Morenikeji Episode 5

Episode 5.
I cl@pped my hands together in a fashionable style, made a face immediately Dammi said the last statement.
“Me…? Are you sure that you heard him right Dammi…?
“Yes, I did. Immediately he picked me up from my brother’s place, Chike started apologizing for missing my calls and then he said that he saw you at the lounge and you with some of his friends hanged out… that was why I decided to call you and ask if he was with another woman during that night. plea-se, don’t lie to me Keji…it was the same day that he had thel-ipstick stain and strange perfume smell…
I was quiet as i tries to recollect.
Dammi continued
“…Did you know when you stepped in, you almost has the same perfume fragrance as the one I perceived on Chike’s b©dy that day…
I laughed out and suddenly pause with a frown.
“Wait a second Dammi…are you by any chance pointing an accusing f!ngerson me? Are you indirectly accusing me of going out with Chike?
“No…no Keji. How can you even as-sume such? you of all people wouldn’t do that to me. I’m only asking if you happened to see another woman with Chike since he said you all were all together that night…
I g@sped out in relief, for a second I thought Dammi was accusing me.
I asked her to give me a second as I began to think back to that night.
“I can’t remember seeing another woman with Chike. And the stupid lady will be very unfortunate if I had set my eyes on her with Chike. Whoever that has thel-ipstick stain is an ugly gold digger. She wants to reap where she did not sow…it will never be well with such lady. You could have confronted Chike and ask him who was this foolish “wanabis” that stained his shi-t withl-ipstick… you shouldn’t have keep calm and svçkit all in. You deserve an explanation because he’s your man and Chike loves you dearly. He told me how much he adores you Dammi and I’m surprised that he will have anything to do with another woman. He could have dropped me off but because he nee-ded to get to you that was why he asked his friend to help me out. he was actually in a hurry after complaining that he missed your call….Wai…wait…
And suddenly it started coming back to me.
I remember Chike saying he missed Dammi’s call and had to run to pick her.
I had too much to drink and almost fell but he caught me…
Oh…mine… God…!
So…i was the foolish gold digger.
God forbid o!!
I have used my own mouth to curse myself.
It will never happen.
It was me…myl-ipstick and perfume…it was me.
“Oh my goodness…it was me oo!
I screamed out immediately the memory started coming back.
Dammi raised an eyebrow, she didn’t un-derstand.
I explained to her how I almost fell after having too much to drink but Chike caught me up before asking his friend Phil!pto drop me off at my place so that he can come over and get you from your brother’s place.
“I mabinu ore mi…(don’t be angry my friend) I just remembered that it was me. plea-se, don’t be offended… even the perfume too… you are right. Chike is faithful to you Dammi and you don’t have any reason to be worried.
I watched her g@sped out before smiling.
“Thank God it wasn’t what I thought. I know he loves me but I usually have fear of him seeing his follow tribal lady, who speaks the same dialect with him or a pretty lady that is up to his clas-s. you know what I mean Keji and then he falls for her… But I’m glad is not what I was thinking. hmmm…by the way what where you doing at the lounge Keji… or wher…
I quic-kly interrupted her.
“What do you mean by what am I doing at the lounge? Can’t I take myself out.. and have some fun too? Anyway…I was looking for my own Chike. You have gotten your own man, I nee-ded to also get mine before my next birthday but I ended up drun!k…
Dammi began to laugh.
“The Keji I know is never stable in a relationsh!p. Today you are d@t!ngJerry the next time will be Lukemon or Johny walker… hahahaha! I thought you were okay moving from one relationsh!pto the other. Your own Chike maybe Tunde the mechanic boy that you probably ignored in your quest for alre-ady made men. I sometimes wish you will just get serious with one man…
I hate Dammi’s bluntness. Ever since she started d@t!ngchike her bluntness has no chill but she was right. Almost everything she said was true
And the sad truth is that I have repented
“I have repented Dammi. Seriously… I’m not the Keji that you used to know. I’m re-ady to settle down but first I nee-d a man to call mine. There’s this guy, Chike’s friend that dropped me off that night… I’m begining to fall for him… that’s if I haven’t alre-ady fallen but…I spoke harshly to him and even insulted him as he went to drop me off that night. Now I’m looking for a way to apologise and make amend… probably he will give me a chance…I don’t know. I just want to get hook with a nice serious guy before my next birthday but looking at it all…is unrealistic. My birthday is in few weeks from now Dammi, all that I set to achieve before I clock thirty is far fetched. Anyway, I’m still shooting my sh0t at Phil!pand hoping it will work out for my good…
Dammi smiled and asked me to still be hopeful that all hopes is not lost.
I asked her how she was preparing for her upcoming wedding.
We also discussed other things.
I asked her if she won’t offer me food.
She complained of not wanting to cook again but to manage what she has.
The money and food items was there so why is she still doing over management.
Dammi can be stingy but I must eat today before I leave, by the way she was the one that dragged me out my comfort zone.
I began to pest her over food and how famished I was.
She later brou-ght food and drinks which I took gladly.
I sighted some of her fine shoes and hand bags and began to tease her that we wear the same size of shoe and I wouldn’t mind if she give me one.
Dammi turned to me and said with all seriousness
“Did you know that those my heels that Chike s£nt to me from UK that got missing then, I haven’t find it yet… I don’t know how those shoes went missing. Keji, i can’t give out any shoe right now… because I don’t plan on buying shoes later and I will also tell Chike that he shouldn’t buy more for now until I request for it. Every penny count and can be put into better use. I know what it feels like to be poor, I don’t want to ever go back there again. I know Chike got the money and connection, he even said I will give birth to our first child in UK but despite how rich he may be I’m still not taking any chances Keji. I will never be poor again in my life…
All this sermon on poverty is because of the shoe I asked her to give me.
As much as I want to dislike her ways especially the stingy p@rt of her, Dammi was right.
Poverty is a bastard and will even make you beg and do what you are not supposed to do.
As evening approached I left.
She thanked me for coming around and I thanked her for her hospitality even though she didn’t do anything special.
Even the food and drink she gave me was because I asked.
I went home and sat to think de-ep about my life.
Looking back I have really been so unfortunate with the better things of life especially with men which made me turn thick skin.
Look at Dammi, she have it all.
something she never saw coming.
Just one fine Chike changed everything for her.
I remember how I used to give her my cloths and shoes to wear.
when she had accommodation problem and had no money I accommod@t£d her.
I was working and helped her like a friend even though I hated it sometimes because it ate de-ep into my pocket but I couldn’t possibly throw her into the street.
I refused to settle for men with sweet ton-gue but empty pocket.
Lukemon asked me to resign from my work place because he was giving me enough and doesn’t want his woman working.
I foolishly did until he accused me of stealing.
I had alot saved up after the relationsh!pended and wanted to go into importing of human hair and make ups with the money I had then but I gradually spent it all and returned back to square one.
Now, Dammi is flying with colours while I’m still at the bo-ttomtrying to figure out my life.
I know that this life is not balanced but God won’t allow me to beg from those who will mock me.
Just like Dammi usually say, I hate poverty and will not descend low to beg for common things that I can afford.
I will go over to see Phil!pand I hope and pray that I will get to see him, apologies and thank him for helping me out.
If he wants to be a friend it will be a dream come true for me but if he doesn’t, I wouldn’t blame him.
Is all my fault, I messed up big-time.
After then I will start a job hunt.
Get a job and start ma-king my own money so that people like Dammi will st©p feeling like god over small request.
Not having money has made me took insult that I wouldn’t take from anyone on a normal day
I’m happy that I dropped my ID card at Phili-ps place, I have good reason to go back.
After two days again, I was re-ady to return to Phili-ps.
I dressed up very well, spray my last remaining perfume, checked myself to make sure I was really looking good.
After I was certain with myself I left.
As I was about stepping out the gate, my long mouth landlady st©pped me to ask when i will be paying my rent.
Ever since she started disturbing me for the rent, I have mastered the act of sneaking in and out without notice.
I have told her that I was going to pay soon and yet she continued asking.
She doesn’t un-derstand that soon means when I have the money.
The little money with me is to eat, I can’t possibly go hungry because of house rent.
I know securing the place I put my head is important but I don’t have money yet for rent.
I told her again that I will pay soon but this time she wanted to know how soon.
It could be in two months time. Which will be if I happen to get a job and collect two months salary or even three months. it all depends on the pay.
I can’t possibly ask Dammi to loan me some money.
Even if she has a houseful of cash she will still find it difficult to p@rt with few.
Dammi will hang her usual slogan on it for everyone to know “I hate poverty and I’m not going back there again”
Those are what she uses to get by.
I’m happy that at least I was able to get something from her without her knowing. Those heels were beautiful and I could have kept them but she may find out and will want them back after probably insulting me.
I dismissed my landlady with another excuse.
As I walked out, she was muttering something which I deliberately did not care to know.
I head down to Phil!president as I silently pray that things will work out for my good.
I’m not much of a believer or religious but this time I was very serious when I prayed that something good will come out from this second visit.