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Mr billionaire finale

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 37 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
“Bye” I waved at Nadia as I sat, inside the car,
next to Aaron. She smiled and waved back
before the chauffeur drove the car away
from her apartment and towards uncle
Williams’ mansion, where the party was held.
It’s been just a few hours that our flight
landed in California and before I attend the
party, I wanted to pay a surprise visit to
She was so surprised, and at the same time
happy, seeing me at her apartment. I wanted
to stay there longer and talk to her about so
much but couldn’t, as we have a party to
The best part was when, Aaron told her about
the downfall of the Marshall family and that
the party was for the same, she got so
excited that she requested me to tag her
along, but as soon as I mentioned Dylan was
the host, she wasn’t interested in it anymore.
“It would have been fun if she came along
with us. Why do you have to mention about
VanAssche to her?” Aaron asked, making me
come out of my thoughts.
“Fun for just you, Mr. Woodwords. They both
will kill me if I try to play cupid with them” I
rolled my eyes.
“I wasn’t talking about the cupid game. It’s
just…” he was saying but I cut him off.
“It’s just you want to irritate Dylan”.
“In a way” he said with a sheepish grin, that
forced me to smile.
Though Dylan and Aaron may not like each
other much but they have bonded very nicely
over getting James behind the bars and
finding my mother.
Melissa, Aaron’s PI, is working with Dylan’s
detectives and they are trying their best to get
some clues about mom. They got a bit of
information about her from some people,
living around the place, James gave me the
address of. They say, she used to live in that
small house and not talk to anyone and then
one night she left, some 7 years ago, and
never came back. The detectives are doing
every possible thing to find her but we’re still
not sure whether they will be able find her or
The car stopped outside uncle Williams’
mansion and Aaron quickly got down and
came towards me. I placed my hand in his
and stepped out of the car. There were a lot
of reporters of different news channels who,
as soon as saw us, started clicking our
Ignoring them, we walked inside. Dylan
engulfed me in a warm hug and shook hands
with Aaron before taking us to meet uncle
Williams and aunt Jenna.
“Caro, my little girl!” Uncle Williams said as
we walked towards him.
It’s been a decade since I last saw uncle
Williams and aunt Jenna. I lost contact with
them after mom was gone. Though, I used to
talk to Dylan and he used to give me updates
about them but I never got any chance to talk
to them myself. Even on my wedding day,
they couldn’t be present there as uncle
Williams wasn’t well.
“It’s so nice to meet you both after such a
long time” I said and hugged both of them.
“We missed you, dear” aunt Jenna said with a
motherly smile.
“Me too” I replied.
Uncle shook his hands with Aaron and
congratulated him about James. It’s crazy,
how everyone is so happy that James is
finally behind the bars. Not like I want
anything better for him or not like I pity him,
but the amount of hatred people have for
him is unbelievable.
Dylan excused himself and went to attend
other guests while Aaron and I stayed with
uncle Williams and aunt Jenna, talking about
random things.
“I’ve met you quite a many times before but
that was because of business, now you’re
meeting me as my little girl’s husband.
Though, I know you love her and all but, dare
you hurt her. Ever” Uncle Williams said,
He always treated me like his own daughter.
Whenever, mom and I used to visit him, he
tried to give me as much love as possible, he
used to put me before Dylan because he
knew how bad James was.
After mom was gone, uncle Williams and
aunt Jenna tried their best to adopt me but
they couldn’t as James is my biological
father and he had an upper hand.
Though my childhood wasn’t as good as it
should be but the time I spent with Dylan and
his family was the best.
“I won’t ever, sir. You don’t need to worry”
Aaron said, confidently.
Uncle smiled and Aaron nodded at him. A
slow music started to play in the background
and Aaron took my hand in his and guided
me towards the dance floor.
“Mr. Woodwords?” Someone called from
behind and we stopped in our tracks.
Turning around, we saw a bald man coming
towards us. He shook hands with Aaron and
greeted me with a smile on his face.
“Good evening, Mrs Woodwords”.
“Good evening” I replied with a slight nod.
“Caroline, he’s Mr. Drake Martin. He owns
some very famous art galleries in New York”
Aaron said.
“Oh, that’s great! I love art too” I said to Mr.
Martin and shook hands with him.
“It’ll be an amazing experience to work with
you Mrs. Woodwords” he said. Not knowing
how to react, I just passed a smile and looked
at Aaron with a confused look.
“We’ll contact you about the details soon”
Aaron said to Mr. Martin.
He winked at me and took my hand in his
again, “excuse us” he said and moved
towards the dance floor.
I wrapped my hands around his neck while
he snaked his arms around my waist and we
started swaying to the music.
“What was that?” I asked him, raising my
brows in question.
“Let the world welcome a new artist” he said
with a mischievous smirk.
“Me? But I’m not that good”.
“You are”.
“I’m not. I’m not ready yet” I whispered.
Every artist dreams of this day, when their
creation will be put before the world to
admire and praise but, I don’t think I’m ready.
I still have to learn so much more, there is
so much I am yet to discover about art.
Painting and showing it to Aaron is different
and painting and showing it to the world is
“You are. I believe in you, Caroline” Aaron
said, “and I’m not saying it just because I love
you and I want to see you succeed in life. I
admit I know nothing about art but I see the
passion in your eyes when you work on the
canvas. You just don’t do it for yourself and I
know this, you feel you’re living your
mother’s dream when you’re painting”.
I looked at him in awe as he said those
words. That was the little piece of
information I never shared with him. Mom
taught me about art because she wanted me
to fulfill the dream, she never could, because
of James. Painting for sure gives me
immense pleasure but it’s not just because I
love art but because I love my mother more.
“How do you know about it?” I tried to speak
louder but it came out like a whisper.
“You told me your mother loved art but could
never pursue it as a career. The first painting
you made was of your mother. Isn’t it enough
to know?” He said in an obvious tone.
“No. It’s not. That was something I never
shared with anyone” I pouted.
“Actions speaks louder than words” he said
with a wink.
“True” I said and moved closer to him.
His phone inside the coat pocket started to
vibrate and I looked up at him. He moved a
bit back and took out the phone from his
pocket, with a pissed off look.
“If it’s not important. You’re fired” Aaron said
to whosoever was on the other side of the
“Are you sure?” He asked. Taking my hand,
he took me towards uncle Williams while still
talking on the phone.
“Fine. We’re coming” he said and finally put
his phone back in his pocket.
“Caroline, I need to go and it’s urgent.
Nothing to worry, I’ll explain about it later.
Stay with them until I come back. Okay?” He
said and then looked at uncle Williams, “take
care of her”.
“But, where are you going?” I asked in a
concerned voice.
“Police Station” he said, then planted a soft
kiss on my forehead and walked towards the
He stopped near the door to talk to Dylan
before both of them walked out, hurriedly.
What the hell is going on?!
“Where did they go?” Aunt Jenna asked me.
“I have the same question” I sighed.
I tried to call Aaron’s number but he didn’t
answer, even Dylan wasn’t answering his
phone. It’s been 4 hours now since they both
left and they didn’t even call any of us for
Uncle Williams and aunt Jenna are attending
the guests, who are now leaving, while I’m
standing at a corner with my phone in my
They both came towards me as the last guest
walked out and asked me if any of them
answered their phone.
“No. They didn’t. Why do they have to act so
dramatically. Idiots!” I said and stomped my
foot on the ground.
“Calm down, Caro” aunt Jenna said, placing
her hand on my shoulder. My concern for
them was now turning into anger.
They went to the police station, maybe it is
something about James and the two women
but they could have just called any one of us
and told us about the situation, but no! Why
will they!
We heard some footsteps and turned to look
towards the entrance, hoping it to be Aaron
and Dylan. I sighed when I saw Dylan enter
with a few men walking behind him.
“Where were you?” Aunt Jenna asked angrily.
“Police station” he said simply.
“Where’s Aaron?” I asked when I didn’t see
him, enter the hall, behind Dylan.
“His car was just behind ours and met with
an accident. Fortunately, he died” Dylan said
but the next moment Aaron entered with
another group of men and women following
“Unfortunately, VanAssche. It’s unfortunately”
Aaron said.
“Why don’t you disown him already, aunt
Jenna?” I said glaring at Dylan.
My attention was soon diverted towards the
woman who was walking beside Aaron. She
was wearing worn out clothes, her blonde
hair were a mess and she looked as pale as
a corpse.
I stared at her carefully as there was
something familiar about her.
“I know she looks different. Even I was
shocked when I saw her” Dylan said with a
smile on his face.
Without wasting another second, I ran
towards her and hugged her as tight as I
could. She hugged me back and started to
I can’t believe I’m seeing her again. She is
back and she’s hugging me. Opening my
eyes, I saw Aaron, with blurry vision,
standing behind, with a smile plastered on his
I tried to speak and say something but no
words left my mouth.
“I’m sorry, Caro” she said finally breaking the
hug and cupping my cheeks with her weak
“You don’t need to be, mom” I said between
my sobs and hugged her again.
I was shivering, my hands, my entire body
was shivering because I still couldn’t believe
that this was actually happening.
After I don’t know how long, I broke the hug
and looked at my mother’s face. She looked
so weak and different. Her brown hair were
now dyed to blonde, her eyes were sulking
inside the skull, there were so many wrinkles
on her face. She looked so different that no
one could identify her at first look.
“What happened to you, mom?” I asked. I
stepped back when I saw uncle Williams and
aunt Jenna looking at mom. They came
towards her and hugged her.
“Where were you, all this while, Isabelle?”
Aunt Jenna asked mom.
“After that night when James dragged me out
of his house” she said looking at me with
watery eyes, “I stayed outside, hoping maybe
he will change his mind and take me in or
maybe he’ll allow me to take Caro with me.
He came out after half an hour, I pleaded
him but he didn’t give me an ear. He warned
me, if I didn’t go away he’ll kill Caro. I was
so scared that I ran to the police station but
unfortunately a few men came there and
stopped the cops. It was later, I got to know
that they were sent by a woman named
Juliea, James new wife. I took a small
apartment at rent near his house, hoping that
someday I’ll be able to get Caro out of it but
it was after a few weeks, I realized that a few
men and even some cops, whom James paid,
used or roam around my house, so I ran
away. I changed my name and changed the
way I looked so that he couldn’t find me. I’m
sorry, Caro. I left you alone with that man”
she said and started to cry.
I walked towards her and wrapped my arms
around her shoulders, “don’t cry, mom.
Everything is good now. He’s behind the
“Where did you find her?” Uncle Williams
“She used to live in a small house in a
village near California, not talking to anyone,
selling her paintings, every week, to a man
who used to pay a very small amount to her
for them. She saw a magazine with the
headline about James Marshall and how he
has been sent behind the bars, so she went
to the cops to ask for help” Aaron explained.
“You don’t need to worry Isabelle. We’re here
for you now” Uncle Williams said. She smiled
sightly and nodded her head.
“And you can even visit the jerk family if you
want. I can make arrangements” Dylan said.
“You should” Aaron spoke.
“I’m really happy for you Dylan, when the
cops said you’re a billionaire, I was really
shocked” she said to Dylan and then turned to
look at Aaron, “Thank you for what you did
for my daughter”.
“No need to thank me ma’am. She’s my wife
and she’s a beautiful person who deserves
nothing but the best” Aaron said, making me
After a few more talks, aunt Jenna took mom
with her to show her, her room and give new
clothes to her.
Uncle Williams and Dylan walked out with the
group of men, talking about something. I
walked towards Aaron and smiled to my
fullest, “I’m tired of saying thank you to you”.
“Then don’t, anyway your mom went to the
cops. I didn’t do anything” he said, with a
confused expression.
“I know, but you tried your best to find her
and you changed my life and made it so
much better” I said, genuinely.
“If that’s the case, you shouldn’t say thank
you to me at all”.
“Because this is just the beginning” he said
with a wink. I smiled and literally jumped on
him and hugged him
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 38 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
**** AARON’S POV ****
I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time
today. It’s been just a few hours that I came
to my office, but it feels like I’ve been here
since forever.
Picking up another file from the desk, I tried
to read it but the words made no sense. I
threw it back on the desk and closed my
“Come in” I ordered, as I heard a knock on
my cabin door. Carter entered, with a bundle
of files in his hand and kept them on my
“What are these?” I asked.
“Sir, the deal for which we all were working
so hard since the past few days is finalized.
Here are the papers, you just need to sign
them” he said, proudly.
If he had said it some other day or time, I
would have appreciated him, but not today.
I’m not interested in anything at this moment.
“Fine. You may leave”. He seemed a bit
shocked hearing my tone but not having any
other option, he nodded his head and turned
to leave.
“Actually, wait” I said, stopping him in his
tracks by my words, “cancel all my meeting
for today and if anything important comes
up, just message it to me”.
“Okay, sir” he said.
I stood up from my chair, picked up my coat,
that was draped around the chair, and walked
towards the building’s exit.
Sitting inside my car, I told the chauffeur to
drive back home.
I didn’t do any work today, just sat inside my
cabin the entire day and worry about her. I
knew this was going to happen, so, in the
morning, I decided to take a day off but she
forced me to go to my office and not neglect
my work because of her.
Caroline is pregnant and today, in the
morning, she was feeling very uneasy. I took
her to the doctor immediately where the doc
informed, that she just need to rest and eat
Though, I’ve asked Nina and other people
working in the house to take special care of
her, but I don’t trust anyone, not even
Caroline herself, when it comes to her health.
As the car stopped outside our house, I
quickly got out and walked towards our
bedroom with long strides.
Caroline wasn’t there, neither she was inside
the bathroom. I sighed and walked
downstairs, towards her studio.
She has another one of her exhibition the
following week and she’s been working very
hard for it. I strictly ordered her not to move
out of the bedroom and take rest, but she
never listens.
Reaching her studio, I stopped as I saw her
working on the canvas. Her hands were
covered in paint and her hair was tied up in a
bun, supported by two paintbrushes.
I leaned on the wall and smiled seeing her
work on another one of her masterpiece. I
had no interest in art earlier, but this woman
made me fall for everything she loves. Now,
I love art. I love to just stare at her, when
she is so engrossed in her art work that she
doesn’t even realize, I’m looking at her.
I moved towards her and hugged her from
behind, my hands encircling her 3 month old
baby bump.
“Oh God, Aaron. You scared me” she said but
leaned onto me, the next moment.
“You know, you should be taking rest at this
time” I said, removing the paintbrushes from
her hair, making them fall around her face.
“I’m fine now, don’t worry. I was really bored,
just lying there and doing nothing, so I
decided to complete this painting. Remember
I have this exhibition the next week” she tried
to convince me.
“Yeah. I remember, but your health comes
first and if you’ll neglect your health, then
believe me when I say, I’ll call Martin and tell
him to postpone this event” I said, in a stern
“He won’t postpone it. He’ll face a big loss if
he did anything like that. Nice try, Mr.
Woodwords” she giggled and turned towards
“Not even if I pay him for that loss?” I said,
with a smirk.
She stared at my face with a very
disappointed look and I know this is when her
pregnancy hormones kick in, “you’ve changed
Aaron. How can you do this to me? You know
how important these exhibitions are for me”.
“I was just kidding” I cupped her cheeks and
kissed her forehead.
“Really?” She pouted.
“Yeah” I assured her, “and I’m thinking to take
you out for dinner. Not today, because you
need to take rest. We may go out tomorrow”.
“No, not tomorrow. We’re going to visit your
dad, tomorrow” she said and turned around to
focus on her painting.
“But tomorrow isn’t Sunday” I said, totally
Every Sunday, we go to visit dad at his
mansion. At first, I had no idea of why
Caroline forces me to take her to meet my
dad but now I know why she was doing it.
She just wanted me to communicate with dad
as much as possible and sort out our
differences. I have to admit that she
succeeded in improving my relation with my
“I know, it’s not Sunday. It’s your parents
anniversary tomorrow and don’t you think
your dad will feel lonely and miss your
mother?” She said, leaving her work and
looking into my eyes, “so, we’ll go to meet
him tomorrow, spend time with him, and
make him feel less lonely”.
I stared at her face as she said those words,
never in these years, I thought about dad and
how he must feel after mom’s death. I
always complained about how my father
almost forgot me after my mother was gone
but now when I think about it, I realize, I
could have taken the first step.
“Yeah” I whispered.
“Aaron, I know you forgave him long time
back but he still feels guilty. Just talk to him
properly and make him realize that you love
him and he doesn’t have to blame himself. In
fact, we should be thankful that he presented
that contract to you” Caroline smiled and
touched my cheeks.
I placed my hand over hers and winked, “of
course. That was the best thing he could ever
do for me”.
She nodded her head, but the next moment
her expressions changed as she realized
something. “Sorry” Caroline whispered and
tried to suppress her laugh.
It was when she pulled her hand, away from
my face, I noticed that her hands were still
covered in paint. Damn!
She stepped back, away from me, giggling all
the while, but I caught her arm and stopped
Dipping my fingers, into the paint, I moved
my hands towards her face, in slow motion.
She tried to free her hand and hide her face
but her efforts were futile.
“No. No. No. No!” She shouted while still
trying to control her laugh. I stopped my
hand just a few inches away from her face
and smirked.
“Please” Caroline pouted. The expression on
her face was so fucking cute that I couldn’t
force myself to put paint on her. I just
touched her nose with my paint covered
finger and moved my hand lower to circle
her waist, pulling her towards me, cautiously.
She wiped her nose by the back of her hand
and moved her face toward me. I bent my
head and kissed her, pouring all my love for
her in that small gesture.
Cupping her cheeks, I tucked the strands of
hair behind her ear, still kissing her
passionately when she slapped me on my
“You tricked me, Woodwords!” She pushed me
away, with an angry look.
I was shocked, by her act, at first, but then I
saw her face and hair covered in paint and
realized what I actually did.
“That wasn’t intentional” I said, apologetically,
but my lovely wife was in no mood to hear
any apologies. Picking up a small paint
bottle, she threw all the paint on me.
“This wasn’t intentional as well” she
shrugged, then burst out laughing.
I sighed and shook my head, then picked up
another bottle and reciprocated her act, “if a
paint fight is what you want”.
We continued it, until our face, hands, hair
and clothes were completely covered in paint.
“Oh God, Aaron, just look at the studio. It’s all
your fault! And look at me, it’s gonna take so
much effort to get rid of it!” She complained.
I looked around the studio, it was completely
a mess now. The floor was covered with
paint colours and paint bottles were lying
here and there.
“I can’t say about the studio but I can surely
help you get rid of that paint” I winked at her
and before she could step back, I picked her
up in my arms and moved towards our
bedroom for a long, long bath.



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