My cute crush episode 3 & 4


Ella’s mom 🌺

I was in the kitchen ma-king dinner for i and my only daughter Ella when I heard a knock on my wooden door.

Am Mrs Rachael Smith, my husband died when Ella was just nine years old, it was a terrible experience for us especially Ella because it all happened on her birthday.

Life has been so ha-rd for us until I decided to search for a job by working as a maid.

“Gosh! Ella is that you?” I quic-kly dropped the salt I was about putting on the meal and went to open the door.

“Ella what are doing home by now?

“Mom I got fired”. She said looking tired.

” What did you do this time Ella?.” I asked as I crossed my arms.


“Yeah I know you as a troublesome child, so what did you do? I said waiting for explanation.

“OK mom, Mrs Anne insulted Sophie for visiting me, believe me mom Mrs Anne is crazy! She said sitting on the couch

“Mom, can’t I also with you at the Willey’s mansion? plea-se??

“It’s called the Williams Mansion not Willey and NO!”. I replied and walked back to the kitchen to continue with the meal.

Henry 🌺

“Boss you have a call” one of my maid Tina said handling me my phone.

“Who’s calling”?

“Your mom sir”.

“Ignore the call am not re-ady for any boring visit” I said sipping from one of my expensive alcoholic wine.

“Alright sir”. Tina said dropping the phone close to where I sat.

Am Henry Williams, the first son to Mr and Mrs Williams, my parents are very rich. Not to br@g, am every girls dream

Am tall, blonde haired, stylish, have a well built muscular b©dy and to crown it all am handsome.

One thing I hate is girls, my hatred for them grew stronger ever since Clara my ex broke my heart

I stood up from the couch when a call c@m£ in.

” Bryan, I’ll be there”. Yeah am off to the club to spend my parents cash on chicks

Bryan and Freddy are my two best friends, we bec@m£ friends since childhood. Freddy’s dad is a s£nator while Bryan’s dad is a business man just like my parent but my parents are richer than his dad

Am proud to say am pla-yboy, it’s not my fault anyway, Clara caused it.
I will never d@t£ girls but pl@ythem.

Fun here I come….

Ella 🌺

“Come in, the door is not locked Sophie”.

“Hi, hmmm perfect timing”.

“yeah whatever, sit down”


“Look Bella am so sorry You got fired because of me” She said feeling guilty.

“Like I said it’s okay, am cool” I said cheering her up.

“So uhm what should I do to make it up to you????” Sophie asked stuffing so much food into her small mouth.

“No nee-d, why don’t we just hang out?” I said

“Okay so where should we go to?” Sophie asked sipping from my jui-ce, OK she eat a lot, I wonder why she isn’t fat

“I don’t know, you are the master of fun, am just a boring kill joy.”” I said as I sigh loudly.

“Ok, let’s go to the club, trust me you will love it”

“The club!!?? I shouted at her which made her to land on her bu-tt.

“Hey chill girl, it’s gonna be fun and besides it’s just for you to dance all your sorrows away”” she said as she got up from the floor.

“Okay, if it’s for dancing away all my problems then am in cause my problems are much”.

“Funny You Ella, so are u gonna change or u are cool with your outfit”??

“Well duh! yeah am ok”.


I kept a letter for mom telling her I went out with Sophie and will be home early.

We board a cab and i nearly sle-pt off until when Sophie tapped me.

“We are here Ella” She said as she paid the cab driver.

“Whoa who owns this club, it smells of riches”

“Oh, it’s Henry Williams”

Mrs Rachael (Ella’s mom)🌺

I was washing all the dirty dishes when I mistakenly broke Mrs Williams expensive drinking glas-s cu-p.

“Rachael! How could you be so clumsy? Have you gone nut? Huh? Answer me!. Lora the head maid shouted at me which got all the maids attentions.

“What is going on here? Mrs Williams asked coming towards us. She looks so beautiful and clas-sy in her floral dress.

“I said what is going on here?”

“Ma’am, I was checking on the maids when I heard a sound….” Lora says but got interrupted.

“Enough! I don’t care and Mrs Rachael clean up those broken glas-ses”.

“But ma’am those broken glas-ses were expensive”.

“Silence!! Get back to work! Mrs Williams said and went out of the kitchen.

“Yes ma’am” I said and quic-kly bent down to clean up.

“Next time you won’t be lucky! Lora said and also went out.

I wonder why she hates me, ever since I started working here she always wants me to get into trouble. But good Lord Mrs Williams is a very nice person.

I took a de-ep breath and continue working.

Ella 🌺

Arghhh! Am so bored…., I wonder when mom will be back. Maybe I should call Sophie and apologize to her. Yeah am going to call her and hang out with her.

I took my phone and quic-kly dialed her phone number and luckily she picked up.

“Hey Sophie, look am so sorry and guess what I got fired”

“Seriously?? Am sorry”

“Its okay, so uhm can you come over to my place, am kinda bored”.

“Kk, be there in five minutes”.

“I’ll be expecting you dear”. I said and hanged up.

“Gosh am so hungry”, I quic-kly stood up and went straight to the kitchen to eat what mom prepared. I was about digging in when I heard a knock, probably Sophie.


We entered into the club, everyone looked so h0t and they were paired into boys and girls. Some are smooching themselves while some are dancing.

“Ella I’ll be back, do you care for a drink?”Sophie asked me.

“Hell yeah, but not alcohol.”

“OK will be back, plea-se be careful.” She says as I nodded in response.

I found an empty seat and sat on it, i noticed all the ladies here are sluts, I wonder how Sophie knows this place, maybe she often comes here.

Five minutes pas-sed and I still couldn’t sp©t Sophie anywhere, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the way some guys were staring at me lvstfully.

I stood up to search for Sophie, I nee-d to get out of here, it’s so uncomfortable. Why did I even agree in coming here?!.

I was lost in thoughts that I didn’t realize i bu-mped into a guy, ouch!. I hit my head on his ha-rd che-st.

He is gonna pay for not watching where he’s going to!..

I was about to yell at him when my mouth disappointed me as I stood still staring at this prince charming in front of me.

I was just staring at him, i was becoming jealous of his looks. How could a human be so perfect??. The Lord took four days when He was creating him, i think so!!. Gosh!. Look at hisl-ips…..they’re so pink. He still looks cute as he frowned, good Lord!. Is he an angel???.

“Watch it miss!!, hello? Are you dumb??. This handsome being said snapping his f!nger at my face

Don’t blame me, he is Handsome.

“Uhm, sorry, i mean watch where you’re going to next time”. I say trying my best not to eye r@p£ him.

I really nee-d to get out of here before I do something stupid in front of him. Wait…. why do I care?.

“Excuse me? you bu-mped into me and you think you can talk to me rudely huh??” He scoffs.

“So? What do you want to do about it?” I asked this handsome person as I studied him, he looks really pissed off.

He’s blonde haired, has a pinkl-ips, pointed nose, blue eyes and wow he’s stylish with his baggy outfits and ohhh la la he’s cute.., one could tell he’s rich.

“When you are done drooling make sure you get out of my sight and gosh ladies like you disgust me. He said as he gently placed his hands in his pocket.


Whoa I never knew he could be so rude.

“And who are you anyway huh?” I asked Mr handsome as he scoffed.

He was about to reply me when a beautiful lady cat walked towards us.

“Hey baby, who is this sh*t?.” She asked as she pe-cked hisl-ips, for some reason I felt jealous.

Sh*t??. Oh you’re so gonna pay woman!. I was about to insult the lady when Mr cutie voiced out,

“Let’s get outta here.” Mr cutie told his lover as they walked out on me like I am nothing.

Just as i turned to leave, I saw Sophie with two drinks.

“Here you are Ella, I’ve been looking for you , where were you??”

“Sophie lets go home” I said, I was getting tired of here , am never gonna come here again.

“What happened??

“Nothing, am fine” I faked a smile.

#⃣ Henry

I was enjoying with my friends when I excused myself to go to the men’s room.

On my way back, a stupid lady bu-mped into me and gosh I hate those creatures even if I have lots of flings. She was about to say something but instead she stood still, yeah I know am handsome..butfu-ck, she’s pissing me off!.

“When you are done drooling make sure you get out of my sight and gosh ladies like you disgust me.” I sincerely said to her.

I seriously can’t believe she asked who I am, I wanted to give her the insult of her life when Mandy one of my chick interrupted me.

She looks kinda cute but definitely not my type…

Sophie 🌺

We got home and luckily Ella’s mom isn’t back, I wonder why Ella looks dull. The Ella i know is always cheerful. Did something bad happened when I left her??

“Ella, are you okay? Did anything bad happened to you at the club?? plea-se talk to me” I asked.

“Am okay, really. Am just tired, I nee-d to rest” she said as she la-id on her be-d.

“Look Ella, we’re friends so tell me what made you sad” I said as she sighed.

“Okay….., uhm I bu-mped into a guy and whoa he looks so handsome alright, he and his stupid girlfriend insulted me. Gosh, I felt like killing her.”

“So?? What did you do cause I trust you” I asked curiously.

“Nothing, he’s damn cute, my mouth failed me, for some reason his voice sounds like my dream man Soph”

“Just snap out of it Ella, you really nee-d a job” I suggested.

“Yeah!. You are right” Ella said.

We heard a knock from the living room.

“I’ll get it, it should be mom” Ella said putting on her sli-ppers.