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Mr billionaire episode 17 & 18

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 17🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
**** Aaron’s POV ****
Caroline messaged me in the morning the
place where Van@ssche has called us to
meet him, it’s a 5 star hotel which I had
visited quite a few times, God knows what he
wants there. I hate being told what to do.
Just if that man was not my Caroline’s
cousin, I would have showed him his real
Yesterday when I called him and he
introduced himself as Caroline’s boyfriend, I
was filled with fury. The rage that I felt for
him at that time is something I can never
explain. If he had said that if front of me
then I would have been accused of murder
charges up till now.
Anyway, so here I am standing outside her
house, waiting for her to show her pretty
face. When she messaged me I had called
her and offered to pick her up on my way as
dad wants to meet her too, though I didn’t
mention any such thing about my father to
Dad didn’t react much when he got to know
about the change in contracts, maybe he
knew I’d do something like that, after all I’d
never bow down to anyone. He said he just
wanted me to get married and it doesn’t
matter to him if it was Lahaina or anyone else
of my choice. Yeah, crazy enough.
It’s been 3 minutess now that I’m standing
here, I mentally patted my back for having
this much patience for the first time in my
life. I took out my phone from my coat
pocket and dialed Caroline’s number, as I
didn’t wanted to go in that house.
No meeting, all @ssholes in a single day!
I was about to swipe my screen that’ll call
Caroline when I saw someone I didn’t wanted
to see.
“Mr. Woodwords!!” Lahaina waved as she
came towards me. God! She still hopes to get
“Where’s Caroline?” I asked her as she
stopped in front of me. Her face dropped
hearing me talk about Caroline.
“I still don’t get what you find so interesting
in her. I mean she’s gullible, stupid and looks
like a frog. And then there is me, I am much
better than her, I can make you feel
wonderful Aaron, I can show y-”
“Don’t” I snapped as she forwarded her hand
to touch me. She got startled by my voice
and looked at me as if I have lost my mind,
which I will if she didn’t go from here soon.
“Come on Lahaina, don’t tell me you’re short
of men coming after you. This world is full
of idiots, isn’t there any rich man who is
offering you his wealth? No one? What’s
happening to the world? How come everyone
got brains all of a sudden?” I said with a
fake laugh in the end.
“I have many of them. But no one is like you,
no one has the charm you have. You are
superior to all of them and I want you, not
them” she said stepping closer, batting her
eye lashes.
“I’m flattered” I rolled my eyes.
“Think it over, Aaron. You will regret
choosing her over me. She can never match
me, never be as good as me”. She really
doesn’t know how to take hints. Does she?
“Lahaina, why don’t you just take that filthy
face of yours and dump it in some sort of
junk-yard and even take your not so good
attitude along, wait, did I mention about your
useless ego” I said with a straight face. The
thing that left me in shock was, she still
stood there and didn’t go not even after
hearing all this.
Just then I saw Caroline coming out of her
house and closing the door behind her.
“You’re insulting me!” Lahaina stomped her
foot on the ground.
So she realised it! Finally!
“I’m not insulting you Lahaina, I was just
describing you” I smiled as Caroline walked
closer to where I was standing.
Lahaina glared daggers at me but I ignored
her and moved towards Caroline, hugging her
and pecking her l!ps as she smiled back at
me, a slight shade of pink covering her
cheeks and neck.
I never planned on marrying so soon, never
in my wildest dream it occurred to me that I
will be engaged so promptly but watching
her now, I can’t wait to marry her. Each
thought revolves around her, every time I’m
thinking about her, I know it sounds crazy but
I can’t help it. I am going crazy over her and
I love this feeling.
Caroline saw Lahaina standing there but
before she could say or ask anything I placed
my hand on the small of her back and guided
her to my car, Lahaina’s eyes followed my
every move.
Every person has some self respect. Right?
Well I have a living example to oppose that
She finally turned on her heels and went
back in. I sighed.
I ducked inside the car and sat in the driver’s
seat while Caroline sat next to me in the
p@ss£nger seat.
“You’re late” I teased her.
She looked at me, her eyes didn’t hold the
normal spark they always have. She seemed
sad and I need to know why?
“Sorry, actually I was about to come but then
dad’s call came, I was talking to him” her
eyes dropped to her hand as she tried to
control her emotions.
“Did he say anything to you?” I asked her, my
voice was sounding a bit angry. How dare he!
“No nothing” she smiled, but the smile never
reached her eyes.
“Fine. Tell me whenever you are comfortable”
I didn’t wanted to force her. She can take her
time and tell me when she wants to, no hurry.
But of course I’ll take care of that James.
Good care.
I started the car and we drove off to our
I stopped the car in the parking area and got
out quickly to open the door for Caroline, she
smiled and gave her little hand in mine.
As we moved inside, the hotel manager came
and greeted us, informing that Van@ssche
was already waiting.
The manager walked ahead of us as he
showed us where that man, I’m not so
interested in meeting, was. I was walking, my
hand around Caroline when I felt her stiffen
a bit beside me. I looked at her face, it
showed fear of something, following her
gaze I saw James sitting with a few people,
maybe for some sort of meeting.
What happened to your plan of meeting only
one @sshole a day? Bad luck Aaron. Too bad.
“Caroline?” I whispered in her ear, she looked
at my face and without saying anything she
started walking again.
James saw us but turned his head again
focusing on his meeting. I will have to talk to
Caroline about it.
We entered a tennis court where Van@ssche
came and hugged Caroline. I don’t even want
that man anywhere near her but considering
he is her cousin I refrained myself from
pushing him away and punching his jaws.
The manager excused himself and finally
Van@ssche came and stood in front of me.
We had a staring competition before he
extended his hand towards me. I took it, my
eyes not leaving his face, neither his leaving
mine. For anyone who saw us it was just a
simple manly handshake but we were
squeezing each others hand, pouring all our
hatred in that one hand shake.
“So why did you call us here Dylan?” Caroline
spoke after sometime, she must have s£nsed
the tension between me and that Van@ssche.
She looked normal now, the spark back in
her eyes, as if she was extremely excited
with our meet.
“I didn’t want to meet the great Aaron
Woodwords in some boring type of place” he
said sarcastically, smiling a bit.
“Of course, my standards are higher than
yours, you have to make arrangements. I
completely understand your point” I replied
back, and his smiled vanished.
Caroline looked at me then at Van@ssche and
again back at me, trying to figure out what
was going on between us.
“Wanna try tennis?” He asked more like a
statement as he moved back, picking two
tennis rackets and throwing one towards me,
I caught it in mid air as Dylan moved to the
other end of the court.
I had not thought I will have to play tennis
here with him, I was wearing my formal
clothes. If this not-so-good man, would have
taken a little point to inform me about it I
could have put on some casual clothes.
I took off my coat and gave it to Caroline,
she took it and watched me strangely.
“You know how to play tennis?” She asked
“Even better than you can imagine” I @ssured
“Dylan is extremely good at it, I’m warning
you now” she said, trying to supress her
She really thinks that that Van@ssche can
beat me?
“Don’t underestimate me Caroline, I may be
much better than him, you never know” I said
confidently. She laughed and patted my back.
“Good luck Mr. Woodwords. Try not to
disappoint me” she laughed again and it
automatically made my l!ps curl up in a
“Just wait and see” I tried to sound stern but
when she burst out laughing I couldn’t hold it
any longer and laughed with her.
I opened the buttons on my cuffs and rolled
up the sleeves. Caroline took her place on
the benches showing me a thumbs up and
then looking at Van@ssche, with a thumbs
down. Atta girl!
Dylan threw the ball in the air and shot it
towards me with a high speed, I easily shot it
back. I and Dylan played for sometime when I
hit the ball extremely h@rd and he missed it.
Caroline jumped up from her seat and
clapped, smiling brightly. I winked at her as
she turned towards Van@ssche and showed
him her tongue.
“It’s was the first and the last time Caro. Sit
down. And it’s bad that you changed sides”
Van@ssche said to her then gave me a glare.
“I was never on your side Dylan” Caroline
shouted to him and laughed. I smirked.
She is really enjoying it. And even I am now,
seeing her happy.
Van@ssche scored a point next, even then
Caroline excitedly clapped for him.
Yup! She is loving it!
“Now what Caro” he said to her, looking at
“I’m still not on your side” she teased him.
I served the ball as Caroline cheered for me,
the game started but it went quite long, none
of us was willing to give up.
Just then I saw, James entering from Dylan’s
side of the court. Caroline’s cheers died
down and she sat back silently. I shot the
ball back at Dylan and he hit it easily back at
James looked at me then started walking
towards Caroline. I watched the ball coming
towards me.
Well, he’s gonna regret it! Badly!
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 18🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
** Caroline’s POV ****
“Where to bitch?”
I ran down and was about to go out of the
house when Lahaina’s words stopped me.
A thought of ignoring her and moving out
came to me but I shrugged it away and
answered her “Umm… actually… Aaron and I
are going to meet Dylan”
She raised her brows as if thinking of
something then pushed me away and moved
out instead. What’s wrong with her!
Just as I took another step my phone rang, I
checked the caller id and it was dad’s
“Yes dad?” I answered the call politely.
“Where are you?” He questioned in his normal
pissed out tone.
“At home”
“What a useless piece of shit you are!” He
exclaimed. “You are going to get married to
Aaron Woodwords, do you have any idea what
all you are going to get. I got to know he
gave you a Lamborghini yesterday, a fv¢king
Lamborghini, just like that, without any
occasion. If that man is willing to spend that
much on a trash like you why don’t you make
full use of it” he shouted at the end.
“What do you mean?” I asked, not sure of
what he was asking me to do.
“You fv¢king dumb @ss! Spend time with him,
be with him, be good to him, do what all he
wants you to. I don’t want him to think of you
as a bad choice, which of course you are. If
he stopped liking you, we’re not getting his
money. You get that! And if that ever
happens you’re dead Caro. I won’t think twice
before killing you” he threatened angrily.
“So you want me to spend his money like
water and even p@ss in on to you?” I asked
not able to believe him. How can wealth
matter so much to someone?!
He sighed on the other end and spoke after
some time “Yes, Caro. Yes. God! You’re just
like your mother, she was as stupid as you. I
pity Aaron to choose you over Lahaina”
I hate it when he speaks about mum like that.
How could he. I get it, he doesn’t like her and
that he even hit her everyday and I never said
anything as I was too young, but even after
throwing her out, he still speaks ill about her
for my mistakes, which I hate too much.
“I won’t do it” I snapped.
“Why?” His voice sounded as he was trying
his level best not to shout any louder. I’m
pretty sure if he was here, he would have
slapped me really h@rd.
“Because I’m like my mother and not like
your wonderful other wife and daughter who
run after money. I’m not going to fool Aaron
just because I have a greedy father” the
words sl!pped my mouth. My heart started to
beat faster realizing what I just did and I
ended the call.
I shouldn’t have said that but they sl!pped my
mouth before I could stop myself. I didn’t
want him to speak bad about mom. I’ve heard
it all my life, I just failed to control my words
this time and he was asking me to rob Aaron.
Yeah rob him and give it all to him, so that
he lives in luxury.
He must be really furious right now, and will
probably punish me badly. And maybe I
deserve it. I shouted at him and not just
shouted but insulted his wife and daughter.
This is so not me.
I will have to apologize to him as soon as I
see him next because if I don’t, I don’t even
want to think what he’ll do of me.
Pushing all those thoughts at the back of my
mind, I moved outside.
Aaron was standing there maybe talking to
Lahaina but as soon as he saw me he came
towards me and gave a peck on my l!ps. A
smile made its way to my l!ps automatically.
This man always make me feel better, no
matter how much trouble I am in.
He guided me to his car and off we went to
meet Dylan. Though he asked me about why I
was so worried and even about dad’s call but
I was still not ready to tell him about it and
moreover it was my fault and I don’t want
Aaron to see me as a bad person.
We reached the hotel and were about to go to
the place Dylan was waiting for us when I
saw dad.
He was sitting with a group of men, maybe
having a business meeting or something. I
froze there seeing him, I didn’t expect to
meet him so soon and of course not when
Aaron was here with me.
Aaron came to me and asked about what
happened to me suddenly but I ignored it and
started moving. Maybe dad didn’t see us. I
just hope he didn’t.
The manager took us to a tennis court where
Dylan was already waiting for us, wearing a V
– neck royal blue tshirt and khaki p@nts
whereas Aaron was wearing his normal
formal clothes.
That stupid creature should have informed us
earlier that he was calling us to a tennis
court. But then again why would he, this
Satan had the audacity to tell Aaron I was his
girlfriend why would he want to inform him
about anything. Stupid Dylan!
“So why did you call us here Dylan?” I asked
him after they both had their heated session
of staring and a really tough handshake.
“I didn’t want to meet the great Aaron
Woodwords in some boring type of place” he
said sarcastically, smiling a bit.
“Of course, my standards are higher than
yours, you have to make arrangements. I
completely understand your point” Aaron
replied curtly.
I was really excited with their meet, like
really, two of the best men in my life meeting
each other. It’s amazing. I was so happy that
I completely forgot about dad.
It didn’t seem like they liked each other, by
the way they were glaring and taunting each
other. I was about to say something to make
the atmosphere lighter when Dylan spoke.
“Wanna try tennis? He said and threw a racket
towards Aaron.
Aaron took off his coat and gave it to me, I
teased him a bit about tennis because I really
don’t know if he even knows how to play the
game or not and on the other hand, Dylan
loves sports. And is too good at it, which I
hate to admit.
Finally they both took their places and started
the match. Aaron scored the first point and I
literally jumped off my seat and clapped for
I was wrong. He is extremely good at it too.
Dylan scored the next point and even then I
clapped for him, though I don’t want to show
him I’m not on his side but still, I’ll feel bad
if he looses.
No you wont.
My inner voice mocked me. Yes maybe I
won’t, because I’ll see it as a revenge for all
those games he won in the past with me.
Yup! I’ve never won any sport against him.
They started their match again when I saw
someone enter the court.
It was dad. I’m Dead. Please god please save
me. I don’t want him to insult me in front of
Aaron and Dylan.
He looked at me and started moving towards
me, giving me a look which I am too scared
of. The look he used to give mum before he
beat her.
He was about to come near me when
something happened and he fell on the
ground with a jerk. I stood there shocked not
able to register what just happened.
Then I saw the tennis ball lying on the
ground beside him and realisation dawned
upon me. Aaron hit him!
I turned towards Aaron in stark shock and
horror to find him looking back at me. Did he
do it intentionally? No never.
“Oops!” He said raising his brows. The
expression he held at that moment was
ridiculously cute.
How he turns from charming to hot to cute
in just seconds is a complete mystery to me.
I came out of my thoughts all of a sudden
and started moving towards dad to help him,
he was still lying on the ground, clutching his
face. It must have hurt badly!
I was about to go to him but Dylan beats me
to it. He ran towards dad and kneeled down
near his face. He may hate him with
everything in him but he is a nice person, he
can never see anyone….
Strike all of that! Dylan is a bitch!
He kneeled down next to him just to pick up
that ball, not even giving a second look to
dad and not just that, he came back to the
court and resumed his game. The thing that
left me in complete awe was to watch them
continuing their game as if nothing
I know Dylan hates him but what about
Aaron, he can show some sympathy. After all
he is the one who broke his nose.
I saw dad trying to get up, he was halfway
when I ran to him and helped him up, but he
pushed me away. His nose was bleeding
badly, blood covering his nose and mouth
Both Aaron and Dylan finally came and stood
behind me. Finally they realised he is hurt!!!
“Go to a doctor, fast” Aaron ordered him
rudely. I turned to glare him and he gave me
a ‘what?’ look in return.
“Yeah, of course and don’t worry about the
expense. I’ll take care of it” Dylan said
arrogantly. A tone I never heard him use
Dad didn’t say anything and walked out,
hissing due to pain. I wanted to go after him
to make sure he was fine but a hand on my
arm stopped me.
“We need to go somewhere. Come on or we’ll
be late” Aaron said taking his coat that was
draped round my arm.
“Where?” I asked, helping him wear his coat.
“You’ll see” he said then turned to Dylan.
“Though we didn’t get much time to talk about
some important stuff” Aaron spoke, putting
more stress on ‘stuff’ than required “it was
still nice meeting you, Dylan Van@ssche” he
said forwarding his hand.
“Nice meeting you too, Aaron Woodwords.
Don’t worry we’ll have enough meetings to
talk about stuff” Dylan replied emphasizing
the word ‘stuff’.
What is it with using full names and ‘stuff’?
They did a handshake and Dylan hugged me
before I and Aaron walked out the hotel and
to Aaron’s car.
“Where did you learn to play so well?” I asked
him standing next to our car.
“I was born with all these talents, sweetheart.
It’s all natural” he replied placing his hand on
his chest.
I chuckled but then rolled my eyes “Stop
flattering yourself. You hit my dad”
“Well, that was not planned” he answered
I know he won’t do it intentionally, and the
angle where dad got hit says it all. Dad was
just moving at a small distance behind Dylan
and Dylan missed that shot so…. anyway. I
just hope he is fine.
“Where are we going” I asked him as we got
in the car.
“Firstly for lunch, then to meet my father” he
said and placed his hands on the steering
“What?” I asked in horror.
“Don’t worry Caroline. I’m taking you to meet
my father, not a dinosaur” he chuckled and
started the engine.
A dinosaur seemed a better option than
meeting his father. Considering how much
his father liked Lahaina and that he even
talked to dad about their marriage I don’t
know whether he will even like me or not.
Pray Caro, pray for a miracle to happen.


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