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Mr billionaire episode 27 & 28

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 EPISODE 27
Aaron moved out of the bow rider first and
forwarded his hand towards me. I took it
immediately and carefully stepped down the
We walked towards the villa where a man in
his mid fifties and a woman, of
approximately the same age, greeted us.
“Caroline, he is Tobias and she is Maggot, his
wife. They live here and take care of the
island” Aaron explained.
“Congratulations to you both” Maggot said
cheerfully “now go inside and change. Dinner
is almost done” she added, patting Aaron’s
I shook hands with both of them, then
followed Aaron inside the villa. Our bags
were already empty till the time we entered
the room and everything was placed neatly
inside the closet.
Taking out a dark blue sundress, that we
brought in Milan, I walked inside the
“Want me to join you?” Aaron asked, stopping
the door by his hand.
“No” I chuckled.
“Why?” He frowned with a mischievous glint
in his eyes.
“Because the dinner is almost done and if we
don’t go there soon… well… you know, it will
get cold and no longer taste the same” I tried
to reason out but laughed hearing my own
“That is really a very stupid reason but okay.
I can wait” Aaron smirked then closed the
bathroom door and went away.
Heat rushed to my cheeks and it felt like my
heart will implode in my chest any moment.
Why the hell he has to say things that make
me feel so… weak in the knees!
Taking a cool refreshing shower to calm my
emotions, I walked out of the bathroom.
Aaron wasn’t there so maybe he went to
some other room for a shower.
I dried my hair with a dryer and left them
open, falling freely around my face. Applying
an adequate amount of makeup and putting
on my heels I walked outside the room
towards the entrance hall, where Aaron was
already waiting for me.
He was wearing a sky blue shirt and denim
jeans along with a cream coloured coat that
completed his look.
“Ready?” I said walking towards him and
looping my hand around his arm.
“Why is it always that you look so beautiful?”
Aaron winked at me, walking opposite to
where the entrance was.
Though it was too cheesy but coming out
from his mouth, well I don’t mind it.
“Why is it always that you look so
handsome?” I replied to him.
He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at
me with an amused expression on his face.
“Is it so?”
I hummed in response and pulled him with
me. “Where are we going, by the way?” I
asked. We were supposed to have dinner and
he was taking me outside the villa.
“To have dinner” he smiled.
We walked past a few rooms until we
reached the backyard, where a table was set
for the two of us.
The cool breeze fanning my hair, the
peaceful sound of the sea waves, the clear
sky full of stars just provoked the beauty of
I sat on the chair that Aaron drew out for me
and thanked him. He sat next to me and
uncovered the dishes that were placed on the
It was some different kind of sea food, the
type of food I have never tasted or even seen
before. Though it looked odd but the smell
was wonderful so I won’t mind tasting it.
“It’s Maggot’s special dishes, you won’t find it
anywhere else and…” he said, putting some
of it in my plate “it tastes really good”.
I picked up a fork and knife and took my
first bite. It was definitely an unusual taste
but was delicious. I closed my eyes, savoring
the taste and heard Aaron chuckle.
“Told you” he said pouring champagne in two
“I’m gonna learn this from her!” I declared
taking a mouthful bite. We ate in silence for
sometime when Aaron spoke all of a sudden.
“Caroline, I don’t want to spoil your mood by
taking some @sshole’s name here but I’m
quite curious, why didn’t that James attend
our wedding. I mean the father is the one to
walk his daughter down the aisle”.
I was about to take another bite but stopped
in mid, hearing him. I looked up at him and
he was looked, more concerned than,
curious. He was staring at me, waiting for my
“He had an important meeting. He could have
lost thousands of dollars if he had attended
our wedding” I sighed.
Aaron’s expressions changed, from concern
to anger instantly and he clenched his teeth.
“And what was your mother doing? Shouldn’t
she be the one who should be there for you
when her fv¢king husband was prioritizing
his work over his daughter!” He said it in
such a calm yet terrifying tone that it made a
chill run down my spine. Was he that angry?
“Juliea is not my mother” I looked down at
my hands not able to look him in the eye.
He drew his chair closer to me and placed
his hands over mine, drawing circles on the
palm of my left hand.
“She is my step-mother and Lahaina is my
step-sister” I whispered, not being able to
speak any louder.
“I’m sorry” Aaron whispered cupping my face
with his hands and giving me an @ssuring
“No wonder why you are so different from
them” he said, placing a klzz on the corner of
my l!ps.
He made me turn back to my food and
handed me my fork and knife gesturing me
to eat. “You really don’t want to waste this
food. Do you? And I even have your favourite
chocolate mousse here” he said, uncovering
another plate to reveal the mouth watering
“Never” I smiled back at him and dug into my
My family has already destroyed many happy
moments of my life or I can say almost
every happy moment of my life, I won’t allow,
even their thought, to spoil this one.
I don’t know what good things I did in my life
to deserve a man like Aaron, but now that I
have him I won’t allow my family to destroy
my happiness. Because now I want to move
forward and live happily, forgetting my
horrible past and my horrible family.
After we had our dinner, Aaron got up from
his chair, moving towards the music system
that was kept at another table on a side and
played a soft, slow, romantic tune.
He turned towards me, taking my hand in his,
he pulled me out of my chair and sn@k£d his
arms around my waist. I wrapped my hands
around his neck as we swayed to the music.
I placed my head on his chest and closed my
eyes, not wanting this moment to ever come
to an end. It all felt so wonderful, to be
liked, to be cared, to know that someone is
there to help you stand if you fall. It was
something I have wished all my life but never
got it.
“Caroline?” Aaron said in his dark, husky
I hummed, with my eyes still closed.
“You know how to swim?” He asked out of
“Are you planning to drown me?” I asked.
“Maybe” he chuckled and I hit his chest.
“A little. I learned it in school”. I never got
the opportunity to visit any beach so I have
no idea whether I still remember swimming
or not, after all, it’s been years.
“Want to go snorkeling tomorrow?”
I opened my eyes and looked up at him, he
raised his brows in question, making me
giggle. “Okay” I answered.
We stayed like that for some more time
before he picked me up in his arms all of a
sudden and started walking inside the villa.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m gonna make love to you” he said in a
husky voice making my heart hammer inside
my chest.
Reaching our room he kicked the door shut
by his legs and placed me on our bed,
klzzing my temple.
“I have waited for you for too long and I
know you’re gonna be worth the wait” he said
dipping his head to capture my l!ps.
His l!ps were soft and pliant on mine, as he
klzzed me slowly. Our l!ps moved in perfect
sync and I ran my hand through his hairs.
He trailed klzzes down my neck and
collarbone and I couldn’t help the m0@n that
left my l!ps.
He got up from the bed and stood beside it,
not moving his eyes away from me for even
a split-second he threw his coat on the floor,
followed by his shirt.
I took a sharp breath looking at his perfect
muscles and abs and he smirked. He
forwarded his hand to me and pulled me out
of the bed to stand in front of him.
There was a slight hesitation in me, but, then
one look at Aaron and all my hesitation flew
away and I leaned towards him, standing on
my tip toes to klzz him.
His hand moved to my waist then upper,
towards the chain of the dress I was wearing
and he pulled it down making it flow and
drop on the floor.
I wrapped my hands around his neck and he
picked me up, taking me back to bed and
making slow and p@ssionate love to me.
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 EPISODE 28 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
I woke up the next morning, curled up next to
Aaron. My head was on his shoulders and my
hand was splayed on his chest. I could feel
his heart beating under my palm and I smiled
knowing he was still asleep.
I moved my head to look up at him, his hairs
was a total mess and he looked ridiculously
cute sleeping like that.
Shifting, not much to disturb his sleep, I
klzzed the corner of his l!ps. Last night, when
I told him about dad’s reason for not
attending our wedding, he got really furious.
I had expected, he’d be angry but yesterday,
he wasn’t just angry, there was some kind of
hatred. I wonder what dad did with him to
make him hate so much.
Taking a last look at his handsome face, I
gently moved out of his arms. I was about to
walk out of the bed when an arm wrapped
around my waist and pulled me back.
“Stay” Aaron whispered in my ears, hugging,
my n@k£d body, from behind.
“It’s morning already” I chuckled as he klzzed
my shoulders.
“What time is it?” He asked in his sleepy
voice. I reached for my phone, kept on the
bedside table and checked the time.
“7:20” I replied.
“It’s too early. Go back to sleep” he said,
hugging me more tightly. I giggled and tried
to move out of his arms but all my efforts
were futile.
“What about breakfast?” I questioned.
He loos£ned his hold on me all of a sudden
and turned me so that now I was facing him.
“Are you hungry?” He asked with a
mischievous glint in his eyes.
“No” I said, hitting him on his shoulders. He
chuckled and moved his face closer, pecking
my nose.
“Then go back to sleep or I have other
interesting ways to make you stay” he said
and lied on the bed next to me, drawing me
closer to him. Not having any other option, I
closed my eyes and slept. Again.
“Are you sure, nothing will happen to us?” I
asked sitting on the bow rider while Aaron
and the snorkeling guide checked the
snorkels and other equipments.
We were supposed to be here early but then,
because of Aaron’s ‘go back to sleep’ we got
late. Now I’m sitting here under the blazing
sun just waiting to p@ss out because of
“Don’t you trust me?” Aaron asked sincerely. I
nodded my head and sighed.
The snorkeling guide, sitting along with us
looked at the both of us and smiled, poor
man will have sit on this boat until we come
back. Just because Aaron thinks he is too
good at snorkeling and doesn’t need a guide,
we will be going alone under the water.
Okay, I know I trust him a lot but why should
we risk our lives!
He put on his w€tsuit and then helped me
with mine. The guide adjusted the swimfins
and the diving mask on my face. Aaron had
already made me practise how to breathe
through the snorkel and I just wish I’m able
to do it properly under water.
Aaron finally got up from his seat and gave
me his hand, helping me to stand, he placed
the snorkel in his mouth then helped me with
the same. He waited for me for confirmation
before holding my hand and diving in.
As soon as we got inside the water, panic
struck me but Aaron held my hand and
gestured me to breathe through the snorkel. I
did it and relaxed after some time.
I looked around the turquoise water and my
fear was soon replaced by excitement. The
world under the water is, no doubt, more
wonderful than the world we live in.
Aaron and I, swam towards a coral reef and
explored the place. There were so many
beautiful things and paced to see, the school
of fishes, the ship wrecks, the plants, slugs
and so much more. It was a place worth
After a couple of hours we finally got back
to the shore and then back to the island.
“Oh my god Aaron, it was so beautiful down
there. Thank you so much for taking me
there” I literally jumped while walking on the
“Told you. But if you like it so much we can
go there again some time” he smiled at me.
As we were walking towards the villa,
something at the right caught my eyes. It was
a small storage room with an old wooden
door but was nicely maintained.
“What’s there?” I asked, turning towards
“Many things. Like surfboards, motorboats
and many other things” he shrugged.
“Can we go and see?” I asked excitedly. Now
that I’m finally on an island, and not just an
island but a private island, I want to enjoy
every bit of it.
Aaron looked at his watch, then nodded “we
still have some time before lunch so, okay,
we can. But let me get the keys from inside”.
I sat on the sand as Aaron walked inside the
villa to get the keys. I closed my eyes and
tuned at an angle where the sun rays didn’t
fall on my face. Taking a deep breath I
closed my eyes. The smell, of the ocean
water, the fresh trees and fruits, was so
How I wish I could spend my entire life here
with Aaron, away from all the people and
things that bring sadness in my life.
“Caroline. Get up. I got the keys” Aaron
chuckled. I opened my eyes and only to find
a pair of green eyes looking down at me in
“Oh” I said and stood up, rubbing off the
sand from my clothes.
Aaron placed his hand on the small of my
back and we walked towards the store room.
He unlocked the door and walked in first.
Switching on the lights he gestured me to
come in.
I had expected the place to be covered in
dust like the normal store rooms, but this
one was even more clear and tidy than my
old room!
“It’s been years since I came in here” Aaron
said looking around the place.
“Why?” I asked, walking to where he was
“I have very busy with all the work lately.
Even though I used to come here for some
peace, it was just for a day or two” he
“So, being a billionaire has both it’s pros and
cons. Awww. Poor you” I said with a ‘tsk tsk’
sound in the end.
He turned towards me with a raised eyebrow
and a small smile on his l!ps while I tried
h@rd to supress my laugh. He walked towards
me and I stepped back until I was
sandwiched between him and the wall.
“You should sympathise me for the amount
of h@rd work I do, taking care of an entire
company, without any leave or anything and
here you are laughing at me. This is not what
I expected from my wife, Caroline
Woodwords!” Aaron said with a slightly raised
voice. I could no longer control myself and
burst out laughing.
“See. I pity myself now” he said throwing his
hands in the air, dramatically.
“Melodrama” I wiped the tears away from my
eyes, that formed due to excess laughing,
and made futile efforts to push him away.
He stared at me for sometime, with his arms
folded across his chest and his l!ps pressed
together, waiting for me stop laughing. When
I didn’t, he grabbed me by my waist and
klzzed me.
It was rough and punishing at first but when I
wrapped my hands around his neck he
became softer.
“Now don’t you dare laugh on me” Aaron said,
our l!ps inches apart.
I giggled while he just sighed and moved
away to look around. I was about to go
behind him but then saw a number of
surfboards kept at a side and walked towards
I tried to move one but they were very big
and heavy for me. I looked around for Aaron
behind the shelves as I wanted to ask him
about them but he wasn’t there.
Just the next moment, I heard Aaron call for
me. I followed the direction from where I
heard his voice and there he was standing
with a sly smile on his face.
“I got something for you” he said. He turned
and pulled out something from behind the
shelves. It was a canvas.
He placed the stand on the floor, in front of
me, and himself stood next to it.
“Remember back there in Milan, you said you
could paint. Let’s see if you really can”. I was
numb, pinned to the ground and not able to
speak anything. He wants me to paint.
The last time I picked up a paint brush was 8
years ago. When dad was not at home and
mom was giving me another lesson of
painting. She had taught me so much about
this art, with different type of colours and
and paints, and that day she was teaching me
how just a picture can express our feelings.
It was the day, just a week earlier to when
dad separated me from her for ever.
The one and only time when dad found mom
teaching me to paint, he had striked her
really bad. I didn’t want to learn after that day
but mom still used to paint with me whenever
he wasn’t home. After she was gone, I could
never gain up the courage to do it.
Today, looking at Aaron, I can’t believe he is
asking me to do that one task that my dad
would have killed if he found me doing.
I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a pair
of arms engulf me in a hug. Aaron caressed
my hairs and held me tightly in his embrace.
“Missing your mother?” He asked, pecking my
Not able to say anything, I nodded my head.
“I know how it feels” he said in a painful
voice. I wrapped my hands around his waist
and we stayed like that.
After a couple of minutes, I moved back and
he looked into my eyes “Let’s go and have
lunch. I’ll ask Tobias to go and buy some
canvas paper and paint from the main
“Okay” I whispered.


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