My baby father Episode 13 & 14

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨 amber pov💨
“I won’t let you take my child anywhere” he said angrily.
“now he is your child,when four years ago you h. …..”
“let’s not bring the past into this” he said interrupting me
“but its got everything to do with the past, you ruined my life years ago, you never wanted this boy,so don’t come and act like a fatter because you are none,now get out of my way,I still have something to do, get lost” I said
“I know that you are still angry with me for what happened in the past but let’s keep that aside,let’s not drag the child into this, he doesn’t deserve it” he said and I thought about what he said for the first time since I saw him again I agree with him on something.
“amber he is right,don’t drag liam into what happened between the two of you” rose said
“take him inside Rose amber and I have things to talk about” he said and rose c@m£ to take him from me
“we have nothing to talk about” I said when rose went in with the child
“we do amber” he said pacing about
“I know okay,I know that you never cheated on me with that Andrew” he said
“wow???who told you that poor little amber was innocent” I said sac artistically
“I just found out okay and am sorry,am sorry for what I did”
“sorry?sorry? after the pain and suffering have gone throu-gh,you come here saying sorry,well take your sorry self away from here” I said
“amber try to un-derstand… .”
“just like you un-derstood me four years ago” I said
“I didn’t but don’t get our child involve in this” he said
“he is my child,my child alone” I said
“he is ours whether you like it or not,have had enough of trying to pacify you,of trying to make you see reason,that boy is my son and I will be with him to watch him grow and be a father to him”
“over my dead b©dy,I won’t let you be near my child, I won’t” I said angrily and ran up the stairs,leaving him there by himself.
I got to my son and held him ti-ghtly
“what happen amber”
“just go away,go and make sure that man leave this house” I said
“but amber”
“but nothing, just go and make him leave,make him leave” I yelled and she went outside
“no one wil take you from me” I said
“who wants to take me”
“that bad man downstairs ” I said
“no mommy plea-se don’t let him take me,plea-se”he said
” I won’t let anyone take you as soon as that man leaves, we are leaving too”I said and he nodded
I don’t care what they will say,am leaving with my child,he won’t ever see us again,I will make sure of that,I thought .
💨amber pov💨
i stood at the window watching him leave in his car,finally the bastard is gone, all I have to do now is to get rose out of the way and then I leave with my child,nothing will make me change my mind, the Creek had rejected my son years ago and now he wants to be a father to him well I won’t ever allow that,I won’t”I thought
“can I come in” I heard rose say
“you are in alre-ady” I said angrily
“are you still angry with me amber,am sorry” she said
“you had betrayed me and called him rose,why?”
“that’s because you were not thinking straight and I didn’t want you regretting it later that was why I called him”
“but the fact still remains,you had betrayed me”
“am sorry amber,am really sorry” she said
“fine okay,its enough” I said hvgging her
“to make it up to me,I want you to go and get me my favourite dish” I said
“is that all,I could even get you something else” she said
“then do,I will be waiting, so hurry” I said and I watched her as she ran out of the house into the streets.
immediately I picked up liam and went to my car,thank God our luggage’s was still there.
I started the engine and soon I got into the streets, thank God, i wouldn’t have to share my son with anyone.
💨chris pov💨
“so did she leave” Mary said putting the drink in front of him
“no,I and rose have managed to persuade her,I only hopes that she doesn’t take my child away” I said,just thinking about amber taking my son away made me feel so scared
“don’t worry amber is a reasonable girl,she will not go away” Mary said. and just then my phone rang
“hello rose” I said
“its amber,she is gone, she has,taken the Liam and have gone” rose said agitatedly
“don’t worry rose,I will get her back” I said switching the phone off
“what’s wrong?”
“its amber,she have run off with my child”
“what will you do?”.
” I will call the cops and luckily I had out a tracker on her car,it will be easy to find them “I said and ran out of the house
💨amber pov💨
still driving I stooped to get liam some food that he could eat and while coming out back,I saw him, he was there carrying my child and some police men were with him.
” mama,mama”liam cried and I immediately ran to him only to be st©pped by two police officers
“he is with my son,let me go”I said
” sorry miss, its the protocol this man here has filed a case of kidnapping on you “he said and I starred at Chris
” I had told you not to take him away right? “he said
” you bastard give me my child “I said
“i don’t trust you amber, if I give the boy to you,you will just take him away again,so it’s best he stays with me” he said
“no my child nee-ds me, don’t take him from me” I said crying
“you be been filed with a case of kidnapping, you will have to accompany us to the station”
“no ,no ,I want my child,I won’t let you take me to jail ,you have never cared for him before,just give me back my son” I said
“sorry amber but the child stays with me now” he said and took my son away, I tried going after him but the police pu-ll-ed me back
“we’ve got to go to the station”
“have got to save my son” I said crying but they pla-yed no heed to me and pushed me into the car.