My cute crush episode 12 & 13




Gosh I had so much fun and drank a lot yesterday. I pu-ll-ed away from my large sized be-d. Brushed my teeth and dressed my messy hair well.

I went downstairs and saw dad re-ading his news paper as usual with his mug of coffee in his right hand. “Oh dad! Who still re-ad the news paper.” I thought and smiled.

“Morning daddy.” I moved close to him and pe-cks his left cheek.

“Morning princess. Did you sleep well?.”

I blu-shed at the mention of princess. “Yes daddy.”

“When are you gonna start college?.” He asks adjusting his spectacles.

College??. Eww i still wanna have fun.

“Next week.” I say.

“No problem dear. Do you prefer the Williams College?.”

Why not?! In that case I’ll get to see Henry and eventually, I will win his heart back.

“Yes dad.” I beamed with joy.

“Anything for you baby.” He said. I smiled and hvgged him ti-ght.

A call c@m£ in on my iPhone, its a video call from Adele. I moved away from dad and picked it.

📲 Morning princess.” She says.

📱 Hi babe. Guess what!.”

📲 You bought an expensive n£¢klace??.”

📱 What? No!. I’ll be attending the Williams College from next week.” I said proudly. I know people who study there are damn rich!.

📲Whoa, I’ll inform my parents about it.”

📱 Yeah and also inform Valerie about it. I wanna see you girls at my house tonight so we can have fun. Dad won’t be home by then.

📲 Kk. Bye.” She disconnects.

We don’t nee-d anyfu-cking admission to get us to any college since our parents are rich.

I sm-irk and thought of Henry, hold on baby……Am gonna make you mine no matter what. B**ches won’t steal you away from me as long as I Clara Grande breathe..


My blood boiled with range as what happened yesterday flashed back to me.
Who does Ella think she is huh!? Dad decided to help her just because she saved mom’s life?!. What’s the big deal?. I thought as I put on my blazer.

Hope dad changes his mind cause I don’t wanna be p@rt of those sh*t.

I got downstairs and speak of the devil. She’s seated on our couch. What could go wrong now?!!.

“Good morning young master Henry.” She stood up as she sight me. Her voice sounds terrible to my ears.

I ignored her. I sat down not very close to her and concentrates on my phone. So annoying.


“Great! You both are re-ady. The driver will drive you two to your destination.”

I looked up and it’s dad dressed in tuxedo with his briefcase on his left hand re-ady for work.

“Just kill me! Am not sitting close to that thing??!.” I thought.

Dad faces me. He noticed my reaction. “Any problem Henry?.”

“Yeah. A lot of them. What do you mean dad? Why must both of us be driven to college huh.?” I snarled.

“There is no big deal in that son.” He said as he moves towards the door. “And yeah. If you wanna make use of your car make sure Ella goes with you. Otherwise Davis my driver can drive you two. un-derstand?.”

He sm-irked and turned to the saphead who was quiet since. “Have a nice time Ella.” Dad wi-nks and left with his car keys.

“fuc-k.!” I cursed.


“Sir. We nee-d to hit the road.” Davis tells Henry who looks upset.

He puffs out a de-ep breathe and stormed out. I smiled inwardly and thought of my mission here. Gosh! Hope things go as planned.

Henry got into the car, the car looks fabulous. Can’t believe am gonna enter this bad boy Lamborghini.

I kept staring until I heard him yell. “Won’t you get in?.”

“Am sorry.” I bow and adjust my pink hand bag I got from mom.

I got in. Minutes later we’re on the road. The distance Henry kept from me is much. What’s with him anyway?.

I sigh. I thought of mom and how I got here………………

This morning an expensive car c@m£ to pick I and mom. According to the driver, he was s£nt by Mr Williams. The driver dropped mom in our new home, I felt like not leaving cause the house looks like a paradise. Am so grateful to ma’am Rose and I promise to help her in any way I can.

And that was how I got here by the same driver who dropped mom.

“We are here.” Davis said. He parks properly and switched off the engine.

Henry got out and pocket his hands. He looks cool with his stylish blazer and his hair in a messy way. He has this bad boy look but he’s so cute.

I also got out and looked at everywhere. The RW COLLEGE is written boldly at the t©p of the building. Awesome! This place smells of rich kids.

I smiled. I finally made it mom.

🚺 “OMG!!! isn’t that Henry Williams.?” A lady with red hair screamed as she sights Henry.

🚺 yeah. I heard he broke up with Clara Grande, so who is she??.” Her friend with pony tail said.

All eyes are on me. Am really nervous.





The two girls moved closer to I and Henry blu-shing ha-rd .

“Hi…. Am Bianca.” The red haired said se-ductively.

Henry scoffed. “bit-ch.” He cussed loudly and walked away.

They look so embarras-sed. The one with pony tail composed herself. “Let’s go Bianca.” She said to her friend who seemed lost in thought for a moment.

I laughed inwardly and ran to meet up with Henry.

I kept silent as I followed him behind until he st©pped at a door with the description ‘Chancellor’s office’.

He barge in and sat down while I stood behind him. The man who should be in his fifties looked at Henry with anger, he face soften when he saw it’s Henry. Yeah who would wanna be mad at the owner’s son of this damn place??.

He cleared his throat and speaks up.”Welcome Clark. I just spoke to your dad.”

Clark??. What a descent name for a rude person.

“And Ella Smith?.” The man asked?.

“Yes sir.” I answered with a nod.

“Very well then. Your dad told me about your course.” He said to Henry.

“Including you, miss.”

“So the both of are in the same dep@rtment.” He tells.

Henry looks at me in disgusts, I bent down my head to avoid eyes contact.

“This is the map to your dep@rtment.” He hands over a small sheet to Henry.

He collects it rudely and went out. I sigh.
“Am sorry Sir.” I apologized on Henry’s behalf.

He nods with a smile.

I got out and caught up with him, again…..
We got to our dep@rtment, VIP ONLY was written on the fancy door. Wow……

Immediately we entered, all eyes turned to our direction, Murmurs everywhere.

🚺 Is that not Henry?

🚹 He is so cool. Check his outfit, so dope.

🚺 Am so lucky. Am in the same dep@rtment with my dream man.

I rolled my eyes secretly. Henry seems to love attention, he ignores them and sat down. He brou-ght out his headphone and wears it. His mouth keeps moving to the song he’s listening to, in a cute way.

I found a seat beside a girl with long brunette.

“Hi.” I turned to see the girl referring to me.

“Hello.” I replied.

“Are you his girlfriend?.” She asks raising her brow.

“No.” I replied simply.
“K. Am Phoebe Thomas. Nice meeting you.”

“Ella Smith.”

“Nice bobs.” She said referring to my hair. I smiled in response.

“So, uhm if you ain’t his girlfriend, then who are you to him?.”

I can’t tell her am Henry’s personal maid.

“Am his friend.” I lied.

“Weird. He has no female friend. Be careful of Clara Grande.”


“Weird. He has no female friends. You should be careful of Clara Grande. She’s deadly, heard she’s coming next week.” She said.

I heard that same name from that red haired girl. Is she the same lady in the picture Henry instructed me to put away?.

“How does this Clara look like?.” I ask to be sure.

“She’s…..”. She got interrupted by the voice of our lecturer.

“Good morning everyone…..



Last week in college was fun. I got to know Phoebe more, she’s nice and a little bossy like Sophie. I miss her.

Am almost used to being in college. Henry is still himself, rude and annoying sometimes.

I sigh as I knock on his door. It took about two minutes to open, revea-ling his blue set of eyes.

“What again!!!?.” He seethe.

“Am here to tidy up your room.” I replied not looking at his eyes.

He opened the door wi-de, I picked up the vacuum cleaner and entered.

He went over his magnificent closet probably selecting an outfit. I took a de-ep breathe for what am about to do.

“Henry….. Can I talk to you?.” I asks with confidence which I have no idea where it c@m£ from.

He turned slowly probably surprised I called him Henry. He c@m£ close to me and folds his hands.

“What does a maid like you have to talk about huh?.” He scorns.

“I know you hate me. Am sorry.”

“Yeah a lot.” He sm-irks. “Now leave. You disgust me.”

“Am sorry if have made your life miserable.” I paused and sigh.

He rolled his eyes. “My mom wants the best for me, her dream is to see me in college and make her proud. She brou-ght me here to work as a maid so we can both raise money for my college fee.” I bit myl-ips as I continued.

“I’ll leave but plea-se know that your parent loves you. They both want the best for you. It will be good if you are a little bit respectful.

I turned to leave but st©pped on my sp©t and faced him. “If I had a father am sure he’ll want the best for me just like your parents. And I’ll cherish and respect him. Why?. Because he is alive not dead.” I said with a small weak smile at the thought of father.

“Good night young master.” I say and left.

As soon as I got out of his room, I breathe out heavily. I hope he’ll reason to what I said to him. Then if he doesn’t, I’d go for plan B.

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