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Mine forever episode 7

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💛 Mine forever 💛

( Attracted to each other )

Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒

Episode 7





At Scarlet’s Apartment
Scarlet’s Pov~
It’s a beautiful Saturday morning; I just opened my eyes lying on my bed hugging my soft white pillows with my blanket covered over my body.

I just looked out of my window which was shining with warm sunlight and it was a beautiful site to see.

My room is very simple; it has white walls matching with my plain white bed which directly faces the window, giving me the perfect view.

Near to window there is a small rack to keep a few books which I am very much fond of. To the right side of the bed is my small closet and on the opposite wall I had placed framed photos.

All the photos are sweet memories with my Dad, Mom and sister. Every morning I look at those pictures and remember my time with them.

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I lost my parents in a car crash two years ago which had changed my life drastically. The only family left is my sister and she is just eighteen, studying in college.

So this job which pays me so damn well is very important to me. I can easily support for her education and myself as well. I miss her very much and we often speak on phone during weekends.

After an hour I was ready and so went straight to the kitchen and there she was ……my bff Taylor Hope.

Taylor and I are childhood friends. Actually she is family, my angel who help me out in my entire crisis.

I call her Lorry and she is very beautiful with oceanic blue eyes and wavy blond hair. She brought me here in New York along with her and I am living in her apartment which is a gift from her parents.

“Hey! Good Morning. I have prepared breakfast for us. Come let’s have it, I am starving.” She said quickly while taking the food outside.
“Good Morning Lorry. You prepared breakfast? Hmm …I’ll get the juice can out.” I said looking at her surprised and helped her out.

The thing is that she is in a very happy mood which made me think something is definitely up with her. Besides this week it’s my turn in kitchen. I guess it slipped from her mind. I’ll remind her later.
We were having our breakfast together and suddenly my cellphone buzzed. I looked onto the screen and the caller was none other than MY BOSS so I quickly answered his call.
“Good morning Sir.”
“Yes Sir.”
“See you at office.”
Lorry was giving me a questioning look.

“What’s it?” She asked looking at me.
“It was nothing just office stuff. Boss want’s his breakfast to be brought to office and some work files to be prepared. That’s it.” I replied to her.

“Okay, I’ll drop you off. And today I will be late home. So don’t wait up for me.” She informed excitedly.

“So that’s why you are so very happy. You’ve got a date today. Aww….. So who’s the poor guy?” I asked her teasingly.
“Ha-Ha! Very funny.”

“Okay. No seriously. Who is it?”

“Well. That’s a mystery. An admirer of mine kept a note with a rose flower bouquet on my table yesterday. The note mentioned to have a date with him today evening at a hotel.”

“Wow! Wait. What if he is a serial killer or something?” I got panicked thinking about it.

“Scarlet you really need to stop watching too much of criminal mind episodes. You are overthinking. I’ll be fine. Besides if something goes wrong I have my pepper spray with me as my help.” She said reassuringly.

“Ok. Be careful.” I sighed.
Mr. Pearce and I, we both arrived at the office at the same time. He headed to his office and I placed his breakfast on the table with a cup of coffee.

Then entered my cabin, started looking onto my list of things for today. A Lot of work is to be done. Oh yes! I have to remind about his meetings.

At 10 am he had a small meeting with Mr. Kazuya Kanagawa. Though he is from japan he conversed with Mr. Pearce in English. Damn he was handsome too.

Then at around 11 am he had a meet with Mr. Arnold Shaw, Project Manager for hotel Starlight. They discussed regarding the new idea’s laid out for the hotel.

After that meeting I was in my cabin, arranging files and going through some project documents when someone opened my door and came in without knocking.

When looked up I saw a beautiful girl who must be around my age (I guess) was standing there in her elegant form with a knee length, off shoulder black dress.

She has silky smooth wavy brown hair with a pair of honey brown eyes.

“Is Alex available in his cabin?” She asked me with a pretty smile.
I got up from my chair and just nodded my head with a smile in response.

“Nell!” Boss came and stood alongside her.

“Alex.” She hugged him immediately and exchanged a few words.
I am kind of having a weird feeling inside and a few thoughts were running across my mind.
Like, who is this Nell?

Is she his girlfriend?

Just a friend?
Definitely girlfriend!

Oh My God….! Stop thinking so much.
My boss interrupted my little train of thoughts by calling my name.
“Yes sir.”

“I am going out for lunch. Make note of any important calls for me.”
“Okay. Oh and I will arrange the board meeting for you. It’s at 1:30.”
“Make it at 2:00.” He stated and left with her.
I sighed.

Scarlet’s Pov~
Boss came back from his lunch date with Miss. Nell or whatsoever.
We then held the board meeting at 2:00, all members were seated and were discussing about important matters which only they could understand with each other.

For me their discussions were boring, I had to take notes of certain points given by the directors which are to be looked over or taken care of.

While sitting there in middle of the meeting my thoughts drifted off to Nell and my boss.

Well she was looking so gorgeous in that black dress. And she had a charismatic smile. She is so…..Beautiful. Damn I bet she is his girlfriend. Well they look good together.

Well why am I even thinking about her?
What is wrong with me?

” Scarlet have you made a note of everything?” Mr. Pearce asked me breaking my train of thoughts. By now meeting is over and he is walking out of the room.

“Yes. I will draft it to you immediately.” I replied while walking beside him and then headed back to my cabin.

I started to draft the notes and mailed it to him. Then we were busy in our work but I also informed him about the visit to his Hotel. Suddenly boss came over to my cabin.

“Scarlet I want you to accompany with me to the Hotel Paradise so be ready in five minutes.” He just stated and left.
“Okay.” I replied to his command.

After five minutes he came back to my cabin and we walked together towards the elevator.

This is our first time to ride the elevator together and also visit to one his hotel for official purpose.

I am excited about the hotel visit. It’s said that Pearce Industries Hotels are worldwide renowned for its quality of food served as well as the beautiful modernized interiors giving a satisfactory feeling to visit their place. I am getting a free chance to see it now as an official visit.

The private elevator used by Mr. Pearce is having some technical issue and hence it is under construction so we are using the other elevator for the time being.

We entered into another elevator and he pressed the ground floor button. But the elevator was stopping in between for other people to enter and the space inside were getting smaller and smaller as a lot of people got in. Now it’s packed and I am not able to move.

This is not what I was looking forward to.

Why the hell people are using this particular elevator at this time of the day when the boss is inside with me? Aren’t they nervous to be with their boss in such a confined place? I wondered but I got the answer to it.

The people entering are all managers and clients not the employees. Apparently, employees use separate elevators on the other side of the wing.

Someone suddenly pushed me towards Mr. Pearce and now I’m facing him, we are in close proximity.

I was pressed onto him and he just held me in place. He gently placed my head over his left shoulder and kind of hugged me. I inhaled his scent and he smells so damn good. Shit!

My heart started to beat irregularly. This elevator ride is making me somewhat dizzy and now I am all heated up.

Don’t know about him but I definitely feel ….nervous as hell while being in his arms. This is insane.

Finally the elevator stopped at the ground floor and people walked out of it. I stepped out of his hold and tucked a hair behind my ear.

We both silently walked out of the elevator. His car was waiting outside for us, so we got in and headed to the hotel.

The car ride to the hotel was also a silent one.
God my heart will explode now.

Why? Why do I get stuck in such situations with him?

I was giving him a side way glance in between and he was sitting in a very relaxed form.

Maybe it’s only me who is right now overthinking about this.
Well yeah, just keep cool and its work time so just focus on your job.

I made myself clear about it and looked outside of the window and took a deep breath.
After a while,

Boss and I were entering into the Hotel, the manager came and greeted us and lead us to his office.

Mr. Pearce looked into the documents and was discussing few matters with the manager. I just patiently sat on a chair and waited for him.

Then he decided to sit in the main area and ordered wine for us. He was examining all the arrangements, staff behavior, customer service, managerial sections of work as well as customers response towards everything.

“Scarlet” I quickly looked up and saw Lorry standing beside me. We both were surprised to meet each other here… of all places!
“Um…am I interrupting something?” She asked us mischievously.

“Yes. No.” We both responded immediately together and then looked at each other.

“Lorry this is my Boss, Mr. Alexander Pearce and Mr. Pearce, this is my friend Taylor Hope.” I quickly introduced them with each other and gave Taylor a look as a signal to go.

She gently nodded as a response, said goodbye to us and left.

I released a sigh of relief for now because I know, later she is going to bombard me with a lot of questions once when I am home.

Boss seemed to be in a good mood now. But I was feeling weird because people in here are all staring at us. Especially, women who are currently giving me death glare.

Can you believe it? What did I do?

“Are you hungry? We can order the specials if you would like to have something now.” He asked me politely and I was quite surprised with his attitude.

“No. I am fine.” I replied hastily as I just wanted to get out of here.
We said our goodbye’s to the manager and headed back to office.


Episode 7B


Taylor’s Pov~
Sunday Morning ….

“Oh! What the hell, No…No….No….No….
This can’t happen. Shit.

I should warn her. Where is my damn cellphone?”

Taylor: “Hello. Scarlet where are you?”
Scarlet: “Hey. I am at the Jogger’s Park. Why?”
Taylor: “You need to get back home right now. Or else…..you… hello….Scar…”

Scarlet: “Oh shit! Lorry, I’ll call you later. Bye.”
Scarlet’s Pov~~
While on call with Lorry I just stopped jogging and looked up. The sight in front of me was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

A hell lot of people with cameras and microphones were coming towards me. It’s the press, damn why are they coming towards me? I panicked and started running off to the opposite direction.

They all were behind me, but what did I do? Why follow me?

I saw a mall ahead so rushed inside to it and hid behind a cloth rack. I was calming myself down so that I could think of something to get out of this situation.

An idea popped into my mind as I quickly grabbed a hat and a coat from the racks, blended with the busy crowd who were shopping happily.

My cellphone started vibrating again; quickly answered it without taking a look at the caller id.

“Lorry, I’ll call you later. Ok?” I said in a hurry but it was not Lorry on the other side.

“Hello….Scarlet. It’s me Alexander. Where are you?” He asked me with concern.

“I… I am currently at a mall; it’s nearby to the jogger’s park and kind of stuck in here. I am disguised so that the press doesn’t recognize me, which I am unaware as to why they are following me.” I whispered into the cell.

“Just calmly stand nearby to the cash counter and wait for my security guard’s. They are on their way to pick you up from there safely. So when they arrive just wave your hand.”

He informed me and my mind was racing with a lot of thoughts.
I did as I was told by him. So far I was not caught so just waited there nearby to the counter as instructed.

After an hour, Mr. Pearce’s guards entered the mall and I waved my hand and they noticed me. I recognized that one of the guards is my boss’s personal one and he was leading the group of men towards me.

Quickly I went up to them; same time a few of the press members was also nearing towards me from all directions.

These press members’ didn’t have any camera instead they carried only a note pad and a pen. But before they could get me I was out along with my protective guards.

While others with cameras and microphones were waiting outside of the mall. Even they were not allowed to come near me as the guard’s surrounded me and pushed everyone aside to make way for me.

The manager of the mall too was helping me out to get away from the press and managed to stop them. He said Mr. Pearce have instructed him to do so and I don’t need to pay for the coat as well as hat because expenses have been taken care of, so no need to worry about anything.

I wonder how actor’s and celebrities live their life like this. They are always surrounded by paparazzi. Their whole life either they are being followed or it’s being captured into the camera.

They have no freedom at all. This is so suffocating. Well, hats off to them for leading such a difficult and limited life.

Somehow I was taken outside and got into the car. The first thing I did was taking off the hat and coat, and then I released a sigh of relief.

They took me directly to my office and I had no other choice but to be in my office on a Sunday morning in my shorts and a white tank top.

I was in my cabin standing near to the window, looking outside to the small garden.
“Scarlet. Are you okay?”

I turned around and saw Mr. Pearce looking at me; concern edged its way across his face.
“YES I’m fine though I don’t get it. Why are they following me?” I asked confusedly.

Lorry came in suddenly and rushed to me, hugging me tightly saying,
“Thank god. You are here. I thought you might be stuck with the damn press!”

“I’m sorry Lorry. I got you worried about me. I was about to call you. But as you know I was busy to get a safe place for myself.” I said as a matter of fact. Then something struck me.

“Wait. How did you know about the press and me?” I asked her questioningly.

“You are everywhere in the news since morning. I called you up to warn about the same at first but you hung up on me. And then Alex…I mean Mr. Pearce informed me about where you are.” She said angrily.

“But why am I on the news?” I asked in shock.
“It’s because of me.” Mr. Pearce said in a low voice.
“What?” I asked again confusedly.

“It’s like one of the press member took out pictures of you both while being at the hotel Paradise.

The breaking news state’s that Mr. Eligible Bachelor’s second date. As on the same day he was spotted with Miss. Nell Lawrence at Royal’s, so that’s considered as his first date. There are headlines as follows,

A Small Town girl is going out with the Business Tycoon of the year.
Ohio girl is competing with Nell Lawrence, Managing director of the Highland Group. And so on….”

I was speechless with what I heard right now from her.
“None of it is true. What am I supposed to do now to make it right?” I asked her worriedly.

“You don’t have to do anything. I’ll fix it myself and you don’t have to worry about anything.” He said while looking at me, then gave a curt nod towards Taylor and left us alone.

I felt tired and was disturbed about the things happening around me. I just sat down on the chair thinking through things.

Mr. Alexander was still standing in front of me and he said,
“Scarlet, its better you stay at your apartment till everything gets sorted out. I will send out guards along with you two, so relax.”

“Okay.” I agreed to what he suggested as even I think it’s better to be home rather than come to work. I can’t handle the press and the questioning sessions with them. Only he can resolve this issue right now.

As he said, guard’s protected us both from the crowd of questioning people and took us home safely. But this is really insane. I never thought I will be in such situations and be famous like this.

I was lying down on my bed as soon as my eyes got closed I immediately fell asleep.

Scarlet’s Pov~
I was home, waiting for the press issues to get resolved.
Sitting at home doing nothing is really boring, so I started changing channels on TV when something caught my eye.

It was an interview with Mr. Alexander Pearce, CEO of Pearce Industries.

Interviewer: Larissa Leighton

Larissa: “Welcome to the morning Prime News.
Today we are honored to have the presence of Mr. Alexander Pearce in our prime time news.

Mr. Pearce. Welcome to our Prime time news.”
Alex: “Please Larissa. You can call me Alexander. And thank you.”
She gave a gentle smile to him.

Larissa: Alexander we heard you are having a big project on due this month. Hotel Phoenix is the one right? So how is it going?

“Yes. We are in talks with an overseas client regarding the model of it and it’s in progress.”

Larissa: “I wanted to ask you regarding recent news which was a huge sensation.

You were having two dates at one day. It was kind of a heated one.
Do you want to comment on that?”

(I was in full attention now and was keen to hear what he is about to say to this.)

After a brief pause he faced the camera and calmly said,
Alexander: “Well. Yeah. Actually it was not a date.

Both were an official meeting. As you all know, Nell is my best friend and co- owner of The Highland Group.
So there is nothing going on between us.

That day we were just discussing about a few work matters.”
Larissa: “What about the second one then?”

Alexander: “That was also a visit to one of my hotel for routine visits which was an official visit with my PA.”

(I took a deep breath. It’s the truth. It was just an official visit.)
Larissa: “Oh so she is your PA.

Now as you already cleared that Miss. Nell is just your best friend and nothing is going on between you two. So is there any chance that there is something between you and your PA.
Are you both dating?”

She asked him curiously with wide suspicious eyes.
Alexander: “No Larissa. We aren’t, besides Scarlet is my PA. We have only professional relationship. That’s it.”

(Yeah right. I’m just his PA. We should only have a professional relationship.

Why would he date me? Argh!
Wait. What?

Why am I thinking about a date with him? Also I’m angry with his statement. Damn him.

I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened my eyes landed on his perfect face on TV.

He is looking so damn good. Handsome as hell and when he looks up at the camera, it feels like he looking at me too. I feel like… he just….looks only at me and no one else.
I got lost in his thought’s…)

Larissa: “Okay. So moving ahead we heard that Miss. Cherry Antonio is back in town with her husband.

As we all know you both were in a long term relationship but due to certain reasons you both parted ways in a nasty way. So have you both buried the hatchet yet? Or …”

(I perked up again, who is Cherry Antonio?)

Alexander: “I don’t want to discuss about it. If you have questions related to my work you are free to ask.

I would request you to kindly exclude questions related to my ex and personal affairs.
I like to keep my personal things as private.”

(His face is showing a hard expression. Eyes are piercing in anger but he is trying to suppress his anger. Why? What had happened between them?

Why should I care? What is wrong with me? Why do I want to know about him? Keep calm and sleep it off. )

Turning off the television, I directly headed towards the kitchen.
Made some hot coffee for myself and sat near the window.
I blocked all the thoughts about my boss and tried to enjoy my self-made hot coffee.


TBC 💛💛

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