My baby father Episode 7 & 8

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨amber pov💨
“is everything re-ady” I said asking my colleagues that followed me for the pres£ntation.
“yes,its all re-ady” they said
“we only have to wait for the mysterious boss to arrive” rose said beside me and we all laughed
“there are c@m£ras around, let’s be serious” I said to them.
“everyone plea-se take your seats,he will be here soon” the Secretary walked in to tell us.
the other three along with rose sat while I stood,I was cross checking the papers when he walked in
“good morning everyone” immediately he greeted I recognise that voice, that voice was a voice that I could never forget, I looked up and saw him starring at me,Chris!!!Chris van, right here in front of me, someone I pray and hope that I never meet again,he turned out to be the boss of this company, why is life so cruel,I thought silently.
he gave me one of those smiles he had always given in the past but that was the past,this time she is more matured and wiser,she wouldn’t let him fool her,if he could act like a professional then i i could too.
giving him everyone a smile,I began the pres£ntation, showing him how we will help to advertise and market his products.
it took about thirty minutes for the pres£ntation to end and as soon as it ended everyone cl@pped,I looked at him and saw him watching me in a strange way.
while he was talking to his secretary,I began to pack my things
“have got to go rose,plea-se take over” I said
“but you are the one that is supposed to do it” rose said
“but you can do it have got to go” I said and was walking off he suddenly called my name
“amber, are you leaving”
“have got other things to attend to,if you have anything to talk about,you can talk about it with miss rose there,goodbye sir” I said walking out of the office.
💨chris pov💨
while miss rose kept on talking,I kept on thinking about amber, I won’t deny that she looks more beautiful now,she had looked like some sort of nerd back then but now she looks more beautiful,I wonder what she has been doing for the past four years,what had happened to her,I found myself thinking
“so sir what have you decide on” she said
“tell me how long have you known miss amber” I find myself asking
“for a while now”
“have you known her four years back”
“no sir,I just knew her when she moved here”
“and when she moved here,hoe was she” i said
“she was doing good and well” she said starring at Me weirdly
“do you know if she has children or a child or something” I said
“urrrrgh sir,I don’t feel comfortable talking about miss amber with you,can we just talk about the pres£ntation” she said
“fine, the pres£ntation was great,I loved it,it’s been the best from most of the pres£ntation shown to me” I said
“so yes,I want your agency to do the advertising for me but it’s un-der one condition” I said
“what condition?”
“every future dealings that we will have will be between me and miss amber only” I said
“okay sir,I will tell her” she said walking off happily.
I don’t know why but I find myself being interested in amber,I wanted to know what she has become and by working close with her,I will know more.I thought
amber pov
“cheerrs” we all toated feeling so happy with the way the contract went,well except for me,if it were up to me, I would have cancelled the whole thing but its not in my power and I can’t do a thing about it.
we’ve been working so much to achieve this and now that we finally have it am not feeling good about it.
“hey what’s with the face, we are all so excited and you look like someone who just visited the dead” rose said
“I am happy” I lied
“oh no in all of the excitement I forgot to tell you guys a condition he had set out” she said
“condition?what condition” she said
“its that he only wants to deal with you,all the transactions and other things will done with you” she said smiling
why the hell did he set that kind of condition, what does he want, she thought.
“you know throu-gh the whole thing, he kept asking about you” she said
“me,what about?”
“like when you c@m£ and what you did then and also somethings but I didn’t really give him the right answers”
“did you tell him that I have a child” she said
“no I didn’t,I didn’t let it get that far but I thinks he likes you” she said smiling
if only she knew that Chris could never like anyone,he is just a selfish bastard who just thinks only of himself.
they got back home feeling exhausted and drained,her son was alre-ady asleep,while rose made the food,she went for her night run.
she kept on wondering why Chris would want to deal with her,she didn’t want to have anything to do with him,she didn’t want him meeting his son, she didn’t want him getting back into their lives,so the best thing for her is to quit.
she was still running and thinking when a car horn brou-ght her back to reality
she st©pped shocked and frightened,it had almost hit her.
“are you okay miss” she turned when she heard his voice
“amber!!” he said on recognizing her.
“sorry I got in the way,I better go” she said but he held her back
“why go so soon,would you like me to drive you home” he said
“no chris, as you can see am having my excersice” I said which was a wrong thing to say because that made him stare at my b©dy, the bloody bastard hasn’t even changed ,I thought
“do you live around here”
“yes I do” I said
“where exactly” he said and that made me suddenly angry
“why do you want to know” she yelled at him angrily
“its just for know….”
“am sick of pretending okay,its been four long years and we p@rted in the worst way as possible,so why are you acting like I was a long time friend” I said
“but aren’t you a friend ” he said
“no,am not a fiend to you, I can never be a friend to a heartless monster like you” I said walking off but he pu-ll-ed me back
“is it still the past are you still hooked on it” he said and she sl@pped him ha-rd on the face
“I should have done this the moment I saw you again,bastard” I said walking off angrily
“quit,like seriously you want to quit” her boss said again
“yes I want to” I said
“but we just got a very big contract,you just can’t leave”
“its something very urgent,I have to leave soon” I said
“and could that something urgent be me” Chris said walking in,why is he here?