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My best friend episode 3 & 4

(Have been in love with him 👩 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes☺☺☺
Chapter 3✌✌✌
💭Alexia pov 💭
I kept on starring at the stranger and he did the same
It was a sound from the party that jerked me back to reality and when I realised that he was holding on me way too close,I move away
“Am sorry I bumped into you” I said and wanted to move away but he stepped in my path
I starred at him in surprise,He smiled and gently wiped off a tear from my face
A tear I never realised that have been there
Just then we heard Nick and Mary m0@ning aloud,Just listening to that made me feel sick and it hurt a lot
“Are you crying because of that?” He asked suddenly
“Of course not,Am not” I said and walked off before he could ask me more
I went straight to my room and sat on my bed, I never realised that loving Nick will hurt this much
Seeing him with mary hurts a lot,Seeing him klzzing her and doing all those things with her makes my heart ache
But there is nothing I can do about it,He doesn’t know of the way I feel about him and it would be better if he doesn’t know it, I thought.
The Next day,I woke up feeling sad and not that cheerful, Mom was nowhere to be found,I knew that she would be outside working as usual
This part of the house had been given to mom to use whenever they were having a party which will end late.
And yesterday party had end up late, She would have worked late into the night and now she is up early to work too,I better go and help her,I thought as I stood up and went in search of her
I was p@ssing through the garden,Heading to the main house and memories of what happened last night came back to me
There was Nick having fun with his girlfriend,Just remembering that got me so mad
I turned through a path and there he was standing by some flowers starring at them
He hadn’t seen me yet and I found myself starring at him unwillingly, Even though he had been klzzing a girl yesterday,I still liked the fool,My stupid heart kept on beating fast because he was near
He turned suddenly and I felt angry that he had caught me starring
“Good morning Bestie” He said as he came close to me
I couldn’t smile back at him cause I kept on thinking about last night
“Morning” I said and turned to leave but he stopped me
“Hey! Is that how to greet your best friend,You don’t look happy to see me” He said
“Have got a lot of things to do this morning,So please excuse me” I said and walked off before he could stop me
I got to the kitchen and found my mom washing the dishes
“Good morning mom, Let me do these” I said and began to wash the dishes while she began cooking
“You went to bed early yesterday” She said
“Yes,I was feeling tired, Am sorry I left you on your own” I said
“Its no problem,I didn’t even know that you have gone,It was Nick that asked about you and that was when I realised that you had gone to the room”
“Nick asked of me?”
“Yes,He was quite upset that you left the party without enjoying yourself and you also didn’t tell him anything” She said
“Oh” was the only response I gave mom, My mind kept on wondering when he came to look for me,Was he when he finished having s£× with Mary or before that….
“Mind if I come in” Nick said through the door way
“Not a problem boy,This is your house after all” My mom said and he smiled brightly before walking in
I pretended not to see him and I focused on washing the dishes
“You’ve really grown up a lot, You even look more handsome” My mom said and he smiled and went to hug for it
Ever since we were little,Nick have always been with close my mother than with his own parents,He sees her like a mother he never had and she sees him like a son she never had
“You always find a sweet word to butter me up with” He said and she laughed
Why is he here? This is the only place I can be without seeing him,So why is he here? I thought angrily
“Mind if I joined you?” he said suddenly as he stood beside me
” I can do it on my own,Thank you”I said
“I don’t know why? But have got this feeling that have made my best friend angry” He said
“Then if you got her angry,Find a way to get her to forgive you” My mom said
“I plan to do but I doubt if she will want to do what I want” He said
“And what do you want to do?” My mom asked him
“I plan on taking her out but am sure that she would say no,So please help me beg her” He said to my mom
“Alexia darling, Your best friend wants to take you out,He wants to make it up to you” She said
“There is a lot of work mom,I will stay and help you” I said not bothering to look at him
Unknown to me,My mom was mouthing at him to take me away and he did just that
He picked my hand and drew me outside
“What are you doing?” I said pulling free
“Stealing you away,Your angry with me and I will rather have someone else angry at me than to have you angry with me,So to try to get your forgiveness, I will take you out” He said
“But your a celeb,Wont people recognise you” I said
“Have got the perfect disguise for that,So while I go up to get it,You go and get ready” He said Pushing me towards the path that led to the maid quarters
Having no choice,I went to get ready and I dressed in a baggy trouser and a plain tee shirt,I packed up my hair and without any make up on, I went off to meet him
The first thing I saw was his disapproving face
“You know have noticed that you’ve been wearing this awful clothe all the time” He said
“Its how I dress and if you dont like it,I will go back ” I said
“Oh never mind, Look at the disguise” He said bringing out a gl@ss and a wig
“One for you and one for me” He said wore it for me
“You really look like a clown” He said smiling and at first I was annoyed by his words but I laughed it off by saying he was also looked like a clown
Putting his arm around my shoulder we left the estate
He didn’t want to use his car,So we walked around
Going to a cinema and then the amusement park and then to a restaurant where they serve the best delicacies
I was amazed as to how He could spend money without worrying,After all he was atop singer and they were paying him well
“Its so good not to be recognised” He said as we walked by the streets enjoying our ice cream
“Its all thanks to our disguise” I said
“I know” He said smiling back
We walked past a place where a lot of television was placed and I stopped to listen to what a pres£nter was saying
“Diamond music school is enrolling new kids,So if your interested,You better go and get the form before it finishes” The man said
” I wish I could go to diamond school” I said out thoughts suddenly
“Why do you want to go there?” He said
“Cause just like you I love music and its the best place to learn one but since mom can’t afford it,I better just forget about it,Let’s move on” I said wanting to walk off but he pulled me back
“You really want to go to this school” He asked and I nodded
“Yes I do But since I can’t pay,I better stick to my school” I said smiling at him
I never noticed the serious look he gave me
We were going back home when his phone rang,I managed to see who the caller was
“aren’t you going to pick that?” I asked
“No,She just doesn’t understand that its over between us” He said suddenly and I stared at him
“Are you sure that its over” I asked
“Yes,She is just a darn slut” he said
A slut you enjoyed last night,I thought
“Turns out that she is dating my enemy and also me at the same time” He said
Serves you right? If you had dated me instead,I would have treated you like a god himself.
“So now its over between you two” I asked
“So so over” He said and I felt happy hearing that
Just then a car parked beside us and a man got out of it
“What are you doing here mark?” He asked the stranger
“You had to be at the studio by ten but you never showed up” The man said
“Oh am sorry,I got carried away ,Being around my best friend makes me forget everything” He said
The man stared at me with distaste and I squirmed back
“Your suppose to be working Nick,Not playing around,Now get in,We have a lot to do” He said
“Okay,Sorry Bestie but today will have to end like this but I will make it up to you later” He said
“Okay” I said and with a pat on my shoulder he walked off
“Are you sure she is a girl, She looks like a boy” I heard the mark guy said
“Just shut up mark” He said and while he was seated in the car,He waved me off and I waved back
I stared at myself and smiled “I must really look like a boy after all” I whispered to myself before walking off on my own…….
“Do I really have to go?” I demanded starring at mark and my producer
“Its for the best Nick,We have to do it to get more publicity and you never got to finish right? So it just right for you to go back to school” Lucas my producer said
“But am done with going to school,Can’t you just get another publicity stunt” I asked
“Its the only one we’ve got right now,Nick this is for your good” Mark added
“But I really don’t want to go back to school” I said
“Youve got no choice Nick,You have to go back and it won’t be a bad experience you will enjoy every time you spend there” Lucas added
Feeling manoeuvred,I gave up and sat on the chair
I really don’t want to go to school,Ever since the I kept on getting bullied NY the kids in my other school,I gave up going and now am being forced to return there
“What school will I be going?” I asked
“The diamond” Mark said and I was surprised
The Diamond was the school Alexia mentioned earlier
The school she is dying to go to is the same school am being forced to,I thought as half listened to what they were telling me about the school
“So? Isn’t it a nice school for you ” Lucas finished up
“Yes it is” I said and then an idea popped into my head
“I will only go to diamond school if someone else enrol with me” I said
“Hope its not those dumb blondes you take around” Lucas asked
“No,Not them,I already have someone special in mind and I hope that you would agree to sponsor her through her time there” I said
“If that’s the only way you will go to that school then fine,I will sponsor her” Lucas agreed reluctantly
I smiled thinking about Alexia,At least if she is with me,Life at diamond high won’t be that boring ,I thought.
“My God Nick,What’s with all these secrets” I said as I walked into the garden to meet him
He had called me on the phone and had told me that he had something to tell me and When I asked him what it is, He wouldn’t tell me until I was at the garden with him
“Have a look at this?” He said giving me a form
“What’s this?” I asked
“Its a form for Diamond high up coming students” He said
“Why am I being given one?” I asked
“Its because you my dear,Will be studying there ” He said smiling at me
“But how come?”I asked
” don’t ask how? Just be grab the opportunity “He said
” But how did you manage to do this”I asked
“I just pushed a little button and they decided to give you a scholarship” He said
Feeling so very happy,I jumped into his arms
“Your the best” I said forgetting myself for a while,I began to shatter his face with klzzes
I was about giving his l!ps a klzz when I stopped myself
I quickly pulled out of his arms and stared at the paper
“Thanks Nick” I said giving him a smile
“Its no problem,Just fill the form and when your through bring it back to me in my room “He said
” Your room? You know am never allowed there”I said
“Don’t worry,Mother Dracula is not around, So It will be quite safe,I will be waiting for it” He said and walked off
Hurriedly I went to take a pen and filled the necessary question in the form
Its so good to know that I will be attending the school of my dreams and its all due to this crazy best friend of mine
He might be crazy at times and act like he doesn’t care but he always have someone best interest at Heart,I thought as I filled the form and began to head his room
Well it really seemed like the mother Dracula is not around
Have always thought of his mom as a Dracula myself but hearing him call his mom that made me realise that this fight between them would really go far
I got to the second Floor and I could hear his voice and its all because he is speaking on the phone and the door to his room was opened
“Yes,I know,I will see you ” He said
“Mary is history now,its you I want” on hearing that I stopped
“Sandra have liked you for a very long time now,You should have seen it with the way I kept on starring at you”He said smiling
Apart from just breaking off from Mary,He already had another in line and if I can remember,Sandra came to his party and she was with her boyfriend, A friend to Nick and now Nick wants to have an affair with her,Would he be so heartless as to take his friend girl
” Your on,I will see you at the Hotel tomorrow”He added before ending the call.
Yes he is heartless,He is willing to take his friend girl and not only does it makes me sad, Its also worries me, Nick was never this way,So why is he suddenly like this,I thought as I stood by the door
“My God Alexia!!! What are you doing there” He said as he walked out to stare at me
“I brought the form” I said handing him the form
“You could have done that tomorrow” He said
“I was just so excited to give it to you today, Please submit it for me and tell me what to do next” I said
“The next thing will be to get you a uniform and we will be doing that tomorrow” He said
“Yes! We,I will be accompanying you to buy the uniform” He said
“There is no need to do that,i…….”
“No buts okay,Tomorrow by four we will get you a uniform” He said and reluctantly I nodded
“Thanks Nick” I said
“Don’t thank me yet,You will surely pay me back sometime in the future” He said and before I could stop him,He took my hand in his and klzzed it gently
Having nothing else to say,I quickly walked off
The next day,I woke up feeling excited and a bit sad
Sad because he is out there with a girl called Sandra,Having the fun of their lives and also excited that he will be accompanying me to the mall.
When I told mom about the change of school and of how Nick helped
She took it with calm and also told me to lure him to the kitchen,So she could thank him later on
With that In mind,I went out of the house
We were to meet there, Nick had picked it because it was the best place to get a diamond high uniform
I stood just outside the mall staring at my watch,it was after four already and he had told me that he would be here soon but there was no sign of him
Could he still be with Sandra, I brought out my little phone and dialled his number but no answer
Maybe its the traffic,he will be here soon,I @ssured myself hoping that it was really the traffic that held him back
I waited there until seven and there was no sign of him,When I heard the door of the mall being closed,I began to head home
Just as always Nick has broken my heart, I thought sadly.


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