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Mine forever episode 8

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💛 Mine forever 💛

( Attracted to each other )

Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒

Episode 8



Scarlet’s Pov~
After a week,
Rumors of me dating the CEO had died down instead currently the camera has shifted its focus onto Ex-lovers: Cherry & Alexander.
Since he had that interview with Larissa Leighton, Mr. Pearce is always in a pissed off attitude.

Maddie informed me that he gave that interview to keep away the press from me but never expected them to ask him about his Ex-girlfriend. I didn’t ask her why he is so pissed off because that is his personal thing.

He is always keeping himself busy by attending meetings with the boards or clients, or else pretty much sitting inside his cabin going through his work documents.

He is avoiding all kinds of business parties and social events which is actually a good platform for venturing out his business.
Beep beep…. (Suddenly my intercom buzzed and I answered it immediately.)

“Scarlet. What have you given me here? This is not the file I asked you. Cabin…..Now.” He yelled at me impatiently and I could sense the rising irritation in his voice.

“Yes Sir.” Though I know his mood is not so great today as well and now as it’s an everyday routine I calmly responded to him.
Taking a deep breath I stood up and mentally prepared myself before entering into the battle field.

I carried along with me the most important files of all recent projects and tapped on his door two times and entered in.

There he is standing in his all glorious form with a scowl on his face. As I entered he looked up at me with his piercing emerald green eyes staring at me in anger.
Here we go,

Round 1
“Is this the file I asked you? Are you f**king blind?” He threw the file in front of me and all the papers got scattered around the floor.
I asked you the Diamond Star’s document’s not Silver Star.

Where are the Phoenix’s documents and the agreement of Sea side Hills project that I had asked you earlier? I am not able to find it here on my desk.

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Damn why don’t you give me the files which are needed.
And why haven’t I received the blue prints of that new construction site?”

He yelled all this while with the list of above things and I stood there patiently tolerating his mood swings.

I firmly stood there and released a breath and took a step forward and informed him everything which he needed to know.

“Sir, Diamond Star as well as Silver Star project documents have been kept into your first drawer as you have meetings for both on Monday morning.

Phoenix project document you had carried along with you at home yesterday.

Agreement of Sea side Hills project is here on your left side of the table.

Blueprints of the new construction site are in that yellow folder which you currently threw down on floor.” I replied him calmly without showing how tired I actually am with his attitude towards me and everyone else.

I quickly moved around and collected all the papers and blueprints lying on the floor.

Filed it and kept it neatly on his table.
“I need a cup of coffee.” He ordered whilst seated on his chair going through yet another document.

I said it in my mind and headed out to cafeteria to get his precious coffee.

Round 2
“Scarlet! What the hell. Is this the way you take prints of important documents. Do I have to teach you everything? Do it again neatly. I don’t want these dark lines over the pages and check the spelling errors.

Damn it.”
“Sorry sir, it won’t happen again. I will redo it and get you a proper one.”

Round 3

“Scarlet. Is this a coffee? I want it hot and there is less milk. Prepare and get it again.”
“I’m sorry. I’ll get it right away.”

He is insane for doing this with me.
Finally Round 4

” You are not having a holiday this Sunday. We have a meet with one of the client. I will text you the details later.

I want you to remind me a few meetings tomorrow. Make a note of it.
1. Meet with Royal’s Group.
2. Meet with Highland Group.
3. Meet with Bentleys Group.

That’s it for today.

Now, do the file work for fresh new projects and submit it to the senior manager. Tell him to recheck the details. You may leave now.”
He is freaking kidding me!

He took my Sunday off. Which sane person keeps a meeting on SUNDAY?

And file work for fresh projects. It’s already end of the day, he wants my work time to be extended by an hour. It surely will take 1 hour max to finish this work off.

Oh god! Damn this handsome devil for making my life hell right now.
What other choice do I have other than follow his order.
I made a note of everything and with a depressed face I led the way to my cabin.

How long will I have to go through this? I am so freaking tired. I feel like taking a small vacation. But….I can’t!

A lonesome tear slipped from my left eye and I wiped it off with the back of my hand. Then started completing my tiring tasks and waited for this dreadful day to get over.

Alexander’s Pov ~
“Is this the way you treat your assistant. Alex what is wrong with you?
Sure I know your upset with your ex’s arrival but do you need to put all your irritation and anger on that poor girl who is in the next cabin?”

Ashton my brother is currently raging with anger for the way I am currently as well as burdening my PA with shit tons of work and behaving badly with her.

Actually he witnessed it this morning and right now giving me lecture for the same.

“Stop behaving in this manner, you are not even coming home, mom is worried about you and dad is upset with your decisions of not socializing.

If you are not able to handle things, if you are not in a sane mind then take a vacation.

Yeah. I guess you need that. Go to an island which is far away from NY. Cool off yourself and then resume your work.

Alexander, brother don’t hurt those who are around you. Don’t try to push us away; we are your family not enemies. We love you Alexander.

Now, you will move your ass off from there and join me and dad for lunch.

He is waiting down in the car. Now hurry up. I am going down first.” He said in a worry, ordered me and then left me alone in the cabin.
I sat there for few minutes in a deep thought.

I am actually affected a lot and letting all of my anger on other’s especially towards Scarlet was wrong.
So I slowly got up from my chair and started thinking of all those events happened with her.

Me yelling at her at all occasions, getting irritated for every single thing, making her repeatedly correcting documents, etc…
Yet she didn’t complain instead just obeyed all my commands. She was calm and just tolerated my behavior till now.
I groaned as realization hit me like hard.

What is wrong with me? I did so much wrong with her. I… I should go and apologize to her.
Like right now.

I took long strides towards her cabin and opened her door, it was empty. Maybe she has taken her lunch break. So I texted her and informed about my lunch with family and to take care of important calls.

I released a sigh and made a mental note to apologize to her once when I’m back. Took the elevator down to meet up with my brother and then entered the car greeting my dad and all three of us headed for lunch.

“Scarlet. Cabin…..Now.” I instructed her through the intercom and after five minutes she was in my cabin, patiently sitting on the chair with a pen and a notepad.

“Scarlet. I…I hope you checked the documents of new projects and submitted it to the senior manager Right?”

“Yes. I have informed Mr. Boris, the senior manager to recheck the document. He said he will check and meet you to discuss regarding the same today itself.”

I just…I don’t know how to say sorry to her. That word is so foreign to me. Damn why is it so difficult. It’s just one word. I looked up at her again and I just…….noticed how beautiful she is.

She is saying something to me right now but I’m not listening instead I’m just looking at those pretty pair of electric blue eyes and the movement of her lips while she speaks.

She looks like a gorgeous model but isn’t one, just an ordinary girl working as my PA.

But something is truly different about her and I get weird feelings inside of me now when I look at her….

“Sir…is it okay to reschedule your today’s meetings?”
“Uh….Okay.” I was in a trance and then she interrupted it by asking something and I just replied to it without knowing what it is!

“I wanted to ask you regarding the meeting of a client which is on Sunday; could you please give me the details for it?”

“Scarlet, these past days it’s been shit. I know. I…just, it’s been rough for me so the thing is…. we will reschedule that meeting from Sunday to Thursday. And you have an off on Sunday. Okay?”
“Scarlet, I’m sorry.”

I could see from my peripheral vision that she whipped her head up and is staring at me in shock.

Yes I said sorry to my assistant, that’s a first for me. Oh god.
I started to go through some important papers, cleared my throat and said,

“So are there any other matters you want to discuss with me? If not then you may leave.”

“No Sir. That’s it.” She nodded with a gentle smile and left.


Episode 9


Scarlet’s Pov ~
“Excuse me.”
I looked up at a person seeking permission to enter into my cabin. I gave a nod with a small smile.

“Good morning. I am Vince D’costa New Senior Assistant Manager for Pearce Industries projects.

I have my appointment letter with me and wanted to meet Mr. Pearce.” He handed over to me the letter and I took a quick look at it.

“Good Morning. Welcome to Pearce Industries. Please come with me.”

I said politely with my sweetest smile.
Great to have new faces isn’t it?

Well he is quite handsome, have a good height with light brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and he’s got this infectious smile. But we cannot compare him with the devilish handsome whose is currently sitting in his cabin. Now can we? Nah!

“Sir, Vince D’costa, new senior assistant manager is here.”
“Yes. Let him in.”
After an hour, I introduced the new guy with almost everyone on our floor and handed to him certain files.

Actually this is all Maddie’s duties but she is on leave, went to visit her new born grand-daughter in London.

She is a lucky woman. According to our CEO, I am having free time so I am assigned with her duties now instead of keeping a replacement.

“You look more beautiful in person.” He complimented me with sincerity while looking into my eyes. We are right now in his cabin.
“Thank you Mr. D’costa.”

I said with a smile and looking anywhere but not into his eyes. I am not use to with compliments. I was also confused as to why he said like that.

He got my expression and said,

“Please. Call me Vince and I have seen you on television, the news. In person you look different and more beautiful.”

Now how should I react to this? Of course he saw me on television.
“Oh. Thank you Vince.” With a small nod I left his cabin and got back to work.

Rest of the day was the same as usual like meetings with clients, reminding boss regarding his meetings etc.

In the end of the day I was happy to leave office and go home to relax.

I packed up my things and headed towards the elevator. It was the same elevator which we used the other day and the elevator used by my boss is still under maintenance work.

Mr. Pearce was already waiting nearby to it; we greeted each other’s presence with a gentle nod.

Right then at the same time Vince came and stood beside me, greeted us both and then the elevator came and stopped at our floor.

I entered in first, followed by them both and suddenly I was feeling weird. Though during this time there was no rush like last time. Thank god or else I would have been jammed like that day.

My cheeks heated up with that thought. This time his hand just brushed mine and a shiver ran through my whole body. I stood there still like a statue for a minute.

On one of the middle floor the elevator stopped and four people came rushing in. One of them dashed me and before I fall, Vince held me in place; his hands were on my shoulder and waist.

“Are you alright?” I zoned back in and heard his concerned voice.
“YES. I’m fine. Thank you.” I replied while taking a deep breath. Vince and I were in front while Mr. Pearce stood in the back.

“Hey, let me ask you few things till we hit the ground floor as its quiet boring in here. Don’t you think?

I guess so, I thought to myself and I gave him a small nod as reply
V: “So are you staying here with family?”

S: “No. Actually I share an apartment with a friend. What about you?”

V: “Oh it’s same except I live alone and I am new here.”

V: “So how long are you working here?”

S: “It’s just been two weeks.”

V: “Are you serious? It feels like you are a pro, like someone with experience. Wow.”

I smiled to his compliment. He is sweet, easy-going and friendly.

V: “Ok so do you have a boyfriend? Or rather are you dating someone?” He asked me curiously.

S: “N-no… I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not seeing anyone.” He instantly mumbled something to himself.

We reached the ground floor, as I was going towards the side walk, Vince came along.

“Hey…” He scratched his back of his neck and looked into my eyes and asked me with his gorgeous smile.

“Will you please hangout with me tomorrow after work. Just shopping, I needed help and I have no idea where to go and get things as I said I’m a newbie. I have no friends so will you ….”
“Vince…I… I don’t…”

“Yes she will.” A known voice interrupted from behind me. I turned back and glared at her.

“Lorry” I called her name warningly.

“Hi. I am Taylor Hope. Scarlet’s friend. Nice to meet you”
“I’m Vince D’costa. Scarlet’s co-worker. It’s my pleasure.” They greeted and shook hands with each other as well as gave his gorgeous smile as well.

What a charmer! I rolled my eyes.
“Bye Vince. We need to go home now.” I said politely grabbing Lorry’s hand.

“Oh yes. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He said with a content smile and we moved to our car while he headed towards the parking lot.

Lorry you are so dead!

Scarlet’s Pov~
“No! This is not what I asked you! Damn it. Are you seriously deaf?”
Is he serious? He is back with his sour attitude? It’s happening again, but why?

“You go now and get the new project – Hotel Bliss’s documents from the 37th floor.”

“Yes Sir.” I left his cabin and straight away headed for the elevator. While going to the 37th floor I thought, what is wrong with him today? I didn’t do anything wrong and it was not my fault he gave me a different project name. Damn him.

I swear I’ll murder him today in my dream.

I calmed myself down as today I have this shopping thing with Vince and I just want to be in a good mood. I collected the documents and handed it over to Mr. Pearce.

It was almost lunch time; Vince came by into my cabin.

V: “Scarlet, hey!”

S: “Hi Vince. Do you want me to help you with something?”

V: “Oh just came to say hi and confirm about our plan for today.”
Aww his charming smile just makes my day. I instantly smiled too.

S: “Oh definitely. I haven’t forgotten.”
V: Did you have lunch?

S: “No. I was just busy with few things.”

V: “Okay. So come on we’ll have it together.”

S: ” Oh Sure. Just give me a minute.” I kept all my files aside, grabbed my purse and we were just about to leave when Mr. Pearce came in.

“Are you going somewhere?” He asked me while eyeing Vince, after which he looked at me.

“We both were just about to have lunch right now Sir. It’s already late.” Vince replied to him politely.

“Scarlet. I need you to accompany me right now for a meeting with the manager of Hotel Bliss project. We will grab lunch for you on the way. Now come on.” He ordered me and left first.

I just followed my orders, gave Vince an apologetic smile and we both headed towards the elevator.

This time inside the elevator I was in the corner and beside me Mr. Pearce stood quietly, Vince was standing quietly in the other corner.

While leaving the building I watched Vince going to the direction of parking lot while Mr. Pearce’s vehicle was waiting by the entrance for us, so we entered into the car and left for the boring meeting.

Meeting is over and it’s already evening now and he is again having another meeting with Miss. Nell and then with the Bentley Group management. Is he crazy, today of all day he is taking me for more than one meeting?

Ding Ding…
It’s a message, let me see, who is it? I thought to myself.
Unknown Number: Hi. I am waiting for you in the office. Where are you?

Oh shucks!! It is Vince. I forgot about the plan. But I am stuck with the devil, so it’s not possible. Wait. How did he get my number? Let’s see.

Ding Ding

Unknown Number: Got your number from the office directory. Hope you don’t mind as I had to have the number to ask you where you are. Do save my number though.
– V

Yes of course the office directory!

He really is something. I smiled instantly by looking at his message.
Scarlet: Hi. It’s fine. I am sorry Vince I am actually stuck with Mr. Pearce and his boring meetings. He is attending more than one meeting today. But as an alternative I’ll send Taylor over, she will accompany you for shopping. She is a great help.
– S

I tapped on send, saved his number and waited for his reply.
Ding Ding

Vince: OH! No its fine. I think we should postpone this plan to Sunday. No work, no meetings, probably the best day. What say? Is it okay with you?

Scarlet: Okay.
– S

Taylor will be excited to hear all these things -The adventures of Scarlet Reeves.
Ding Ding

Vince: Thank you. See you tomorrow then. Bye.
– V

Scarlet: Yeah see you tomorrow. Bye.
– S
I was smiling like an idiot and having a warm feeling inside.
“What happened?” Mr. Pearce asked in his thick raspy voice.
I swear I got chills and turned to face him.

“No. It’s nothing at all. Just feeling a bit tired.” I replied to him as calmly as I can and kept the cell inside my bag. He stared at me for a second and then looked outside to the window. No questions were asked after that.

Rest of the ride was quiet but it was really tiring and we reached the Highland Group Office but Miss. Nell was not available instead we had a meeting with their Project Manager.

After an hour, we met with the Bentley Group Management. I had nothing at all to do. At Bentley’s they just talked about some official plans of the upcoming project and tie-ups.

Next thing was kind of, just very much unexpected. We are on the way, to his parents’ home for dinner. I can’t believe this!
We were welcomed by Mr. Pearce’s parents into their beautiful home. We were all seated in the dining hall.

Mr. Archer Pearce is an older version of Alexander Pearce. He had greyish hair, similarly tall with piercing green eyes and a dashing smile.

He is a laid back person and he is handsome as hell. Mrs. Annie Pearce is an angel; she’s got medium height, forest green eyes and short dark hair.

She is very down to earth and always talking about something or the other.

“Oh dear, you haven’t eaten much.

Take some more. Have this salad.” Mrs. Pearce placed more salad on my plate.

“I hope my son is taking care of you very well. I know he has got a bad temper and all he does is yelling. He is all tough from outside but he is also soft from inside too.

He is my good baby boy.” She looks at me and says it very lovingly. It clearly shows her love towards him.
“Mom” He warns her.

“So tell me Scarlet, are you living with your parents here?” Mr. Archer asked me.

“No Sir. Actually I lost my parents in an accident. I am living with my friend here.” I said sadly remembering my parents.

“Oh I am so sorry dear. Scarlet if you need any help you can ask me anytime. Okay?” He said with a gentle smile. I said a small yes with a nod.

“Oh. Would you like to come over on this Sunday? We are having a family outing. Ashton and his family will also be there. So you can meet them as well.” Mrs. Annie asked me all excited.

“Mrs. Pearce I am so sorry. It’s a pleasure actually but I am going out with a friend.” I replied apologetically.

“Oh so u have a date. Oh it’s fine dear. So who is it?” She asked and got all interested. In fact all three of them were interested and staring at me for my reply.

“It’s not a date. It’s just an outing. His name is Vince, he is a co-worker. He is new here and so asked me to accompany him for shopping that’s it.”

I said shyly and was fidgeting with the food on my plate.

“Son you must know him then Right?” Mr. Archer asked him.
“Yes dad. He is the new project manager for Project Bliss. Vince D’Costa.” He replied a bit irritated.

“Oh Dear I’ve got a wonderful idea, both of you can come and join us on Sunday. It will be fun.” Mr. Archer said looking at me with a warm smile.

“Oh that’s a terrific idea Archie. I will make all the preparations. Estelle will be there to help me with a few things.”

Mrs. Annie was full of joy hearing upon the invite. But someone here was uptight and all moody. I could see Mr. Alexander Pearce is not at all happy with this idea.

“Umm…..Mr. and Mrs. Pearce I think its best if only you all go for the outing. As it’s a family thing. We’ll be fine.” I said feeling a bit nervous.
Mr. Archer scoffed and said,

“Oh Scarlet, you can call us on first name basis. Don’t have to be so formal. And also I would appreciate if you accompany us on Sunday. You don’t have to consider yourself as an outsider.”

He said in a serious tone. As he said he also gave a glance over to his son and nodded his head while looking at me.

“Okay. But only on one condition.” I said smilingly.
They both looked at me and waited for me to continue.

“You must let me also help you with the preparations for outing. Please let me know what all to be done.”

“Oh dear you are a sweetheart. Ok so perfect, I will let you know. I am so looking forward to it.” She said while placing her hand on mine and she was happy.

I thanked them both for the dinner and I really had an amazing time with them.

Mr. Alexander Pearce though only talked about work with his father. He is not at all excited for the outing. Well I wonder why he is so different from his parents. God knows!

After an hour Mr. Alexander dropped me near to my apartment and surprisingly he waited in his car till I entered inside my building. Then he drove off.

But the one question which lingered on my mind was…. why is he staying with his parents at their family mansion?
I’m curious to know!


TBC 💛💛💛💛

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