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My Best Friend episode 1 & 2

(Have been in love with him👩 but he never noticed💔)
Ever fallen for someone who have never noticed you or your love
Ever suffered having to hear him call you My friend when you wish he would call you My love
Ever watched him flock around with a lot of girls in your face
Ever felt so broken all because your love was never returned
Well that’s what happen with Alexia Davies, She is from an average family,plain and kind hearted
Meet Nick Marshall,the son of the a rich minister, He is handsome,Rich and sought after by a lot of girls.
You might probably be wondering how these two meet,Well Alexia mother happen to be working in Nick house as their housekeeper
Alexia always accompanied her mom at each opportunity she gets, She met Nick and ever since then their friendship grew with no strings attached
It wasn’t until till she reached the age of puberty and could understand what love means that she started viewing Nick in another way
He became her fantasy,Her dream man,Her only love but to him she was just a friend
For years she had to watch him flock his girlfriend around and though it hurt,she hid it well
Sometimes she wonder if she should tell him or to live in silence forever
But suddenly his interest in Stella brown her mortal enemy at school made her determined to make him see how much she loves him
Now will she succeed in her plan?
Will the rich, Handsome Nick fall for plain Alexia?
You don’t want to miss Alexia and Nick love story
Chapter 1👆👆👆
💭Alexia POV 💭
“Common let’s hurry,Or we will be late mom” I said as we finished washing the dishes
“And all this is because a special person is coming back right?” My mom said as I untied my apron
“It is mom,So please hurry so we can go with them to the airport to welcome him,I want to see his face,Its been five years since we have last seen or heard from each other” I said
“Well you better go with them,I will stay back to finish the dishes” My mom said
“Are you sure? I would have loved to stay and help but the feeling to see my Best friend again is eating me up” I said
“Don’t worry I will be okay,Just go” She said giving me a smile.
I went off and saw Frank,The chauffeur about to get in
“Mr Frank! Are you going to pick Nick up” I asked
“Yes I am” He said
“Where are his parents,They said they will be coming to welcome him from the airport” I asked
“Yes they did but something came up and they asked me to go and pick him up” He said
I smiled feeling happy that at least Nick disapproving mom wouldn’t be coming with us
She had never approved of our friendship, She had always thought of me as the housekeeper daughter and I will keep on being that no matter how close I am to her son
Well am glad that Nick doesn’t think the same way, Ever since my mom began to work for them,Have been Nick friend,His best friend he always said,He was always locked up in the big mansion and he h@rdly had anyone to play with well except for me.
He had only been five and I four when we began walking around together, our friendship grew and before we knew it we became teenagers who still treasured each other friendship
Maybe that was what Nick mother saw and to keep us apart she decided to s£nd him to the States to finish his schooling there
Then he was fourteen while I was just about to clock thirteen
He had no option than to leave back then and though I felt sad about it,I still tried to write to him but he never returned my letter
Then about three years ago, He left school and debuted his first song,I wasn’t surprised cause I knew that he loved music and I knew that he would certainly make it
And he did,Now he is known world wide and he is just nineteen, A young star I thought as the car stopped right in front of the airport
I wondered if he would still remember me,After all he is now a famous singer and he might have forgotten his Best friend
“Let’s wait here for him,He said he would be out soon” Frank said and I stood beside him feeling agitated
Well for the past two years have been following everything he did
Though he didn’t reply any of my letter,I began to follow him on IG,Facebook and any social media account ,I will even go out to get Newspapers just to follow up on his life.
I knew how he looked like now,Thanks to the media who kept on talking about him,I wonder if he will recognise me
If he would see that I was no longer that thirteen year old best friend he left behind.
The doors slid open and there he was walking towards us ,He looked more handsome than I expected.
I touched my beating heart and felt it beating the same way,The way it always did around him
I haven’t really said it right? Well am in love,Always have been In love with my best friend
It all began when I knew the meaning of love and I fell for My best friend,Maybe because he had been the only boy around me,I fell for him but I kept it a secret and it will keep on being a secret
I thought as I watched him move to us,He had his gl@sses on So no one will recognize him
But if no one recognized him,I did,He is the most handsome guy ever
He has grown up to be the perfect guy,Every girl wished to be with him and I wouldn’t deny that I also find him more attractive than before
“Mr frank” He said and gave the man a hug
His parents had never been close with any of their workers but Nick had been
He had been close to every one of us and we all love him just for that alone.
He turned towards me and for a moment I thought he was going to walk to me and carried me while hugging me tight
He did that in the past and I certainly missed it
But it never happened because he stared at me and looked away
“A new worker right? You shouldn’t have brought her,I would have handle it well with just you around” He said to Frank
Frank stared at me and tried to speak but he cut him off by asking something else
I felt like crawling up and to hide somewhere
He hadn’t remember me,He had called me a new worker,His best friend has Just been a new worker,I thought as took the case he had been holding stretched to me
I took it and put it behind the boot and while he got in the front seat,I got in the back
While he filled Frank in about the things he did in the past,I stayed silent fighting the urge to yell at him that am Alexia,His best friend.
But common s£nse told me to shut up ,if I had been important to him,He would have remember me,It just proves that Nick never valued our friendship.
When the car finally drove into the estate,The other guards came to take his bags and I went back to the kitchen looking so very sad
“What happened? Didn’t you see Nick?” My mother asked
“I did see him but he never recognised me mom,My best friend called me a new worker” I said sadly and she pulled Me to her
“He might have been so busy,Maybe it sl!pped his mind,Don’t worry he will surely remember you” My mom said
“Stop trying to sweet talk me mom,there is no justification for what he did,He forgot me easily and that is that” I said
“My dear” mom said wanting to touch me but I moved away
“Don’t feel pity for me,Its the last thing I want right now,If he can certainly forget I was his friend, I also can,I will take a walk and then do the shopping” I said and quickly left the mansion
I walked around for a while and then went to get groceries, It was getting quite dark when I let myself into the mansion using the workers quarters.
I was p@ssing through the garden when suddenly the light that had been put off suddenly turned on
I stood for a while,wondering who could have turn on the lights
Just when I was about to leave,I saw him standing by the end of the garden starring at me
“Hello” He said starring at me and still feeling angry about how he could forget me
I answered ” Am with the groceries sir and the sooner it gets to the kitchen,the better “I said and turned to walk the other way when he called my name
” Alex,really is this a way to treat your best friend, A friend you’ve seen almost Five years ago”He said
So he now remembered,I thought as I turned to stare at him
He alone calls me Alex and I found that I only like it when he calls me that.
“Oh really? I thought I am just a new work……………..” I couldn’t complete my s£ntence because he came towards me and pulled me in to a fierce hug
“How could I have thought of you as a worker,You believed my lies and am sorry,All I can say right now,Is that for five years have missed my Best friend” he said and drew me closer
I smiled and held him back as tight I could
“I missed you too Nick” I whispered back
As soon as he let go of me,I punched him on the chest
“Ooouch!!! What was that for” he said
“For hurting me a while ago” I said
“How did I do that?”
“You pretended not to remember me,Do you know how that hurts” I said
“Am sorry but you started all this” He replied
“How did I start that” I asked
“You claim you were my friend but you never wrote or tried to call me,I thought you’ve forgotten me ” He said
“But I did wrote to you, You never replied” I said
“I never got any letter” He said
“I really did write to you,You live at st James street in the states right, your mother told me that you live there and ever since have been writing to you there” I said
“Mom told you I lived in st James street? ” he questioned
“Of course” I said
“Now I know where this issue is coming from” He said as he put his arm around my shoulder and made me seat on the chair
“What is it?” I asked
“My mother lied to you,I never lived in St James street” He said
“That was why you never returned my letter” I said
“Yup,As soon as I go in,I will sort it out with her, Now my dearest Alex tell me what you’ve been doing since I left” he said and I felt shy a bit
He had called me his dearest Alex, Not that this is the first time he calls me that,It just feels different now,Now that am In love with him
“Well its not that interesting” I said and when I saw the look on his face,I began to tell him everything
“So my dearest Alex have been having fun without her bestie” He said cheekily and I laughed
“Bestie doesn’t suit you a bit and youve also been having fun without me” I said
“Your singing career is now world wide,I can’t believe I have superstar as my bestie” I added laughing and he also did
“So no boyfriend yet,I thought they would be flocking around you by now” He said
Your the one I want to flock around me,I thought
“Well no,I don’t have time for that and have you really looked at me,I look horrid,Who will want to have me as a girlfriend” I said
“Your beautiful Alex, This five years have changed you a lot, Don’t think your not good enough to attract anyone” He said
“Okay,So now tell me,What about you”
“Have been with a lot of them,,the ugly ones,The busty one,The s£×y ones and the crazy ones” He said laughing
I could only smile at him,A smile I knew that it never reached my heart
Just hearing him say that he have been with a lot of girls broke my heart
“You name them and I will tell you that have been with all of them” He said and just then his phone rang cutting me giving him a reply
“hello Sasha” he said into the phone
Another one of them,I thought sadly
As soon as he end the call,He picked up my hand and I starred at him
“Its so good to be back, here with you and everyone,I missed you most especially” He said making my heart move
“And I missed you too” I said
“Alright now,Enough with the s£ntiment, Have got to see someone,I will be back soon” He said and before I could stop him,He klzzed my hand
“Our deal klzz” He said and smiled
“That has been five years ago” I said snatching my hand from him
“But we can resurrect it” He said
“Your girlfriend wouldn’t like it if I klzzed your hand in front of her” I said
“Don’t worry I will handle my girlfriend, so our deal klzz still continues” He said and before I could say a thing, He left.
I touched the back of my hand and smiled,That was the closest klzz have ever gotten from Nick
The deal klzz is a kind of deal stuff we created in the past and I thought that he would have forgotten about it but he never did
At least my best friend still remember me and am happy with that,At least for now,I just hope that someday he see how I feel about him……….
Its been a week since Nick arrival and the house that have been dull for years now is now active and full of life
And its all because of Nick, Nick and his sweet ways.
For a week he has been throwing parties,Inviting his friends from abroad and also inviting his colleague at the studio
His parents never refused but instead they let him do what he want,After all he is their only child.
He had discussed the issue about the letter and she had denied
I knew she would deny it,She have never liked me around her son and so she will do everything possible to make me stay away
Another party is also being thrown today
He had invited me but I had refused using the excuse of serving his guest.
And today I carried the tray which had a lot of drink in it and went shared amongst his giest
He was seated in one of the loungers and he had his girlfriend by his side
Mary Edward, daughter of the Edward empire
I felt so sad seeing him with her,I realised that Nick now mingle with the rich
He h@rdly had time for me like before
When I got the chance, I left the party and went downstairs.
The garden felt so peaceful and quiet here and it was all I needed
I sat on the bench and touched my hand,I can still feel his klzz on my hand, I smiled as I remembered all the attention he always give me in the past
Its now different and I won’t deny,I feel hurt
“Common Nick,Let’s just do it here” on hearing Nick name,I stood up and trace the voice
I saw Him and Mary getting hot with each other
They were klzzing furiously and she was shedding off his clothes.
Were they really going to have s£× here? I thought as I stared at them
Nick gr0@ned loudly and carried mary on his arms pushing her to the wall,klzzing her fiercely
I felt so hot watching them,I turned quickly and left the scene
I was heading back to the party when I bumped into someone
If he hadn’t hold my waist,I would have fallen
I stared up at the stranger and found a very handsome guy starring back at me………


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