My grumpy crush Episode 11 & 12

🍅My Grumpy Crush 🍅
😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie?😏
🌷Pinky Preshy Chioma🌷
<Marco’s Pov>
I saw him pick up a gun and pointed it at me…. I was so scared and suddenly he sh0t it but luckily for me, I dodged it.
Marco! Maja screamed thinking that I’ve been sh0t, she coll@psed.
I didn’t let him fire the gun again, I rushed to him and started dragging the gun with him.
I succeeded in kicking him and the gun fell off from his hand and landed by the door.
I punched him again and again, he was alre-ady bleeding from all the openings in his b©dy… His nose, his ear, his mouth…
Suddenly he pushed me away and I fell aside and hit my head on the chair.
He rushed to get the gun, I had no strength in me to get up due to my bleeding forehead.
Maja slowly opened her eyes and saw him crawling to get the gun while I gro-an ed in pain on the ground, she quic-kly sprang up and carried the standing mirror and hit it on his back.
It broke into pieces on him and he fainted in the pool of his own blood.
Maja quic-kly rushed to me and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Marco! Marco!! She cried and for the first time i felt so proud of her.
I held her close to me and hvgged her….
I love you Maja… I said as tears rolled down her cheeks
I love Marco… I’ve always do!! She said as ourl-ips drew closer to each others but we were interrupted as the police entered the room.
Well I called them earlier when I saw that useless nuisance Davis about to r@p£ my Maja.
They quic-kly handcuffed Davis who has alre-ady regained consciousness.
I will deal with you Maja! This is not yet over… Davis yelled at Maja as the police dragged him away.
Thank you so much Maja! You saved my life and I will always be grateful… I said as i pe-cked her and she blu-shed.
The whole night, we were so quiet, we had no conversation.
We only stared at each other and smiled.
I bet she’s finding it difficult to believe that I actually admitted to having feelings for her.
She sat on the be-d arranging her hair when I entered the room.
Maja! You see… I don’t like seeing you hurt so I c@m£ to a conclusion… I said breaking the silence
Here! I bought you a ticket back to Manila, I just don’t want you to feel sad anymore. I wasn’t around today cos i went to get the tickets for you… I said trying not to cry
The gospel truth is that i don’t ever want her to leave but i don’t also want her to get hurt by me at least not anymore.
Do you want me to leave? Do you want me to go back to the Phili-ppines? She asked
I don’t Maja! If I say I do then that makes me a liar… I said
my goodness! Am just wondering why am really being too open to her.
Then am not going anymore… She said and I chuckled as I walked closer to her.
And for the first time, I k!$$£d her and we started snogging.
<Maja’s Pov>
Before I knew what was happening, I was alre-ady half n-ked.
I just don’t know why I felt so complete with him.
He ca-ressed me as ourl-ips were still glued to each others.
His manly che-st was so warm….
He was about to go into me when I g@sped in pain.
He quic-kly st©pped and looked at me with so much surprise.
You haven’t done it before? He asked me
Yes sir… I said but he smiled and corrected me
Marco not Sir! He told me and i nodded my head
Have you had a b©yfri£ndbefore? He asked eagerly
No… I said feeling ashamed
I love you more baby! He said and I giggled 🤗
Baby? He just called me baby… I thought within myself
He continued k!ss!ngme and slowly went into me, though it hurts but he was really gentle with me.
😯Do you think their marriage is still a contract? 😯
Throu-ghout our stay in Hong Kong, we had nothing but fun.
I couldn’t believe Marco was so caring and ro-mantic and loving as well.
🌅 🌅 🌅
Grinnnnn…..Grinnnnn…🔔 🔔
The alarm rang aloud as i slowly opened my eyes still wra-pped around Marco’s manly arms.
I can’t believe that finally my grumpy crush is so sweet and loving.
But then, today we are going back to the Phili-ppines cos our honeymoon is finally over.
Marco also opened his eyes and k!$$£d myl-ips as I smiled broadly.
Good morning love! I said as he tickled me and i laughed happily
Love! we are finally going back to the Phili-ppines, I just hope no one takes you away from me there… He tea-sed me
You are so funny honey… I said
Let’s go take a bath so that we won’t miss our flight… He said as he got up from the be-d and carried me in a bride style.
Put me down you. n@ûghty guy! I screamed in delight as we rushed to the bathroom.
Our jet landed and we drove straight to the Avelino’s mansion.
A p@rty was thrown to welcome us back home.
Marco held me by my hand, walking with me always close to him.
Oh Marco why must I follow you everywhere? I really wanna spend time with your mom… I said smiling
I just want you by my side so that I will punch any guy who tries nons-en-se with you… He said and pe-cked me as i laughed happily.
<Claire’s Pov>
Claire! look how beautiful your brother is with his new wife? my friend Shaina said
I hate that freak! Like she’s a low clas-s and she doesn’t fit my brother you know Shaina… I’ve always wanted you for my brother… I said with a frown
And I also thought you will fulfill your promises to me by ma-king Marco marry me but you didn’t instead he choose a poor stinking slum girl like that stupid girl Maja…. Shaina said
Don’t worry Shaina! Am gonna make that bit-ch’s life miserable and I promise you that you will marry my brother cos you are the only one suitable for him… I said
I believe you Claire! Just make it happen… Shaina said
Welcome to hell Maja Locsin! I will make you run far away from this mansion in misery, you will go back to the slums where you belong…. I laughed devilishly as I watched her parade with Marco….
<Claire’s Pov>
Grnnnnnnnnn…..🔔 Grnnnnnnn….🔔
My alarm clock rang aloud as i quic-kly turned it off and got up from the be-d. I headed straight to my drawers and brou-ght out a bottle of balm.
I smiled mischievously as i quic-kly opened the balm and ru-bbe-d it all over my b©dy.
Yuck! I just hate the smell I perceive from this fv¢king balm but I have to apply it if I want my plans to work…. I said to myself as i finished applying the balm and kept it back into the drawer.
I sat on my seat in front of my dressing mirror…
I brou-ght out my makeup kit and applied some mascara on eyelid and un-der my eyes.
I smiled devilishly as I kept it back and sank into my be-d in excitement.
First mission accomplished! I laughed as I quic-kly used my duvet to wra-p myself around.
Some minutes later, I heard a footstep, probably coming to my room.
I pretended to be shivering as mom knocked on my door.
Come… Come… In…. I said with a shaky voice of course it was a pretence.
Claire aren’t you going to the office today? And you are still fast asleep? Mom asked as she walked towards me.
Am…. Am not feeling well mom… I… I stammered
Oh my goodness! Claire!! Baby are you OK? You look pale… Mom said as i smiled to myself
She’s really falling for the act…. I thought
I don’t think i will be able to make it to the office today mommy, am not feeling fine… I said slowly and weakly
Uhmm… Let me call the doctor! Or do you want to go see the doctor? Mom asked anxiously feeling really worried
No! Not all mommy! Actually I took some medicine and I know am gonna get better soon, it’s just a slight headache and fever…. I said
No baby! You nee-d to go see the doctor… Mom insisted
Mommy you don’t have to worry! Am no longer baby mom! Am a lady now.. I said
Are you sure Claire? Are you sure you that you don’t wanna see a doctor? Mom asked
I will be fine mom! I said
Alright baby! Your brother is all set to leave for the office and so am I… Mommy said and I smiled to myself
And Maja? I asked anxiously
She’s gonna stay at home at least to rest cos your brother says he don’t want her stressed out… Mom said
OK mom! Bye…i said as mommy left the room and I jumped for joy.
And now am home alone with that freak, am gonna teach her a terrible lesson… I laughed
<Maja’s Pov>
I pe-cked him and helped his fix his tie very well…
Baby! I really want to come with you, am going to be bored here.. I said as Marco smiled at me and k!$$£d my n£¢k
Come on now! Love I don’t want you to be stressed out, I want you to rest and don’t worry someday we will be going to work together OK honey, you won’t feel lonely cos Claire is home today because she’s sick… He said as i nodded
Alright sweetie! Have a nice day… I said as he eyed me ro-mantically then quic-kly glued hisl-ips to mine.
Am gonna miss you baby… he said
Come on now, go to work or you’ll be late… I hit him pla-yfully.
Marco! Where are you son? That was his mom’s voice from outside
Go ahead now… I said as we p@rtedl-ips and air k!$$£d each other and he left.
I was watching TV at the sitting room downstairs when I heard my name from upstairs
Maja! Maja!! That was Claire’s voice to be precise
I rushed upstairs to her room to answer her.
I opened her door and found her lying on the be-d.
Yes! You called me? I asked her
Are you this heartless Maja? How could you be so cruel? She asked as I looked at her confused
Heartless? Cruel? How do you mean? I asked her
You know that am sick right? She asked
Yes! Marco told me… I said
I haven’t eaten since morning Maja, go and prepare something for me… She said
But the maids are there to do that… I said a
but she cut me off
Are you talking back at me now Maja? For your information I s£nt them on leave today… She said
Go to the kitchen and prepare something for me… she said as i left and headed straight to the kitchen.
<Claire’s Pov>
After today, you will regret being married into this family and Marco cannot save you… I laughed as she left my room.
I brou-ght out a file and smiled mischievously…
It’s mommy’s file and i hid it so that she will come back to the house to get it.
It’s very important so mom must come back for it definitely.
Few minutes later, Maja told me that the food is re-ady.
She called me to eat at the dinning but I told her to bring it to my room which she did.
I opened the plate and spooned some food into my mouth
Suddenly, I gave out a loud shout as startled Maja rushed to me.
Claire! Are you OK? She asked worriedly as i started screaming and held my belly.
And started vomiting blood…. of course i planned that also.
Claire talk to me what’s wrong? She cried as Mom who c@m£ back for the file rushed into my room on hearing Maja’s voice and my shout.
Mom quic-kly pushed aside Maja and rushed to me…
Baby! What happened? she said but I quic-kly coll@psed
Maja what happened to her? Mom asked crying
I don’t know mom, I actually made her breakfast and… Maja cried
I was rushed to the hospital and mom and crying Maja waited at the lobby.
Shortly, the doctor c@m£ out of the emergency room and mom rushed to him.
Doctor! what happened to my baby? Mom asked anxiously
Is she OK? Maja cried
It’s a case of FOOD POISONING ma’am, did anyone serve her food? the doctor said as mom’s jaw dropped and Maja stood in agape
Mom quic-kly turned to crying Maja.
How could you? Was all mom could say in tears….
😳I think Maja’s problems have began, who will believe that our Maja is innocent? will Mrs Avelino believe that? Do you think she will despise Maja? 😯
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