My baby father Episode 9 & 10

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨amber pov💨
“and could that something urgent be me” he said walking in
why was he here,just seeing him again got my blood boiling
“Mr van,welcome Sir” I watched my boss treating him well,bringing out a chair for him
“I heard you saying something amber,are you leaving because of me” he said again
“why would she do that sir,she just have a pending thing to do that’s why she wants to leave” my boss said
“I will leave you both to talk about business” I said walking off
“once you leave this room,the deal I made will be withdrawn” he said and I stood suddenly starring at him
“wh….what do you mean by that” my boss said
“I told miss rose yesterday that I will only deal with miss amber here but it seems like she is kind of mad at me” he said smiling at me
“and why would I be mad at you, you did nothing to Me for me to be mad at” I said holding back my anger
“okay, okay,okay,okay,let’s think this throu-gh, amber plea-se,talk to Mr van,don’t leave yet the company nee-ds you” my boss said again
“but nothing amber,he only wants to deal with you, so plea-se talk about it with him,don’t leave yet” he said and left the office.
“why the hell did you do that” I said
“that’s to show you that no one say all those trash you said to me last night and go Scot free” he said
so he was doing this because of what i said to him lastnight,
“you haven’t changed at all” I said
” don’t get me wrong,I have change,I turned a new leaf years ago”he said
“oh really?what changed you?or better yet let me think,getting married changed you right,it turned you from being a heartless bastard to being a good bastard right?” I said
“marriage didn’t do it,I just thought it was time that I st©pped being the badboy” he said smiling
“and you certainly nee-d an applause for that right? well I don’t care,you being a good guy is your problem, find someone else to meet and discuss the term of the contract cause am leaving” I said and was about to leave when he held my hand
“let go of me” I said angrily”
“I…..” he couldn’t finish his s£ntence because my phone rang,I picked up my phone because I knew it was from my son school
“yes?” I said
“am afraid to tell you that your son is sick, we think its chiken pox” she said
“pox?my God where could he have gotten that” I said
“we also don’t know”
“okay I will be there soon,keep an eye on him” I said and switched the phone off
“what’s wrong” he said
“leave me alone” I yelled at him and ran off.
💨Chris pov💨
I stood in the room staring at her as she ran off,what could have made her act like that,I had thought that by saying that I had changed I could get her forgiveness, yes I knew I had hurt her in the past,she was p@rt of the many that I had hurt but I hurt the most and she is the only one who hasn’t forgiven me yet,the rest had forgiven me but not her.
“Mr van sorry for amber leaving” he said walking in
“what happened with amber” I said
“Its her son,he has chicken pox” he said
“her son?”
“yes her son,a little boy and let me tell you that kid is a good boy” he said
so amber had given birth to the child
“does the child have a father,is urrgh amber married”
“no she Is not and the father,we don’t know who he is,she never told us” he said
“how old is the kid”
“three I think”
so amber had given birth to the child and the father never showed up,who could the father be,I thought
💨Chris POV💨
“can you plea-se tell me where I can find amber and her son” I said and he looked at me strangely
“urrrrgh you see amber and I have known each other for a very long time but we lost contact and now am just meeting her again, its only likely for me to want to know what she has been doing,how she has been living” I said
“well amber never told me you both knew each other,so maybe we can just do this,I give you her home address, when she is all settled you can go and see her and talk to her” he said and gave it to me
“so all business deal will be made with me and amber” I said and he nodded and we both shook hands
I got out holding amber address with me,she had given birth to a child,a son which was something I nee-ded so desperately now, I nee-ded an heir for empire, I wasn’t getting any younger the darn bit-ch I had got married to prove to be a gold digger,she took contraceptives that prevented her from getting pregnant and she still lies to him,saying she couldn’t get pregnant and that it was all my fault,I really thought it was my fault but when I found the contraceptive I got so furious and demand for a divorce but before I could get it,she got into an accident which ended her life,if only amber child had been his but he knew her child wasn’t his,Melanie told him so and also showed him some evidence. I could still remember that day clearly
FLASH BACK ……… .. .
“Chris have got something to show you” she said
“what do you want” I said
“amber is not the girl you think she is,she is a darn slut and a devil” Melanie said
“I won’t let you curse amber,just tell me what you want and leave” I said and she threw some pictures on the table
“look at that,she is cheating on you with a good for nothing guy in our clas-s” she said and I opened the pictures and saw amber n-ked in a guy arms
“what’s all this Melanie” I saidc
“its the truth Chris and very soon amber will come to you saying she is pregnant, don’t believe her,the child father is the guy in the picture,he had rejected her baby and she wants to come to you with it” she said
“no amber won’t do that,she is a decent girl and how do you know all this”
“its because the guy himself c@m£ to warn me,I even brou-ght him here” she said opening the door for a guy,who walked in
“tell him andrew,tell Chris Here how you both plot to take his money” she said
“amber is the one who planned everything, I told I didn’t want to be a p@rt of it anymore but she wouldn’t let me go,I got her pregnant and she took the child to you because I rejected it,don’t fall for her trick sir” he said to me and then I knew amber isn’t to be trusted
she should just thank her luck that he has changed and wanted to always do things right,that’s why he was asking for forgiveness from the people he had hurt including her but just remembering what she did to him, he regrets ever begging her.
on impulse he drove to her house and at that precise moment i saw her walking in with a boy in her arms,a boy who looked like me when I was young or I just wasn’t seeing well,I better go and get a view of the kid properly. .
💨amber pov💨
I walked in and dropped sick liam on the chair, I had to give him his food before he takes his medicine, I was about going in when my phone rang
“how is he” rose said
“he is a bit better,just nee-d to take some medicine and then he sleeps” I said
“what do you want me to buy back home” she said and I began to tell her when the door bell ringed,I went to open still talking to rose when I saw him there
“what are you doing here” I said switching off the phone
“I just c@m£ to see the boy” he said and I knew alre-ady that it was boss Freddie who told him about my child
“for what?you don’t know the kid,so plea-se” I said but instead of leaving he went in
“hey I told you to get out” I said becoming scared now,I don’t want him to meet his son but it seems like that is what he is doing now.
“oh God amber,this kid looks so much like me, he is my son” he said suddenly and I knew that all my problems have just started