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Mr billionaire episode 19 & 20

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🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 19🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻






“Where do you want to have lunch?” Aaron

asked tiling his head towards me.

“I get to choose the place?” I smiled at him. I

had thought he will again take me to some

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big expensive restaurant where I’ll feel from

a different world.

“You choose the place” he smiled back.

“Okay then” As he drove, I directed him the

route to my favourite eating place.

It was a small burger shop, where I used to

come daily with mom when I was young. I

remember how I used to love those burgers

and would cry really badly if mum wouldn’t

take me here.

Aaron seemed a bit uncomfortable or

probably shocked that I brought him to a

small little place like this but after a few

minutes, he went back to normal.

I took his hand and pulled him inside, there

was not much of a crowd and people were

enjoying eating their delicious food and

chatting. We sat on the table at the left

corner as Aaron didn’t want to sit among the


Typical billionaire!

“Are you sure you wanna eat here?” He asked

with a frown, looking around the place.

“Yes” I stated confidently, making him realise

I’m not changing my mind.

“I won’t let you choose next time” he said

looking me in the eyes and I giggled.

A boy came to take our orders, and I

ordered, my favourite cheese burger and

some french fries, for both me and Aaron.

Till our orders came Aaron told me about his

dad and mom and that his mother was no

more. He became quite sad while talking

about his mother which clearly showed how

much he missed her. I can feel his pain as I

know how bad it is to not have your mother

by your side.

As the boy came back with our orders, I

picked up my burger and took a big bite from

it, devouring the heavenly taste. I looked up

at Aaron and he was sitting there staring at


“Eat it. You’ll like it” I said, gulping my food

and gesturing him to have his lunch.

He picked it up with an odd expression and

ate it, his expressions changed and I’m

immediately knew he liked it. Who wouldn’t?

After our lunch Aaron paid the bill and we

set off to meet his father whom I am not

much excited to meet.

We stopped outside a big mansion, I didn’t

look around much as I was very nervous and

moved inside with Aaron holding my hand

with an amused look. He thinks I am crazy

that I’m afraid of meeting his dad.

I walked behind him, holding his hand tightly

for courage, isn’t it normal to be nervous

when you’re gonna be meeting your future


Aaron stopped in front of a door and turned

towards me.

“Can’t we skip it?” I asked with a little hope.

“It’s okay Caroline. I’ll be there with you” He

said with a chuckle and opened the door.

The room was an office, it was quite big with

bookshelves all around, a set of couches on

the right corner and a big desk where

Aaron’s father was reading some files.

As soon as he saw us, he smiled and came

towards me, taking my hand in his and

placing a kiss on my knuckles.

“How have you been young lady?” He asked

and guided us towards the couches. I sat with

Aaron next to me while his father sat on our


The first and the only time I met him was at

home when he and dad were talking of

Lahaina’s and Aaron’s marriage. Oh this is so


“I’ve been good” I replied with a smile.

“You must know about me. Right?” He said

with a sweet smile then looked over Aaron

“Did you even mention your father to her or

not?” He asked with a fake hurt expression.

Aaron just rolled his eyes.

“Yes, he did” I replied.

“Ok, so since his mom is not here to fire

questions on you. I’ll do her part too” he said

his face glowed talking about his wife. It

seems he loved her so much.

“How did you two meet?” He asked wiggling

his eyebrows like a kid.

Aaron was sitting silently with a bored and

irritated expression on his face but his face

lit up with that question.

“I broke his car” I answered, more like

whispered. Aaron looked at me and smirked.

“Interesting” Ethan said with a smile “and

what did you so that he decided to marry

you. I mean he doesn’t have a good

reputation with women” his father said eyeing

him to which Aaron glared at him.

You threw money on his face!

My inner voice informed me. Stupid inner


“I don’t know” I said and looked at Aaron,

maybe he can answer that question but he

just shrugged while Ethan laughed.

After that, we talked for some more time

before Aaron offered to drop me off back


His father is too sweet, I was relieved that he

didn’t bring up Lahaina for once but the way

Aaron talked to his father so rudely it didn’t

look they have a good relationship.

I wanted to question Aaron why he is so rude

to his father, when Ethan is such a caring

and sweet person, but I didn’t, I don’t know

why. Maybe sometime later.

“I’m going to Milan tomorrow” Aaron said

breaking the silence.

“For how long?”

“A week or maybe more” he said looking at

my face.

A week! A whole week! Maybe even more! I

feel so happy and good when I am with him,

and now a week without him, well.. I think I

can manage.

“Okay” I said moving out of the car as he

stopped near my house.

He too came out and towards my side,

cupping my cheeks, with his warm hands.

“Accompany me” he said but before I could

understand what he meant or even react he

dipped his head and captured my lips.

His lips were soft on mine, moving slow as if

in a teasing manner before he pulled me

close to him by my waist.

Our lips moved in sync as he deepened the

kiss, pulling me closer to him, my hands

placed on his muscular chest.

“Come with me to Milan” he whispered his

lips brushing against mine with every word

he spoke.

“I can?” I asked smiling brightly at him.

“You can” he chuckled and pulled back,

leaning on his car now “I’ll send my car


“No” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“Why?” He said mimicking my pose.

“You didn’t gift me a Lamborghini to keep it

as a show piece. Did you? Let me make a

little use of it and moreover I want to meet

Nadia and tell her about me leaving and I’m

sure she’ll want to come to the airport with

me” I said with a genuine look.

If I went without informing Nadia, she’ll chop

me into small little pieces and feed it to…

well, whoever she wants to.

“Are you sure you won’t break any more

cars?” He laughed with a deep sound and I hit

him on his chest playfully.

“Fine. The flight takes off at 6:30 in the

morning so be there before that” Aaron said

and kissed my forehead, still chuckling.

“Hmm” I hummed then chirped a goodbye

and went inside with a big smile. Once I

reached the door step, I turned to look at

Aaron as he ducked inside his car. He saw

me and winked before driving off.

I walked towards my room as I wanted to talk

to Nadia and pack my bags for my first trip

outside the city. Dad never let me leave

neither did he take me with him as he

thought I was just a burden on him. And that

was the reason why I was more exited about

it, that Aaron wanted me to come with him

and more importantly that he doesn’t think of

me as some burden.

“Caro” I heard dad’s voice, call me from

behind me.

“Yes, dad” I turned around to look at him, his

face was bruised and a big bandage around

his nose. Even Juliea was there with him,

glaring me as if planning my murder in her


“May I know what you said to that man, to

make him hit me so hard?” He spoke in

between clenched teeth.

“That was unintentional” I tried to convince

him but his anger just rose.

“Like fuck it was. This is the reason why I

hate this stupid creature. She is fake!” Juliea

cried throwing her hands in the air.

“What are you both implying?” I asked not

understanding why were they blaming me for

that accident.

“He saw me. He was glaring me when I

entered that court and then the ball hit me.

Don’t you fucking dare to say it was an

accident because it wasn’t!” Dad said angrily,

stepping near me with every sentence.

Did he really? But when I asked Aaron about

it he said he didn’t do it intentionally and

more importantly why would he do that? If it

was Dylan in place of him then I could have

believed dad but Aaron…. He is nice. He

can’t do that.

“I think you misunderstood the situation, they

were just playing and you came all of a


“You mean to say I was wrong?!” He yelled,

daring me to say ‘yes’.


“Get one thing really clear in your head little

Caro, if I plan to get something, I get it. You

are just a puppet in this game, the day you

fucking start using your brain will be the day

I’ll make your oh-so-good heart stop. You

don’t like Aaron to pay for your deeds do

you?” He said with his blood shot eyes. They

looked dangerous, scary and I wanted to just

run away from there.

I shook my head, not able to say anything

and he smirked.

“Good then, it will be better for you if you

don’t come between me and Aaron’s money

because I’m gonna get it one way or another”

he warned me and I nodded my head.

“Aaron w..wants me a..acc…accompany

him to M…Milan” I said stammering, my heart

beating faster as I felt a sudden need to cry.

“Go. Just don’t use your brain because you

fucking don’t have it” he said and walked past

me pushing by me with his shoulder. Juliea

too walked away giving me a sorry smile as

if she really cared.

I felt a tear press at the corner of my eye

and I ran to my room before I broke down


Why does this always happen? Whenever I am

happy someone or something happens to

leave me back in tears. Every time. Every

damn time.

Sometimes I really start hating myself, for

the person I am, for the life I am living, for

the type of parents I got.

Can’t it just be good for once?

A little better?

Just a little?




🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 20🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


I’m drowning! Save me! I’m drowning! It’s a
I sat up and opened my eyes with a jerk,
looking around I realized I was still in my
room, on my bed. No tsunami?
“Get up sleepy head” I heard a girl’s voice say
to me. I turned my head towards the voice
and it was a familiar face. Oh I know her, it’s
She was standing with an empty glass in her
hand, I touched my face, it was wet. My bed
sheet and clothes were drenched. She threw
water on me!
“You’ll be late!” She shouted, pulling me out
of my bed.
I’ll be late? Where am I going?
Milan, you idiot!
Thank you inner voice.
I looked at the clock on my bedside table and
realized I was really gonna be late. It’s
already 6. I jumped out of my bed and ran
towards the bathroom for a quick shower.
“Fast Caro! Fast” Nadia shouted from the
other side of the door.
I had called her yesterday night and informed
her about the trip, she was extremely excited
to hear it and said she will come to the
airport as she even wanted to meet Aaron for
“Here take this” she said knocking the door. I
opened it slightly and she threw my clothes
I quickly got dressed and moved out. As I
was getting ready, Nadia paced around the
room thinking hard and asking me again and
again whether if I was forgetting anything.
Once I tied my hair in a high pony tail and
applied a little makeup, we took the bags and
ran down.
Everyone in the house was already awake
because of the sounds we were making in
hurry, they came out to see what’s going on
but I didn’t have the time to even wait and say
a bye to them.
“Ba bye bitches” Nadia waved to my family
not even waiting for a split second.
We placed my bags in the cars and Nadia
took the driving seat as I don’t have faith on
my driving when I am in such a hurry. I don’t
even have faith on Nadia when she is in much
more hurry that me, but she warned me to
stay quite and sit calmly as she didn’t want
me to miss my first flight.
What would I have done without a friend like
“What happened to James’ nose? I can
imagine someone breaking it for the kind of
bitch he is” She asked amusingly. She was
driving at a very high speed and I think we
will die before reaching the airport.
“Aaron did. And slow down the car!” I
shouted but she just ignored and pushed the
accelerator further.
After exactly 10 mins we were outside the
airport. There were a lot of people carrying
their bags and entering the waiting area and I
just hope I didn’t miss the flight.
“It’s 6:35. We’re late” Nadia said glaring at
me, as if it was my fault.
You woke up late. Of course it’s your fault.
We took out my bags from the car and I
started to move inside when I heard someone
call my name.
I turned to look for the voice and saw a man
dressed neatly in a formal suite making his
way towards me through the crowd.
“Mr. Woodwords is waiting for you over
there” he said pointing towards a black SUV
at some place.
He took the bags from our hand and Nadia
and I followed him towards the car. As we
moved closer, Aaron came out of the car,
wearing a dark grey t-shirt, that showed off
his muscles, and black jeans. He took off his
sunglasses and smiled at me.
“Sorry” I whispered, apologizing for being late
but he just smiled wider in return.
“Hello Mr. Woodwords. I’m Nadia, Caro’s best
friend ” Nadia said cheerfully, forwarding her
hand towards him.
“Nice to meet you” Aaron said and took her
hand for a handshake.
“It’s so good to finally meet you. I’ve heard a
lot about you from newspapers and media
and yeah of course from Caro too but it is
amazing to meet you in person. Sorry if I am
speaking too much but I am just too happy
for both of you. Like…”
“It’s okay Nadia” I patted her back, gigging on
her act. She goes stark crazy when she is
happy. Wait. She is always crazy.
“Come we need to leave soon” Aaron said
looking at me with an amused smile.
“I hope you will take good care of my friend
because if you don’t I should inform you I
can be bad too” she threatened him and
Aaron frowned giving her a death glare but
she shrugged and turned towards me.
“Bye. Have fun” Nadia hugged me and started
going back towards the car.
“I don’t like her” Aaron said with a pissed off
“Oh wait” she shouted all of a sudden as if
realizing she missed something and ran back
towards us “I wanted to just thank you for
what you did yesterday. I hope you do it more
often” she giggled and went back towards the
She needs a doctor!
Aaron looked at me with a confused look
“You broke my father’s nose” I sighed. His
expression changed as he understood her
“Now I think I like her” he chuckled and
placed his hand on the small of my back. We
started to moved away from the crowd and I
looked over at Aaron, not knowing where he
was taking me.
Aren’t we already late for the flight?
We kept on walking, till we were standing at a
small distance from a big jet. We kept on
moving towards it while the other men
dressed in formal attire followed us and I
realised it was his jet. It was his private jet!
Damn, this man!
Aaron talked to a few people, before we
boarded onto the plane.
A girl, dressed in white blouse and black
pencil skirt, looking professional, greeted us
as soon as we climbed the stairs. “She is
Lara” Aaron shook hands with her and she
smiled at me.
A man came next and greeted Aaron. I
assumed him to be the pilot by his attire,
“Caroline, meet Mark, he’s my pilot and even
a good friend”
“You’re beautiful” Mark smiled at me, in a
flirty manner.
“Stay back. She’s taken” Aaron pushed him a
little and Mark chuckled.
We moved further inside and I was surprised
to see the interior. It didn’t look like the
interior of a jet at all. It had all the comforts
and even luxuries a person dreams of.
I turned around to have a good look at the
place and saw a flight of stairs going
somewhere up. Don’t tell me it has another
Aaron took my hand in his and walked up the
round stairs revealing a much more beautiful
area than it was down.
We sat on our comfortable seats and he
helped me buckle my seat belt. He took out a
small phone from the side seat and spoke to
someone about the take off.
Once the plane started to move I clutched his
hand tightly and squeezed my eyes shut. It
was my first flight and I was hell scared
about it.
Aaron placed his other hand on mine and
whispered in my ear “Don’t worry, we won’t
crash” he chuckled with a deep sound.

I opened my eyes all of a sudden to glare at
the handsome man sitting beside me. Here I
am nervous about my first flight and this
man is scaring me even more.
“Shut up!” I tried to snap at him but it ended
up like a whisper. My heat beat quickened as
the speed of the plane increased all of a
sudden making me jerk back on the seat by
“We’re in air” Aaron finally spoke after a
short silence. He opened both our seat belts
and pulled up the window shades for me to
look out. I did and we were really quite high
He got up from his seat and went back
somewhere coming after a few minutes with
a bottle of wine in his hand and two glasses
in the other one. He poured it, handing one to
me and sat opposite to where I was sitting.
The girl, Lara, came and placed different kind
of foods out for us. I thanked her and she
went back with a smile.
The food was all hot and smelled heavenly.
“Where did you get that from?” I asked Aaron
pointing towards the food. We were in a jet
and getting this type of amazing food was…..
well…. odd.
“Lara cooked it” he answered taking his first
“You have a kitchen here?” I asked my mouth
wide open.
“Of course” he smiled and gestured me to
We talked and laughed about different topics
after that, he told me stories about his
childhood, and about his business in Milan. I
even told him some of the crazy moments I
had with Dylan, the ones that I remember
faintly, all the while till we heard Mark’s voice
from the speaker informing about the
I was really tired till the time we got off the
plane. Aaron thanked Mark as we moved out
where a number of people were standing,
waiting for us.
As soon as Aaron stepped down they all
came near him and started speaking to him in
some foreign language which I think was
Italian, as we were in Italy, but he just nodded
his head without saying anything and guided
me towards a black limo.
We ducked inside and the chauffeur drove
off. I looked outside the window admiring the
beauty of the city until I dozed off on
Aaron’s shoulder.
The next morning I opened my eyes as I felt
the rays of the sun fall on my face. The bed
I was sleeping on was softer and much more
comfortable to the usual one I sleep on, even
the comforter draped around me was not
mine. Covering my eyes with the palm of my
hand I pulled off the sheets to move near the
windows and drew the curtains.
Once my eyes got settled to the day light I
looked around the room and realized it was a
hotel room.
I moved out of my room looking for Aaron
but he was nowhere to be seen. I knocked on
the door next to mine but he didn’t answer.
Must be sleeping, I thought to myself and
looked for the kitchen.
Last night I slept without eating anything and
now my stomach was growling for food. I
went inside the kitchen, directly towards the
refrigerator, pulling out a carton of milk, I
poured it in a glass and drank it.
Just then there was some noise of opening
and closing doors, I quickly ran out thinking it
must be Aaron.
He came in dressed in his office clothes,
threw his coat on the table and sat on the
couch. I went and sat beside him.
“Where were you? I thought you were
sleeping late” I said carefully not sure of his
“Had a meeting” he said leaning his head on
the couch and turning to look at me.
“Don’t you think it’s too early. Who called a
meeting so early in the morning?” I checked
my phone for the time and it was 9 am
according to Milan’s time.
“I did” he said simply.
“What? Why?” I asked, a frown marring my
“Because you see, I have this beautiful girl by
my side, who is my fiance and I wish to
spend the day with her, taking her on a tour
around the city” he said bringing his face
closer to mine.
A blush crept on my cheeks and I smiled my
biggest smile as he said those words. I can’t
believe he was serious. Did he really get up
early and call a meeting, just because he
wanted to spend time with me?
“We have an entire week here Aaron” I said
stating the fact, the smile not leaving my lips.
“Yep. But I’ll be busy with some important
work here and what if I didn’t get time
afterwards. I don’t want you to complain
later” he said with an amused smile playing
on his lips.
“I don’t complain!” I answered back with a
He watched my face for a few seconds,
without speaking anything, just watched.
“You don’t” he murmured pulling back, the
smile no more on his face and he looked as
if he was thinking of something bad.
“That’s the problem. You don’t complain. You
don’t demand. You just listen. But you know
what Caroline, start complaining, start
demanding, if you don’t like something, if you
don’t want something, don’t do it. It’s your
life and only you have the right to control it.
NO ONE ELSE” he said, looking straight in my
What happened to him? We were just talking
about the trip around the city, right? Then
what happened all of a sudden to make him
so disturbed? The way he said those words, it
looked he was hurt by something. But what?
What did I do?
I stared him without saying anything. Not able
to make out the meaning of his words. Did I
say anything wrong?
“You’re angry with me?” I asked – whispered,
afraid he may have got offended by
“Angry with you?” He raised his brows, the
smile back on his lips. “Never” he said
moving close and placing a kiss on my
“Get ready fast. You’re gonna love this place”
he said with a wink and got up from the
couch, taking his coat and moving towards
his room.
Did he hit his head somewhere?



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