My Colorless Rainbow – Final Episode


Composed and written by Amah

I had a great time with him teaching me how to swim. He laughed at some of my failed practice and I also laugh. We later went in to freshen up and have something to eat.
Dora made another delicious meal that afternoon and I even asked her to teach me and she promised to do that.
The day slowly went and night c@m£. Ohio was free spirited. I stylishly asked him if he has forgiven me.

“Do I have a choice over that? My royal majesty was sorry and I have to forgive her. I must confess that I felt hurt and disappointed by your word and each one was like a stab to my heart. All I wanted was for you to trust me Becca. I cannot hide anything from you. If I have any health challenge, I will definitely opened up to you no matter how ha-rd it may be, even before I propose. i hate secrets and will not want you to suffer or regret because of me. I love you Becca and I try to prove that to you but you keep running ahead and destroying everything I planned. All my beautiful plans for you are memories I want to cherish with you forever, you kept trying to scatter it with your actions and words. That’s not good and I hate to be angry with you. My whole day is ruined whenever I’m angry. But my anger doesn’t last when it comes to you…all I did was to un-derstand your fears and the reason why you did what you did. I also un-derstand why it was difficult for you to trust me. I must say I did not enjoy last night, I did not. I f0rç£d myself throu-ghout the process just for your mind to be at rest and that was not the way I planned our first inti-mate night to be. I was not happy Becca but I am fine now.

I apologized again to him and he said it was alright. We later drove out that evening as he continued teaching me how to drive.
 The following day, I was back to my parent’s house.

Ohio employed another office personal as-sistant, it was a man this time around. Plus his other staffs working in his office who can manage things in his abs£nce as Cherry remained in prison, serving her s£ntence.
Few weeks later, his people were beginning to arrive for the wedding. Teri was around again, even Lili joined as the wedding plan keeps on.
Teri followed me as I went to get my own wedding go-wn and other necessary things. She wanted to buy it from their country and bring back to me but I told her I will rather get it by myself. I wanted to have a fine memory of purchasing my wedding things.

Another week followed and everything was set. The wedding day arrived and I was both exhilarated and petrify. It was the long awaited day which I have looked forward to. I had my girl squad from few distance friends and some of Ohio’s cousins who traveled down.
My family, friends and well-wishers gathered all around. Melinda and Cole, Anita, who was obviously pregnant was around with her husband. Many of my friends like Rina and Ella were also around. I have met Ohio’s parents alre-ady and also Natalie few days ago when they arrived and they were all seated there smiling and encouraging me forward with their beautiful faces while my Dad walked me down the aisle to Ohio who stood with a smile and a look I un-derstand perfectly well.
The man loves me despite my mistakes and all I ever did is to scare him off with my actions. But he was never re-ady to give up on me. He couldn’t wait for me to spend forever with me and this realization alone makes my eyes to be filled up with tears.
I don’t deserve a man like Ohio, he was just too nice and different from the men that have come and gone in my life.
People from different walks of life filled the hall. I blinked back the tears and matched down with my Dad holding my hand. My Dad handed me over to him and returned back to his seat. I stood facing Ohio as we began to exchange our vow.
It got to a point when I thought how undeserving I am with the kind of man God has blessed me with and tears rolled down my face. My chief bride’s maid gently wiped it off so that she won’t spoil my makeup.
After the vow and rings where exchange and he was asked to k!sshis bride which he did, the priest blessed our union.
We danced out to the reception. The hall was big and well decorated, the colour of the day was beautiful all thanks to Teri. The colour was emerald green mixed with gold. It brightens and beautify the whole place.
It still baffles me that all the things happening to me is so real. I was actually married, not just to any kind of man but to man who loves me de-eply and I can trust with my life. A principled man who is not moved by worldly plea-sure. He was principled and ethical.
I danced and also hvgged a lot of friend and well-wishers who c@m£ around. My eyes almost pooped out when I saw a well-dressed lady in a matching green shade which was undeniably beautiful. She was dancing at one corner not too far from where I was with Ohio
The lady obviously wanted me to notice her.
Jojo did not get very close, she laughed out and waved at me and continued to dance. She gr@bb£d a glas-s of drink from a tray, gulped it down before setting the cu-p back to the tray. I watch her as she joined other singles ladies who are gathering up to catch a flower.
And when I threw the bouquet she caught it and was so happy, jumping up and down.
 I never invited her to the wedding, I guess she invited herself. She must have seeing the color of the day and the wedding d@t£ throu-gh one means or another and decided to get her own matching outfit.

Since she was having a good time, I let her enjoy the moment.

While Ohio was talking to some of his friend that traveled down for our wedding, my friends were also coming to congratulate me.

Jojo c@m£.

“Congratulations Becca. You deserve this and you look good in your wedding go-wn…is not even something to argue over. I know you won’t believe me but I’m happy for you. I caught your bouquet which means I’m the next in line. I met this sweet, handsome man when I was invited for a show as a video vixen. He is a h!phop musician and he is very cute. He also promise to get me a new car soon. hurrayyyy!….I’m very happy. The guy said he want a committed relationsh!pand this time around I’m re-ady to finally settle down. Have I told you that you look good in your wedding go-wn and you are glowing too? Take a look at all this fine men all around here, wow. And the color of the day is t©p notch. One of the fine groom’s man I met here asked for my number after I went shooting my sh0t on him. I like him. So is either the musician b©yfri£ndof mine or the handsome man I met here. Whichever I’m re-ady for commitment and the day of my wedding I will also use this same color to decorate my hall. I wil…..opss! Your husband is coming. Congrat once again Becca….

She took off before Ohio would get to me. I smile and shake my head pathetic.
Jojo will never change.

The day went well and we left everyone dancing and having a good time.
Ohio has alre-ady purchased our flight ticket and we had awaiting limo that took us away.
We had a lovely honey moon and I wish it will never end.

Ohio’s people later traveled back to where they c@m£ from.
After a month Ohio took me to visit the country where he grew up and we met a lot of other people who couldn’t make it down during our wedding.

We stayed for two months before returning back to our main base. I look forward to every day with Ohio. He satisfy me all round and I had no fear. We have days we don’t agree over a matter but we move pas-s that as quic-k as possible. Ohio apologies when he is wrong and I do the same. He got me my own car and I told him I don’t nee-d a driver since I can drive myself.

I later discovered out that I was pregnant, and it was the happiest moment of our lives and after few months, our baby girl arrived. I couldn’t hold back my joy. Ohio was like the happiest father alive.
I have a lot of things in sto-re that I’m going to teach my daughter as she grows. I knew what it was like growing up for me but it will be different with my children.
It was after a year of birthing my daughter that we got the news that Melinda has giving birth to her first child which was a baby boy.
I was very happy for my sister and Cole.

Ohio wouldn’t let me be, he always wanted to have me all round the clock, both when I’m in the mood for it and when I’m not.
Is what I signed for, I just have to live with it.
He usually laugh at me whenever I complain, he will remind me of those days I wouldn’t let him rest too. And said I will get used to it.

I drove out one day to a toy shop, to check out toys for my daughter and ran into Jojo. She was heavily pregnant.
She was happy on seeing me and when I asked her who she finally got married to. The h!phop musician or the handsome man from my wedding p@rty. She said it was neither of them. She met another fine man, who she thought was wealthy but it was after she bec@m£ pregnant for him that she found out that he was not rich as he appears to be. He was a single and handsome man who owns a small engineering film. Jojo said the man loves her and she was angry at first and could have left him but she was alre-ady pregnant.
She later did a small court wedding with her man and right now she is happy that she agreed to settle down. Her husband’s engineering firm is turning up fine and he is taking good care of her and also looking forward to when their son will be born.
She has left her old lifestyle and focused on her family.
I was happy for her, i congratulated her and also wish her well before picking what I c@m£ to buy and driving off.

Ohio was taking our little daughter on a swimming lesson when I drove in and join them. He carried her out and c@m£ over to pe-ck my forehead before we all went inside.

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Over here with Ohio, life feels like a fairy-tale even though I know there will be difficult days but I’m confidence that no matter how difficult or how ha-rd life gets, I will scale throu-gh it because my life p@rtner, my husband and the king of my heart is a dream come true for me.

He brings light to my life and makes my rainbow colorful.

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