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More than a game episode 8

🎲🎲🎲 More than a game 🎲🎲🎲
→→→ Jilting the tits ←←←
🀄 Book eight 🀄
🎀 Hailey’s standpoint 🎀
Leaning on my locker with Lee by my side as we listened to one of the cheerleaders talk about her boyfriend, I played with a drumstick in my hand. About five of the cheerleaders were with us; surrounding us. I tapped my foot impatiently, wasn’t even interested in what she was saying. I clicked my tongue and sighed. When is she going to stop talking?
A loud scream made me stand up straight, the scream was too loud and I knew who it was. There was no other person in the school that would make girls scream so much in the morning than my beloved playboy younger brother; Phoenix. I looked at the end of the hall where he was walking from, cat walking like a girl as girls walked and scream behind him, all careful not to touch him. His hands were in the pockets of his jacket, the wind sweeping over his perfect swoosh.
‘Phoenix! Please kiss me!’
‘I love you Phoenix!’
‘Phoenix marry me!’
‘Phoenix I tattooed your face to my breast, see!’
‘Phoenix please sleep with me!’
‘Phoenix I love you!’
‘Phoenix, today’s my birthday, please kiss me!’
‘Jobless juveniles,’ Lee chuckled. My friends started giggling and laughing, playing with their skirts and tops as they looked at him walk in. I laughed and shook my head. A girl jumped in front of him, blocking his path.
‘Phoenix, please, it’s my birthday today, kiss me…’ Phoenix removed the gum he was chewing and put it in the girl’s mouth. She screamed with joy.
‘Ew,’ I said chucklingly.
‘Hey! It’s my birthday too!’
‘Phoenix it’s my birthday!’
‘Give me that gum!’
‘I want a gum too!’ Phoenix ran for it, they would jump on him.
‘After him!’
‘Give me gum too Phoenix!’ Phoenix always carries three pack of his favorite gums. He tore one open as he ran and threw it into the air. They all screamed and attacked the gum on the floor. He laughed and ran past us, winking flirtatiously at me. Lee tossed her pen at him. He ducked and ran off, laughing boyishly.
‘He’s so cute,’ the girls sighed. Even my friends found him irresistible. Hans looked better but he barely flirts and don’t like girls being too close. Phoenix on the other hand, loves the attention and the ladies.
‘Let’s go ask him for our own gum!’ And off they went, except Silvia of course. Silvia was a good friend of mine, sister to the guy I like but doesn’t like me back.
‘That brother of ours is trouble to humanity,’ Lee said with a shake of her head.
‘Now imagine Hans join him,’
‘Yow!’ Silvia and Lee exclaimed. We laughed.
‘Hey Silv, when is Richie coming back? Isn’t he returning to school again or is he going to remain in Orland for his shoot?’
‘He’ll be done soon,’ Silvia replied smilingly. Richie is a model, swimsuit model and men is he hot. I’ve always liked him, right before he even got his muscles. Too bad he doesn’t see me as anything other than his younger sister’s best friend.
‘Hail, look,’ Lee said laughingly. She turned my head to Iris who was waddling to us in red boots, hands wide apart. She carefully waddled pass the screaming girls still fighting for the bubblegums on the floor. Hans was behind her, laughing as he watched her waddle.
‘Oh my bra! It’s Hans!!!’
‘Here we go again,’ Silvia sighed. The girls forgot about the gums and faced Hans. Like the nice person he was, he stopped to attend to them. Iris finally waddles to us, breathing and sweating heavily.
‘Why were you waddling?’
‘This,’ she huffed, glaring at her feet like she had horse poop on it. ‘Just look at these red monsters of imperfection!’
‘If you don’t like it, why wear it?’ She snapped her neck to Hans, glaring murderously at him. ‘Don’t be like that,’ Lee smiled. ‘Aside from the waddling, it looks cute on you.’
‘It does? I don’t look odd and awful?’
‘I’m wearing pink on one leg and red on the other. Isn’t that weird?’ Lee asked plainly.
‘It is,’
‘Yet I still love it! Five to crazy shoe lass!’ Lee shrieked. Iris laughed and gave her a high five.
‘Do you really think I look okay in red?’ Iris asked sheepishly.
‘Trust me, you’ll look good in anything. Hot girls like us don’t need to try before we rock it. Right girls?’
‘Maybe she shouldn’t waddle,’ Silvia said chucklingly.
‘Yes, walk like this,’ Lee flipped her hair, switching to serious model mood. You see, we all had a job. Being the eldest female, mom marked me as her heiress. I was more interested in the school, was the face of the school; ambassador. Mom paid me for my work. Hans did the same thing, only that he was more of an ambassador in different athlete and drink related firms. Also for some magazines I don’t care to know about. All he needed to do was stand and look pretty. Lee on the other hand was a runway model. When you see her with her makeup and serious face and attitude, you’ll never be able to connect the dots that the same colour blunder Lee was the one on the runway.
Mom made sure we had our own means of income, so we wouldn’t depend on their wealth. Phoenix was the only extremely lazy one amongst us. ‘Walk like this,’ Lee said as she demonstrated how to walk like a model. Iris looked at her mirthlessly. Lee spun around and cocked her hips. ‘That’s how you walk like the queen of a place. Get it?’
‘Yay,’ Iris said, clapping uninterestedly. ‘I care so much about what you are teaching.’
‘Humph, your lost.’ The girls shrieked again, all running off. What did Hans do?
‘We love you Hans!’
‘Bye Hans!’
‘Love you!’
‘See you later!’ Hans jogged to us, grinning from ear to ear.
‘What did you tell them?’ I asked curiously.
‘My secret,’ he said winkingly. He looked at Iris and burst into laughter again. ‘Are you really sweating this much because you are walking with red boots?’
‘It’s difficult! Do you think it is easy?! It’s like walking on ten inches heels!’
‘Three inches platform boots,’ Lee corrected.
‘Hey Lee, sing a song for us, we wanna dance.’ Hans chirped.
‘You and who?’ Iris asked frowningly. Lee more than happily played a song.
What is Hans doing? He’s acting weird.
‘I don’t want to dance, Violet don’t…’
‘What’s your name? Iris, come on!’ She screamed when he swung her around. ‘Irish dance…’ Hans started doing a funny Irish leg dance to Galway girl. He forced confuse Iris to dance around, swaying her side to side and back to forth, Iris not having enough time to comprehend what was happening. Lee clapped and cheered along with Silvia. Iris started smiling halfway through it, shyly looking at her feet as she was forced to dance. Soon some students were clapping and cheering.
‘Three claps for the couple of the year!’ Lee shouted. Everyone cheered and applaud thrice. I clapped along with everyone, smiling at the weird scenario. Hans pulled Iris into his arms, she quickly buried her face in his chest as she laughed. It was the first time I was seeing her so happy.
Again, what is Hans up to?
💜 Iris’s standpoint 💜
I grinned from ear to ear as I packed my books happily. Never in my seventeen years have I ever been so happy. It felt like the world was smiling at me, wanting me to be happy too. For the first time in years, I hadn’t seen Joe. I was happy and Violet kept talking about how sweet Hans is.
‘Did you see how he made you dance? I can’t believe you danced!’
‘That isn’t a new thing, I used to attend dance classes.’
‘Not in front of everyone and certainly not wearing such pretty shoes and with a guy. Isn’t that wonderful?’ Sweet giggled.
‘Remember how his hand stayed around your waist?’ Violet chirped. ‘Romantic,’ she sang, her voice vibrating. I blushed and covered my face, giggling as I remembered. I dropped my hands down and grinned at them.
‘Does he really think I’m beautiful as Iris?’
‘He said so, I believe it.’ Sweet said certainly.
‘Bitch,’ I looked at who smacked me in the head. My grin disappeared, my lips forming into a straight line. It was that Maggie girl. ‘Who do you think you are coming to my school and throwing yourself at MY man! You are not even his type! You are nothing but a poor foot match bastard who don’t deserve to have a guy like him?! Who gave you the right to touch him! Who told you that you have a chance with him?!!!’ The students were starting to gather; Joe was back.
‘You see what I’m saying? People like them deserves to get killed for insulting you. No one should step on you, no one must underrate you. Iris, Violet would never let anyone maltreat her, she’ll stab them on the neck…’
‘You are wrong! Don’t listen to her Iris. Remember, you are Iris, not Violet. If Violet stab people, you don’t. Listen, my name is also Violet, I don’t hurt people and neither should you.’
‘You better stay away from my boyfriend or I’m going to disgrace and report you to his mother! Let me see how you would be able to survive it when she finds out that you are a church rat!’ Maggie was still going on. I bit my bottom lip and scratched my eyebrows, did that when my head was starting to turn. I rolled and tilted my head, shifting my hand to my cheek.
‘Breathe Iris, breathe. If you do what Joe is telling you to do, then you’ll show everyone the Iris your mother died staying away from.’ Sweet said anxiously. I smiled, that sentence made me smile.
‘Why are you smiling?!’
‘Are you done blabbing? I have other places to be, boyfriend to kiss, sweetheart to rub in your face.’ I said gigglingly.
‘What are you…’
‘You see Maggie,’ I placed a hand on her shoulder. She eyed it with shock. ‘I know it’s hard to take in the fact that you were used and he loves this church rat,’ I patted her shoulder. ‘But don’t worry, you’ll get over it, take heart. You’ll find a better man in the future.’ She slapped my hand away. I started laughing maniacally. I flung my bag over my shoulder, winked at her and cat walked out just like Lee taught me.
‘Attagirl!’ Violet exclaimed. I skipped, feeling lightheaded.
I saw Ivan walking towards my class. I grinned insanely and ran to him, hitting his arm when I got to him. ‘Tag, you’re it!’ I giggled and clapped my hands. I was acting insane again.
Breathe Iris.
I composed myself, he was stunned by my sudden happiness. ‘Guess what? Your girlfriend just attacked and warned me to stay away from Hans. She called my boyfriend her man…’
‘I broke up with her, we are no longer dating.’
‘And the use of this information is…?’
‘Iris…’ He made to touch my hand. I stepped back. ‘Iris, we can be together, leave Hans. I know you don’t love him…’
‘You’re right, I don’t love him, but I hate you. Feel better?’
‘I’m trying to talk to you calmly Iris, I can be dangerous when I want to,’ he said seriously. ‘Don’t look at me like I am not capable of doing anything. You are all underestimating me Iris, all of you.’
‘And what is that to me? What will you do?’
‘I let him take a lot of things but I will never let him take you, not you. It’s either I have you or you die.’
‘Is that a threat?’ I sneered.
‘A promise.’
‘Ignore him Iris.’ Violet cautioned.
‘Is that all?’ I asked mirthlessly. He frowned. ‘See you when you wish to attack, have a good day Ivan.’ I turned and walked out on him.
‘You are not going to throw away his threat, are you?’ Joe asked. ‘That might be important.’
‘For once, I agree with Joe. Ivan sounded serious back there and can kill you for real.’ Violet said thoughtfully. I shrugged it off.
‘Nothing I can’t handle. It takes a psycho to know the move of a psycho. Ivan is taking drugs, serious drugs.’ I waved my hand dismissively, looking at Hans who was bouncing along the hall, whistling and winking at girls. I rolled my eyes. He saw me and grinned. ‘Red shoes!’
‘Is that my new name?’ I asked chucklingly.
‘What? You want Unicorn back?’ He asked teasingly. I rolled my eyes. He surprised me with a hug, a big bear hug. No one except mother have ever hugged me before. ‘How do you feel?’ He whispered.
‘Warm, it feels warm,’
‘And…?’ I raise my head and peered at his face.
‘Why are you so close?’
‘Why are you so short?’ He stepped back and measured our height. ‘Short bottle.’
‘Would you ever have a permanent name for me?’
‘If you accept Unicorn, then yes.’
‘Then I guess you won’t hate me calling you Sugar burger.’ I said sweetly. He frowned.
‘Kill joy.’
‘Dance forcer.’
‘You’re late for your tryout, come on.’
I stood in front of Hailey, Lee, the cheerleaders and half of the football team, frozen on my spot. I felt stupid standing there in sweatpants and tank top. We were in the cheerleaders’ practice gym. Hans disappeared with some guys, leaving me all to myself.
Since when did I start depending on him?
Hailey sighed and rolled her eyes. Lee was smiling encouragingly. ‘Come on Iris, dance.’ Violet pleaded.
‘Go Iris go! Whoo!’ I turned my head to the door. Lee and I burst into laughter.
‘Hans, what are you wearing?’ I asked laughingly. He raised the skirt he was wearing and swayed himself. ‘Why are you wearing a skirt?’ He cocked his hips and struck a pose.
‘I’m cheering for you. You can do it Iris, I want to see you in short skirts too.’
‘Hans, you are humiliating yourself,’ Hailey said disapprovingly. ‘Put your pants back on.’
‘Why? Don’t I look sexy in this? Lee, judge.’
‘Hot legs,’ Lee whistled while the other girl clapped. A guy that had been standing there started taking pictures like a photographer.
‘One more pose Hans, make it sexy,’ he said and whistled. I covered my mouth and laughed as Hans struck a sexy pose. All the guys made funny catcalls while the girls whistled. Ivan just rolled his eyes, dripping to himself.
A loud shout broke out as three other guys stepped out in skirts. The whistles and catcalls increased. ‘Jet, Jacob…’
‘Oh my God! Phoenix! How did you get in that?!’ Hailey exclaimed. ‘Why are you wearing that? What are you guys doing?!’ The four guys ignored her, striking poses and taking pictures. One of them really looked like Hans.
‘Now! Skirt off everyone!’ Lee shouted. Hailey quickly pulled her down from the table before she pulled down her skirt. ‘What? I thought we were playing?’
‘Hey? Give me the pompoms, I need to throw my legs and cheer, go Iris!’
‘See? He’s doing all this to encourage you, don’t let him down.’ Sweet said. I nodded.
‘I’m ready now,’ I announced. I was to do three things; dance to take you dancing by Jason Derulo, do a loud cheer and do any gymnastic combo Hailey and Lee mix up. To cut the long story short, I failed the cheers but since I aced the rest, I got in.
🍇 Jonathan’s standpoint 🍇
Another quiet day, no friends. I couldn’t find Lee. I saw her but whenever I tried to reach her, she disappeared. It was hard and frustrating. I sighed and rest my head on my car, closing my eyes to cool the headache down.
‘Rat!’ I screamed as the person who said that smacked my shoulder. I jumped back to avoid the rat, screaming at the same time. She burst into laughter, holding her knees. I stopped screaming, frowning deeply at the expensive joke. ‘Are you afraid of rats?’ She laughed.
‘That wasn’t funny,’
‘It was to me.’ I looked down at her shoes and clicked my tongue.
‘Red and pink stilettos?’
‘Is it wrong?’ She asked, raising her red shoed foot.
‘You couldn’t decided again?’
‘What did I teach you?’
‘When confuse, wear one first and the other another time?’ She asked thoughtfully, itching her head.
‘And what did you do?’
‘I won’t make another mistake, I promise,’
‘Remember, no different color of the same shoes and stop wearing this,’ I took the fur scarf I saw on her the other day. ‘It’s pink and should worn in winter, okay?’
‘Okay Johnny Test.’ I giggled. She took it back and tied it around her waist.
Oh dear.
‘Wanna go grab something to eat at my favorite restaurant?’
‘Pastry n’ Sasha?’ She squealed.
‘Yes, my favourite.’
‘Mine too! Come on!’ She grabbed my hand with her surprisingly strong hand and tugged at it.
‘We can take our cars you know.’
‘No, let’s run.’
‘Three miles?’
‘Why? Afraid you’ll faint?’ She smirked. I scoffed and bent down to fasten the lace of my trainers.
‘You just challenged a runner, last one there gets to pay for… Hey!’ She was gone, speeding out of the school before I could finish. ‘Cheat.’ I ran after her, pushing all thoughts of my car out of my head.
To be continued.


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