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More than a game episode 7

🎲🎲🎲 More than a game 🎲🎲🎲
→→→ Jilting the tits ←←←
🀄 Book seven 🀄
⚡ Hans’ standpoint ⚡
I puffed out a loud breath as I landed on my bed. The soft bed bounced me back up continuously before it stopped. Eden and Reece jumped into the bed too, whooping and gibbering. I smiled back at my baby sister’s picture, her eyes glinting in the portrait. Smile; I wonder how it would look like if Iris smiles fully. Would she look more beautiful than ever? Iris is sick as well, what kind of illness? With the way it all went down, it might be a disorder. What caused it?
Eden whooped and came closer to my face, he sat down close and placed his small fingers on my face. That was his way of asking me what was wrong. He was always the first to feel when I was sad, tired, depressed, afraid, lonely and disappointed. Reece felt my rage more than anyone else; anger, annoyance, bitterness, hate, jealousy, need. Even when I was lying, he knew. I raised them well.
‘Hey Eden,’ I touched his hand and squeezed it lightly, assuring him I was fine. He removed his hand and pat my face gently. He’s not convince. ‘Okay, I’m just thinking about Iris…’ He scratched his head. ‘The purple vomit…’ Eden and Reece broke into a bout of angry chatter and yelling. ‘You two, stop that. Iris is not a bad person,’ They blew raspberry. ‘Okay, so why is she bad? Because she stopped you both from messing up Mel’s kitchen? Is that why you hate her?’ They nodded. ‘You are both stupid…’ Eden rolled his eyes. ‘Since you don’t care anymore, maybe I shouldn’t bother speaking then…’ They both shouted in protest. ‘Where’s your speech translator Eden? Hope you haven’t broken yours like Reece have ten times…’ I glared at Reece who grinned sheepishly in return. I bought them a translator to translate their monkey language to English, but Reece spoilt his ten times. I stopped buying for him. Eden was the responsible one.
Eden jumped out of the bed, running to his closet… Yes, he had his own closet; they both did. He opened his closet; his clean white semi-mini neatly arranged closet. Eden was the clean, responsible and well organized one. Nothing gets out of order under his watch. Pretty sure he was trying to stop Reece from messing up the kitchen that day. Reece was more like Phoenix than me.
Eden returned with his translator in his hand. He jumped back into the bed and wore it around his throat. ‘Good, now what do you have to say to me?’
‘I don’t like her because she’s weird, very strange human being.’
‘You’re a strange monkey, you are more intelligent than my sisters put together.’ I said as a matter-of-factly.
‘Just like humans, I am an exception; different from others my kind. There is something about that purple girl, something that gives me the creep. It’s not like she’s completely bad, there’s just something about her that isn’t right, isn’t ordinary.’
‘Is she a witch?’ I asked unenthusiastically.
‘Well no but…’
‘Eden, I was worried few minutes ago, please don’t add to it. I just came back from the hospital where I found out her biological mother is dead and she’s sick. That might be it.’
‘Why is she sick?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Don’t you want to find out why? It might solve the mystery of the weird girl. I believe there’s a story behind everything and this girl just might have one.’
‘See why I say you’re smarter. I’m still wondering where you got the British accent from.’ He shrugged.
‘If you are going to find out what is wrong with her, you have two options; have an investigator find out, or make her tell you. I do prefer the former, it’s a much more polite approach.’
‘Thanks Eden,’
‘You owe me ninety nine bananas and five hundred walnuts.’
‘How about no food for three days?’ They both shouted. I chuckled. My door flew open. I groaned and sat up when I saw Phoenix.
‘Big bro! How ya doing?!’
‘Phoenix, I don’t have any money, leave my ATM card alone.’
‘Chill bro, I don’t only come to you when I want money.’
‘Really?’ I scoffed.
‘I need something else this time.’
‘I knew it! What is it?’
‘There’s this cute girl in my class…’
‘For the last time Phoenix, you and Irene would never be together. Why, because she’s old enough to have two of you, she’s married, she has a baby and she’s your fucking cousin!!!’ Phoenix have a lot of mental issues, he believes he is in love with my mother’s older sister’s husband’s younger half sister’s first daughter who is married and has a baby. At first he was crushing on my Mel’s older sister, now it was the friend. He is just too dumb and idiotic.
‘Things can work out, I have faith,’ he whined.
‘Should I tell mom that you are crushing on Irene?’
‘No, and I wasn’t talking about her, I was talking about the new chick in my class.’
I sighed. ‘Okay, what do you want from me?’
‘I want to fuck her but she’s stubborn and madly in love with her boyfriend, that poor prick. I need someone to talk some sense into me before I do something utterly stupid like…’ I gave his head a brutal knock, so hard my own knuckles throbbed with pain. ‘Yow!!!’ He hollered, flying out of the bed and crashing on the floor. I whipped my hand to shake off the pain, watching him roll on the floor with a satisfied smile.
‘Aren’t you done yet?’ I asked mirthlessly. He carried himself up, he was crying now.
Smooth Hans.
‘I said talk some sense into me, not hit it in. T-A-L-K and K-N-O-C-K, two different words. Even if they sound alike, don’t you have ears. I needed my brain to be directed to the right course, not hammered out of it senses. That was harsh, my head… If I die, I blame you…’
‘Phoenix,’ Lee called with concern, walking into my room. ‘Baby, why are you crying?’
‘My head, my head, Hans has broken my head. Hans want to be an only son so he have connived with the devil to take my soul…’ He said in tears. Lee wrapped her arms around him and placed his head on her chest, she was taller than him.
‘Hans, did you hit him?’
‘What, me?’ I gasped. ‘Eden, did I hit him?’ I asked with eyes wide open.
‘No,’ Eden lied. Reece agreed to my lie too.
‘Why would I cry if you didn’t hit me!’
‘I refused to give him money,’
‘That I can believe,’
‘Lee, I wouldn’t lie to you, Hans hit me because…because…because…’ He wouldn’t dare tell why or they kill him.
‘Because…?’ I asked smirkingly.
‘Oh my head,’ he moaned, feigning weakness.
‘Come on baby, I’ll get you some drugs and don’t lie to me again Hans, don’t hurt your younger brother.’ She warned.
‘Oh Lee Berry Melly, would I ever lie to you?’ I asked innocently, twinkling my lashes at her. She giggled.
‘No, you are too cute and nice to lie. Now Phoenix, what did I tell you about lying against Hans?’
‘But I did…’
‘Nah no-no, don’t lie more or I’ll smack you…’
‘But he…’
‘Enough Phoenix,’ she snapped. ‘Now come on.’ She dragged him to the door as he cried. I wiggled my brows.
‘Look what he’s doing Lee, why don’t you ever believe me?! Ow! My head… Hailey,’ he cried before he was dragged out. I laughed and threw myself back on the bed.
‘Is this how good being bad feels?’ I asked between my laugh. ‘It’s amazing.’
💜 Iris’s standpoint 💜
In this life, most people look like they are fine when they are not. You see them smiling, laughing, doing things normally and you feel like they are okay. Well, they are not; I am not. What is wrong with me? Heh heh, the oddest. I am insane. Let me explain.
My parents used to be so happy together, at least that was what we were made to see as children. I had a twin, my older twin, Violet. Mother was very attached to her, father and mother loved her more because she was more beautiful with the better eyesight and stable sanity. She was prettier and polite; genial and jovial. I wasn’t beautiful, I was ugly. I couldn’t see properly without my glasses; when my glasses were off, I saw no colours and I act strange. The glasses was the key to my sanity. I was strange and had so much secrets. Wanna know why? Dad was a scientist, a brilliant one. When mother had a lot of complications with her pregnancy, he had to remove the babies so she would survive.
Unfortunately, both children weren’t strong. Being the scientist, he engineered different ways to cure our weird illness. One got healed but the other took all the side effects, took all the mental side effects; me. It wasn’t my fault, no, it wasn’t. I was even more intelligent, smart and clever but he still didn’t like me; they both didn’t. Mom wasn’t happy about what was happening to me, she didn’t like the mad daughter. Violet got everything but I didn’t, Violet was happy, I wasn’t. I loved Violet, Violet didn’t love me. Somehow, they were going to get a divorce, both wanted the sane daughter and not the maniac. Dad won the case and took Violet, they took Violet away from me.
Mother couldn’t stand staying with me, she wanted Violet back. She fell ill but there was no money to treat her, I couldn’t do anything because I was six and not okay. Then she died and I completely lost it. No one wanted me, not even father. They left me alone in the house, locked up in chains to die of starvation. I was there for a week before Arlene, my mother’s cousin came to pay us a visit. She heard my cry and saved me but that didn’t stop me from displaying my madness. To her, I ran mad because I was left alone, but she didn’t know, no one believed the crazy girl. I was kept in a psychiatry hospital for a year before I cured myself.
Violet was perfect, I was not. If I became Violet, wouldn’t that make me perfect? Violet didn’t live her name but I would. I made Arlene dye my hair violet and I went on everything purple related. People started seeing me as beautiful and lovable. Even though I didn’t make friends, they liked me. I’m not normal, no, no, no, I’m crazy. I’m so insane I see three girls name Violet, Joe and Sweet. They appeared the day I changed my appearance and became normal.
Violet is my best friend, I don’t eat without her and she loves hot boys and always want me to talk to them and spend their money. Sweet is always encouraging me to be nice, have friends and do good things. Joe hate people, always whispering bad things to me but as long as my glasses is on when I’m with other people, her words never gets in. Violet and Sweet are always there to make me do good and nice things.
Shhh, no one must know my secret or I’ll be taken back to that horrible place.
Father is looking for me now, for scientific research and experiment. He would jump at any opportunity to take me. That can’t happen, can it?
‘Why don’t you just admit it, Hans is a hunk.’ Violet sighed dreamily, placing her hand under her chin.
‘That Maggie don’t know what she lost,’ Sweet added.
‘And you don’t know what either, take him Iris, he’s open for business.’ Violet said again.
‘I’m not doing that,’ I huffed.
‘Yes, instead of doing that, she can steal his money and flee to Africa… Or kill him.’
‘Shut up Joe,’ we snapped.
‘Why are you defending him? He’s a man and they are all bad, humans are all bad.’ Joe argued.
‘Hans is different, he bought Iris a car, that’s good. Any boy that can buy me a car is good enough for fucking…’
‘Language Violet, we must keep our speech holy.’ Sweet said chidingly.
‘Since when have I ever cared? I love it when I get dirty but somebody won’t listen to my hot words. Sex is good Iris, do it.’
‘The last time I tried it, I stabbed the man with a kitchen knife afterwards,’
‘That’s because he tricked you with the promise of paying your mother’s bills if you clean his house. When you got there, he tried to rape you so you stabbed him…’ Joe was saying proudly.
‘To death Joe, she stabbed him to death. She was only able to get away because he was a wanted criminal and had a long record for raping girls. That was a lucky escape.’ Violet reminded me of what I did.
‘We both know that I would have killed him afterwards,’ I giggled. ‘I already planned to kill him anyways. He isn’t the only one, is he?’ I grinned like a maniac.
‘Exactly! No one have ever found out before, they wouldn’t find out ever.’
‘Because they weren’t important,’ Sweet huffed. ‘Kill Hans and you will never escape it.’
‘I can if I want to…’
‘Snap out of it Iris!!!’ Violet yelled. ‘Joe is getting to you again, calm down!’ I shook my head and exhaled.
‘Get lost Joe, I’m not insane so I won’t kill anyone.’
‘Are you sure?’ She sneered. ‘Sooner or later, you’ll snap. You wanna know why? Because you are not Violet and you are not perfect.’
‘Yeah, I’m not perfect but I am better than you,’ I smirked. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. My phone vibrated, someone was calling. Violet handed my phone over to me. ‘Who’s this?’
‘Answer it and find out,’ I answered the call and placed it on loudspeaker.
‘Unicorn!’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Did you miss me?’
‘How did you get my number?’
‘Wouldn’t it be bad if I don’t have my girlfriend’s number? That would be suspicious.’
‘Nobody is checking your phone, who wound know?’ I scoffed.
‘Hey Unicorn!’ He shouted again, ignoring my statement.
‘What do you want?’
‘I just finished talking to Hailey, she don’t mind if you join the cheerleaders as long as you know how to move those chicken legs of yours and sway that frying pan you call ass…’ Violet giggled.
‘She can sway it alright, in the bounciest way possible.’
‘Shut up Violet,’ I whispered.
‘So, you better be ready to handle her because she’s difficult to impress and since you both are fighting, she might not let you in. I can’t wait to see you in short skirts and crop tops. I bet you’ll look like barbie dressed lalaloopsie.’ I glared at my phone like he could see it. He was laughing at me.
‘I will make you know that I’m very sexy,’ he snorted along with Sweet. ‘Don’t be like that, I can be sexy when I need to be.’
‘When? 1980s,’ he taunted.
‘Are you trying to bait me into coming to school dressed like a whore?’
‘Maybe I am,’ he said innocently. ‘Maybe I’m not.’
‘Well, it won’t work. Nice try dude, nice try.’
‘Still going to laugh at you when I see you in the uniform, it’s going to be hilarious.’ He said between his laugh.
‘Stop that!’ I shouted, stomping my foot on the floor.
‘You see? He’s mocking you. He deserves to die.’
‘I swear Joe, if you don’t keep quiet, I’ll stab you instead of him!!!’ I cupped my mouth after I blunted that out.
‘You want to stab me?’
‘Okaaay,’ he drawled. ‘I was going to ask you if you want me to pick you up tomorrow but nevermind.’
‘No, it’s okay, I don’t mind.’
‘I don’t think I want to drive with a killer unicorn,’
‘I swear, I didn’t mean that, I was kidding.’
‘Bye Iris.’
‘Hans w…’ He hung up.
‘Ooh, see what you caused!’
‘What did I do? You had to yell that out. He suspects you, kill him.’
‘Shut up Joe!!!’
I had a terrible night. I didn’t want him to hate me, I didn’t want him to look at me as a bad person. Hans is nice, he doesn’t look down on me like many do, I know he likes me because I’m Iris, not Violet. I rubbed my hands together as I walked along the street of my block. I couldn’t drive the car in my state of mind. What if he tells Lee? My only real friend? I don’t want to lose Lee, she’s nice.
‘Stop it, stop worrying,’ Sweet said as she walked beside me. ‘Everything would be okay, I assure you.’
‘Don’t assure me, you’re not him.’
‘Nobody wants a murderer and a psychopath for a friend. When they find out you are not stable, they would run away. Even your own mother chose death over you.’
‘Don’t listen to her Iris, you are not a bad person, you are good. You didn’t hurt them on purpose, they tried to hurt you first.’
‘Don’t deceive her Violet, don’t lie to her. It might have been self-defense but a murderer is a murderer. Very soon, they will take you back there and you will never see daylight again.’
‘No!’ I shouted. ‘I won’t get lock up! I won’t! Shut up Joe! Shut up!’
‘Yes! Shut up Joe! Shut up!’ I flinched, jumping around with a gasp. Hans grinned at me innocently, his hands nonchalantly put in his pockets. ‘Hi Iris, you’re walking alone this early?’
‘What am I doing here? I came here to pick you up like agreed. I saw you walking so I followed and heard you yelling at Joe. Don’t listen to what Joe is saying, she’s just jealous of what you her.’
I gasped. ‘You can see Joe?’ I asked, looking from her to him. He started laughing, he was mocking me. ‘You’re mocking me, you think I’m insane.’ I said quaverly.
‘I know you are insane,’ he grinned. ‘But I don’t mind, you are cute either way.’
‘So you don’t think it’s weird to have three invisible best friends?’ I asked suspiciously.
‘I have two invisible bed friends, I sleep with them when I get horny. So no, I don’t think it’s weird.’
‘Are you lying to make me feel better?’ I pouted.
‘Oh, so you see me as the ugly dumb killing Violet wannabe I am. You know I…’
‘Iris,’ he snapped his fingers. ‘I won’t ask you what is going on, why you are like this but let’s make a deal.’
‘So I won’t tell on you, they will lock you up, right?’ I nodded with fear. ‘When I ask you to go anywhere with me, go and do whatever I say. Can you do that?’
‘You won’t tell Lee, right?’
‘I won’t,’
‘Promise.’ He smiled.
‘It’s a trap!’ Joe shouted.
‘Let’s start with the first stage, let’s go to a boutique,’
‘To get you something that isn’t purple.’
⚡ Hans’ standpoint ⚡
I spent half of my night thinking about what Iris yelled. First it was Violet, then Joe. She always muttered to herself, why? Why did she look at her side all the time? What is wrong with her? There was only one option, she was seeing things. Her subconscious must have created people that spoke to her. I couldn’t tell why I cared but I wanted her to get better, I wanted to make her smile again.
So what did I do? I spent the remaining hours researching, finding out everything related to how she was behaving. I was made to realise that her color obsession was part of it. The first step to help her was to play along with her imaginary friends and find a way to slowly get rid of the colour; start by adding another colour to her brand. I already had the steps. I slept for only an hour before I found myself driving to her place, on the phone with one of the best psychiatrist my uncle linked me to. I explained everything I put together so far and he gave me little steps to follow. It wasn’t that hard, as soon as I saw her walking out of her block while talking to herself, I followed her.
I looked at her as she stared at the red boots I bought for her. I started with just shoes. She wasn’t comfortable at all. ‘Stop fidgeting.’
‘With this red, I won’t be perfect.’ I wonder what made her like this.
‘No one is perfect,’
‘Violet was and I’m sure she still is.’
‘Who’s Violet?’ She looked away. ‘Okay, ignore that. I’m sure she isn’t as intelligent as you are.’
She looked at the backseat and rolled her eyes. ‘Shut up Violet.’
She returned her eyes to the window, muttering to herself. I’m stuck with a lunatic. ‘Iris, have anyone ever told you red make your skin glow? No, because you don’t ever wear red.’
‘Violet never wore red.’ She said bluntly, her face still turned to the window.
‘I’m sorry, but are you Violet, or Iris?’ She glanced at me. ‘Answer, who are you? Violet or Iris?’
‘Then why be Violet when you are Iris?’
‘Because Iris is filled with imperfections. Nobody ever loved or appreciated her, she was insane. Violet on the other hand was perfect, loved, cared for. I need to be perfect for all to love me too.’
‘And since you have been Violet, how many people have loved you so far? If my suspicion is right, Violet is friendly and nice. Is Iris?’
‘I am friendly,’ she snapped, turning her head to me.
‘Then how many friends do you have?’ I smirked.
‘I have Violet, Sweet and Lee and Melody.’
‘Is Violet real? Who is Sweet? Is Melody aware you are friends? What do you know about Lee?’
‘People love me!’
‘Who? Aside from Arlene.’
‘And…?’ She opened her mouth like a fish but shut it back. ‘I thought as much, no one, not even me.’ She looked at her feet sadly.
That’s enough words for now.
To be continued.


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