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Mr billionaire episode 35 & 36

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🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 35 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
**** CAROLINE’S POV ****
I paced the room and thought about every
possible thing that could be happening at
James place right now. Aaron said he’s going
to give James ‘what he actually deserves’, but
that simple statement could mean so many
He was angry yesterday, and so stayed away
from home for the entire day, driving. But
today he was not just angry, he was furious.
He even broke my phone, as if his phone was
not enough for the damage. I could have
called him and asked him about what he was
planning to do if he wouldn’t have thrown it
I’m not really concerned about James right
now, I’m worried about Aaron. I don’t want
him to do anything he’ll regret later and more
importantly, I don’t want him to get into
trouble because of me.
James is a pathetic human. He made my life
hell, he made my mother’s life hell and if
that wasn’t enough he tried to damage
Aaron’s life. He befriended Aaron’s dad just
because he wanted money. How can a person
like him really exist!
My chain of thoughts were broken by a knock
on the door. I opened it and saw Nina
standing there with a poly bag in her hand.
Nina is the housemaid. She along with all the
other people working in this house are very
friendly and cheerful and provide an amazing
company to me.
“A man came and said, Mr. Woodwords
ordered to give this to you” she said. I took
the bag from her hand and looked inside it.
There were two boxes of brand new cell
phones. I sighed seeing them and took out
one of the box.
“Thank you” I said. Nina smiled and went
I kept the bag and the box on the table and
picked up the sim card that was lying on the
floor, along with all the broken plastic and
gl@ss pieces. Inserting the sim inside the
phone, I did the required settings.
Once the phone was working properly, I
opened my contact list and was about to dial
Aaron’s number when a different call popped
I was extremely worried about Aaron and so I
was about to cut the call without seeing the
caller id, but I didn’t. Maybe because, the
caller id was missing. It was a private
Swiping the green light on the screen, I took
the phone to my ear, “Hello?” I said
“Why are you speaking in this tone?” Dylan
said, mimicking my voice and tone.
“Why the hell is your number a private
number?” I said, irritated. I was so confused
and shocked for a split second seeing the
private number, who won’t?
“This is my office phone, darling. It has
always been a private number. Anyway, how
have you been?” He asked in a cheerful
“Good, but I’m going crazy right now. I need
to call Aaron urgently. I will call you after
some time. Sorry brother” I said
We h@rdly get time to talk to each other. The
last time we met, or even talked, was at my
wedding. Whenever I call him, it goes to
voice mail and this man never calls me back.
“Oh wait. Don’t call Woodwords. He’s busy
with a very important task, so… Do. Not.
Disturb” Dylan said in a stern voice.
“How do you know?” I asked, curiously.
“I talked to him a few minutes ago. He was
going to my favourite place, to meet my
favourite people. I wish, I could come and
visit them too, but no worries, I’ll enjoy from
here. I’m just glad that I’m contributing
something in this holy task” Dylan said. He
sounded very happy, the kind of happiness
that is not very usual.
“Holy task! Dylan, what are you and Aaron
planning!” I asked him but he changed the
topic instantly as if not wanting to tell me
about it.
“What did James exactly do, Caro?” He was
no longer chuckling and he no longer
sounded happy, his voice was serious now
and he demanded for an answer.
The thought of not answering his question
and asking about his plan came to me but I
ignored it.
“He tricked me and took a million from my
account. It was Aaron money” I told him,
“Woodwords is clearly not doing it for money,
so, let me rephrase the question. What did
James do to you, Caro?”
I know what Dylan wants me to speak about.
He always used to ask me about how James
treated me and I used to either remain silent
or change the topic because I feared.
“He never treated me like his daughter, he
never loved me and he never loved mom.
You were right, mom didn’t run away, she
was dragged out of the house, 8 years back.
I have her address now, though. It might help
us in finding her. Let’s start the search again”
I said, in a voice full of hope.
Few years back, when Dylan couldn’t get any
clue about mom, we lost all our hopes. He
stopped her search because he said he can’t
no longer live with false hopes. We @ssumed,
we will never see her again but now that I
have her address, that may be fake, it gives
me hope again.
“Yeah. Message me the address and…” he
was speaking when there was some sound in
the background and he started talking to
someone else.
“Caro, I’ll call you later. I need to take care of
my favourite people” he said chuckling and
ended the call.
He was chuckling for sure but I know he was
just trying to hide his pain. He is very good
at it, unlike me.
I pulled the phone away from my ear and
dialed Aaron’s number. Though, Dylan said
not to call him but I just want to make sure
he is fine.
Even after calling him continuously, on his
office phone, for about 15 minutes, he didn’t
answer and that made me worry about him
even more.
I was so irritated that for a moment I felt
like throwing my phone away but then I
realized, it’s my new phone and I shouldn’t be
behaving like Aaron.
To calm myself and to prevent myself from
driving to James house in search of my lost
husband, I decided to go downstairs and
thence to my studio.
It is the place where I get peace. Though, I
h@rdly think that will help today, but there’s
nothing wrong in trying, right?
There was a painting that I was working on
since a few days. I had created that scene in
my imagination and I was trying to put it on a
canvas. It was still incomplete, so I thought
to work on it as it will help me.
Picking up the paintbrush, I tried to imagine
that scene again but unfortunately my
imagination was blocked by the thoughts of a
man named Aaron. So, I decided to leave
everything and just sit on the couch and
stress my brain. Closing my eyes, I leaned on
the couch and it wasn’t long when sleep
engulfed me.
I felt like I was floating in air. A pair of
hands, holding me securely, close to a h@rd
chest and I could smell a very familiar scent
around me.
Opening my eyes, I saw Aaron’s face and
realized he was carrying me in his arms.
“Put me down, Aaron Woodwords!” I said as
soon as my mind cleared a bit from my
Aaron looked at me with a shocked
expression but put me down anyway and
stared at my face, “I thought you were
sleeping” he said.
“I was, but I’m awake now. I slept in the
studio, thinking about you. Why the hell
weren’t you answering my calls!” I said and
glared him.
“I was busy with my in-laws” Aaron smirked
and sat on the couch leisurely.
I sighed and shook my head. At first Dylan’s
‘favourite people’ and now his ‘in-laws’. I
know I shouldn’t be caring for the three of
them but the way Aaron and Dylan are
talking, is scaring me now.
“You both didn’t do anything illegal. Did you?”
The last time they were together against
James, they broke his nose. I hope nothing
like that happened this time.
“Both?” Aaron questioned, raising his brows.
“You and Dylan. I talked to him, even he
didn’t tell me anything about James” I pouted.
Aaron smiled and pulled me towards him,
landing us on the couch, with me sitting on
his lap “you don’t have to worry about
anything now. Everything is fine and no, I
didn’t do anything illegal and they all are still
alive. Unfortunately.” He said and I punched
his arm playfully.
“I don’t care about them, I just don’t want you
to get into trouble. Anyway, I told Dylan about
mom, and the address that James gave me.
He’ll start the search soon. Maybe we’ll find
her this time” I said but I wasn’t sure. Just
like Dylan, I don’t want to build false hopes
and get disappointed in the end.
“We will find her. I’ve asked Melissa, my
private investigator, to get her team and go to
California to work with Van@ssche. He has
sources and Melissa is one of the best
detectives so it will help to find your mother
sooner” Aaron @ssured me.
“Thank you” I smiled and hugged him. “You
know what, I’ve finally decided that I’m gonna
forget everything that happened in my past
and live my life happily, the way I want it to
“No, don’t” Aaron said and shifted so that he
was looking into my eyes “you don’t need to
forget your past. You don’t have to.
Remember everything, every single thing
James and his family did to you, just don’t let
it affect you anymore because that will make
you a stronger and a better person than you
were yesterday”.
He smiled and then hugged me again, rubbing
my back and caressing my hairs. There was
silence for some time as we both just
hugged, without saying anything, until I
“I never even dream of a man like you and
here you are, even better than anyone could
dream of. I feel blessed” I said, genuinely.
“I’m flattered” he laughed.
No sooner had I thought, that everything was
getting back to normal, than I heard some
voices coming from the entrance hall.
I got off from Aaron’s lap and was about to
walk outside to see who it was, when a
familiar voice shouted “Aaron Woodwords!”.
I stopped in my tracks and turned around to
look at Aaron, who looked like he already
knew something like this was gonna happen.
“Called it!” He chuckled and got up from his
“Isn’t that your father’s voice?” I inquired.
“It is. After all, James didn’t have anywhere
else to go. Let’s go and have a chat” he said
and started walking out.
“Wait. I forgot to ask this before, what did
James actually deserved?” I finally asked.
The entire time, I had been going crazy
thinking about it and now when Aaron was
finally with me, I forgot to ask him this
“Nothing. He deserves nothing. And so he
has nothing now” he said and smirked. Then
took my hand in his and walked out of the
I followed him, still processing his words in
my mind again and again. Does he really
mean what I think he means? James has
nothing now?
Well, we’re going to talk to his dad, I hope I’ll
get to know what Aaron exactly did with that
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🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 36 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
I followed Aaron, as he walked towards the
entrance hall. He didn’t seem angry when he
heard his father shouting his name, in fact,
he just smiled at that moment. Maybe this
won’t be as bad as I think it would be.
He already mentioned, how much his father
trust James and if James is really left with
nothing, as Aaron puts it, then Ethan will be
very angry, but if Aaron is being cool and
calm then there isn’t much to worry.
I stopped in my tracks, when I saw Aaron’s
father was not the only one waiting for us, in
the entrance hall, James and Lahaina were
there too.
Lahaina glared at me as I walked towards
them whereas James looked anywhere except
at Aaron. I literally g@sped when I saw
James’ bruised face. He was holding a
handkerchief near his nose, that had quite a
many blood stains, and an ice bag, in his
other hand, close to his cheeks.
Aaron turned to look at me when I g@sped
but shrugged and looked away the next
moment. Damn, this man!
“You really went all the way to my father to
complain about me? That’s too childish.
You’re behaving like you’re still in school and
I’m a bully” Aaron said to James. Though, his
words sound amusing but his face was
devoid of any expressions.
“What you did was childish, Aaron. Explain
your act” Ethan said in an angry tone.
“We may sit and talk” Aaron said and sat
down on the sofa, looking as comfortable
and carefree as ever.
I moved towards him and sat next to him
while Ethan sat on a different couch and
stared at Aaron. Lahaina rolled her eyes at
Aaron and walked towards another couch,
with James, to sit, but Aaron stopped them.
“I didn’t say that to you both so, you may
remain standing” he said, glaring holes in
James head.
James, who was about to sit, stood up
straight and looked humiliated.
Ethan frowned and said with clenched teeth,
“Where are your manners, Aaron?”
“I threw them in the dustbin before coming
here. Anyway, I have no plans of changing
my furniture any time soon, so they’ll remain
standing” he said, still looking at James.
Ethan gritted his teeth in anger and turned
towards James, “you both may sit down”.
I looked at their faces randomly, Lahaina was
angry, James was confused, Ethan was
staring at Aaron and Aaron was glaring
James, daring him to sit.
“We’ll remain standing. No worries, just
continue your talk” James said to Ethan.
Ethan got more angry whereas Aaron smirked
in triumph.
Holy crap! This is even worse than I imagined
it would be!
“Fine. Explain” Ethan said to Aaron.
“Why should I? It’s my company, I will take
the decisions and no one can question me
about it. Not even you. By the way, you never
bothered whenever I took over small
companies, then why now?” Aaron
I have never seen Ethan so angry. He always
smiles and talks nicely to me and everyone
else, he doesn’t appear to be the kind of
person who fakes concern and care. Though,
Aaron told me about how his relationship
with his dad changed after his mother’s
death, I never witnessed any harshness
between them. Ethan always talks lovingly to
Aaron, it was always Aaron who used to
show no interest in communicating with his
dad, but the way they both are talking today,
shows how far they have come from a
normal father-son relationship.
“Because James Marshall is my friend and I
know you hate him. I don’t know what he did
to earn so much hatred from you and I’m
tired of telling you that he is not what you
think he is. You took away his company and
practically every other thing he had, just
because you hate him? That’s sick Aaron!
Juliea went with a lawyer to file a case
against you but I stopped her. You want to
end up in jail? If I had not stopped her, you
would have been behind the bars till this
time!” Ethan shouted and I looked at him with
my eyes bugging out.
Aaron didn’t say anything immediately. He
raked his f!ng£r through his hairs and
clenched his teeth, as if trying h@rd not to
lose his calm.
“I don’t need your favour” he said, in a very
calm and polite tone “you can call Juliea and
ask her to sue me and even my company. I
don’t give a fv¢k. You can even try to help
James and his family financially, I don’t care.
Just know one thing, you’re on the wrong
side, father”.
“Is it so? James was the only one who was
with me after your mother died. I was going
into depression and he helped me to
overcome it, when not even you bothered
about me! I would have killed myself a long
time ago, due to depression, if he wasn’t
there to help me” Ethan said, in a much lower
tone than before.
“You were not the only one affected by
mom’s death!” Aaron said between gritted
teeth, “though, James helped you overcome
your depression but, did you ever try to find
out the reason why he was doing it? I tried to
show you his real face, but you believe him
more than me. This time, I don’t want to
prove or show you anything because I know it
will be a futile effort but I won’t spare this
man. He will get what he deserves and he
will be behind the bars. You can do whatever
you want to” he shouted at the end.
I placed my hand over his and whispered
“Calm down”.
I can’t believe all this is happening because
of me. James and Lahaina are standing
peacefully, enjoying the drama, while Aaron
is fighting with his own father just because
of me.
Looking at James and Lahaina, who had
amused expressions on their face, I realized
that they already knew something like this
will happen, and that made me hate them
“Can I say something?” I asked, looking at
Aaron and Ethan, alternatively.
“No need. I’m talking” Aaron said angrily.
“You’re not talking, you’re shouting. Anger
brings out the worst in us and that is what is
happening to you” I said in a low voice so
that only Aaron could hear, “let me do the
talking” he rolled his eyes, in response, and
looked away.
I took it as a positive sign and turned towards
Ethan to speak, “Mr. Woodwords, I know
you’re angry and that you trust James but I
want you to know a few things about him that
you most probably are unaware of”.
“This is how you talk?” Aaron interrupted.
Ignoring him, I continued to speak to Ethan. I
told him everything about my mother, about
Juliea being my step-mother, about James
treating me like a trash and loving Lahaina
and Juliea because they had money and
wealth. I even told him about the 1 million
dollar that he took, from my account,
To be honest, I didn’t want any sympathy
from Ethan after telling him about my
horrible past, I just want him to believe Aaron
and not someone who claims to be his friend
and I couldn’t think of a better way to tell
Ethan about his best friend’s hidden qualities.
Once I was done with the whole thing, I
sighed and looked at Aaron, he was sitting
silently, looking at James, with blood shot
eyes, as if waiting to get his hands on him.
Ethan was lost in deep thoughts after hearing
about James, I can understand, he was
having a mental battle. It’s h@rd to believe
that someone we trusted with all our heart
and mind was deceiving us, someone whom
we thought of as a friend was playing with
our feeling for materialistic things.
“No. She’s lying” James said simply.
“Of course!” Aaron said, sarcasm dripping
from his voice.
It’s strange, the way he can lie so easily.
Everyone knows what kind of man he is,
except Ethan, and he still has the audacity to
lie and call me a liar.
“But she is your daughter. Why will she lie?”
Ethan asked. His voice was not soft and
considerate like all the times he talked to
James, but there was some harshness in his
voice and that gave me a little hope.
“Her mother left her and ran away when she
was young. She thinks, it’s because of me
that she…” James was saying but this time I
literally shouted at him.
“I can call Carter this moment and he will
give the details of the transaction, that
happened yesterday, on paper. Don’t lie,
James Marshall! I have proof!” I stood up
from my place and was glaring James when
Ethan got up from his seat too.
“I understand you trust this man, Mr.
Woodwords, but if you say you trust him
more than your son, then this is ridiculous.
I’m not preaching anything here, but I have
seen this man using other people, all my life.
He is a two-faced man who has an
obsession with money. Even after Aaron took
his wealth away, the only thing he loved, he
is not ashamed of his deeds, he still doesn’t
have even a pinch of regret and that shows
the kind of person he is”.
I should be feeling bad by talking about my
own father like this but I wasn’t. He deserves
to be punished and he will be.
“Calm down” Aaron said, holding my hand.
His anger was now replaced by amusement “I
didn’t know you can be so aggressive” he
“James, I can’t believe you were faking
everything” Ethan said, “I though you were my
true friend. I trusted you when you asked me
to make a contract for Aaron’s marriage with
Lahaina and even when you asked me for a
few shares of my company, I gave it to you. I
was so stupid!” He sat back on the couch and
placed his head between his hands.
It feels bad to see Ethan like this, his voice
was painful and quivering, he was trying h@rd
to control his emotions and be strong but he
was hurt deeply from inside, after all, broken
trust is more painful than broken bones.
“It is very easy to blame others Caroline!”
Lahaina snapped “What will you say about
your husband? If we are gold-diggers, then
Aaron is no less. He was ready to marry me
for saving his company. If Ethan had been a
little more strict regarding the contract,
Aaron would have married me, happily” she
said and smirked at the end.
“Don’t give yourself so much importance,
dear Lahaina. You were not even a choice. It
was between my company and Caroline and I
chose both” Aaron replied with a straight
“But you can’t deny the fact that you would
have married me if Caroline wasn’t my step-
sister” she said but this time Aaron remained
silent and I know what it meant. “Then what is
wrong if Juliea and James married for the
same reason?” Her face held a proud
expression, as if she achieved something by
asking that simple question.
I looked at Aaron’s face, he was looking back
at me with pleading eyes and a sorry look on
his face. He was again regretting that
contract thing and I hate it. I don’t want him
to regret.
Yesterday, when he told me about the
contract, he clearly mentioned that he would
have married Lahaina for saving his company
if I hadn’t come into the picture, so why am I
surprised by Lahaina’s words now?
Aaron apologized for hiding it from me and I
already forgave him, then why am I thinking
about it now? I shouldn’t care what she thinks
about me and my husband and I don’t, but I
won’t let her go away so easily with her
blame game.
“Marrying someone for saving your company
for which you worked so h@rd and marrying
someone to look after your company that
your father gave you in his will are two
different things. Learn to differentiate. Your
mother married James, just four days after
her father’s death because she wasn’t
capable of taking over her father’s company,
isn’t that enough to tell the difference
between you and him? It is definitely very
easy to blame others and I’m glad, I finally
learned that skill from you people” I said
with as much politeness as she deserved at
the moment.
Just then we heard the doorbell and all our
attention was diverted towards the door. Nina
came out of the kitchen to answer the door,
hearing the doorbell, but I walked towards
the door anyway and opened it before she
could reach.
I was surprised to see a group of men,
dressed in police uniform, standing outside.
The men with the highest number of stars,
among all the others, on his shoulder said,
“We’re here to meet Mr. Aaron Woodwords”.
“Oh. Okay” I said, as I couldn’t think of
anything else to do and moved to a side,
giving them space to enter inside.
They walked to where Aaron was standing
and did a handshake with him. Aaron and
Ethan both looked confused about it, even
James and Lahaina had an expression that
showed they don’t have any clue about the
situation, either.
“Good evening Mr. Woodwords” the man said
to Aaron, “Mr. Van@ssche filed a case against
the Marshall family. We’re here to arrest
He raised his brows in amusement and
looked at Lahaina and James, then turning
back to the cop, he said, “I’m glad. Take
them” Aaron gestured him by his hand to
move towards the duo standing there with
horrific expression on their face, “they are all
The man nodded and two of the men,
standing behind him, moved towards James
and Lahaina and handcuffed them. Lahaina
protested but all her efforts were futile.
“For what charges are you arresting us?”
James shouted.
“We have a long, long list, Mr. Marshall” the
man, standing next to Aaron, said.
The men pulled James out of the house and
Lahaina followed. She stopped for a split
second, and glared at me, but was pulled the
next moment, by the man holding her
handcuffs, out of the house.
Just then, Aaron’s phone started to ring. He
took it out from his pocket and answered it
while the cops got back in their cars and
drove off.
Ethan got up from his place and walked
towards me, “I sorry for all this drama” he
said with a fake laugh.
“You don’t need to be sorry. I’m happy that
you finally know the real James” I smiled. He
nodded his head and sighed.
“Maybe you could talk to Aaron about me and
tell him that I love him. It will be h@rd for
him to believe that after everything I did to
control him but, I’m his father and I don’t
want my son to hate me” he said with a pain
laced voice, that showed how much he
regrets his previous decisions and how lonely
he feels now.
I looked at Aaron, who was busy talking to
someone on his phone, and then back at
Ethan, “he loves you too. There are just a few
misunderstandings and a little talk can clear
them. Try to talk to him yourself, I’m sure
he’ll forgive you”. I said. His face lit up and
he finally smiled.
“Maybe, he will” Ethan said with a little
“No. I’m sure, he will” I @ssured him. He
chuckled and gave me a fatherly hug, the
kind of hug, I never received from my real
He left after saying he will definitely talk to
Aaron and try to improve his relation with
him. I closed the door, as Ethan walked out,
and went back to Aaron.
He was still talking on his phone and so I
decided to sit and wait for him to end his
call. He saw talking about James to someone
but as soon as he saw me sitting there and
waiting for him, he ended the call and came
and sat beside me.
“What happened?” He asked, raising his
“You were talking to Dylan?” I questioned
“Yeah. He said Juliea is arrested as well and
the three of them will be going to California
as he wants to have a chat with them. He’ll
make sure that they will be in jail for the rest
of their lives and” he said wrapping his hand
around my shoulder and pulling closer, “he is
throwing a party, the next week, we are
“A party? Why?”
“He had a big fantasy of seeing James behind
the bars. It became a reality now, he’s just
happy” Aaron chuckled.
“He’s crazy” I shook my head and smiled.
James will be in jail in a few hours, he will
be finally punished for what he did with my
mother. I wish she was here to see this
happen. I want her to meet Aaron, for at
least once, the person who gave me
confidence and courage and changed me for
Looking into his eyes, I said”Thank you for
everything, Aaron”. He winked at me and
pulled me even closer.
“I love you” I finally said and this time, I
moved my face closer to his and captured
his l!ps.


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