My baby father Episode 15 & 16

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨 Chris pov💨
“let me go,you bad man,I want my mummy” I stared at my son,I don’t know why he kept calling me a bad man,what had amber told him about that made him behaved this way.
“Liam its okay,you are my son and I am your father” he said
“no,you are not, take me home” he kept on crying and he took him in
“is this your son” Mary said
“yes and he won’t just st©p crying” he said
“give the boy to me” she said and took the child to her room.
a while later Mary c@m£ to me, “now that the boy is asleep, tell me what happened” she said
“she was about taking my son away and I just did what I had to,I filed a complaint of kidnapping” he said
“Are you crazy Chris?why will you do that?”
“she was about taking my son away and I had to do something”
“and the something you could think of is to put her in jail, now she won’t ever forgive you” Mary said
“do you think I wanted to do this,I had to” I said
“well its best you go and get her out of there,if you don’t want problem for you and your child,get amber out of jail and do the right thing by begging her,she deserves it after all you’ve put her throu-gh” Mary said
💨amber pov💨
“amber” on hearing rose call her name, she quic-kly went to hvg her
“my child?plea-se where is he” I said
“right here” I heard Chris say behind me
I turned and quic-kly went to hvg him
“my baby” I said holding him close to me
“plea-se can you find a place for amber and I to talk” he said to one of the police men
“you can do it in our office sir” he said and immediately Chris took hold of my hand and pu-ll-ed me to the room.
“let me go you s¢v-m”I said pu-lling off my hand and sl@pping ha-rd on his face
” amber!!!!”he yelled
“I hate you,I hate you so much”,I said
” well that’s a pity because you will be seeing me now and for the rest of your life ”
“what do you mean by that?” I said
“whether you like it or not,am here to stay in your life and my child life and I have a proposal for you”he said
” what dirty proposal do you have in mind”I said
“marriage, marry Me amber and all this will end, I promise” he said and I stood shocked starring at him
🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨amber POV💨
“marriage?” I said again
“yes marriage,we have to get married, I want to be a p@rt of my son world and I want the custody of my child,I can’t trust you to be alone with him” he said
“I won’t ever marry you,go to hell you vile beast”I said and was about to walk off when he pu-ll-ed me back
“you will have to do it amber”
“no,I won’t okay,my son and I don’t nee-d you,so just get lost” she said
“then you leave me with no choice,its either you come back with me or I take my son away” he said
“you can’t do that you creep” I said holding his shi-t angrily
“of course I can,remeber that am rich and powerful with just the right connection and money I could get the custody of liam and remember that I have pressed charges of kidnapping against you,I could make you spend the rest of your life here” he said and with the determined look on his face,I knew he meant it
“you can’t do this to me” I said
“yes I can,I will leave you here to think about it,am only giving you until tomorrow”he said and left the room
I stood in the room defeated,I knew that if I don’t do as he says,I will be the loser here,they are some time when I wish I had money,a lot of money.
” mummy,I want my mummy,I want my mummy”hearing my son voice I went outside
he was leaving with my son,my boy,I couldn’t led that I happen, I just couldn’t
“Chris give me my son” I said but he kept on walking off and the police officers wouldn’t leave me Aline
“okay,I accept, I accept ” I said and he st©pped,he turned and gave me a smile.
“fine then” he said and walked back with my son.
“let her go, I won’t file the charges anymore” he said starring at me
“mummy am I going with that man” liam said pointing to Chris who was at the desk signing her re-lease papers
” no my boy,we are going home”I said
“why not tell the boy the truth” he said
“with due process” I said
“just tell him okay,he is scared of me,my child is scared of me” he said
“okay,don’t scare him more” I said
“liam,you’ve always wanted your dad right?” i I said
“yes mummy”
“this man here is your father” I said
“but you said he is a bad man”
“I know I said that but that was before,now he is your father”
“and liam, your mother and I will be getting married soon,we will make a very happy family,would you Luke that” he said and I was surprised to see my son nod.
he also wants me to marry him.