My cute crush episode 5 & 6



Henry 🌺

I can’t believe I kept thinking about that lunatic, I really nee-d to hang out with my friends br@d and Davis. They have been my friends since elementary school.

br@d is handsome with his brown smooth hair, he’s a bad boy and a big time pla-yer.
Davis is also quite good looking and also a bad boy. I love my friends so much, They make me feel alive ever since i left home.

I have not been home for a while, I have been living in one of my penthouse because Dad wants me to run his business which is so lame, imagine putting on tuxedo which is so not my stuff.

I have to make a call to my friends I can’t take this boredom anymore. I dialed br@d’s phone number and he picked up immediately.

📲 “Hey bro, what’s up? You called?” br@d said, i could hear a female Voice beside him, Bad boy!

📱”Yeah am bored, wanna have fun?? I asked.

📲 “Sure bro, give me some minute i’ll drive over”. He tells.

📱No prob, inform Davis about it”


Another call c@m£ in as I looked at the caller ID, it is Mom arghh!!

📱Hello mom?” I said. I alre-ady knew what she would say.

📲Son!!?? Where are you?? Won’t you come home!!!?? Your dad misses you!! Don’t you care about us?? Answer me son!.

📱Bye love you too” I said as I hung up.

Mom…,she cares a lot, am 20 for Pete’s sake. I dropped my phone on my be-d as I put on my clas-sy outfit.

Ella 🌺
This morning I told Mom about going out to search for a job, she blessed me and was happy for me, Why wouldn’t she?? She’s tired of me sitting at home.

So here I am in this h0t sun still searching, I wanted to give up when I saw a coffee shop with a sign which signifies that a sales girl is nee-ded.

Damn! Finally! I was so overjoyed!.

I wanted to enter when I sp©tted a h0t dog seller , am really famished.

“Hey one h0t dog plea-se ” I told the bald headed man.

“Yes ma’am ” he said as he wra-pped one for me.

“Thanks, here is your money”

“Thank you dear”

I was munching on my breakfast, yeah I ate nothing this morning cause I was too excited. As I was still eating I saw a short woman as she looked at the Sales girl sign and entered the coffee shop. Maybe she is a customer.

Am done eating, so delicious, I cleaned my mouth with my handkerchief and left where I sat to enter the shop.

Unfortunately the owner of the coffee shop told me someone has alre-ady been employed. Ohh that woman!! Silly me!

Mrs Williams 🌸

I felt sad when my son hung up on me, he has always been ignoring my calls and also refuse to come home just because his dad wants the best for him.

Am really not happy with his sudden change of behavior; his clubbing, moving with different girls even if he despise girls so much. He was once a good boy…

“Ma’am we are here”. My driver said snapping me out of my thoughts..

I c@m£ to visit one of my boutiques here, i got down and told my driver to wait for me as I entered and after 40mins I c@m£ back and oh! I forgot something!.

“Harry, plea-se get me my cheque book, Its inside, just ask Linda, tell her I s£nt you”.

“yes ma’am” He bowed and went inside to get it.

I leaned against my car and suddenly a strange young man attacked me, asking me for my purse.

I was frightened because he might have a weapon who knows?.

“Give me your purse woman!”. The man insisted.

Ella 🌺

As I was walking home feeling angry and sad, I heard voices coming from somewhere close to me, I decided to trace it and check what was going on.

Then boom! It was a man forcing a beautiful woman to give him her lovely purse in front of a clas-sy boutique. A lot might be in that purse, I have to save her!.

I looked around me and found a heavy log of wood, I went closer and closer, the woman saw me behind the man and pretended by giving him the purse.

The man turned around, he looked perplexed.

“Hola!” I said as I hit him so ha-rd on his head, with that he dropped her purse and ran away

” And don’t come back!!”. I said feeling proud of myself.

“Are you okay ma’am?” I handed back her purse. She looks surprised.

“Thank you dear, uhm what is your name?” She asked as she cross checked everything in her purse thinking that douchebag might have stolen anything.

“Am Bella ma’am”.

“Such a beautiful name, where are you going to?, let me give you a ride ” she said.

What a nice woman!

“Actually ma’am, my house is not very far from here, thanks for caring.”

“Then let me give you something dear” she opened her purse and brou-ght out money.

” No, it’s okay ma’am, really am good”

“OK dear, my driver is here”.I looked back and saw a man in his early thirties coming out of the boutique.

“I’ll take my leave now” she entered her car and zoomed off and damn that car is expensive

What a nice woman anyway……


Ella 🌺

I got home and settled down on our tattered couch, mom’s at work. Am all alone. Wish Sophie could come but she’s at college. The thought of going to college waved my mind, I really really wish I can find a job and raise money for college. Arghh! I nee-d to sleep my life out…



I woke up to a lovely aroma of spaghetti with meat ball, Mom’s home! How long have i sle-pt?, I stood up from the couch and went straight to the kitchen, yeah it’s mom.

“Mom welcome back” I yawned.

“You look tired, how did it go? Did you see any job? Mom asked as she tucked her loosed strands of hair.

“No….., I found none”.

“I have been thinking of something lately” She tells.

“And what could that be mom”?. I gulped down the chilled water I took from our small fridge.

“It’s time you take my place as a maid, i mean you are a grown lady now, you are 19, so what do you think?”.

What? I thought she never wanted me being there.

“Ella?.” Mom called.

“Uhm, yeah mom” I said not sure of the idea but I wanna go to college.

“Good. I’ll talk to ma’am Rose, she nee-ds a personal maid for her son, the pay will be high dear.”

“But what about you mom?”

“Silly you, am also working with you, I really don’t want you sitting around doing nothing at home.”

“Wait her son? Bet he’s cute” I said day dreaming.

“What did you say?”. Mom snapped at me.

“Nothing, you look beautiful on that dress mom” I looked at her, showing her all my white teeth.

“Let’s eat.” Mom says.

“So when am i going with you.?”

” Tomorrow of course, you’ll soon become fat if you continue staying home and besides we are both doing this for your college fee.”

“yeah”. I smiled happily.


After hanging out with br@d and Eddy for hours, now am lying on my be-d experiencing serious headache, I drank so much yesterday.

Suddenly a call c@m£ in and it was dad. He never calla, it’s always mom who do the calling.

“Morning dad, how was your night?” I sat up a little so I could take some drugs to reduce the damn headache.

“Come home! I want to see you! It’s important “. Dad said with a stern voice.


“you know what I can do to you Clark, you know what am capable of! Be home by 4 pm dot”. With that he hung up.

He sounds serious and I hope it’s not those business sh*t, cause i ain’t re-ady.



I was so excited about yesterday night, I kept dreaming about how everything will be, Me going to college with my salary and taking Care of mom cause she has always been there for me. And that was it, I couldn’t remember how I sle-pt off.


“Wont’ you get your lazy self up Ella?? You sleep so much lately! Is this how you are going to continue once you start working?”. Mom barked at my sleepy self.

“Whoa….., it’s morning alre-ady?”. I ask wiping the drools off my face with my hands.

“No, it’s midnight, get up and get dressed”. Mom says and closed the door.

I got up and still wondered why mom woke me up so early, ohh!! Yes a job as a maid.

I re-moved the duvet away from my half n-ked self, said my prayers and got dressed.

I spent almost 40 minutes searching for an outfit until I finally settled on a pink turtle n£¢k and a black jean p@n-t. I brushed my smooth bob hair and yeah am re-ady.

I went downstairs and met mom placing a plate of sand wish on the dining table.

“Good morning mom”. I gr@bb£d the sand wish and designed it with my mouth.

“Morning, you look re-ady, when you are done eating, we can take our leave”. Mom says and went outside. .

We alighted from the cab we took and wow the Williams mansion looks so beautiful from afar, we had to trek for ten minutes before we got there cause it is an estate. The golden gate alone looks expensive..

Mom pressed a red bu-tton which was on the gate and an old man opened it.

“Yes…? How may I help you”?. The old man asked and the first thing I sp©tted is his yellow teeth. Eww…

“I work here sir ” mom says.

“Show me your ID and be fast about it!” He says.

Wait an ID card!?? What is this place? A government house?…

Mom brou-ght out a card, I never knew mom had those until now.

“Come in then”. He opened the gate wi-de open for us to enter.

Holy Jesus! Wow! Wow! Wow! I am never coming back home momma!.

“Close your mouth Ella and st©p staring”. Mom says tapping me.

Whoa I never knew my mouth was wi-de open, I quic-kly composed myself and steal a quic-k glance around; every where looks so nice, the building is like. Gosh am speechless….


I have decided to come home since dad told me to and plus I have no choice cause he might seize my properties who knows.

Am in one of my cars driving home, I decided to text Dave.

Me📲 Hey D

Dave📲 What’s up bro?

Me📲 Am heading home, can’t talk right now, but promise to explain later.

I dropped my phone and concentrated on the road. I really can’t believe am heading back home, soon am gonna start college and damn! Mom and Dad will love to keep a close eye on me. I left home cause of this!.

I hate those $h!t! I hate the fact that am still being controlled like a kid. Seriously damn you Dad!


There are securities everywhere, the look the b©dyguards can kill someone. I and mom entered into the main entrance of the house. The house looks so big, one could easily get lost here. I kept staring, everything here is painted in gold color, including the floor.

A lady who seemed like my age mate walked towards us, she is pretty with her hair packed up in a messy bun.

“Good morning Mrs Rachael, ma’am is not around so the lady can start working immediately young master arrives”. She says.

“Alright. Actually she is my daughter, Ella”. Mom says with a smile.

“Oh…, Am Monica nice meeting you”. She says. She stretched forth her hand for a shake.

“Hi”. I say as I received her hands .I wonder who she is, maybe a p@rt of this family.

“Ella, she’ll tell you what to do here, I have to cook for the family”. Mom says and left I and Monica.

I nodded. “Bye Mom”.

Monica took me to a room with the description “Dressing Room”, she brou-ght out a key from her pocket and unlocked the door. We both got in, there are so many outfit just like hers hanged up on the wall.

Oh I get it, she’s also a maid.

“So dress up and keep your outfit over there”. She says. I looked at where she pointed her hands. A closet. I guess this where maids change huh.

“OK, thanks”. She left me to change.

I changed to the outfit she gave me, it was different from the other outfits. It’s a short black Sk-irt with white t©p while the other maids outfit is just white go-wn like Monica’s.

Strange! Mine is different from others.

I c@m£ out to see Monica waiting for me.

“So uhm what am I supposed to do here exactly”. I asks

“You are young master’s personal maid, you clean his room, serve him all his meals and do anything he tells you to do”. She says.