are you being so concerned like we are really married? “…Maja said
“Maja we have not ended this contract yet so until then, you remain my wife, my lawfully wedded wife at that”… I said
“Well I just wanted to be happy, I wanted to feel like my old self, living without any fear! I I wanted to feel for once that am not being used… You don’t know how i feel Marco, For the first time in my life I want to feel free.. Maja said in tears
Seeing her in tears melted my heart, I felt really sorry for her.
She was in pain all because of me, I just can’t help it.
Am really sorry Maja! I… I said blinking [email protected] to avoid tears rolling down my cheeks
I wanna go back to the Phili-ppines, I want my old self back… She cried as she staggered to the stairs and suddenly she [email protected] and I caught her.
I stared into her eyes and k!$$£d her forehead and thenl-ips.
Am really sorry for ma-king you feel miserable! I love you Maja, I just can’t admit that to you but I will do that someday… I said as i carried her upstairs and la-id her on the be-d.
<Maja’s Pov>
The sun rays and from the window shone on my eyes and i slowly opened my weak eyes.
I felt my head aching so bad…
it’s morning alre-ady, I closed my eyes again and memories of all that happened yesterday flu-shed back into my memory.
Did he tell me that he loves me! I think I heard that or was it in my dreams? I thought silently
How did I get to this be-d? And my clothes… Who changed them? When did I re-move the other dress I was wearing? Could it be that Sir Marco changed my clothes and….. I said in shock
When did he become so caring? Does this mean that he really said I love you to me?
Am so confused right now…
I got down from the be-d and walked downstairs to the kitchen precisely to prepare some food to eat.
But where’s Marco? I asked myself but he was nowhere in the house.
Where could he be? I thought as i carried my tray of toasted bre-ad and fried egg with a cup of milky tea to the dinning.
Marco! Marco!! I called loudly but there was no response
Six hours later, Marco was not yet back and that left me worried 😟
Yeah! It’s true I said he’s no longer my crush but guys you know that’s not true, I was just heartbroken.
who knows what I told him last night? I yelled at myself.
I was lying on the be-d restlessly lost in so much thought when suddenly i heard a noise from downstairs.
Marco’s is finally back! I sighed in relief as i jumped down from the be-d.
I was about to open the door when suddenly the door was thrown open and my jaw dropped in shock.
Guess who it was? 😯
It was the guy I saw at the beach [email protected], the one that k!$$£d me at the [email protected]
You? What are you doing here? What do you want from me? I asked with fear
Hi sweetheart! You look like you’ve seen a ghost huh? Don’t worry am only here to make you w€t down there… He smiled mischievously walking towards me as i moved backwards in fear.
You animal! Just leave now… I said
Animal? no baby, it’s no animal it’s just me Davis OK… he laughed as I walked backwards and landed on my be-d
Davis plea-se don’t do this! plea-se i beg you…. I cried bitterly
He got closer to me and bent to k!ssme but I quic-kly pushed him away.
I get whatever I want Maja! He said as his face changed to a frown as he [email protected] me
plea-se let me go! plea-se don’t! Marco! Marco… I cried but he was so strong and overpowered me.
He quic-kly tore my blouse and short, he put his hand in my [email protected] and rubbe-d my Pu**y.
Let me go! I cried but then he was so determined.
He had alre-ady pu-ll-ed out his di-ck from his short, I was screaming and trying so [email protected] to st©p him when suddenly the door threw open and Marco entered the room.
You idiot! Marco shouted at him and I thought I was alre-ady safe not until he brou-ght out a gun from his pocket and sh0t it at Marco and I [email protected]
😯Is our Marco dead? What’s gonna happen to Maja? Guys am so scared right now 😭
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