Morenikeji Episode 6

Episode 6.
When I finally got to Phil’s resident, the security opened the gate after i told them the reason why I c@m£.
I was informed that Phil!pand his parents were out. He wasn’t home and they couldn’t give me access or hand any item to me until he approves.
I told the security that I was going to wait for his return.
I waited for more than an hour, no sign of them coming back.
I was willing to wait even till the next day but the security c@m£ to remind me that is over two hours that I have been waiting.
That I should call his phone number so that he will be aware that I was waiting for him.
I couldn’t even tell them that I don’t have his phone number even though I claimed that he was a friend.
I quic-kly stood and told them that I will come back next time.
I took transport back home.
Seeing Phil!pnow is like seeing the president of my country but I’m still not giving up.
Getting to the house, I quietly opened the gate and sneak into my ap@rtment to avoid evening boring lecture from my landlady.
Dammi called me the following day that she will be nee-ding a favor from me. She asked me to come down to Chike’s house, that is where she was.
I went down to know what she nee-ded my help for.
Chike was home and he was the one that asked me my drink br@nd and what I will like to take.
He was very entertaining and cracks me up with his jokes.
I never mention anything about Phil!pto him neither did he asked.
Dammi will probably tell him of my interest whenever they think of having a little gossip with my name.
But I was only thinking of a way to apologise to Phil!pand move on with my life.
It has proven difficult in speaking to him. Probably ones I happen to get hold of my ID card then I will refocus my attention to full engagement of job search.
Chike later stepped out after asking me what he will be buying for me and Dammi on his way back because he wasn’t going far.
Dammi told him not to buy anything that we’re fine.
“I’m not fine.
I said after Dammi
“…..maybe Dammi is fine because she has a houseful of goodies. Pizza or even shawarma will be nice with soft drink”
I said to Chike.
“Your wish is my command, don’t leave, I will be right back Keji.
He drove off
After Chike left that morning, Dammi c@m£ and said.
” I don’t really like the way Chike spends money unnecessary. I have talked non st©p yet he won’t listen.
“Chike has a different mentality concerning money unlike you. I guess you should just let him express himself throu-gh giving and care. Dammi he’s your man…I wouldn’t impose my own ideas over him but I see no big deal with him wanting to buy stuffs for me… for your friend. st©p taking everything serious.
“Every penny count for me. That money he wants to use for pizza or shawarma could have been put into better use. Atleast he has alre-ady served you drink with fried chicken l@ps that he prepared down and sto-re in the fridge. If I calculate the amount alone is upto five thousand and now he still wants to get more things. At the end of the day you will be consuming something more than ten thousand Naira. Keji money is not easily gotten, i hope you know? I know what it felt like to be poor… and I won’t let anyone squander my husband to be money…
I wasn’t offended with Dammi because I know what she was capable off but I was even more determined to take home whatever Chike brings. That will serve as my lunch.
I asked her what she nee-ded my help for.
She went inside and c@m£ out with a fat envelope.
“Eehee! Keji… plea-se I nee-d you to help me take this money to the bank. This envelope in my hand is filled with money. Is all from the results of unnecessary spending which i collected from Chike just to avoid him spending money on things that I don’t nee-d. Is two hundred and fifty thousand Naira and I nee-d you to go to bank and deposit the money in my account. I will give you transport to and fro and small money as sti-pend for yourself because I know you nee-d money.
“Are you mistaking me for your errand girls? You called me out of my house just to s£nd me irrelevant message. I know I’m very broke o Dammi but I’m not selling my birthright for a sti-pend.
She smiled mischievously before saying.
“What are we friends for if you can’t help me with little things Keji. I could have gone by myself but I don’t want Chike to know, secondly I’m a very busy person…especially with my upcoming wedding. Chike may have a different opinion if he knows that I have been saving every dime that I was either meant to spend. I will surprise him when the money gets to 1 million… right now is just six hundred and fifty thousand if you deposit this. I can’t entrust this hvge amount to any errand girl or boy… what if they dupe me? I said i was going to give you some money for your time. I will give you 3 thousand Naira for the stress and 1k for the transportation. You will still have some balance from the 1k TF. Money doesn’t easily come by and offering you 3thousand naira is hvge Keji because I’m a friend indeed and also helping you for those times you accommod@t£d me.
I laughed out my embarras-sment. Dammi have brou-ght my whole worth to nothing because of my pres£nt predic@m£nt.
Not having money is a big problem.
A girl that I accommod@t£d, fed and took care off for almost two years before she met Chike called me out of my house just to s£nd me an errand with an offer of three thousand Naira…
Dammi is a friend in disguise not indeed.
I’m not expecting a medal or a thank you gift for helping a friend in nee-d but I wish she has a little conscience whenever she reminds me of poverty.
Well, even though I’m in serious nee-d of money but I will still not sell my worth for Dammi’s stupid sti-pend.
I thought of my rent and decided to asked her for help hoping she will be considerate for old times sake.
“Dammi, plea-se borrow me 200 thousand Naira let me use it for my rent…my landlady is on my n£¢k. I have mastered the act of sneaking out and in to avoid running into her. I will pay back… I’m pres£ntly searching for job and I will pay up gradually. Trust me…I will bring back your money for you and…
She interrupted.
“Keji…ejooo(plea-se) I can’t possibly borrow you such a hvge amount of money. You don’t even have a job or even a b©yfri£nd. Is a very hvge risk Keji that I’m not willing to take. Infact don’t worry about paying the money in the bank for me again… I don’t want to hear stories that t©uçhes the heart.
I didn’t bother to leave despite that’s what she will expect.
I wasn’t even offended.
I can only be offended if I’m quic-k to temper and if I don’t know Dammi enough.
I sat watching television and waiting for Chike.
I know Dammi will want me to leave but I’m not going anywhere untill Chike retuns back.
I sat watching television until Chike finally c@m£ back.
He smiled cheerfully when he saw that i was still around.
He bought many goodies and I had mine well packaged.
I thanked him before standing to leave.
Dammi walked me to the gate before saying that she will give me the money on one condition.
I asked her what the condition is and she said if she gives me 200k I will pay back 300k. Meaning she will be ma-king extra 100k.
I was in real nee-d of money but I can’t possibly agreed with Dammi terms.
I told her I will pay back 50k extra instead of 100.
She refused at first but later agreed.
Dammi gave me 200k wra-pped in an envelope.
I left and without wasting time went straight and paid my landlady.
It was remaining twenty thousand for electricity bill which I told her I will bring later.
My mind was at rest, I felt a hvge burden lifted after paying the rent.
I know I still have Dammi to face but hopefully I will get a Job soon and start paying her little by little until I pay off everything.
I stayed home searching for job online for days.
I even applied in some and was waiting for an interview.
In one of my application letter which I was supposed to fill online my ID card identification number was nee-ded.
I had to skip that p@rticular one because my iD wasn’t available at the moment.
I still thought of Phili-p, how to get back there and retrieve my card and also see him and apologies.
After some days, I made up my mind and went over to see him again.
I was ushered to wait at the reception.
Phil!pwas later informed, he didn’t bother coming down to see me instead he asked the people in charge of cleaning the guest quarters to give me what I c@m£ for while I wait at the downstairs reception.
After sometime the cleaner retuned and said she didn’t find it.
But I should wait for her second who was out. She will soon return.
I gladly waited and even started praying that they will del@yin finding it maybe I will get to see Phili-p.
I sat like the good girl that I was while sipping the orange jui-ce that I was offered.
It was while I was waiting that Phil!pfinally c@m£ down with his mother.
His mother was on a phone call.
The woman was all elegant. Seeing her clearly unlike the other night made me start regretting my whole drun!knight actions towards Phili-p.
Phil!pwas very handsome, after seeing him during the day.
he took after his Mother and was simply dressed.
I guess they were going out.
He looked at me coldly and said with a smile
“I don’t nee-d to ask you how you are doing because you obviously look good”.
I laughed out at his dry jokes before saying
“I’m sorry for the other night Phil. I said alot of stupid things that I didn’t mean and I regret every bit of it…
“Come off it…I can’t possibly hold whatever you said when you were highly drun!kagainst you. Is fine…and if you are certain that your item fell in the guest room where you pas-sed the night then it will be brou-ght to you…
I nooded with a smiled before saying…
“Does it mean that you aren’t angry with me?
” No… I’m not angry. But be careful with your alcohol intakes, too much of everything is bad…”miss adult”…I didn’t get your name…
He said the last p@rt laughing. I joined him laughing before telling him my name.
He nodded and walked out.
His mother was done with her call and c@m£ forward as Phil!pwalks out.
Phili-p’s mother was very friendly as she replied my greetings warmly.
She asked me if I nee-ded something else while I wait for the other cleaner.
I told her that I was fine.
I openly admired her beautiful Ankara go-wn that was decorated with flowers she was very plea-sed.
She asked me what I do for a living, and without wasting time and not having any reason to be ashamed I told her that I was searching for job.
She asked me what kind of job, I quic-kly replied
“Anyone ma’am…I mean any legal job that will pay off my bills.
She smiled before asking if I can cook because extra hand is nee-ded in the kitchen and also they plan to throw a big p@rty for Phili-ps father’s sixtieth birthday so help will be nee-ded.
But her focus was if I know how to cook different delicacies very well.
She also said that I will be giving an accommodation and fed too. She mentioned the amount of money that will be my weekly payment.
That’s most big companies monthly staff salary which will be my weekly pay.
I felt like lying facedown on the floor and prostrating for this woman.
I wanted to jump on her to show how grateful I was.
I was moved to tears the way things was working out.
She promised to discuss it with Phil!pfirst before I resume.
The job was only a month and the pay is weekly and if after the one month and my performance is good then I will be retained.
I couldn’t sit still as I began working up and down the reception.
I wanted to scream excitedly, I wanted to jump and dance.
at the same time I hope Phil!pwill not feel indifference.
His mother mentioned that he has to approve first.
While I was still walking up and down in excitement mixed with worries, she returned back to inform me that her son doesn’t mind.
Phil!pwas okay with it which places me on one month probation.
I was very happy.
But I have a big problem, I’m not much of a cook.
I only cook food that I can eat or with my friends.
I know nothing much about cooking and my staying in this big mansion depends on my cooking performance.
My heart beat started racing when I remembered that cooking is not my calling but I seriously nee-ded this job.