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My best friend episode 28 & 29

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 28✌️✌️
Still in the arms of the stranger, I kept on starring at him
By now other students were already starring at us.
Gently he let go of me,Not completely though,He still had his arm around my waist
“Are you okay?”He asked and i nodded
“Seems like you were running from some thing,it’s a good thing that I caught you”He said
“Yes,Thank you”I said and just then Nick walked past us and I sighed.
He was the reason why I almost fell.
“Alexia,Cl@ss is about to start,Let’s go in” Dave said starring at The hand some stranger and before I could say a thing,He took my hand and walked off with me.
We were about to get to cl@ss when he stopped
“How could you have fallen into the arms of a total stranger,Don’t you know that it is dangerous?”He asked
“I didn’t do it intentionally”I replied
“Yes,you didn’t”He said
“Why are you even angry! You have nothing to be angry about”
“After what I told you last night right? I do have a reason to be angry Alexia”He said and went into the cl@ss.
I took a while before going into cl@ss and as soon as i walked in,Jennifer came to me
“Is it true? Did you really fall into James sky arms”She asked
“What are you talking about?”
“Stop being unfair to me and just tell me what happened out side,Every one is talking about it” Jennifer said following me to my seat.
Nick was aboutseated there but he didn’t even raise his head when I sat down beside him.
I will have to look for another seat,Just sitting close to him makes my heart flutter and I want that to stop,I thought
“Oh just tell me please!”Jennifer kept on begging,I was about to answer when Nick spoke
” Nothing happened between Alexia and James,So stop being a busy body and go to your seat”He said
“What? Me ! A busy body?”she asked looking annoyed
Knowing that a problem might arise,I quickly apologised and begged her to go to her seat
“Did you really have to talk to her like that?”I said
“She was making noise and as you can see,I was reading”
“But you should have spoke to her nicely”I said
“Why should I? My main point here is that I hate noise whenever am reading”He said looking angry
“Okay,I was just asking you to be more polite,There is no need to get angry”I said
“Do I look angry to you”he asked and I starred at him.
His face always turn red whenever he is angry and he always look handsome each time he was angry.
Not bothering to answer him,I looked away.
“You can’t even answer”He said turning back to his book
I can’t answer because I can’t think straight each time you look this handsome,I thought
Just then the teacher walked in along with the stranger who had caught me earlier
“Okay cl@ss, this is James sky,He will be studying with you guys starting from today,James introduce your self”the teacher said
“Hello every one……”he couldn’t get to complete his s£ntence because all the students began to shout out his name.
“We know who you are”
“Its so good to have another celebrity in our cl@ss”
“He is so hand some”
“I want to be your friend please make me your friend”
“I love you James sky”
They all said praising him, I never knew that he was a celebrity,I thought starring at him and at that same moment,He stared at me
“Its you!”he said giving me a smile, I returned the smile,to be polite.
“Okay then James,Take a seat behind Dave”The teacher said and he did and a while later,Cl@ss began.
The bell rung for the lunch break and the last teacher left the cl@ss.
I sighed as I packed up my book, for the past six hours,We have been busy with cl@ss and I felt so tired.
Just then Mary and Jennifer came to meet me
“Are you going to the cafeteria?”Mary asked
“Am not that hungry and besides,I need to talk to our music teacher,You guys should just go”I said
“Okay then but we will bring some thing back for you”Jennifer said as they walked off.
I was still packing up my books when Stella walked over to our seat.
“Let’s go for lunch,Am hungry”she said today Nick
“Am not that hungry,I will p@ss”He said
“Really? Are you sure?”She asked eyeing me
“Am sure,I have to finish reading this book”he replied
“Fine then”Stella said and bent down to klzz his l!ps and he didn’t even resist
I pretended not to see them, He had said he loved me last night and now he is klzzing Stella,What a jerk,I thought sadly.
As soon as Stella went off,James came to our seat
“We never got to be introduced earlier,You know my name already what’s yours?”He asked looking so cute
“Am Alexia”I said “And thanks for earlier”
“You keep on thanking me for what happened earlier,Why don’t you just have lunch with me instead”He said
“Lunch?”I asked starring at him
By now the other students were already starring at us
“You don’t want to?”he asked
“No….it’s just that I ……”
“Alexia is busy”Nick said behind me
“Busy?”James asked starring at him
“The both of us already have some thing to do,So if you will excuse us”Nick said taking my hand and pulling me out of the cl@ss.
“Nick,It’s okay,We can stop here,Nick!”I kept on calling but he wouldn’t listen
He drew me until we got to the second floor.
Angrily I pulled off my hand and that stopped him
“What’s wrong with you”I asked starring at him
“You dare to ask what’s wrong? Can’t you see that he is hitting on you! Don’t you know that he is a womaniser”He said angrily
“If you are talking about James, He was not hitting on me and I know how to protect myself,So there is no need for you to meddle”I said and angrily he pulled me by my arm and pushed me to the wall, towering over me
“There is a need for me to meddle,Because I can’t stand it! I can’t stand seeing you with other guys”He said
I looked around and saw that there were other students around but they weren’t starring at us
“Nick please stop it,just let me…….”I stopped when suddenly he pulled me into his arms
“Nick what are you doing?”
“Showing every one that you belong to me”He said and angrily I pushed him away
“Just stop it okay,Remember you have a girlfriend,Stop trying to mess with my head”I said
“And who told you that am doing that!”
“Your attitude does,Stop saying you like me when you have a girlfriend waiting for you around the corner, I myself wont like it if I was your girlfriend”I said
“No stop it Nick! You have a girlfriend who adores you,So please just stay away from me and each time that you want to forget that you have one,Just remember this”I said touching the necklace Stella gave to him and then I walked off.
* * *
“You want to do what?”the teacher asked
“I said can I change partners for the group work you gave me?”
“If I can remember,You missed school when the group was being made and yet you are still lucky to have two hand some partners but you still want to change group?” The music teacher asked
“I just don’t think I can cope with the two of them,I mean they are both famous singers and am just nothing,I feel that I will ruin the group for them,So please teacher, Please,Put me in another group”I said begging
“Sorry Miss,I cant do that,You only have three days left for the project and yet you want to change group? That won’t be happening” he said
“But sir…….”
“Hello sir”a familiar voice said beside me,I turned to see James.
“I was told to come see you for the group project”He said
“Yes James,Did they tell you what the project entail?” The teacher asked
“Yes,They did,I just have to find to a group”He said
“Good then,You can join Alexia group”The teacher said and he starred at me
“Really?”He asked starring at the teacher
“Of course, her group only consist of three,You joining will make it four”he said
“Okay sir”James said and then he starred at me again
We both walked out of the staff room, My mind was preoccupied about having to do a project with three guys, I Didn’t notice that James was talking to me
“Do you not want me to be in your group?”he asked suddenly and I stared at him
“What? Its not that,I do want you in the group”
“Then why are you looking sad?”He asked
“Am just thinking about something”I said
“Since you are fine about me being in your group,Why don’t we all get together so we can get to know each other”He said
“But I……” I stopped when he took my phone
“What are you doing?”
“That’s my number,Save it and text me where you want us to meet for the introduction,I will be waiting” he said and turned to leave but he stopped and stare at me
“And by the way Alexia,You are very beautiful,See you later”He said and walked off.
As if two guys driving me mad isn’t enough,Would it be three guys now
CHAPTER 29✌️✌️✌️
I got to the familiar restaurant where Alexia worked
She had texted me a while ago to meet her there.
Though I didn’t know why,Could it be that she is ready to confess her feelings for me
Is she going to tell me that she will be accepting my love for her.
I didn’t think that she would accept so quickly,I thought I was still going to woo her a bit but it turns out that I don’t have to do that anymore
Feeling very excited,I sat on one of the empty seats and soon as waitress came to accept my order, I starred around and saw that I was the centre of attraction, after all am a singer and a very popular one at that.
I was sipping my fruit juice when I saw Dave coming in also
As soon as he saw me,He gave me an angry glare which I returned.
I thought he was going to ignore me but he came to seat beside me
“There are plenty of seats,Why must you choose here”I asked
“To save face,can’t you see that we are the centre of attraction,if we were to seat apart they will think it odd after all we are both singers” He said
“Tell me why are you here?”
“Will you tell me why you are here”He asked and I didn’t bother to answer him.
Just then James walked in and as soon as he saw us,He came to our table
“Did we ask you seat here?” Dave and I both asked him
“But I thought we were here for the group session,We will surely seat together”He said
“What group session?” Dave asked
“I was put in your group for the music project and I told Alexia to let’s gather and that she should text me where we should meet for our first group session and she texted me to come here”James said and i starred at him.
Bringing out my phone I starred at the text and Dave did too.
Seems like I was wrong about her wanting to confess her feelings,She had texted me for the group session
“Hello guys!”on hearing her voice behind me,I stared at her.
She starred at me and quickly avert her eyes,Apart from rejecting me,She doesn’t want to look at me.
She took a seat in between James and Dave
“Sorry I texted you and didn’t call but our group project has to start and we haven’t plan any thing yet” She said
“What do you have in mind ?”Dave asked her
“Me? I don’t know,You guys are the expert,Just pick some thing and I will go with it” she said
“What about we chose a love song”James said
“Love! I don’t think love will be good,Why don’t we just try some thing else”She said
“Why not love?”I asked and she starred at me
“The other students will also be singing the same thing,let’s look for something else” She said
“You just don’t want to do l it because you are scared of love right?”I asked
“Am not scared of love,I just don’t want us to do the same thing with the other kids”I replied
“So now we must pick a different theme song?”Dave said cutting me from asking further questions.
“Yes,Let’s all think about something and then tomorrow we will pick a place after school and start rehearsing I need to get to work,See you guys tomorrow” She said getting up.
I stood up too and walked towards her,Not caring if the others were watching
“Alexia we have to tal…….”
“We have nothing to talk about Nick, Have said every thing I have to say this after noon”She said and walked off.
I sighed as I watched her walk off,Why does she keep s£nding me away”I muttered to myself
as soon as Dave left the shop,I realeased a long sigh
He was the last of the three to leave the shop.
After I had left the table and began to work,I was watched by the three of them
Every thing I did was being watched by them and I felt so nervous
The female customers kept starring at me with anger and jealousy
When Nick stood up first to leave,I felt relieved,Out of the three he was the one who made me feel more nervous and it because of the way I feel about him,if only I can just make this stupid heart of mine stop.
Then James left after listening to some music and then Dave left.
I felt that I could breathe properly after seeing the three of them gone.
Today is over,It will take me hours before our meeting tomorrow.
I can certainly rest with out seeing any of their faces,I still have more time,I thought happily.
“Time is not on my side at all”I muttered as I stood in front of Dave Studio the next day.
The hours had gone fast and before I knew it,It was time to meet them for our rehearsal
I had thought that I would have more time before seeing them but time is not on my side at all
“Just focus on the music,That is why you are here,Focus on what you are here for and time will fly fast”I muttered and bracing myself
I walked into the studio only not to see any one there.
Strange,Dave had texted us to come here,He should have been the first one here,I thought as I walked further into the studio.
It was then that I noticed Nick,He had his head on the table,Was he sleeping? I thought as I went to him.
Judging by the way he look,He was sleeping,I thought as I sat down beside him.
I placed my head on the table and starred at his sleeping face.
He look more handsome if he was asleep,I thought as I stared at him
I had avoided him at school today,Each time he tried to talk to me,I will walk off,If he called me I would pretend not to hear him,
I knew that every thing I did pissed him off but I had no choice,I had to avoid him, If by avoiding him I can forget him then yes I would do it.
I found my self wanting to touch him,if he is asleep he wouldn’t notice right? I thought as I moved my hand towards his face
And suddenly he opened his eyes,I took back my hand and raised my head from the table
“Alexia!”He said as he raised his head too
“Where are the others?” He asked
“They aren’t here yet”I said not looking at him
“That’s odd,Dave had asked us to meet him here and why is he not here yet”He asked and I Shaked my head
My heart was beating very fast and I didn’t trust myself to speak
“You! What were you about to do right now”He asked suddenly and i stared at him and tried to stand up but he pulled me back.
I lost my balance and fell right into his arms
I stared up at him and found him starring at me
Before I could stop him,He klzzed me,I tried to stay p@ssive In his arms but I found myself. Melting to his klzzes and I klzzed him back.
He stopped and stared down at me “You still love me right?”He asked and I kept on starring at him
“Am right,Your heart still beats for me”He said and immediately I stood up wanting to leave the room.
But as soon as I got to the door Dave walked in starring at me
“What’s wrong Alexia”He asked and when Nick walked out he stared at Nick too
“What have you two been doing?”He asked starring at the both of us………


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