My cute crush episode 14 & 15



“Ain’t you re-ady?! It’s two hours alre-ady.” Valerie complains as she threw her hair backwards.

“Well duh! She’s a beauty queen so give her more time.” Adele says.

I sm-irk as I closed my makeup kit and put on my red heels.

“How do I look girls?.” I ask placing my hands in akimbo.



“Great. Let’s go girls.” I cl@pped my hands in the air really excited to see Henry in college.

Am on my way baby. Just watch how l, Clara will get you back.


“Ding! Ding!. The sound of my phone alarm woke me up. Am so tired, I sle-pt late thinking all night about Henry.

“I don’t wanna be late.” I said to myself and head straight to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth and took a nice warm bath.

I tied my towel round my b©dy, cleaned myself and applied lotion on my skin. I wore the dress I arranged neatly on my be-d. It’s a white thick sweater, black jean with white flat shoe.

I brushed my hair and weaved it into two. Took my handbag and went downstairs.

Mr Williams and Mrs Williams are at the dinning enjoying their meal as usual. Mrs Williams sights me and smiles.

“Join us Ella.” She said as her husband nods.

“Yes ma’am.” I said really shy and took my seat.

Just then Henry shows up, he wore a turtle n£¢k sweater with baggy p@n-t. His snickers looks dope. I smiled as I perceived his cologne.

He joins us and sat opposite his dad.

“Morning everyone.” Henry said with a smile which reveal his cute dimples on both his cheeks. I never knew he has dimples.

His parents looked at each other simultaneously, clearly surprised.

“How was your night Ella?.” He asks. I almost choke on my meal, was he referring to me?? But he said Ella??.

“It was fine.” I managed to respond.

He nods and ate his sandwich, he mourned on his meal and faces his mom. “Mom this taste goooood.” He says.

“Uhm…yeah?.” Ma’am Rose replies as Henry nodded in response.

“Am done. Ella meet me outside when you are re-ady. Am driving us today.” He said and stood up to leave.

I glimpsed at Ma’am Rose then at Mr Williams.

“Ella what did you do to Henry??.”
Ma’am Rose asked beaming with joy.

“I have no idea talking to him could change him overnight.” I said sincerely.

“Well thank you dear. We owe you one.” Mr Williams says.

I smiled happily.


I thought de-eply about all what Ella said. I can’t believe am saying this but…she’s…..kind of right. I don’t nee-d to be rude just because of that devil Clara.

But it still won’t change my mind towards women. They ain’t trustworthy.

“Am re-ady master.” Ella says as she brou-ght me out of thinking, i was leaning against my car.

“Get in.” I said and entered.

She nods gently and sat on the back seat. I start the car and zoomed out of our compound.

There was total silence till we got to college. I parked the car properly and c@m£ out, including Ella.



I still can’t believe what Henry did back there. I smiled as I watched him drive with his left arm. He looks h0t while driving.

I just wish he continues with his sudden change of attitude.

We got to college and alights from his car, he took his headphones and hung it round his n£¢k, he must like music a lot.
I just smiled and follow him behind.

🚺 I wonder who that girl is to him.

Seriously, these people don’t get tired of gossiping??. They’re really jobless.

🚺Yeah he’s a g@y. How come he’s always hanging out with her!?.

I turned back to see two girls whispering to each other. How can they utter such to Henry, he isn’t a g@y!. I looked at Henry, he’s little bit far from me.

I sigh as i walked close to them. “Hey! Mind your business blabbermouths.”

They face themselves and laughed.
“Who are you anyways bit-ch?.”

“Yeah. And what are you gonna do about it?.” The other one with pierced nose asked in disdain.

I sm-irked devilishly and moved close to them. “Am gonna s£nd you to your momma.” I whispered.

People starts gathering around us as some they brou-ght out their phones to video us.

“If you ain’t a whole, so who are you to Henry Williams!.” The first one says.

How am I gonna tell them am nothing but his maid so I can be in peace!.

“Nice try Ella. Now you are in big mess.” My stupid inner voice scolds me.

I was just trying to defend Henry……I should have just ignored them at first. If Henry finds out I got into a fight with these spoilt br@ts, am scre-wed!.

I re-moved my headphone and turned to see people gathering. I sp©t Ella with them. What is Ella doing there?, I thought she was behind me!.

I sigh and moved close to see what is happening.

Just then I sight Clara and her dumb friends cat walking towards the scene. What is she doing here!?. Hope its not what I think.

She smiles immediately she sighted me, pathetic.

🚺 Oh my gosh, it’s Clara Grande! She’s so h0t!.

🚺 Yeah.

🚺 His ex is back. Who is that girl to him!.

Clara scoffed and glares at Ella. I nee-d to teach this devil a lesson, i sm-irk devilishly and looked at Ella. She mustn’t think I am still hurt and nee-ds her back,fu-ck no!.

“You all want to know who Ella is to me huh?!.” I asked.

🚺 Yeah!!.” They say all excited to hear my reply as they video the scene.

I glimpsed at Ella, she looks pale, why?. Is it because I wanna tell everyone who she is to me??.


“She’s my girlfriend.” I said as I sn-ked my left arm round her tiny w@!st. “So leave her alone.”

She lifts up her head and stares at me surprised. I win-ked at her to pl@yalong and faked a smile.

“Let’s leave babe.”

Clara eyes wi-de-ned in shock as she glared at my arm on Ella’s w@!st, she looks pathetic exactly how I want her to be.

As we left the crowd, I re-moved my arm instantly. She bent her heads low obviously shy.

“OK. What happened?.”

“I….uhm…” I cut her short with a sigh, a very frustrating one.

“Do you have to fight with anyone?! I saved your a** back there.” I said

“Am sorry.” She apologized sadly.

“Don’t think too much about what i said. You’re my personal maid OK?. And you’ll always be.”

She nods and held her handbag firmly.

fuc-k, It’s gonna be a long day…….

“How could he!.” I yelled as I hit the mirror ha-rd .

“Calm down Clara. You’re gonna hurt yourself.” Valerie says.

I went to the restroom with my girls since I couldn’t stand what Henry said to everyone.

“I don’t believe Henry. I mean ever since you guys broke up, he didn’t d@t£ anyone so why now?.” Adele said as she tries to calm me down.

“Am gonna make that bit-ch pay girls. Mark my words.” I seethe looking at my reflection in the mirror.

“I, Clara promise she’s gonna beg for mercy…..”

I laughed devilishly and looked back at Adele and Valerie who both has evil grin on.




It’s almost evening, I feel kinda guilty for what I did even if I tried defending. Henry had to lie to everyone am his girlfriend.

Now I know who Clara Grande is to Henry, she’s exactly the lady in that pic. Henry looked somehow mad when he saw Clara, I wonder what led to their breakup cause she’s a S-xy lady.

Am bored. I nee-d to stroll, I put on my fl!pflop and went out of my room.
I miss Sophie, there’s no one to hang out with here. I haven’t set my eyes on Monica ever since i started living here.

I walk around the big compound, the cold evening breeze s£nt shivers on my skin as my hair dances along with the breeze.

“Hey watch out…!

The next thing I know is, I fell into someone’s arm, I looked up to see it’s Henry.

His soft hands cu-mddled my w@!st again, I placed my hands on his ha-rd che-st as we both stared at each other……

“Am so sorry Sir.” I said as I j£rked off his b©dy and bent my head low to avoid his gaze.

He clears his throat and pockets his hands gently. “Be careful next time.” He says with an emotionless face and went in.

I stood still wondering what just happened. Henry saved me from falling?.

I grinned recalling how I felt when he held me close to his che-st. I felt bu-tterflies in my tummy….

“Shut it Ella. You know you ain’t his type so quit it and remember your mission here!.” My inner voice tells me.

I sigh and hvgged myself. Am cold, I nee-d to get in before I freeze. I went inside and climb up the stairs.

I smiled as I stared at his door. I moved close to mine and got in.

My phone ranged, I looked at the caller ID, it’s mom.

📲Ella how are you?.”

📱Am fine mom.”

📲Is everything going on smoothly?.”

📱Yes mom.”

I smiled as what happened c@m£ back to me.

📲Alright dear. I miss you so much. Can’t wait to see you soon.”

📱Same here. Goodnight.”

I disconnected the call and la-id flat on my be-d. I hvgged my pillow ti-ght and closed my eyes slowly…


Immediately I got into my room, I bounced on my be-d resting my head on my pillows as I faced the ceilings.

Ella’s image popped on my head, Can’t believe I saved her from falling. I smiled and thought of the way her eyes wi-den as I held her close.

Clara……, that witch. Am gonna make her feel miserable. I just nee-d Ella’s help to do that.

I have got to go back to my house. Am sick of being here having no fun.

I switched off my light lamp and slowly closed my eyes.


I wore my shade as I dragged my luggage along and went downstairs. Mom and Dad ain’t home. I saw her cleaning some stuffs as she sights me descending the staircase.

“Good morning sir.” She says with a confused look.

Yeah. Wondering why am with a luggage.

“Pack your things we are moving.” I said and went out.

“Okay. Sir.” She says with a puzzled face.

Few minutes later, she c@m£ out with her luggage, I opened the car boot and placed mine inside with Ella’s.

“We’re heading to my house. No further questions.” I said as I drive on the road.

“Yes sir.” She says as she looked out the window.

“You’re gonna help me with something.”

“Huh? What would that be Sir.?”

About that “Sir”. Just call me Henry.” I corrected her.

“OK Sir. Sorry I mean Henry.” She says shyly.

“Be my girlfriend…..”