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Mr billionaire episode 25 & 26

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 EPISODE 25 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
**** CAROLINE’S POV ****
“Done! Now you can look” Nadia said, making
me turn to look at the mirror.
Since the last 2 hours, I’m sitting on a chair,
while Nadia is doing her ‘Nadia Magic’, as she
puts it, on me. I was not sure when she said
she’ll be able to do the perfect bridal makeup
for me but when I finally turned towards the
mirror, I was shocked. She had really done
an amazing work.
My hairs were tied up in a beautiful loose
bun, with a few strands of hairs falling out
of it. She had applied perfect amount of
makeup on my eyes and face, and my skin
looked flawless.
“Wow Nadia. From where did you learn this?”
I asked, turning sideways to look at myself
from every angle.
“This is Nadia’s magic love” she chuckled,
picking up the veil from the small table and
adjusting it on my head.
“Yeah of course” I rolled my eyes and Nadia
repeated my act.
Today is the day, my wedding day and I can’t
express my happiness in form of words.
This was all a new feeling, it was strange and
at the same time ridiculously beautiful.
It all felt perfect. Though I know my life and
this day will be far from perfection but still it
felt perfect. Imperfectly perfect.
I wish mom was here too, to see this day, to
be with me, to hold my hand when I walk
down the aisle, to hug me and tell me that my
future will bring lots of happiness and to
watch me with tears of joy in her eyes when I
take my vows with the man I love. Her
pres£nce would have made this day just more
perfect. I wish she was here.
“Now don’t you dare cry and spoil my
h@rdwork!” Nadia snapped making me come
out of my thoughts.
“And…” she said adjusting my dress for the
last time then holding my hand and pulling
me out of the room “if we don’t reach there
soon… well, I leave it for you to complete”.
I walked slowly toward dad’s room, taking
each step carefully, as the dress I was
wearing was too heavy and too long. Just
hope that I don’t fall and create a scene!
Nadia stopped and stood aside with her arms
folded across her chest and a bored
expression on her face “you go, I’m good
I smiled and shook my head, before opening
the door. Dad was sitting on the couch,
looking keenly at the laptop on his lap.
“Dad… it’s time to go” I said when he didn’t
realized my pres£nce.
“Caro!” He said smiling, looking at me for a
split second before turning his head back to
the screen. “I’m sorry dear, but I have this
really important meeting in a few minutes. If
I leave this I’ll loose hundred thousands of
I looked at him in disbelief, as he focused on
the laptop screen and ignored my pres£nce.
“So you mean, you will attend this meeting
and not my wedding”.
“This is important Caro. I didn’t knew about it
earlier, Lahaina called me a few minutes ago
to inform she had fixed this meeting. These
are really important people, I just can’t take
any risks and moreover you will have your
mother and sister there with you” he said
sweetly, not even turning his head towards
“Thank you” I said with a straight face and
moved out of his room. I should have
guessed it, everything was just too good to be
true. Lahaina arranged this meeting and now
he will miss my wedding day for a meeting.
Very well. They even spoiled my wedding day.
“What happened?” Nadia asked, looking
behind me and then frowning when she didn’t
saw dad walk out.
“Make sure you hold me if I fall” I whispered
to Dylan, not able to speak any louder as my
heartbeats increased further.
“Make sure you keep this dress to yourself
because if I stepped on it you will definitely
fall” he chuckled.
I picked up the bouquet, then covered my
face with the veil and nodded to Dylan. He
chuckled and started to walk slowly towards
the place where everyone was waiting for the
As I walked, I maintained my gaze on the
ground not being able to gain the courage to
look up at Aaron. I was nervous. Actually,
more scared than nervous.
I could feel all the people looking at me, but
the thought of Aaron looking at me too, made
me blush.
I walked with slow careful steps, clutching
Dylan’s hand so tightly, that I was sure he
will have a bruise there.
As we reached the end of the aisle, he gave
my hand in Aaron’s. As I held on his hand, I
realized how cold my hands were. He
squeezed them tightly in his warm ones and I
finally looked up at him.
He was staring back at me, with admiration in
his eyes and an expression on his face that
clearly showed he was happy to have me.
We turned to face the Bishop and Aaron
whispered in my ear “you look even better
than I fantasised about you”. I giggled and
felt my cheeks heat up.
After taking our vows, Aaron took me inside
for the after party where we had a numerous
rounds of dancing before we finally sat in
one corner of the large room.
It all felt like a dream. A dream that has
finally became a reality. The man sitting in
front me, smiling as the guests congratulated
us, is my husband now.
Who thought my life will change so
beautifully? I used to wish for happiness, for
a change in my pathetic life and today I feel
my wish is granted. God changed it all, giving
me happiness in the form of my husband and
a life that is now worth living. Indeed he has
his ways and his timings are the best!
“It all feels so good” I said to Aaron. He
hummed and entwined our f!ng£rs together,
taking my hand to his mouth and brushing
his l!ps on the back of my palm.
“Okay so will you tell me now where we are
going?” I asked eagerly. He still hasn’t given
any details of our honeymoon to me and I’m
just loosing my patience now. I want to know
“Patience love” he chuckled and pecked my
Just then his friends came and sat beside us.
Aaron introduced me to them two days ago
and I instantly liked them. They are funny as
hell and amazing people.
“Why don’t you all leave?” Aaron said with a
bored expression. I chuckled knowing how
much he loves them but still acts as if he
doesn’t care.
“We’ll leave when K is done” Brian said.
“Where is he?” I asked out of nowhere. Why
am I even asking, he must have gone after a
girl! Nate and Brian had told me about his
extreme interest in girls.
“He went to chat with a girl. Your maid of
honour to be precise” Nate said with a wink.
Oh no! Not her!
“Oh no. Please stop him” I have no idea
whether Nadia will like him or not but if she
didn’t, well… she is crazy for God’s sake!
After some time, Nadia came and pulled a
chair angrily. I placed my hand on her should
and asked “What happened?”
“Just came across a pervert! What’s wrong
with these men! I felt like committing a
murder!” She said between clenched teeth.
She is too angry.
Her anger was replaced with an apologetic
look when she discovered of ‘her pervert’ to
be Aaron’s friends. Now I really hope Kevin
is fine.
I excused myself from there, to go and
change into something else as this dress was
now suffocating me.
Aaron helped me get up and settle my dress
before I walked towards the suite of rooms
where our bags were kept.
As I walked, I saw Dylan standing at the
extreme corner and doing something on his
mobile, he saw me and I waved at him.
I was about to turn the doorknob when I
heard a sound, of breaking of a gl@ss, from
behind. Turning around I saw, Dylan and
Nadia standing together. Her dress was
drenched with the wine Dylan was drinking a
few seconds ago and the broken peices of
gl@ss were all over the floor around them.
Nadia jerked her head up with blood shot
eyes and shouted, not loud enough for the
other people to hear who were busy dancing
but, clear enough to show her fury “What the
hell you did to my dress”
Oh I’ve heard this before!
Before you say it is a repeated episode it isn’t repeated, just two different points of view for the same occasion,
Yesterday was Aaron’s view today is Caro’s
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 26🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
“What the hell you did to my dress?” Nadia
shouted on Dylan with blood shot eyes.
I looked over at Aaron with a smile and he
gave me a knowing look. Picking up my
gown, I moved towards Nadia to help her
calm down.
“Just added a bit more colour I guess” Dylan
replied with his usual calm tone.
“Very funny Mr. Van@ssche! Very funny! Let
me throw a gl@ss full of wine on your oh-so-
expensive suit and say the same thing. I
guess it won’t be funny any longer” she said
with clenched teeth.
“Thank you if you found it funny but just to
make things clear I didn’t cracked a joke” he
said, making Nadia angrier.
“Hold on guys. It was an accident” I said.
Nadia turned towards me and showed the big
stain of the wine on her dress “see what he
I looked over at Dylan but there wasn’t even a
bit of guilt for his act. I know it was an
accident but he could have acted like a true
gentleman and apologised to her rather than
being sarcastic.
“I think you both should apologise to each
other and end this here” I came up with the
only solution I had, without them starting a
They both looked at me as if I had lost my
mind so I turned to look at Aaron who just
shrugged. Kevin came after a few seconds
and looked at all of us trying to gauge the
complication of the situation.
“When was the last time I ever apologised
Caro?” Dylan asked me sweetly.
Nadia rolled her eyes at his question, but her
expressions changed all of a sudden as if
something came up on her mind “and why
should I apologise? Isn’t he the one who
spoiled my dress? Then why the hell should I
apologise!” She yelled.
Aaron came a little closer to where we all
were standing and wrapped his hand around
my shoulders “Nadia I completely understand
your point and even I feel that Van@ssche
should apologise but you should not forget
that we are still in my wedding party”.
I nodded my head, agreeing with Aaron
“Of course this is your wedding party so
please do me a favour and ask this man to
leave from here before I kick him out
myself” Nadia said glaring daggers in Dylan’s
head whereas Dylan’s face now held shock,
listening her violent words.
“And, sorry to speak in between but, I want to
warn you Mr. Van@ssche, she kicks really
h@rd” Kevin said giving a pained look,
drawing all the attention towards him.
Nate and Brian burst out laughing and Nadia
gave me a look that clearly said what she had
done with Kevin earlier. This girl!
“I had no interest in attending this wedding
but just because you are getting married to
my sister I had to be pres£nt to @ssure that
she will be fine” he said to Aaron sternly
then turned back to face Nadia “didn’t you
hear Caro say it was an accident and
moreover where were you looking when you
crashed into me?”.
Though Dylan must be really irritated and
angry from inside but he is too good in
hiding his emotions and act cool.
“And here I thought they both were dating” I
murmured to myself but they heard it and
everyone stared at me with their eyes bugging
Aaron gave me an amused look and said “you
think your friend has that bad of a choice?”
“Exactly!” Nadia snapped.
“Are we taking sides Aaron?” I ignored
Nadia’s horrific glare and concentrated on
Aaron speaking for Nadia, or more like Aaron
speaking against Dylan.
He looked at Dylan then back at me “I am” he
smiled and I sighed.
Here I am trying to end the argument and my
lovely husband is just making it worse.
“Seriously Caro? Me and her? HER!” Dylan
said looking at me in disbelief.
“A person can think anything” I gave a fake
laugh and before any one of them could say
anything more, I grabbed Nadia’s hand and
pulled her along, walking with great care of
not falling down wearing the wedding gown.
Without turning to give a second look to all
the men standing there, I opened the door,
where my bags where kept, and went in along
with Nadia.
“It’s is my wedding party girl!”
“Go say this to your brother! That crazy, sick
human! And what the hell made think I will
date that pathetic excuse of a man” She
shouted throwing her hands in the air with
“What did he do?” I asked curiously. I know
Nadia, she is a very nice person and never
talks ill about a person that easily, so I really
want to know what Dylan actually did to earn
so much hatred.
“You know, the type of situations when we
see a person for the first time and feel a
strange type of connection with them and you
instantly start to like them. It was that, just
that strange type of feeling, but the complete
opposite, that instantly made me hate that
crazy, stupid, jerk” she said all in one go then
closed her eyes, trying to calm her anger.
I remained silent for sometime, waiting for
her to open her eyes and be a bit serious,
then spoke “Stop exaggerating Nadia. I’m
really curious”
“Don’t! Just don’t talk of him now! Not now
nor ever!” She said sitting on the bed, placing
her head in between her hands “He acts good
in front of you but in real he is a complete
jerk! God! Why are we even talking of him!”
I let the topic drop at the moment and asked
for her help in getting off, of my dress.
While helping me change she told me about
her shifting to California. I was shocked at
first but then she informed that the company
owner sold off the company’s building here
as they were facing some loss and most of
the workers are being shifted to it’s other
branch in California. I wanted to laugh and
tell her about Dylan living in California but I
didn’t as I didn’t wanted her to be back to her
angry self and there is almost 0.001
possibility of then crossing paths there.
“I’m gonna miss you” I hugged her tightly.
“Me too” she said with a sad face.
Changing into a cream coloured beautiful
dress that Nadia had selected for me earlier,
we finally walked out to the hall where Aaron
was waiting for me.
He informed that he talked to Dylan and that
he already left. I hope they didn’t got into an
argument, poor Dylan.
As we were about to leave, Ethan, Aaron’s
father, came and gave his blessings to us.
He is a wonderful person and an ideal father,
I wish dad was anywhere like him.
I picked up the bouquet for tossing it while I
was leaving and started to walk out of the
place with Aaron walking next to me.
All the girls were eagerly standing and hoping
to catch the flowers. I tossed it back and
walked down the stairs, turning for a split
second to see who caught it but, burst out
laughing when I saw Nadia holding it with a
confused look on her face.
“What’s so funny?” Aaron asked as we sat in
his limo.
“Nadia and Dylan. They’re crazy” I said
chuckling and placing my head on his
“And what about me?” He asked raising his
“What about you?” I frowned.
“What do you think about me. Now that we
are married” he smiled.
“Ummm…” I sat up straight and turned to
face him “you’re bad because you’re not
telling me where are we going” I said faking
a sad look.
He chuckled and pulled me towards him,
placing his l!ps over mine and klzzing me
p@ssionately. He pushed his tongue into my
mouth exploring each and every corner, while
I felt butterflies inside my stomach.
“Too impatient are we?” He chuckled and I
We sat in silence, with my head on his
shoulder and our hands entwined together, as
I was too tired to speak anymore.
Reaching the airport, we boarded the plane
where Mark and Lara congratulated us and
Aaron took me to our seats.
“How long will it take?” I asked in a sleepy
“2 hours” he said.
I made myself comfortable on my seat and
closed my eyes “wake me up when we’re
there” I yawned placing my hand to cover my
Just the next moment, two strong arms
picked me up from my seat. I jerked open my
eyes and looked up at Aaron “What happened”
I asked.
He just shook his head, with a smile on his
l!ps, and started walking carrying me.
Opening a door he placed me on the bed and
covered me with a quilt.
“You’ll be more comfortable here. I have
some work to see, I’ll join you after it’s done”
he said planting a klzz on my forehead.
“You even have a room here. Should have
guess it before” I said in a drowsy tone and
shook my head in disbelief. Aaron gave a
sheepish grin then walked out of the room.
I closed my eyes and slept with a smile on
my l!ps.
“Get up sweetheart” Aaron whispered, his hot
breath fanning my ears and neck. I opened
my eyes and rolled over to face him. “We’re
here and now you can finally know where we
My eyes lit up in excitement as he said those
words and I got up quickly, throwing the
covers away from me and moving towards
the window to look outside but all I could see
was the long runway and buildings around
the airport.
You’re still in the jet idiot!
“Where are we?” I asked Aaron disappointed.
“Bahamas” he smiled and I g@sped.
I’ve always had a thing about travelling and
islands fascinated me to a very extreme
extend. The cool breeze on the island, the
beaches, their cuisine, it’s all so wonderful.
Living with dad I was not allowed to move out
of the city leave alone going to some island. I
don’t know if Aaron knows about it or not but
he just made another of my wish come true.
“You knew I like islands?” I asked him
“I asked Nadia” he came towards me and
wrapped his arms around my waist. Wait…
Nadia knew it! She knew it! No wonder why
Aaron was taking her side. But isn’t she my
best friend!
“She will have a lot to explain” I said placing
my head on his h@rd chest.
“Oh don’t” he chuckled “she literally begged
me to not take her name or you’ll kill her.
But I doubt you can even hurt anyone leave
alone killing someone”. I hit his chest
playfully, then after sometime walked into the
bathroom to wash my face and settle my
Once I was done, we got into a car. Our bags
and stuffs were nowhere to be seen, I even
asked Aaron about it but he just said it will
be s£nt to the island. Aren’t we already on
the island!
I looked around myself, enjoying each and
every moment of being on an island when the
car stopped near the coast and we moved
Aaron took my hand in his and started to
walk towards the coast where a crew of men
greeted and congratulated us.
Aaron talked to them for sometime then
walked towards the bow rider boat that was
at a distance and away from all other motor
We stepped in it carefully and he took on the
steering wheel, starting the engine and
driving, splashing the water all around us.
“Why are we going away from the island!” I
shouted in between the noise of the engine
and the water.
“See for yourself” he said pointing towards a
smaller island about a mile away.
I looked at there for some time but there
wasn’t anything unusual, it was the next
moment when realization hit me and I looked
at Aaron and sighed. He laughed and after a
few minutes stopped the boat at the coast of
the island, turning towards me.
“This is your private island” I said not able to
believe what I was saying.
” ‘Our’ private island” he said smiling making
me fall in love with him again.


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