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My best friend episode 30 & 31

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 30✌️✌️✌️
We both stood starring at Dave who was waiting for a response.
Why did he have to show up now, Not when I had the chance to make Alexia see how much I love her
Alexia ran off and I wanted to follow but Dave pulled me back
“You aren’t leaving until you tell me what was going on between you two”He said
“What exactly do you want to know? That Alexia and I klzzed”I said getting angry my self
In retaliation Dave punched my face “how dare you confuse her more,You already have a girl friend when would you stop making her feel that you love her “He yelled angrily
I cleaned my bloody and stared at him “I love her Dave and we both know that she loves me,So you better stop because she will end up choosing me”I said and he held my shirt
“You bastard,You really don’t know how to stop,I won’t warn you again,Leave Alexia Alone”
“You are in no position to tell me that,I love her and I will fight for her”
“You bast……”
“Stop swearing at me and also buckle up,If you love her that much then try to fight for her,Let’s see who the victor will be between the two of us”I said and he realeased my shirt
“Fine,Let’s fight for her love and who ever wins will surely back off”Dave said and I nodded
At that precise moment James walked in “What are you two doing here? Why are you not inside?”He asked
” we were just about to”Dave replied
“Let’s go in then!”James said and we all walked In
I wondered how Alexia is,She will surely be fine right.
I stood in the ladies waiting for Jennifer and Mary to arrive
I just can’t go back in,I don’t want to see Nick yet and I certainly don’t want to be the only girl amongst Those three
So I had called up Mary and Jennifer, With them there I won’t be the only female there.
Why did I have to let Nick klzz me,I keep on giving him the stay away signal yet each time he klzzes me,I fall straight into his arms
Just then I received a text from Jennifer telling me they were out side
Quickly I went out of the ladies and went to meet them out side
“What’s wrong? Why did you ask us to come”Mary asked
“Well am having a practice with Nick,Dave and James,And I don’t want to be the only amongst them”I said and Jennifer laughed
“You should always call me for this kind of thing”Jennifer said hugging me
“Where are all those hunks?”She asked and I laughed
“They are all in”I said and together we all walked In
“You guys don’t mind if Jennifer and Mary join us right?”I asked starring at the three of them
“Of course we don’t?The more the merrier”James said and immediately we began the practice
James was telling me about me a music he chose and Nick came to stand beside us
“Urrrgh why don’t you continue picking it,I will just go and check on the girls”I said and quickly left them starring at me
The only way to distance myself is by avoiding him,Have used that tactic before and am sure that it would work this time.
I stood on the chair watching Alexia and Dave who stood together starring at a music note.
Ever since the klzz,She has been avoiding,once again. She is using this avoiding tactic and it’s getting on my nerves,I thought as I kept on starring at them
She laughed at some thing Dave said and then she stared at me,When she saw that I was starring at her, She looked away.
“Is she some sort of portrait?”Mary asked beside me suddenly
“You have been starring at Alexia! Stop it you might get her scared”She said
“I can’t stop starring at her”i said looking at her again
Mary stood in front of me obstructing my path “then you will have to stop starring,You arent going to get her by being this way”Mary said
“I know but and I think have done some thing stupid”
“Stupid? Like what?” Mary asked
“I made a deal with Dave,The first person who wins her heart get her and the loser let her go”
“My God,Why did you do that?”Mary asked
“I just got carried away by the moment,I was so sure that she loves me but seeing her like this makes me think other wise”
“You have really out done it now” Mary said
“What if she picks Dave”She whispered at me
“I just hope not”I said starring at her again
“Okay every one let’s all seat,Alexia will sing the song we have chos£n”Dave said and every one picked their seat.
Alexia took the mic and stared at us all,Feeling a bit shy.
She stared at Dave and I saw him mouthing Some thing at her
She always does that with me seems like am not that important again.
She began to sing and I stared at her,Not only did she have a lovely voice,She also looked beautiful when singing
I kept starring at her and suddenly she starred at me and this time she starred at me for a long time before looking some where else.
Mary gently nudge me, Smiling at me “You still got a chance with her,She still looks at you with love in her eyes”Mary said and I smiled in return .
If Mary could see the love in her eyes then I should be glad,I still have a chance,A chance to show her that I love her.
We reharsed for the rest of the day and when we finished,We ordered for pizza
The six of us sat eating and drinking, Alexia sat beside Dave and Jenifer talking to them alone
While Mary and I chatted and just then our phone beeped with message.
We all checked it and stared at each other “is this for real?”Jennifer asked
“A school trip,Not again”Dave muttered
“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s free and besides our project would be carried out there”Mary said
“Must it really be a school trip”I asked
“Well I really want to go”James said
“Do we have a choice,it’s a must for every body” Mary added
“Am sorry guys but I won’t be able to make it tomorrow”Alexia said surprising us all.
Me most especially,Why is she refusing to go? I thought
CHAPTER 31✌️✌️✌️
“But why can’t you go?”Jennifer asked me
“I have things to do on that day”I replied
“But you are our vocalist and our project will be done there”James said
“We could ask the teacher to let us perform when you guys come back from the trip or better yet,You can get some one else”I replied
“What do you mean by getting some one else,we have practiced with you and to change now will certainly cause a set back for us”Dave said
“I know but am sorry,I can’t go”I said as I carried my bag and left the studio.
I stood outside starring at the message again
The trip destination would be at the Madison villa
A place I had vowed never to step foot in again,I thought as I began to walk off again
Remembering the cruel way my mother had been s£nt out of the house made me want to cry.
Hugo Madison,My father the one whom had s£nt my mother away just to take in his mistress.
Back then he didn’t even consider that we had no where to go,If mom hadn’t met Brian parents we would have suffered back then.
But am lucky,Am lucky that my mom met a better man and married him,Though he was not my biological father,I considered him to be my father,The only one I will ever love and to be going on a school trip to the house of the man who was my real father is like tainting his memory and am sure that mom would be upset and so it’s better that I don’t go
I had got so lost with thinking that I didn’t notice that I was walking beside the street,A blaring car brought me back to my s£nses and before I could move some one had moved me out of the way.
All I saw was that the two of us had fallen on the floor,The car kept driving off .
I turned to see Nick beside me on the floor,he was clutching his elbow and when I saw that there was a lot of blood oozing from it,I g@sped in shock
“You are injured Nick”I said
“Are you okay!”He asked touching my face
“I am but you are not,oh my God this is my fault,We need to get you to a hospital”I said
“No, You know how much I hate hospitals,Just take me back home”He said
“But Nick!”
“There is a first aid box at home and besides your mom will be there and you too,so just take me home”He said and I helped him up
His chauffeur drove to us and I helped him into the car.
We got to the mansion and after my mother fussed over his injury and helped him bandaged it, he was taken to his room.
While he rest up in his room, My mother questioned me about how he got injured and I explained leaving the part about the my real father.
“So you practically caused his injury,Take this to him and make sure he eats it” she said pushing a tray filled of food in my hand.
Sighing gently I took the food to his room,only to find him trying to wear a shirt.
“Thank God you are here! Can you help me”He asked
Gently I walked up to him and helped him pull the shirt over his n@k£d body.
This is not the first time I would seeing Nick this way,have seen him countless of time I. His swimming attire,So why am I suddenly feeling this way,I thought as I focused on buttoning his shirt for him
“You look so cute”He said and i stared up at him
I wanted to smile up at him but I stopped myself
Have promised myself to stay away from him and if it wasn’t for this accident, I wouldn’t be here.
I thought as I did the last button and move away from him
“Mom asked me to give you this food,She said you need to finish it and I will have to make sure you do,After all I caused that accident on you”I said as I placed the tray on his lap.
I took a chair and sat down on it starring at him
“What’s wrong Alexia?”He asked
“Why did you refuse to go to the trip,It’s free and you can take a day off from your part time job,She will certainly understand if you talk to her” He said
“I know but that’s not the reason why am not going”She said
“Then why?”he asked setting his food aside
“Talk to me Alexia,We have always been friends and we never keep things from. Each other”He said
“That was before but I doubt that now”I replied
“That changed when we found out that we both like each other”He said and I stared at him
“I don’t want to talk about us Nick”I said standing up
“Then talk to me about why you refuse to go”He said
Knowing I can’t bottle it up any more,I told him every thing
“So your real father is that Hugo Madison. And you don’t want to go because of him “He asked
“Yes”I replied
“Why not just go”He said
“Instead of hiding,Go and make him regret ever s£nding you and your mother packing”He said
“But I don’t want to see him”
“The only way to make some one regret some thing is by showing them that you made it with out them,That’s what you will be doing if you go and if you are scared to hurt your mother feeling,Just tell her about it, Am sure that she won’t tell you not to go” He said
And I thought about it for a while,If I go I will certainly be making it known to that man that we lived well with out him,Have always wanted to see his face again, to make him know that we lived well and to tell him what I think of him,I think now is the chance.
Smiling gently I nodded “You are right! Its better I go”I said
“Its best that I go and talk to mom about it”I said moving towards him to collect his tray.
I mistakenly hit the gl@ss that had water in it and it poured on the bed
“Oh no!”I exclaimed as I quickly picked up a clothe and began to soak the water out
“You don’t have to do it,We will get the maid to that”
“And double their work,of course not”I said as I continued to wipe off the water
“Just let it be Alexia”Nick said looking some how different
“No Nick,One thing my mom taught me is to clean the mess I make”I said and just then he pulled me and I fell right into his arms on the bed
“I told you to leave it,Do you know what you do to me,How I get when you are close to me”He said starring down at me
I tried to get up but Nick pulled me to him, getting us more close
“Nick!”I called gently only for him to klzz me ,At first i tried to stop him but after he deepened the klzz I stopped,I was lost in his klzzes and I was certainly lost in him.
He realeased me and stared at me “why won’t you just give me a chance,Each time I get close to you,You push me away and that drives me crazy” he said with p@ssion
“Never again, You must never ignore me okay,I hate that and I hate it when you get close to Dave or any one else,You are mine and mine alone”Nick said as he turned me over on the bed with him on top of me
I was so lost,I didn’t know how to stop him or what to do to stop him
All I know is that I wanted him to keep on touching me
He klzzed my throat gently and bit me there softly
“That will make every one know that you are mine”He said as he klzzed my l!ps again.
It would have gone far if his phone hadn’t ring
The constant ring brought me back to my s£nses and I pushed him away
“Your phone”I said
“Can go to hell”He said but I pushed him away and picked his phone only to see that it was Stella
Throwing his phone on the bed,I stood up “this is why I ignore you, Stop messing with my head when you still want her”I said and walked out of the room.


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